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Most people avoid hard work. They want instant results and see anything else as a waste of time.
But there’s no substitute for becoming better. And becoming better starts with a work ethic that never stops.… READ MORE

Life insurance policies are like a hidden treasure that only the wealthy know.
Because they come with mind-blowing benefits that can change your life.
Join me in this episode as I spill the beans on how you can effortlessly pay off all your debts using a life insurance policy and much more…
Listen now!… READ MORE

Here’s the unfortunate truth for most men dating in our modern society:
They’re not emotionally mature enough to sustain a successful long-term relationship. When they’re not mature enough, sexual temptation will sabotage their relationships—almost as soon as they exit the honeymoon phase.… READ MORE

Labels and diagnoses, from ADHD to codependency and every one in between, usually limits your potential.
For example, I recently discovered that I probably have ADHD. But since I never labeled myself as ADHD or have gotten an official diagnosis that I have ADHD, it’s been a super power for me instead of a way to victimize myself.… READ MORE

There’s just one thing that sets apart the top 1% of people from the majority when it comes to money…
It’s not about talent, IQ, or where you were born…
It’s all about making the right choices.… READ MORE

No leader sleeps on people skills these days.
In fact, the amount of information on it may seem overwhelming at first.
But, in an organization with people with different backgrounds and talents, the right communication can move the needle towards more successful outcomes.… READ MORE

Do you want to know the key factor that separates leaders who earn the respect and support of their team from those who don’t?
It’s investment.
As a leader, it is crucial to invest in your teammates and genuinely care about them.… READ MORE

Compare your way to retirement with a road trip.
You load up your fortune truck with a portfolio of assets, and fuel it with enough income for a pleasant journey.
The goal may be a legacy for your family, maintaining vibrant health, or a visit to the Galapagos Islands.… READ MORE

Most people don’t realize a disgusting secret I learned about the courtroom:
Everyone is working against you. They’re all on the same team, and you’re the opponent.
But don’t worry. If you’re up against corrupt attorneys and judges, there’s a little-known power move you can use that almost guarantees you’ll win your case.… READ MORE

With expected farm income taking a nosedive, and the highest borrowing costs in over a decade, agriculture seems to be on the ropes.
By this logic, we could expect less mergers and acquisitions in the industry, but reality seems far different.… READ MORE

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