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Lots of women have the dream of starting a non-profit that aligns with their passion. The idea of solving a problem by using their gifts and talents is a dream come true.
But the amount of work and logistics that go into starting a non-profit can be overwhelming.… READ MORE

Most financial advisors start their practice thinking they’ll work a few hours per day, make six figures and spend the rest of the day smoking cigars on the golf course before enjoying family movie night.… READ MORE

Highlights from this episode include:

The immigrants secret to making yourself so valuable you can’t be ignored (4:39)
How to post on social media without looking like a pathetic beggar (5:05)
Why the over-hyped guru sales methods are killing your business (5:51)
How to become a trusted part of a community so don’t repel people when you do sell (6:31)
How to ensure you offer services that are relevant to a prospect so they don’t instantly tune you out (8:42)

“Buy Term & Invest the Difference” (BTID) sounds logical, doesn’t it? Lower your premiums and you can multiply your returns in the stock market.
But BTID has a sinister background. The phrase was coined in the 1970s by a sneaky billionaire who sold… you guessed it, stocks and term life insurance.… READ MORE

If you believe online marketers, earning astronomical returns on your money is common. They lead you to believe that if you’re not making hundreds of times your initial investment back, you’re failing.… READ MORE

Everyone gets stuck from time to time. It feels like nothing is working, and we get trapped in an endless cycle of self-pity. We want to stay stuck.
Feeling stuck encourages procrastination and inactivity.… READ MORE

Most people try to solve their problems by simply talking about them. But this only deals with your thinking brain — not your sensing or feeling brain.
That’s why you can talk endlessly about all your problems, but you can’t kick the root cause of why you feel that way.… READ MORE

Highlights from this episode include:

2 types of diversification and how not understanding them can kill your portfolio (2:29)
Why holding lots of mutual funds in a retirement account makes it impossible to track your results (5:43)
How to diversify your portfolio by holding fewer assets (10:47)
The “sector rotation” method for maximizing your investment returns (13:23)

Ready to stop doing what you hate?… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll learn… 

Why watching your parents volunteer as a kid helps you effortlessly help others today (3:55)
The counterintuitive reason that negative parents make you a more positive person (4:52)
How contentment sneakily derails your goals to help other people (7:05)
The weird way simply believing in yourself helps you accomplish impossible tasks (12:35)

As your loved one ages, regular insurance companies shy away from what they view as a higher risk. When they reach the age of 65, Medicare becomes the foundation of the health care plan.
But there are so many options.… READ MORE

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