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Show highlights include:

The single most important difference between reaching your goals or not (that has nothing to do with how much time you spend in the gym) (1:25)
The simple “Metamorphosis Mindset” that keeps you laser focused even when you’re not seeing progress in the mirror (2:28)
How to access your “lizard brain” to easily control and eliminate your self-defeating thoughts and emotions (5:09)
The weird way acting like a baby helps you reach your fitness goals faster (6:14)
6 questions  to ask yourself when you’re feeling frustrated about your goals that instantly puts you on the right track (11:06)

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Show highlights include:

How driving to your favorite spot at 3:30 AM helps you grow your business (1:41)
Why negative thinking stunts your business’ growth  (and how you change both going the other direction) (3:14)
The “Abundance Mindset” that grows your portfolio faster than bamboo (6:26)
Why focusing on mental growth allows you to increase financial holdings (7:15)
Why building a wealth team supports your personal growth for making better financial decisions (9:04)
How kindergarten flash cards floods your bank account with cash (11:07)

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Business is funny. Straight up dummies have an easy time making millions of dollars while an IQ of 150 or more lands you in middle management or running a business that doesn’t crack 6 figures. 
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In this episode, you’ll discover… 

The “One Day Away” mindset shift that almost instantly curbs your depression (6:11) 
Why you feel “long-term tired” even when you sleep well and exercise (and how to easily reset so you’re the best version of yourself) (7:38) 
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There’s a wave of frustration you might feel when running an errand or grabbing groceries. These tasks sometimes seem impossible to do, no matter how easy they should theoretically be.
But dismissing how stuck you feel when it comes to the simple things doesn’t make the frustrating feelings go away.… READ MORE

You may have a calendar full of birthdays and business dates, but do you know what age-related milestones have the biggest impact on your financial plans? Or how to reap the financial rewards as you enter retirement?READ MORE

Our mission on Builder Nuggets is to help our listeners Build Freedom. In today’s episode we take that to a whole new level as we talk with an owner who’s managing the operations of a $10 Million a year/plus custom building and remodelling company – during a worldwide pandemic – from sunny Barbados.READ MORE

Show highlights include:

The Alice In Wonderland question to ask yourself about building a vibrant and exciting digital community (instead of a mad, mad world). (0:31)

How to change your Facebook Group’s ‘wrapping paper’ and gift your members a space where they feel joy in every conversation and never want to leave.READ MORE

When it comes to running a successful coaching program, you might get so consumed in helping others that you forget to help yourself…And if you’re giving advice for free or stretching yourself too thin, you’re not making the money you want (and taking on too many clients in exchange for your freedom).… READ MORE

Most startups that die sudden deaths don’t starve, they drown. That means they’re running around like a chicken without its head, trying to do 4,000 things instead of focusing on the one thing that grows their business.… READ MORE

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