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Every once in a while, a “gold rush” the financial advisor world erupts into a “gold rush”: One advisor gets a bunch of clients on one marketing platform. He tells everyone about it, people get excited and overrun the platform until nobody on there wants to hear from financial advisors anymore.… READ MORE

When you watch pretentious “gurus” on social media, you’ll often hear them talk about how being nice and making everyone happy leads to abundance and wealth. 
While that’s a fun idea, it’s simply not true.READ MORE

When it comes to entertainment, the A-listers don’t need an introduction. You know Leo, Angelina, Brad and Scarlett (even without their last names). These are the people movie producers pay top dollar for.READ MORE

Rejection hurts. It’s one of the most painful things when a lead tells us they never want to hear from us again. Or when an enthusiastic prospect works with a competitor instead. 
But rejection doesn’t have to ruin your day.READ MORE

When you don’t have happy clients, your business doesn’t make money. You have to treat your clients well and get them results. 
But many advisors take this too far: They email, text and call their clients so much that they don’t have the time to focus on their business anymore. READ MORE

LinkedIn is the simplest way to find ideal prospects online without paying a lead gen company. But LinkedIn recently cut organic reach, started serving more ads and made it harder to connect with a lot of people.READ MORE

If you’re a regular listener of this show, you know it’s usually about high-level strategies. The “do this, then that” tactics are usually reserved for paying customers.
But to celebrate episode 100 of the Financial Advisor Marketing podcast, James answered questions from financial advisors live on stream.… READ MORE

If you want to be better, wealthier and more successful than any of your competitors, you can’t market yourself like your competitors. Most financial advisors do the same thing: They trumpet stock market commentary all over social media and chat up strangers about their finances at networking meetings. READ MORE

When you think of businesses that stand in your way, you probably think about competitors. And it’s easy to box out a financial advisor, especially when they can’t market themselves.
But right now, a big tech behemoth is threatening to kill your marketing strategy: Google.… READ MORE

Most financial advisors dream of an independent life, passive income and freedom. But screwed-up priorities set by other people keep them from getting there.
The wrong priorities can ruin every business.… READ MORE

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