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Years ago, my approach to time management was like that of a swimmer. I focused on what was in front of me, got it done and moved on to the next thing. And when life is calmer, like the water in a pool, this approach to time management works well.… READ MORE

You say you want more out of life.
But what are you doing to get it?
Today on The Daily Bread Project Mark Evans Dm shows you how you can Have More. Do More. Be More. Give more.
In our 30 minute chat you’ll find out:

The secret to happiness
What you need to win everyday
Why comparing yourself to others could be killing your confidence
A powerful way to shut off and shut out negativity
The best time to invest in yourself and your business
How to build a legacy that changes the world
How to get a world class education from the comfort of your own home.… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover:

2 things all old school strongmen and “mind masters” internalize. (6:01)
Why “mind over body” is not only wrong, but can ruin your health. (10:28)
How to experience so many giant accomplishments they’ll feel like Deja-Vus.… READ MORE

Highlights from this episode include:

The 9-word email that turns a dead list back into a cash-generating machine (1:23)
The simple way you can pitch in every email, even if you hate selling (2:38)
Statistically, this is how frequently you should be sending emails (6:54)
Surprisingly profitable topics that anyone can send to their list (9:16)
Successful email marketers approach every day with this specific mindset (9:58)
A strategy that makes email lucrative no matter what type of business you have (14:30)
The counterintuitive method for building a higher quality email list (25:29)

“Wells are dug because you need water”
In Harvey Mackay’s book “Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty” he talks about preparing your provisions before you need them.
Today, on The Daily Bread Project James Pollard joins me to share the best way to be prepared for uncertain times.… READ MORE

The most common questions financial advisors ask themselves are “How can I get more clients?”, “How can I get more money?” and “How can I have more free time?”.
You’ve probably noticed those don’t help you reach your goals.… READ MORE

Most of us grew up with broken beliefs about money. Daddy included.
But one little book forever changed how I thought and interacted with money.
And today, I’m sharing that with you because I want you to make all the money in the world and finally break free from your bad beliefs about money.… READ MORE

You’re receiving gifts everyday, but sometimes you don’t even notice them.
On Today’s Daily Bread Project you’ll get a simple practice that’ll make you more aware of all the wonderful gifts you have in your life.… READ MORE

Fear is normal. Letting it run your life isn’t.
Today, on The Daily Bread Project you’ll get a gameplan for eliminating fear and radiating joy.… READ MORE

Your finances aren’t just about you. If you’ve got a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, you probably want to consult with them before you make a choice.
But those talks aren’t always productive. In fact, they can keep you from making the financial decisions that would make you wealthy.… READ MORE

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