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Do you ever sit and burn $20 bills?
If you don’t, you may as well, because right now the banks are legally taking 34.5% of your take home earnings in pure interest.
This interest isn’t to pay down your mortgage, your car loan, or your student debt.… READ MORE

“Hi David,
Why do we crave women we’ve only just met? And why are we depressed when we get rejected when asking for a longer relationship? What’s behind it, and how do I tackle this situation?
When I meet a new girl, I’m happy and I jump around — my life is full of joy.… READ MORE

Scientists discovered that a tiny fraction of the weight of a dime creates enough pressure on your cells to force them to divide.
What does that mean for healing yourself from decades of suffering and trauma?… READ MORE

If a person gets extra money, whether through their job or business, what are they likely to do with it?
If you said they’ll spend it, you guessed right.
Which is terrible news! Considering money spent is money gone…
More importantly, most people end up spending all their money on their WANTS rather than stuff they truly need.… READ MORE

The stock market seems turbulent and unpredictable right now.
It’s high volatility is probably not going away soon.
While this is discouraging, you are not powerless or have to just wait it out.… READ MORE

Imagine a real estate asset where you can:
Invest with minimal to no competition
Tie up sellers for 12 to 15 months — and have them THANK you for it
Specifically tailor the highest & best use of the land
Pay little to no property taxes, insurance, or maintenance costs — and watch the as the value of asset appreciate exponentially due to inflation
Benefit from demand outstripping supply
These are just some of the benefits of raw land investing.… READ MORE

2008 is when a lot of real estate investors got into the market. Cheap prices, lower interest rates and an upswing in profits.
Everyone was successful and thought that the gravy train would last forever.… READ MORE

Mergers & acquisitions (M&As) often destroy more value than they create.
Statistically speaking, it’s a safer bet to invest all your time in creating a new business, as opposed to executing an M&A.… READ MORE

Sales leaders often feel that time is their biggest obstacle to achieving more growth in their business.
But that’s not entirely true.
In reality, it’s not about how much time you have, but how effectively you manage your time.… READ MORE

Many leaders talk about “collaboration” while few practice collaboration. In most organizations, there’s no intention to build the capacity to collaborate. There are rarely clear lines of communication between people and teams.… READ MORE

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