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In the 21st century, we’re inundated with information. The news wakes you up every day with a new tragedy, commercials tell you what to want next… and there’s always a hundred armchair “experts” telling you the best way to grow your business.… READ MORE

There are tons of courses, books and seminars that promise you more clients by helping you sell.
But most of them repel more clients than they attract. That’s because they teach worn-out tactics your prospects have heard a hundred times.… READ MORE

Morie Stories 001: WillTravel4Wine.ETH
GMorie, FaMorie!
On today’s episode of the Morie Stories Podcast, we learn more about WillTravel4Wine.ETH and his musical adventures, line in the sand moment in Australia, and passion for wine and Doritos (anywhere in the world).… READ MORE

Most sales people struggle finding leads. The main reason is when they turn on their marketing they repel their clients and your business fails.
But when you create your marketing from your clients’ viewpoint, you can see the issues they face.… READ MORE

Everybody thinks they know how to reach financial success: Stay out of debt, save money, budget… 
But while some of it’s good, a lot of popular financial advice can actually ruin your financial future.READ MORE

Human beings are designed for suffering. 
That’s the bad news. 
And do you know what else we’re designed for? We’re designed to recover from traumatic, painful, and heartbreaking experiences. 
But here’s the problem: 
We let despair get in the way of grief — which prolongs our suffering and makes healing impossible. READ MORE

Show highlights include:

The “Dream, Plan, Accomplish” mindset that gets you out of debt (1:52)
How giving your last dollar away maximizes your portfolio (7:40)
Why setting common goals doubles your bank account (9:55)
How starting your own business with $238 grows your assets beyond belief (even if you have no idea what you’re doing) (12:09)

Ready to stop doing what you hate?… READ MORE

Dr. Strange 2 is deeper than an action-packed superhero movie. 
In fact, the main theme in the movie deals with grief. And there are several psychological lessons embedded in the movie which will help you attract and keep love. READ MORE

We live in a backwards society full of illusions. We take people’s word for things without experiencing it ourselves. We buy into their theories about addiction and depression, only to become more addicted and depressed.… READ MORE

Show Highlights Include: 

Why deleting the word “overwhelmed” from your vocabulary creates the ultimate winner’s mindset you need in life (1:38)
How to unleash the unshakable faith you need to succeed (even when all the odds are against you) (3:32)
How to flip the script in your head into a “warrior mindset” that helps you overcome any obstacle (6:44)
How Exodus 14:14 helps you stay calm (even when you’re feeling like a hot mess) (8:33)

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