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Having your own business is about making more money in less time. But many financial advisors get stuck. They work more than most employees and barely make enough money to survive.
One of the reasons: Most people waste time.… READ MORE

If you can spend a dollar on ads and get more money back, you can generate as much cash as you want. But if you run ads and don’t get results, you might as well throw your money in a barrel and burn it
Financial advisors who run profitable ads have an unfair advantage.… READ MORE

People love trash-talking the top 1%. But secretly, most haters envy the 1%—but they don’t know how to get there. Business is much the same.
Most financial advisors never reach the success they envisioned when they started their businesses.… READ MORE

Designing A Lifestyle Advisor Practice
You probably didn’t start your business to work late, get up early and chase clients who hate you. Most advisors start their business to work when they want, how they want and with whom they want.… READ MORE

Referrals sound great: Existing clients send you new prospects who already trust you without wasting a dime on marketing. But referrals aren’t as great as they sound.
If you’re not careful, referrals will kill your business and have you searching for a new job.… READ MORE

You’ve heard all the business mantras, listened to every sales guru and read books rich people recommend.
But even though you know the exact steps to build the life you want, you’re not living it yet.… READ MORE

If you want more clients, you need more prospects. But if you’re talking to 20 prospects a day, you never get to create content, serve your clients and enjoy your freedom.
The truth is: You need fewer prospects than you might think to live your dream life.… READ MORE

If you’re a regular listener of this show, you’ve probably had a question pop into your head while listening.
In this episode, James answers questions from listeners, a privilege usually reserved for Inner Circle subscribers.… READ MORE

You spend a lot of time communicating with prospects, clients and business partners. And if you’re like most advisors, you get ignored at least half of the time.
It’s not because people hate you.… READ MORE

You’ll make more money serving wealthy people than any other clients. But if you’ve never met a millionaire, you probably don’t even know where to start meeting them.
But you can reach high net worth individuals the same way you reach anyone else: With a systemized approach, a clear goal and effective marketing.… READ MORE

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