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Phase 3

Podcast Recording Setup & Training

The Podcast Factory® sets you up with the equipment, software and training you need to record each episode.

What It Is

Podcast recording includes recording yourself, and your guest (if applicable), from beginning to end. This is the only thing you need to do since The Podcast Factory® takes care of the rest for you. Depending on your show’s content strategy, this may mean only recording yourself (if you’re the only one in the show each week), or also recording your guests through an online format, or in-person.

Why It's Important

How you record each episode is crucial to the overall sound quality and professionalism that the listener hears. While good production can fix some pauses, mistakes, and improve the overall voice quality, there's not much that can be done if the original recording has loads of background sound, or hasn’t been performed correctly.

What You Get

Recording your own podcast can feel daunting, even if you have experience in front of a microphone or interviewing others. If this is your first time, you’re probably wondering, “what kind of mic should I buy?”, “how do I record myself?”, and “how do I record a guest?”. This is where The Podcast Factory® comes in. We have years of experience, recording thousands of hours of audio.

With The Podcast Factory® Black Package, you'll get 1 on 1 instruction on how to record each episode in a repeatable, easy way. Even if you've never done it before, and you're not tech-savvy, we'll make it easy.

Why The Podcast Factory®?

The Podcast Factory® launches your podcast in 30 days, on all major platforms.

The Podcast Factory® comes with a dedicated team of professionals at your service.

The Podcast Factory® is proven: over 4,048 shows, 4.11 million downloads, 86,161 minutes of audio editing.

How It Works

The Podcast Factory® sets you up with all the equipment and software you’ll need to record each episode. We'll teach you how to set it up, and use it. From there, we'll get you all the software you’ll need to record yourself, and guests. You won’t need to worry about complicated mixing or recording settings.

The Podcast Factory® helps you set everything up and do a few test recordings. Don’t worry about mistakes, stutters, or getting it to sound just right. We’ll edit each episode to make it sound amazing - you need only record your episode and leave the rest to us.

Have your own equipment already? Great! The Podcast Factory® helps you make the most of it. Starting from scratch? No problem! We’ll send you the microphone you need, give you access to a Zoom account for recording, and more. Our biggest goal is to help you capture the content you need in the easiest way possible. We’ll find the right solution for you, that you feel comfortable with, so that you can consistently and easily record each episode. Our goal is to make it as “plug and play” as possible.

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