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What a weird subject line…Don’t you agree
I want to start this off with a story……
Recently things have been SUPER busy and I mean SUPER busy(I even bolded that to get my
point across).
Naturally me being me, I find it difficult to say NO.… READ MORE

The Colombiana has one of the most annoying and infuriating traits.
And because of it, she accomplishes almost everything she puts her mind to.
Even stuff with damn near one-in-ten-million odds. Literally.… READ MORE

This episode needs no selling.
It needs no build up.
No hype.
Because it’s all about getting more big-whale clients for your business opportunity.
The key mistake I see marketers make is believing their ideal clients are hiding in a secret lair on a deserted island somewhere.… READ MORE

Have you ever felt like you went all day feeling like you were working hard, only by the end of the day, somehow, nothing is done?
All of a sudden, you open up Facebook only to find it’s 2 hours later and you missed your design window or your time to focus on Press Pitches or Marketing.… READ MORE


Words I never thought would ever be muttered
A trip to San Diego, followed by a visit to the playboy mansion. Sometime life is hard, but someone’s got to do it.
I have just returned from Traffic & Conversion 2016, where i got to catch up with old friends and make new ones.READ MORE

I’ve known something was wrong with babies for the longest time.
They’re self centered, demanding, manipulative… and they refuse to talk coherently like we adults. (I’m sure they do that just to piss us off.)
So I’ve known something was wrong for a while.… READ MORE

You just arrived in Paris.
You’ve been waiting for this moment for years.
You’re about to climb the Eifel Tower, see the Moulin Rouge show
and eat out in Europe’s best restaurants.
And so you do.
For the next several days you’re immersed in the magical atmosphere of Paris.… READ MORE

A big step for most jewelry makers today is going from making jewelry as a form of expression to making jewelry for a living. It can be especially difficult in today’s modern world, with social media and ecommerce.… READ MORE

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