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Podcast Marketing

We'll send highlight clips, quotes, and visual resources from each episode so you can market your podcast on social, your website, and anywhere else you want.

What It Is

Podcast marketing is the process of promoting your podcast and getting in front of your target audience (potential listeners), so that they can give it a listen. One of the ways you can get your show in front of people is to promote highlights or clips from it across social media platforms, or on your website. For example, you may choose to embed each episode on your own site if you’re getting a lot of traffic there. Or, you may want to do a social media post for each episode, giving a 30 second listen of some of the most important parts, in order to get viewers to click over and subscribe to your show.

Why It's Important

You can’t use podcasting effectively if you have no listeners. Having a way to market your show will help you gain more traction, increase the number of listeners, and make the best use of your investment.

What You Get

Once your podcast is launched, it’s important to make sure you’re marketing it. The more you share your episode with your target audience, the greater the impact it will have, and the more subscribers you’ll gain. 

When you work with Podcast Factory, you’re getting an entire team dedicated to your show. And this team will take each audio recording you do, and leverage it to turn it into written and visual content. You’ll get a copywriter who will write your show notes down so you can publish them on Medium, your own Blog, LinkedIn, or anywhere else you want to market your show through the written word. 

Our team will also pull out 3 major resources from each episode: power quotes (quote-worthy moments of each episode), power notes (an entire transcript of the episode), and power clips (short audio clips of highlight moments). If there was something you (or your guest) said that was dynamite - we’ll pull it out and highlight it, turning it into a sound clip, and a visual quote, that you can promote anywhere you want.

We’ll publish your podcast across all major platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and more. We’ll also send you marketing materials that you can use to promote each episode you launch. This includes social media posts that will provide your followers with a sneak peak of your most recent episode. If you’re busy and don’t have any time or money to allot to marketing your own show, these social media resources provide a done-for-you solution. All you’ll need to do is receive them, and share them on whatever platforms you’re on (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and more). 

Bottom line: we’re going to take each episode you send, and squeeze it to get more content out of it in visual and written form. Some of our clients have gotten weeks of content out of just one episode. 

Why Podcast Factory?

Launch your podcast in 30 days, on all major platforms.

Done-for-you service by a dedicated team of professionals.

Proven experience: over 2,600 shows, 3.2 million downloads, 53,000 minutes of editing (and counting).

How It Works

After producing each episode, our team will listen for standout quotes or moments in the show. We’ll create a highlight clip of those moments that you can share with your followers (on social, your website, or anywhere else), and then turn it into a visual quote. A copywriter will write up your show notes so you can publish them on your website, LinkedIn, Medium, or anywhere else where you want to market yourself through the written word. We’ll hand you visual assets that you can share, and make sure each episode is being promoted across all major or relevant podcasting platforms.

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