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Phase 4

Podcast Editing & Production

The Podcast Factory® edits and produces each episode to make you sound amazing, then we upload it to all major podcasting platforms. Just send the recording, we'll take care of the rest.

What It Is

Podcast production is the process of editing the raw audio file you record, to improve sound quality, and remove any unwanted mistakes or gaps. The process can get fairly technical, and requires a sound knowledge (no pun intended) of audio. Good production makes all the difference and will take your episode from sounding like self-recorded, to professionally produced.

Production also involves adding in any additional promotions, voiceovers, or theme music that should be included in your show. For example, intro music to each episode that slowly fades out while you introduce the show; or, adding in a separately recorded voiceover talking about your sponsor, services, or business, are all an important part of post-production.

Why It's Important

Quality production will make your show sound professional, inspire more trust in you or your brand, and be nicer to listen to. We’ve all heard clips or watched videos where the sound is off, echoey, or poorly produced. When it comes to editing services, The Podcast Factory® makes sure you sound your best, every time.

What You Get With The Podcast Factory®

Our editing service will take your raw audio file, and make it sound like a professional podcast episode. The Podcast Factory® makes it super simple. After you record each episode, you upload that audio file to us, and we’ll take care of everything. And we mean everything.

You’ll get an entire team dedicated to your account who takes your recording, and leverages it to make the most of it. You’ll get an audio engineer who is dedicated to producing your podcast, and not only that, but who gets to know you - what you like, how you want to sound, and what makes you sound your best. THE PODCAST FACTORY® post-production service will polish everything, and we'll propagate it out to all major platforms.

Why The Podcast Factory®?

The Podcast Factory® launches your podcast in 30 days, on all major platforms.

The Podcast Factory® comes with a dedicated team of professionals at your service.

The Podcast Factory® is proven: over 4,048 shows, 4.11 million downloads, 86,161 minutes of audio editing.

How It Works

After we receive your episode, The Podcast Factory® combs through it and remove any mistakes, awkward pauses, coughs, or anything else you don’t want included. From there, we’ll move to production. We’ll focus on the technical aspects of the sound. Each episode you upload will be mixed and produced to give you that “professional podcast sound”.

This will help your show sound amazing, and stand out from lower-quality competitors. The Podcast Factory® adds your introduction and mixes in your show’s music with each episode we produce. It’s done-for-you podcast production from beginning to end. All you need to do is hit “record”.

The Podcast Factory® goes through our proven C.L.E.A.R. standard to make sure each episode sounds amazing.

C.L.E.A.R. stands for:

Cadence: This is a focus on your cadence, the timing and the long pauses taken in your show.

Listenability: We focus on reducing the number of “ahhs”, “uhms”, and false starts you might have at first.

Errors: We remove any mistakes or errors made in each episode to keep things flowing smoothly.

Attention: Keep your audience's attention for the length of your episode with good editing, mixing, and mastering of each episode.

Regulate: We make sure you’re hitting the highest sound quality possible from each episode.

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