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Most marketing strategies suck even when they get you clients. Nobody enjoys harassing strangers with aggressive cold-calling scripts. Getting blocked on LinkedIn a hundred times per week after pitching in the first message?… READ MORE

It’s nice to make a client, lead or prospect feel good. When they thank you for your advice and tell you how helpful you are, it brings a smile to your face.
But if you chase acceptance, you’ll never have a roster of clients who appreciate you.… READ MORE

Marketing strategies are a dime a dozen. There are thousands of them in online marketing alone. But on the internet, strategies lose effectiveness quickly. If you listen to the wrong people and follow outdated advice, you won’t attract the clients you want.… READ MORE

As a financial advisor, your personal performance decides if you thrive or struggle. When you’re on top of your game, your service is top-notch, your business grows and you feel fantastic.
But if you’re not getting things done?… READ MORE

Many financial advisors are analytical types, not slick salesmen. They’re uncomfortable with smooth-talking sales tactics and aggressive “closing”. But if you can’t sell, you’ll never make a penny as a financial advisor.… READ MORE

Let’s be real: You’re more ambitious, more skilled and more hard-working than most people.
That’s not an attack on corporate workers, but anyone starting their own business is much more likely to get rich than people in a 9-5.… READ MORE

You probably started your business to control your time and income. But if you’re like most advisors, you’re working nights, always think about work and feel guilty about taking days off.
You deserve better.… READ MORE

Wealthy people have so much money because they do different things than average people. What they do often seems weird to those who aren’t successful.
The same is true for financial advisors. Your business might be completely different than that of a millionaire advisor.… READ MORE

When it comes to getting clients, there’s two words you’ve heard a million times: Prospecting and marketing.
And with so many people posting client-getting advice on social media, it’s easy to confuse the two.… READ MORE

While people watch cat videos on Facebook, professionals do business on LinkedIn. If you want to work with wealthy people, you should be on LinkedIn.
If you’re not, this episode is for you. You’ll find out why LinkedIn is the absolute best social network available to financial advisors and how to use it to get the wealthy clients you’ve always wanted.… READ MORE

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