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Show highlights include:

Why deadly noncommunicable diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease aren’t necessarily genetic conditions (6:30) 
How living 2.2 years longer saves $7 trillion over the next 50 years from lining the medical industry’s pockets (7:14) 
Why nurture, not nature, is the biggest component for measuring your DNA age (9:38) 
The 3 “hidden-in-plain-sight” reasons backed by science that reverse your age (10:14) 
Weekly and daily diet protocols that give you the best chance of living until 120 (or older) (15:10) 
How 34 men decreased their DNA age by 3.2 years in only 8 weeks (and how you can too even if you’re a woman) (18:29) 

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In life, we focus on removing the bad behaviors, habits, and actions to become happier. But we never take the time to reflect on good things that are slowly sabotaging our joy. 
Take your phone and money for example.READ MORE

Nobody ever wants to fail. But, you can’t learn if you never fail.
Losing clients, getting rejected by prospects and missing your targets all hurt. But, these experiences let you fail forward.
In this episode, former quarterback and millenial Mike Fitzpatrick reveals how to fail forward and become a million dollar loan officer.… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

How the rarely-talked about vaping epidemic now affects more than 1 out of 4 high school students (2:33) 
12 signs your teenager might be vaping (9:02) 
WHy even taking on rip from a vape can cause a lifelong addiction to nicotine (11:59) 
The weird way nicotine “infects” an adolescent brain and makes it harder to concentrate and feel happy (12:56) 
How your kids can easily order vaping products online even if they’re not 18 (20:08) 
3 simple strategies to help your children kick their nicotine addiction (without shaming them or being judgemental) (22:01) 

If you’d like to reach out to Donna for additional support and information, you can send her an email at tobaccocessation@fmchealth.orgREAD MORE

Show highlights include:

How changing your “definition of OK” lets you become wealthy enough to drink champagne on jets every day (2:55)
Why having a financial advisor lets you ignore stock market downturns and profit when it rises (3:37)
How monetizing your “needlepoint skills” adds zeros to your portfolio (4:41)
The “Gym Studio” method that increases your net worth (5:13)
Why having cancer doubles your life insurance policy (8:51)

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In this episode, you’ll discover… 

Hate promoting yourself and your business? Here’s why it’s easier to do it at the beginning of your day (4:47) 
The “Why Discipline Strategy” that builds respect, gives your children ownership, and encourages them to do their chores every day without being asked (6:50) 
The “Invitation Challenge Matrix” that helps you have more fun with your children without sacrificing your authority (9:39) 
The dirt-simple nightly gratitude challenge that turns you from a pessimist into an optimist (13:06) 
Why looking forward to business and family conflicts helps you conquer them instead of burning out (23:19) 
The strange way driving a different way to yoru office helps your business grow (26:14) 
How being vulnerable about your weaknesses makes you a stronger and more relatable leader (28:28) 

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Most people want a ‘quick fix’ to their marketing problems without putting in the time or energy. They end up working with flashy marketers who promise that you never have to work (and can spend your days cruising in a Porsche). READ MORE

Many investing businesses start slowly. They inch closer to their first few deals and then generate a few leads before they carve out their own space in the market. While this process takes years for most investors, today’s guest David Bokman has leapfrogged the journey to investing success, taking his business well into 7 figures within a few years. READ MORE

Show highlights include:

How to avoid building a brand world no one cares about or buys from (even if it feels like you’re being authentic).  (3:01)
How to build a brand world as addictive as the best video games.… READ MORE

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