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Show highlights include:

Why winning at anything takes years of practice (and how you get your championship at life) (0:47)
How watching “The Flash” drains your bank account (2:12)
The weird way journaling transforms your relationship with money and wealth-building (3:21)
Why ordering steak and lobster on date night lets you grow your portfolio (5:58)
The “Thought Audit” method that fills your mind with positivity (8:27)

Ready to stop doing what you hate?READ MORE

Show highlights include: 

How to stop a ‘slip’ from turning into a full-fledged slide and make progress today. (2:20)
Why having faith in your failures brings you the most success. (6:47)
How to maintain a healthy schedule and seek normalcy in an unexpected world. READ MORE

Show highlights include:

How watching the Olympics shatters all the glass ceilings you have about your own body (even if you’re not an Olympic level athlete) (11:31)
Why putting Olympic athletes on a pedestal can create serious, debilitating, and life-threatening diseases (14:20)
Are you disappointed in American government and politics?… READ MORE

Combining your disability coverage with life insurance sounds like a smart financial move. You want to cover career gaps after an injury and get the coverage that always protects your loved ones.
But having a sustainable financial future starts with knowing what discounts work for you.READ MORE

Not all businesses are created equal. In some industries, you have to fight tooth and nail just to break even. But in other businesses, you can clear 8 figures without understanding the day-to-day.
Here’s why I bring it up:
My new ecommerce business hit $1,018,000 in one week.… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

Why “faking it until you make it” nukes your business career and your home life (4:08)
How telling your wife about your anxiety jumpstarts your healing process (especially if you think sharing makes you seem weak) (6:40)
Why imposter syndrome creates physical anxiety (and how relying on God helps you feel confident in your abilities) (11:33)
Do you feel too old to start a business?… READ MORE

Great marketing is always based in truth. But that doesn’t mean it’s always based in reality. 
Here’s what I mean: 
Even if a given marketing strategy has a 99% success rate, it still fails 1% of the time.READ MORE

A builder’s mindful approach to building a better home. There’s more to it than just being green or eco-friendly. It’s about livability and understanding what’s important. You need to be the most interested builder.READ MORE

Show highlights include:

How to build client relationships and flood presales (without any real market research). (3:00)
How to drop the weight of a heavy community and get paid for having fun. (5:30)
 The ‘Business Simplification Strategy’ for making an engaged community (and avoiding burnout).READ MORE

A majority of people feel the need to “hide” parts of their identity at work. They downplay their life, avoid personal questions, and get too wrapped up in projects. 
But hiding who you are at work takes a lot of time and energy.READ MORE

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