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In this episode, you’ll learn… 

The “Pet Secret” for never feeling down (even during our lowest times) (2:46) 
The “Empathy and Understanding Method” that transforms complaining and negativity into joy and positivity (4:19) 
Why you won’t be able to help as many people if you’re not brutally selfish (5:36) 
How painting and writing instantly soaks up your negativity (6:48) 
The “Social Media Comment” trick that makes someone’s day in 30 seconds or less (12:12) 

Taste buds are a lot like beliefs. They change over time. And they give us a “flavor” for how we experience food and life.
Here’s what that means:
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In this episode, you’ll discover:

The “Money and Operations” Partnership Method that prevents you from doing all the work for no pay in a partnership (1:25) 
The “Poor Man’s Guide” for getting your first few properties (even if you have no money) (4:35) 
The “Country Club Secret” that will make people with money be to give it to you (5:03) 
How this obvious, yet overlooked method can double or triple your earnings in the next year (6:55) 
Why trying to save money will cause your sanity and business to go up in smoke (7:52) 


In local marketing, getting qualified leads is the name of the game. And if you can make it easy to find you, then you can leapfrog the competition. But how do you do this? SEO? Social media? Your website?
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Everyone thinks content is king. But it’s not.
Only the right content is king. That means, using the right platform, sending a valuable message, and transforming cold prospects into loyal fans.… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

Ego management secrets that allow you to win at home (2:09)
Why your current success sets you up for future failure and how to change it (5:34)
A simple “Chipotle Method” to make every person you come in contact with feel cared for (10:16)
The “Lean In” trick for creating beauty from the ashes of adversity (16:15)
How limitations can make your life more full and interesting (23:41)
The “Mind Movie” technique that lets you make the most of every situation in your life (27:58)
A morbid exercise that will improve all your personal relationships overnight (31:21)

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Too many businesses owners have amnesia after the sale. They’re too focused on finding new customers that they neglect the customers they already have. 
What most business owners don’t realize is that they’re blowing a hole in their bank account by forgetting their customers.READ MORE

Many women end up creating all the holiday experiences for their families. And while you want to enjoy the holidays, taking it all on your shoulders can transform your relaxing time off into another stressful work day.… READ MORE

Highlights from this episode include:

How sex makes you better at sales and vice versa (3:20)
The most effective way to provide your prospect an environment that easily facilitates a sale (5:10)
How your “Lizard Brain” makes it impossible for you to have tough conversations and how to fix it (8:36)
How being tickled as a child can ruin your ability to set healthy boundaries and how to move past it (10:40)
Why your childhood successes can make you an adult failure and how to prevent it (11:24)
The single biggest misconception that prevents all your relationships from flourishing (16:51)

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