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Investing is hard. You have to sacrifice your money now, so you can enjoy life later. Many people don’t start investing because it’s easier not to.
But you know what’s harder than investing? 
Trying to retire in your 50s or waiting until you’re older to start investing.READ MORE

You can find tons of short-term financial advice online. These “experts” know exactly which stocks will go up and which cryptocurrency is about to skyrocket. 
It’s exciting to think about multiplying your money in the next two weeks.READ MORE

Whether it’s athletes, entrepreneurs or artists: We admire people who excel at their craft. Excellence is awe-inspiring and makes us wish we were at the same level. 
But excellence isn’t reserved for those with extraordinary talent.READ MORE

How many times have you heard the rags to riches story? Lots! But do you know what it takes to be the rags to riches person?
It usually isn’t the overnight sensation that is portrayed. But rather it’s the consistent hard work behind the scenes that you don’t see.READ MORE

Show highlights include:  

How to avoid the Soul’s Identity Theft and see yourself as a divine flame. (2:18)
The ‘Sarai Transformation’ for becoming a more evolved you (and breaking away the past).… READ MORE

Training martial arts can make you more attractive, more confident, and help heal many of the childhood traumas you faced. Especially if you were bullied in the past.
Being bullied in childhood makes you vulnerable, afraid of confrontation, and worse with women as an adult.… READ MORE

Show highlights include:

Why doubling down on market dips grows your portfolio (2:04)
How having market knowledge builds your faith to invest in it (6:27)
The “3 Bucket Theory” that give you financial freedom (7:22)
How rotating low entry, high earnings value stocks for the next 5 years lines your pocketbook (11:05)
Why selling stocks drives volatility in the market (and how you should buying when others are selling) (11:48)

Ready to stop doing what you hate?… READ MORE

You can set yourself up for life with blue chip investments or you gamble your life savings away. But most people don’t know what is the best way to invest.
They think it’s real estate or stocks or now crypto.… READ MORE

Setting goals helps you experience happiness, strive for something greater, and can add to your fulfillment. But setting goals can also make you miserable, fill you with darkness, and sabotage your life. READ MORE

Without a brand, your business becomes dull, boring and won’t make a ton of sales.
But building a brand doesn’t have to be complicated. Marry design, differentiation, language, color, personality, and story in the right way….READ MORE

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