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Today’s show has a very emotional subject: Having kids is one of the most beautiful things in any woman’s life. But what if you try and try, but can’t seem to get pregnant?
While there’s no surefire path, there are methods that give almost every woman better chances of experiencing the miracle of motherhood.… READ MORE

I talk on this show all the time about how important it is to get good mentors and to be around the right people – the people that elevate you.
The people that lift you up, make you think BIGGER and make you think BETTER.… READ MORE

If you’ve been a financial advisor for some time, you know becoming a successful advisor is about much more than investments, sales, marketing and other business skills.
And that’s where most financial advisors fail: The mental side of being in business.… READ MORE

We’ve all felt burned out at some point or another. That feeling of complete fatigue – both mental and physical – which comes from work ourselves into the ground.
It can happen to anyone at any time, but it’s particularly common for Entrepreneurs.… READ MORE

In marketing your practice, you’ve probably been told that you need to create content.
But when you actually create content, it often feels like your blog article, social media post or video just disappears without making an impact.… READ MORE

When it comes to Entrepreneurship, if you want to be around for the long haul and experience sustainable success, it’s critical to understand the things that matter most.
In this episode, we’re talking about an integral part of your success: the foundations.… READ MORE

Many investors start out extremely excited about all the opportunity in real estate, imagining the life they can live once they profit off of their new business.
But more often than not, success doesn’t happen as quickly as they thought it would.… READ MORE

All too often we are afraid to go ALL in.
Whether that’s in a business, an investment or even a relationship. The ultimate fear of failure keeps us from fully committing. What a bunch of BS!
The truth is, somewhere in your life, you’re playing too small.… READ MORE

Far too many people are wasting their time looking around at what everyone else is doing.
But nobody around you understands what you’re going through – and you’ve got no idea what other people are struggling to solve.… READ MORE

Often we structure our days as if we’re able to move systematically from meetings to appointments to activities, doing all of the things and conquering a hefty to-do list along the way.
But reality often looks different: We’re late, have to shuffle around appointments because meetings, calls and tasks balloon and, worst of all, we can’t figure out where all the time went.… READ MORE

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