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A brand spanking new podcast is locked and loaded for your listening un-pleasure. It contains 7 new Email Players rules — which have become Horde-favorite episodes over the years.… READ MORE

5000 Ads.
That’s the number an average American consumer today is exposed to.
But the real question is, which of those ads stay true to their word and which are fake? If you don’t have a way to vet  the thousands of advertising messages you’re bombarded with each day, you’re going to end up making catastrophic decisions.READ MORE

You can have anything you want in life with one of THESE three.
And yes, it really IS that simple.
My guest Sean McCool revealed all the deets on the latest Off The Chain podcast.
He’s sharing the process of taking something from the metaphysical and creating it in the physical.… READ MORE

I try to keep an open mind when it comes to traffic sources.
I try to give each traffic source a fair shot.
Over the years I’ve tested virtually every major traffic generation tactic.
You name it – I’ve tried it.… READ MORE

In this episode titled My Journey From Broke & Depressed To 7-Figure Online Business, Marquel takes you through his story of success. Get to know him better. You might have experienced the same things with him.READ MORE

Today’s episode features Robert Collier — Author Of The Famous Robert Collier Letter Book — A great read for any business man who is looking for more effective ways of putting their letters into practice.READ MORE

Can unlocking your inner strength help to keep your spouse “to thine own love be true”? Most certainly, if you understand the driving reason for why people cheat on their spouses (Hint: it ain’t because the cabana boy is exotic or the milkman is sexier than you).READ MORE

It might sound crazy, but it really is time to start focusing on your Q4 jewelry sales!
Since most jewelry designers make the majority of their sales during the Holiday season (Q4), it’s super important!… READ MORE

What’s the fastest and most efficient way to hit your financial goals?
The answer lies in knowing where to distribute your time and energy. And that’s what today’s Traffic and Funnels ™ show is all about.READ MORE

As you progress through your career you will come across some hiring managers that are inexperienced in conducting interviews.
However, even if the person evaluating you has never done this before, you still need to win them over.  READ MORE

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