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Has failure in your finances, relationships, or business put an abrupt stop to your life? Are you stuck wallowing in self-pity, unsure how to get things back on track?
Failure is a common obstacle we all have to face.… READ MORE

Have you ever felt like you were stuck? Your life and business were stagnant and you just couldn’t seem to break free? Perhaps you were facing doubt and “what-ifs” in your mind.
In today’s podcast episode, Dr.… READ MORE

Are you dissatisfied with where you are in life? Do you ever look around and know deep within yourself that you could do more? That you could do better?
In today’s podcast episode, Dr. Rick will tell you exactly what’s holding you back and what steps to take today to start moving forward.… READ MORE

Have you experienced failure in your life or business? How you respond to that failure and the next steps you take dictate whether you will ever succeed, or continue to stay stuck where you are.
In today’s episode, Dr.… READ MORE

Do you ever feel like you’re not living up to your potential? That you know you have the skills and talents, but there’s still something lacking?
In today’s podcast episode, Dr. Rick will tell you the most important ability you can develop and give you the first step to making it happen.… READ MORE

Have you ever felt stuck? Like your life was filled with chaos and randomness, preventing you from moving forward?
Imagine if there was a simple shift you could make to break out of that rut. In this episode, Dr.… READ MORE

Are you suffering the pain of loss? Maybe it was the death of a loved one, loss of a job, or even bankruptcy that has left you feeling hopeless.
In this episode, Dr. Rick explains the difference between losing hope and losing perspective and gives you the first step to overcoming your hopelessness.… READ MORE

Acts of violence. Protests. Riots. It’s easy to lose hope when you look at the stories that make up the news today. If you are feeling like things couldn’t get any worse, you’re probably not alone.… READ MORE

Everyone faces challenges at some point in their life. You may have faced more than others, but what truly matters is how you respond to those challenges. Your legacy is determined by how many times you get back up after you’ve been knocked down.… READ MORE

Every day, you are faced with hundreds (or even thousands) of choices. Every step you take brings you face to face with yet another choice, and it can quickly make you frustrated and overwhelmed. But there is hope for you!… READ MORE

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