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In this follow-up episode, Dan Barrett continues his conversation with Dave Seymour. From weathering the storm of the real estate crash to establishing a thriving business in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dave shares valuable insights and lessons learned.… READ MORE

Welcome to the 50th episode of The Pacesetter Pod! I’m your host, Joe Mosher, and today we’re delving into the dynamic world of agribusiness with a very special guest, Jim Schweigert, President of Gro Alliance.… READ MORE

In this episode, Troy and JR discuss the benefits of emailing your list every day. Discover how daily emails can help you become a better writer, gain valuable feedback, and build stronger relationships with your audience.… READ MORE

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Are you ready for a rollercoaster ride of business lessons and failures? In this episode, Jeremy and Joshua discuss a failed investment in what they thought was a safe industry.… READ MORE

Today Cherylanne unpacks the shift that occurs when you move from learning to taking action. She uncovers the common traps of getting stuck in a perpetual cycle of acquiring knowledge without applying it, and reveals the subtle signs taht indicate you’re caught in this pattern.… READ MORE

Some people are fish. And other people are birds.
But financial advisors sabotage their marketing efforts and even put their business at stake if they’re fish trying to fly or birds trying to swim.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, we’re rolling out the red carpet for Rachelle Morris whose powerhouse presence in venture capital is as commanding as her advocacy for women’s rights. As she balances a high-stakes career with her passion for social change, Rachelle is here to share her playbook on climbing corporate ladders and sparking societal revolutions.… READ MORE

In this episode, Dr. Rick shares a captivating exploration of the power of perseverance and finding contentment during life’s toughest seasons.
Through the biblical story of Leah, he uncovers how second choices can lead to unexpected blessings and God’s best for our lives.… READ MORE

Get ready for an eye-opening episode of Stop Doing What You Hate with Harold Green. In this installment, Harold candidly shares his personal reflections on the obstacles that prevent most people from achieving financial freedom.… READ MORE

Today, we’re discussing perhaps one of the most important aspects of not only dating success, but to your entire life:
Your attachment style.
If left unchecked, your attachment style can lead to a cycle of unhealthy relationships, constant anxiety, and an underlying sense of insecurity and unhappiness.… READ MORE

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