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Do you need more traffic NOW? Do you want free leads? A line around the block while the stock market tanks? And all of it by tomorrow?
You can’t. Sure, “gurus” out there sell you these pipe dreams, but nobody sees results from their courses, books and masterminds.… READ MORE

In normal times, it’s easy to go to the office, do your work and go home. But we’re not living in normal times. Clients want to liquidate assets. People are scared to invest.
The truth is: Anxiety, fear and crises contain the biggest business opportunities-if you can dig them up.… READ MORE

You know the feeling: A potential client you need to survive turns around and works with the rich advisor who already has tons of clients.
This hurts. Especially when you’re a better financial advisor than the other guy.… READ MORE

You’ve probably seen a ton of hacks, tricks and tactics which promise to skyrocket your business growth. If you’ve tried any of them, you know: Most of them don’t work.
These short-term fixes harm you more than they help.… READ MORE

Chasing clients sucks. If your skeptical prospects object at every word you say, you’ll not only stay broke, you’ll also hate your work.
The alternative? Attract leads who specifically want you, not just any advisor.… READ MORE

Let’s face it you’re not as successful as you want to be yet. And you’re probably worried you won’t get the success you know you deserve.
Time to make sure you’re the advisor who’ll become wealthy, happy and fulfilled.… READ MORE

If you’re wildly ambitious, an above-average income won’t cut it. While normal people would hate you for it, there’s no shame in wanting to get rich. Giving your kids a life you never had, taking your spouse on exotic vacations and driving the car you’ve always wanted?… READ MORE

You’ve probably made some bad emotional decisions in your life. Whether you bought something you couldn’t afford, moved cross-country for a bad relationship or keep eating tasty, unhealthy food.… READ MORE

Many successful businesspeople will tell you to get a mentor. And maybe you’ve been looking for someone to take you under their wing, to help you become who you need to be.
But what if that’s a waste of time?… READ MORE

The most common questions financial advisors ask themselves are “How can I get more clients?”, “How can I get more money?” and “How can I have more free time?”.
You’ve probably noticed those don’t help you reach your goals.… READ MORE

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