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Embracing technology to improve your business and elevate our industry.
Show highlights include:

How making a two-day time investment in your construction software can add an extra month to your year (8:47) 
Why demanding that your team use a new software smashes their productivity (even if your new software increases productivity) (12:13) 
The “Slow Down to Speed Up” secret for implementing time-saving software when you don’t have time (13:36) 
Why simply purchasing more software and technology may actually hurt your team and bottom line (21:24) 
The little-known leadership role which raises your company’s professionalism in your client’s eyes overnight (25:56) 
Constantly raising your prices because of inflation is not the answer.READ MORE

We’re often raised to seek approval from others:
At school, we’re rewarded for behaving well and studying. As adults, we get job titles and money when we work hard.
That makes it easy to neglect the things nobody rewards us for. READ MORE

There’s a nasty trap that plagues today’s entrepreneurs.
They think all you have to do is build a better product and the customers will form a line. But if you go into business with that attitude, all you’ll do is burn a bunch of money without making a sale.… READ MORE

Many Americans worry about what the Ukraine/Russia conflict means for their portfolio. While some think this is selfish, it’s not. The more financially stable you are, the more you can support causes you believe in. READ MORE

There’s so many perks of being an employee. Safe income, paid time off and benefits. 
But what if you feel destined to create a legacy of your own?
You find yourself constantly fixing problems and coming up with new ideas.READ MORE

It’s been a hard day at work. You arrive home feeling completely drained because your boss yelled at you, your customers were unreasonable and your colleagues left you to clean up their mess…. Now you’ve got no energy to devote to your family, your community, or your personal growth. READ MORE

Life’s tough as a personal trainer.
You’re the one who gets the life-changing results for your clients. But the gym owner makes more than you, even though they couldn’t get results without you.… READ MORE

If you read business books, listen to podcasts and educate yourself, you know everything you need to skyrocket your business and achieve financial freedom.
But knowledge alone keeps you stuck where you are.READ MORE

One of the biggest lies you’ll hear “it’s who you know”.
You could spend decades honing your skills and be extremely valuable. But if nobody knows you, you won’t make money, and you’ won’t change lives.… READ MORE

Imagine this: you’ve got a family trip coming up this weekend, and you can feel the pressure looming. You know your “to-do” list should take three days to check off – but you’ve only got two.… READ MORE

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