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I bet that title grabbed your attention – and if you’re still reading then it’s done it’s job!
‘On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy’
David Ogilvy couldn’t have said it better.READ MORE

You’ve got to hear about Pavlov’s evil twin.
Let’s call him Alfred.
Alfred’s experiments aren’t for the faint of heart because he likes to experiment on dogs by zapping them.
Why? Is he a sadist?… READ MORE

We just put a new podcast up. It’s about the problems with selling certain
goo-roo products as an affiliate I taught to one of the most popular names
in political podcasting.… READ MORE

Ever heard of a Tripwire?
The seen to be ‘irresistible’,  super low risk paid offer that’s supposed to help your business get more customers by making  them ‘trip’ into your marketing funnel.READ MORE

Lots of lessons this week for any freelancer or service provider.
And by the way, this isn’t the first time I’ve been screwed by one of those “I’m making
more money than God” bragging gurus.… READ MORE

Most Entrepreneurs have no problem focussing on how to build a product that people desire. In fact, a typical business owner will likely have intelligence and confidence to execute on their strategy.
But the problem is, they often forget or don’t focus on the 4 most critical numbers that will drive their business forward to success.READ MORE

Here’s several major epochs in my marketing journey.
But there’s one particular period that shaped my life.
It was the micro-era when I got into blogging.
It was a difficult time for me. I struggled to find the time to write.… READ MORE

This year, Facebook is on course to generating over $4 billion in revenue from advertising. It’s pretty hot stuff and people are clicking.
But how do you get them to click your ads? What’s the most important element of a successful  Facebook Ad?READ MORE

Welcome to the Donor Doctor with your host James Newberry. On today’s show, James talks about the odd similarities between panhandling and country music and how they can affect your fundraising efforts.… READ MORE

What’s happening Inner Strength friends? Is anyone else super frustrated by all of these over-emotional social justice warriors all over social media? It’s like you can’t say anything without offending someone.READ MORE

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