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Every human being who has ever existed has felt downtrodden, lost, and in the dumps. It’s a part of the human experience — but it also unlocks an opportunity to change every life you encounter.

Most men lack a certain “skill” that explains many relationship and dating problems modern men have. It explains anxiety before and during dates, emotional isolation when you lose intimacy over time, and it even explains why couples have so many arguments.… READ MORE

You know the appeal of “being your own bank” and how you can use your IBC system to effectively give yourself a loan.
And since you know those loans would ultimately be taken out of your death benefit, you might be thinking “Why not borrow the money, and then never pay the loan back?”
It’s easy to think this way.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, Harold digs into the October stock market update. This is not your ordinary stock market analysis. In fact, he’ll be uncovering hidden gems, revealing the psychological warfare of the media, and sharing insights that will keep you ahead of the game.… READ MORE

In this episode, the crew tackles the issue of self-sabotage. Levi pulls back the curtain on his personal battles with unhealthy habits that clash with his professional and health goals.
They get into the tricky biz of navigating holiday indulgences and the way friendships can change when you start switching up your life for the better.… READ MORE

On today’s episode, Joe is chatting with Colin Steen, CEO of Legacy AgriPartners. He shares some great insights on the challenges and complexities often encountered during M&A integration and strategies to overcome them.… READ MORE

In this episode, Greg Giuliano talks with Chad Baugh, the Chief Revenue Officer at Referwell.
Chad shares the importance of authentic, intentional leadership and the behaviors that make high-performing teams.… READ MORE

In today’s installment, we have our guest Todd Pigott back for part two of his interview with the host Dan Barrett.
In this captivating conversation, Todd shares his journey to massive success across multiple businesses, including a facilities management company and a lending arm.… READ MORE

In this episode, Jennings Smith reveals the risky yet potentially lucrative investment in a 75% vacant 280-unit apartment complex.
Get ready to learn about the nail-biting details of this deal, the hefty risks they mitigated, and their bold plan to turn this distressed property into a goldmine.… READ MORE

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In this episode, Joshua and Jeremy Mathis explore the transformative journey from hustling entrepreneurs to successful CEOs.
They share the mistakes and hard-earned lessons they’ve learned over their 14-year entrepreneurial journey.… READ MORE

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