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Show Highlights Include

How to deal with the grief after losing a loved one and why seeking therapy is essential (even if you feel like you don’t need it) (10:57)
How to find comfort in your faith during dark times (even if you can’t make sense of God’s plan right now) (16:20)
One simple, yet powerful mindset shift that helps you ease your PTSD after heartbreaks (20:41)
How to overcome the fear of loss when you’re taking care of terminally ill loved ones (23:39)

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Most Americans grow up believing hard work is a virtue. But you distort this seemingly harmless belief into a wild beast of misery.
Because you go out of your way to make everything harder. From your career to parenting and even your own happiness.… READ MORE

Entering retirement marks a major shift from being active in the workforce to relying on your investments. With the extreme market volatility we’re experiencing, you might be afraid to go through such a monumental change.… READ MORE

There are 32.5 million businesses in the USA. But there’s only one bottleneck that holds every business back.
Your skills, your goals, and how you manage your team contribute to most of your business failure.… READ MORE

Your reputation is everything in business. It’s the difference between becoming a decamillionaire—or barely passing six figures.
But your reputation has never been harder to protect. One bad tweet can get you canceled and bankrupt your business.… READ MORE

Every investor falls into the trap of real estate investing:
You imagine you can sip cocktails on the beach while making more passive income than most people’s salaries.
But here’s the problem:
It’s never that easy — unless you have systems and processes in place to grow your business without your involvement.… READ MORE

With the rise of “business coaches” the internet became flooded with generic advice, useless courses and make-money-fast scams.
So how do you know what information is legit when you have so many people selling the magic pill of thriving businesses on every corner?… READ MORE

Working in the same profession for years grows dull. Every day feels like you’re stuck in Groundhog Day. And sometimes, that lack of passion bleeds over into your relationships.
That’s when you know it’s time for a shakeup – it’s time to retire or pivot into a new career.… READ MORE

Most entrepreneurs think they’re building a business.
But in reality, they’re just becoming stressed out employees in their own companies.
Jonathan Rivera is not one of those entrepreneurs.
In today’s episode, he’ll show you how you can work less and delegate more, so you can free up more time for new and exciting ventures.… READ MORE

Most entrepreneurs have faced the terror of not knowing if their businesses would make it or not. And many of us have stories of how fear and uncertainty squelch our dreams.
If you’ve ever felt stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated in your business, then this episode is for you.… READ MORE

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