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Political arguments pop up around Thanksgiving dinners all over America. But the point of Thanksgiving is to come together despite our differences. 
Dating back to the first ever Thanksgiving, it’s been a celebration that we all benefit from coming together — especially when we disagree. READ MORE

Growing your wealth is important: You don’t want to run out of money in retirement or cancel on your loved ones because you “can’t afford it”. 
But you don’t want to be rich and lonely either.READ MORE

Having influence is an essential leadership quality. Every effective leader can walk into a room and empower others. They have faith in what they say and know their mission. 
But influencing others can be intimidating.READ MORE

If you tell someone you want to live where you vacation, people give you disgruntled looks and scoffs. Society has conditioned most people that they have to “play by the rules,” which means you can’t live where you vacation.… READ MORE

Faith is a confusing term many people misunderstand. But it’s the most powerful force in the universe (even if you’re not religious). 
If you’re having trials, struggles, and misery, it’s because of your faith.READ MORE

Self-help gurus will tell you, “If you think it, it will happen.”
But manifesting your reality doesn’t have to be difficult. Put into practice what you are thinking about. And over time that practice will become reality.READ MORE

When you want to increase your revenue, hire the right team member, or create a system your business doesn’t have, there are multiple ways to do it. But have you ever thought about how you are going to do it?READ MORE

Show highlights include:  

Using the book of Matthew to transform your busy holiday plans into moments of peace. (1:57)
How to treat the ‘busy bee’ addiction and become a more stable and present person today.READ MORE

Lead generation is your lifeblood for your business. If you can’t generate leads consistently, your company will experience an early death. 
And lead generation is only getting more important. When the metaverse rolls out, every company in the world will become a lead generation business. READ MORE

Show highlights include:

Why becoming an intentional life-long learner is the pathway to financial freedom (4:28)
How thinking your heart rather than letting your mind take over ruins your bank account (4:47)
Why eradicating bad financial decisions leads you to prosperity (and how you can start implementing good financial planning habits today) (5:30)
The “Status Quo Challenge” that earns your fortune (even if you are already successful) (10:32)

Ready to stop doing what you hate?READ MORE

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