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If you look up to millionaire financial advisors, here’s some relief: Rich financial advisors aren’t rich because they’re naturally better than you.
The truth is much simpler. They do things on autopilot most financial advisors don’t even do with tons of effort.… READ MORE

There’s nothing more important for entrepreneurs of any kind than lifelong learning.
But sometimes, what feels like learning actually harms you.
That’s the case in most schools: You learn things that seem useful, but will hinder your progress as a financial advisor.… READ MORE

If you’ve been a financial advisor for a while, you know not every prospect turns into a client. Sometimes things don’t work out or they’re not a fit for your business.
But what about those meetings where everything seems fine—until your prospect completely abandons you and–if you’re lucky—sends you a one-sentence rejection?… READ MORE

You’ve probably already heard that LinkedIn is one of the best marketing channels for financial advisors.
But creating an account and uploading a picture in a suit isn’t enough. You need to market yourself effectively if you want to close clients via LinkedIn.… READ MORE

You can have the prettiest business cards and the fanciest websites, but a financial advisor’s business runs on clients. And whether you’re brand-new or just going through a slump, this episode will help you get more clients.… READ MORE

In whatever field you want to be successful in, there are certain things you have to get good at to consistently reach your goals. For financial advisors, the biggest issue isn’t their work ethic or ambition, it’s that they’re never told what to actually get good at.… READ MORE

There are many milestones in your career as a financial advisor: Your first lead, your first client, the moment you go full-time, the year you break $100k, etc. But one moment eludes even many of the most successful advisors out there: Making one million dollars in a year.… READ MORE

If you’re listening to this podcast, you want to succeed as a financial advisor. And you there thousands of tactics, strategies, hacks and tricks that promise to make you more successful. Some of them work, most don’t.… READ MORE

If you’re a financial advisor, you know that most advisors fail. Meanwhile, a small elite gobbles up almost all the clients, revenue and authority. As a listener of this podcast, you want to join that small elite.… READ MORE

If you knew exactly what you had to do to make all your business dreams a reality—and the ability to just execute all of it, you could create any reality you want to.
But way too often, we’re not productive enough to execute.… READ MORE

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