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Google rolled out a new link spam update to their SEO algorithm on Jul 27, 2021. Will this new update affect your site’s rankings? 
If you were involved in manipulating Google’s algorithm by using spammy “hacks,” then your results might suffer.READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

How looking at your life from God’s perspective keeps your life, family, and business on track (and the simple 10-minute strategy to keep God’s perspective) (4:35) 
Why something as simple as keeping your promises can result in a $73,000 first day launch (8:36) 
The “CEO at Home” trick that keeps your family together (even if you’re working 18 hour days growing a new business) (14:54) 
How living in the present and praying can erase 44 years of depression in an afternoon (17:49) 
The weird way smiling makes it impossible to be miserable (even if your business is dying and your wife wants to leave you) (20:13) 
How thinking about your future or past steals all of your joy (24:02) 
The “File on your Family” secret that helps your family feel seen and heard (even if you’ve been cheating on your family with your business for years) (27:37) 

If you’d like to pre-order Rick’s new book, In Plane Sight, you can order a copy at https://www.ricklstephens.com/READ MORE

Curiosity is one of the biggest wealth-generators you have access to. But only if you harvest it. 
How do you harness your curiosity? 
It starts with thought-auditing. Thought audit every time you get a new client, lose a client, get a new employee, or lose one of your hardest working team members. READ MORE

Managing your emotions isn’t a natural concept. It takes practice and commitment. And even when you take the high road, you might not get the response you want.
But emotional maturity is more than asserting yourself.READ MORE

Our guests on this episode are true innovators with a get it done mindset. As representatives for Kohler, an iconic name in our industry, they embody the company’s belief that better business and a better world go hand-in-hand.READ MORE

Show highlights include:

The Paul J. Spiewak way to restore order when life gives you lemons. (0:48)

The “Borrowed Time” strategy that lets you make the world a better place. (2:30)

A grandfather’s advice that lets female founders embrace their business savvy.READ MORE

Getting more conservative with your investments as you age is a rule of thumb. But it doesn’t always make sense — especially when interest rates are historically low. 
How can you properly plan for your retirement when “common knowledge” can wreck all your retirement plans?READ MORE

If you’re not growing, you’re dying. Yet too often, entrepreneurs grow their skills — but not their business. 
Here’s what I mean: 
As you evolve your skills, you also need to evolve your client avatars and language you use.READ MORE

It’s fun to tell prospects about investments. Their eyes light up when you tell them how much their portfolio would grow if they bought the right assets.
In contrast, tax planning is boring. But it’s an exciting marketing opportunity for financial advisors:
If you’re touting your favorite stocks, bonds and funds, you’re like any other advisor.READ MORE

As an entrepreneur, an email list is your most valuable asset. It drives your sales and builds trust. 
And while most people focus on the size of their social media following, that can be lost in an instant.READ MORE

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