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Show highlights include:

How 2 list brokers will help you find your first real estate investing leads (especially if you don’t know what you’re doing) (3:24) 
5 triggers that almost forces owners to sell (and helps you easily scoop up your first investment property on a discount (3:48) 
The stupid-easy way to grab your first investment property (without knowing anyone in your market) (4:22) 
Need a cash buyer?READ MORE

If you use keywords nobody searches for, it will be impossible for motivated sellers to find your ad and work with you.
Believing whatever Google Ads says is like blindfolding yourself. You’ll never know which ads bring sellers and which only bring expenses. READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

Why making big, fat, blundering mistakes molds you into a great leader (4:29) 
How crushing your to-do list every single day robs you from achieving true financial freedom (19:29) 
The “Soul Books” trick that skyrockets your business’s growth (without ever reading a fluff-filled business book again) (23:22) 
The insidious way being a great parent crippes your relationship with your spouse (25:25) 
How to handle the constant bombardment of phone notifications before it tanks your marriage and business (34:59) 
Why your ego is the biggest reason you’re addicted to your smartphone (and how to break free from its grasp) (36:24) 

If you’d like to learn more about real estate photography with Next Door Photos, check out their website here: https://nextdoorphotos.com/.READ MORE

If you’ve been in the building business for any length of time, you’ve experienced the hamster wheel of free estimating. It’s become standard practice because clients have become conditioned to expect it.READ MORE

Would you board a flight that had a 70% probability of safely reaching its destination? How about 90%?
While these are odds we’d avoid if our life was on the line, many people blindly trust their retirement to a financial plan with similar numbers.READ MORE

Show highlights include:

Why the most profitable insights about massive Facebook groups come from riding your bike around town. (4:38)
How to use other people’s audiences to grow your dream tribe (without being labeled a ‘Facebook poacher’).READ MORE

Not knowing your goals as an entrepreneur leads you to overpromise and overcommit. You push out too much content and make too many phone calls, leading to a life of burn-out and bad clients. 
Most people don’t know what their goals actually are.READ MORE

Do you sometimes have a short fuse, bottled anger, or react explosively to things? Whether it’s directed at the pandemic, politics, or even something your kids said, it’s important to understand that anger and grow from it.… READ MORE

If you’re anything like me, you get easily overwhelmed by the amount of ‘fluff’ in business books. Even after you pick a book, you get trapped reading hundreds of pages of storytelling just for a couple of knowledge nuggets. READ MORE

Being a great leader means you have to do counterintuitive things. For example, today’s guest, John Salajka learned that while pushing people hard achieved massive results, it also undermined his team and made them quit. READ MORE

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