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Being a financial advisor isn’t easy. You face a lot of stress, rejection, struggle and disappointment. You know it’ll all be worth it in the end, but you’ll have to conquer your fears and struggles.… READ MORE

Everyone fails.
The losers give up. The winners use it as feedback to improve.
I’ve made a heap of mistakes with this podcast. And today I’m getting personal and sharing my biggest mistakes so you don’t repeat them.… READ MORE

If you’ve ever researched personal finance or wealth creation, you know there’s thousands of voices giving advice on how to invest, what to buy, how much to save and a hundred other things.
While most of these people mean well, there’s one big problem: They’re not you.… READ MORE

You’ve got to market your practice. That’s why you educate yourself on marketing, learn more about how to attract patients, etc.
But in marketing, there’s one big problem: The most common examples of marketing only work for giant corporations.… READ MORE

In this episode you will discover:

Why you might be an athlete and not even know it (0:55)
The one perfect diet for you (3:29)
The key to making progress faster (4:42)
Does your gear make you a better athlete?… READ MORE

We live in a culture of knowledge. You’ve grown up your whole life believing that you need to know the answers to be valuable as a human being.
But is knowledge important to your success on this planet?… READ MORE

If you’re not running your REI business full time (yet), it can seem impossible to catch up with full-time investors who have all the time in the world to generate leads and close deals.
But the truth is: You can build and run a thriving real estate investing business in your free time.… READ MORE

With 2020 in sight, we start to look forward to the new year and what’s next for our business and our family. The upcoming year is full of endless possibilities, but have you started to think about them and make a plan?… READ MORE

Show highlights include:

Why something that’s “scientifically proven” doesn’t always mean it’s really healthy. (1:55)
The scary reason you might want to reconsider getting x-rays. (9:25)
How overuse of good medication can ravage your health (never take these types of meds if you’re not 100% sure you need them).… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll learn…

Why your warm up is ruining your round without you realizing it (0:57)
The little known trick only the pros do after they 3-put a hole that protects them from sabotaging the rest of their round (1:49)
How Jack Nicklaus retrained his brain to “black out” any 3-put he’s ever had (3:26)
The secret for oozing confidence – especially after a bad shot (4:03)
Why “the shanks” stalk amatuer golfers for weeks or even months afterward (5:05)
The subtle mindset shift that can stop your score from exploding after a bad shot (6:35)
What the best golfers do every day to improve their game (that has nothing to do with golf) (8:15)
The #1 thing that separates professional golfers from amatuer golfers (9:24)
The “3-5 minute trick” to improving your score by 1-5 shots (13:04)

Find out about the 3 most common mistakes that sabotage your game before you tee-off at: https://mygolfcode.comREAD MORE

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