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In today’s social media-run world, most people do everything in their power to appear perfect. Nothing has compromised quality more than this.
Even though perfection ought to be the standard, it’s impossible to achieve it.… READ MORE

Show highlights include:

The “Sneaky” way The Enemy keeps you trapped from your purpose (and how to wake up) (2:05)
Two things God wants you to know to overcome a “Robotic living” (2:35)
How to increase your “Fire” for life (even if you feel hopeless) (4:20)
How to overcome depression and anxiety to live your true potential (even if you have tried everything) (5:00)
The “Victim Mentality” trap that keeps you stuck from a healthy and fulfilled life (10:25)

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Who told you that all your traumas and baggage are problems? Where did the ideas of depression, anxiety, and addiction even come from? Are they even true?
Here’s why I’m asking:
By simply questioning your ideas, problems, and emotions you can start to leave them behind.… READ MORE

The idea that men need to be fixed is wrong. It results in fake progress, toxic growth, and unnecessary amounts of pain. Men quit because of this outdated concept. Many therapists (even some of the ones in the IFS Therapy Directory) peddle and hold onto this toxic idea.… READ MORE

Your mind, your thoughts, and your feelings can either be a cheat code for accomplishing your goals, or an insurmountable obstacle you can’t conquer no matter what you try.
Yet most people choose the latter.… READ MORE

You were lied to. Growing up, the average American was sold this fallacy that we should get a 9-5, work a traditional job, and receive a stable paycheck. Hopefully, if we worked long enough, we’d save enough money to retire at the age of 65.… READ MORE

Every 8-figure, 9-figure, and 10-figure business owner I’ve met has one thing in common:
They leverage the 9th Wonder Of The World to make millions of dollars per year, per month, and even per week.… READ MORE

Most real estate investors try to do everything on their own. This leads to some success in the beginning , but it slows down your growth over the long term.
Plus, working long hours away from your family leads to burn out.… READ MORE

The real estate investing industry is going through a major change:
Slapping up bandits signs saying, “We buy houses” with your phone number no longer cuts it. And if you’re not feeling the changes in the industry yet, they’ll be knocking on your door soon.… READ MORE

This stat might shock you:

Your chance of having a heart attack goes up 40% after retirement. And almost one third become depressed at this stage of life.
But retiring itself isn’t the cause. The real problem is that retirees often lose their sense of purpose after leaving the workplace.… READ MORE

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