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Our society has a variety of ways to convince you that someone or something is valuable. Titles, wealth, cost, status, and many others.
Friends, don’t buy into the lie.
When we allow superficial standards to influence our judgments of value, we risk missing out on the best life has to offer.… READ MORE

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In this episode, you’ll learn…

The weird way fasting puts your prayers on “steroids” (8:22)
How to finally break free from the chains of misery to live a happier and more free life (15:46)
Common misconceptions on fasting that are thwarting your spiritual breakthrough (16:08)
The counterintuitive way working out could drive you further from God (20:51)
How spending more time in prayer gives you MORE time in your day (24:42)
Why fasting for the wrong reasons hijacks all its benefits (30:45)
The simple, yet challenging way to have an inner transformation that brings you closer to God (32:04)

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Senior living communities are often stigmatized by caregivers. Too often, they think they’re putting their loved ones “away.” But in reality, the right senior living community can help your loved ones thrive in later years.… READ MORE

We live in a “scapegoat society.” From an early age, you’ve been subconsciously trained to blame others for your problems instead of yourself— whether your brainwashing comes from religion, school, your parents, or therapy.… READ MORE

Highlights from this episode include:

The #1 reason people get into annuities and how to tell if they’re right for you (5:41)
Why purchasing an annuity hastily can cost you a huge chunk of your retirement funds (6:32)
The surprising way annuities can protect your wealth if you get sued (9:13)
How certain annuities can give you the benefits of the market without the risk (13:38)
3 specific uses for annuities that can maximize your retirement (19:15)

In this episode, you’ll learn…

The single best way to use your free time to help others chase their dreams (2:21)
How to create an “echo chamber” of positivity on social media (4:15)
Why judging is your best friend for staying positive (4:30)
How positivity spreads like a wildfire and can transform someone’s life (5:31)

In this episode, you’ll discover…

Dramatic ways the world has changed what it takes to win at work and at home (2:56)
The first step to achieving the best possible balance between work and family (6:49)
How to know exactly the right time to leave your job (11:40)
3 red-alert signs that your job is ruining your life (14:35)
Why trying to control your life is a fool’s errand and what to focus on instead (23:35)
Why tying your identity to your job is a one-way ticket to a breakdown (and how to turn things around TODAY) (31:05)
The surprising way you prevent yourself from getting what you want (35:47)

Are you crushing it at work but struggling at home?… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover:

Why working harder will make you broke (2:31)
The stupid-easy way to buy more time (that nobody ever talks about) (5:34)
Why perfectionism kills more dreams than anything else on earth (9:26)
How silly mistakes in your marketing make you seem more authentic (11:05)
The “Bone Thugs N’ Harmony Secret” to making your audiobooks more engaging (13:15)
Why paying your employees more than you make is the quickest way to skyrocket your business’s growth (13:58)
How not being willing to fork over an extra $6 for steak hinders you from massive growth (16:40)
The subtle mindset shift that will make you unstoppable (even if you go bankrupt multiple times) (25:44)


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