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When we need anything related to money, we usually go to a bank. We pay daily expenses with a checking account, save for a rainy day in our savings account and if we want to invest, there’s always a friendly bank employee ready to advise. READ MORE

Every once in a while, a “gold rush” the financial advisor world erupts into a “gold rush”: One advisor gets a bunch of clients on one marketing platform. He tells everyone about it, people get excited and overrun the platform until nobody on there wants to hear from financial advisors anymore.… READ MORE

Are compliments always good? 
On the surface, it seems that complimenting others and yourself helps build your confidence. But if you look deeper, you see that it destroys your confidence. 
When you give others compliments, you’re training them to always worry about what others think.READ MORE


Show highlights include:

The super easy way to combat osteoporosis — which is one of the biggest health threats to women over 40 (5:16) 
One nutrient the CDC labels as a “public concern” and how to get enough of it (without pinching your nose over its awful taste) (5:42) 
The single best fish supplement that has the lowest chance of being contaminated with dangerous heavy metals (7:41) 
Why your gut health determines your overall health (and the trick to boost your gut health) (8:26) 
Are you pregnant or thinking about it?READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

How journaling helps you meet all of your deadlines (even if it seems like a waste of time) (4:45) 
The “Deep Breath trick” for staying as calm as the Dalai Lama meditating even when you’re drowning in a to-do list that’s a mountain high (6:50) 
Are you constantly attacked by stress, anxiety, and overwhelm?READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll learn… 

The selfish way to make yourself feel better by helping others (2:52) 
Why you don’t have to be positive 24/7 to inspire others with your positivity (5:06) 
How pretending to be positive when you’re not is more dangerous than being negative (5:32) 
The subtle mindset shift that eliminates your guilt when you’re feeling nasty emotions (5:45) 
Kevin Durant’s mindset secret for staying positive (even after a terrible game) (7:02)

Highlights from this episode include:

The essential mental shift you must make to reach your current goals as fast as possible (2:11)
How to take full advantage of your “15 minutes of fame” so you don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime (8:10)
Why a full list of to-dos today ruins your tomorrow (9:13)
How to use other people’s wins to create victory in your own life (13:08)
Why you can work extremely hard and still fail (and how to transform that failure to quick success) (15:09)

Ready to stop doing what you hate?READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

How “drawing bright lines” on your calendar helps you win at home (3:39)
The “phone parenting” method that strengthens the bonds with your children (6:25)
An uncommon approach to email that  frees up more hours in your day than you ever thought possible (9:11)
The “master of one” strategy for skyrocketing to the top of your field (without spending decades refining your craft) (15:46)
How to transform your ambition into success that glorifies God (rather than yourself) (20:10)
What the life of Jesus can teach you about priorities and scheduling for a more fulfilling life (29:39)
How to use your “biological wiring” to be more productive at work today (33:08)
A simple way to 100X the value of the content you release so your audience will consume it and take action (39:22)

Are you crushing it at work but struggling at home?READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover:

The single best way to mingle with and get advice from the wealthiest real estate investors in your industry (1:15) 
How buying too many properties quickly suffocates your cash flow and brings you to the brink of bankruptcy (2:42) 
Why embarrassing yourself can revive a business on life support (3:21)  
How maxed out credit cards and not making payroll can supercharge your business’s growth (3:43) 
Why freezing cold weather puts buying houses on “easy mode” (even from tough sellers) (6:55) 


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