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If two people are accountable no one is accountable. Roles and responsibilities have to be clearly defined. Our guest on this episode has personally helped many in the Builder Nuggets community. In Episode 13 he gave an overview of EOS (The Entrepreneurial Operating System) and it’s simple, proven format that will get everyone on your team behind your mission.READ MORE

When it comes to accomplishing your dreams, you might not know what the first step is…
It’s easy to say “I don’t know” and make that the end of the road.
But what if “I don’t know” is a question, not an answer?… READ MORE

Everyone believes certain lies about money. But there are 7 that run rampant through society. 
While some of these lies might seem obvious and benign, they can cripple your retirement portfolio, financial freedom, and add more stress to your shoulders. READ MORE

Business isn’t only a numbers game. With the ups and downs of business come emotions that influence your behavior. Are you feeling nervous about a new campaign? Does your client value your work? Is your team engaged?READ MORE

We all “know” how to make a cold call, or lose 30 pounds.
But knowledge isn’t the same as getting results. You may be getting in your own way and not even know it. This self-sabotage stops you from reaching your goals.READ MORE

As a financial advisor, your expertise is centered around stocks, funds and other investments. 
But what if a client needs help with Medicare? It has a significant impact on your client’s financial life – and supporting them with it lets you earn even more of their trust. READ MORE

Having friends is a blast. You enjoy the good times and feel loved. You might even think you have a lot of them. 
And then life goes south… You might need a helping hand or someone to talk to. Those “friends” are nowhere near.READ MORE

Conventional finance doesn’t work for everyone. Savings accounts pay almost no interest, the stock market can be a roller coaster and your bank might not have your best interest at heart. 
That’s why people built alternatives like Velocity Banking and Infinite Banking.READ MORE

We all have both an emotional and rational mind. Which one should you trust when it comes to making smart financial decisions? 
You can make a case for relying on either your emotional and rational mind.READ MORE

Without real estate agents sending you leads to process loans, you could go out of business.
But, you don’t have to cold call real estate agents for those leads. Find someone to do that for you and your business can thrive.READ MORE

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