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There’s one common characteristic shared between football coaching legend Nick Saban, legendary golfer Tiger Woods, and Jesus himself. 
This characteristic isn’t easy to gain. It costs everything to develop it.READ MORE

Technology killed handwritten letters like TV killed the radio star. This is unfortunate because handwritten letters convey what technology cannot. 
In particular, letters show gratitude, love, personality, and presence which technology will never be able to match.READ MORE

We accumulate an almost unlimited amount of treasures throughout our life. But most of these treasures are material. 
While material treasures have their place in your life, your kids and grandkids will never cherish them like you did.READ MORE

It’s easy to get upset at others when they’re ignorant, annoying or insulting. But when you get upset, you’ll only feel more disconnected. 
The best way to repair your relationships and connect with others is through compassion. READ MORE

All of us can get stuck in a rut. We feel defeated, worried, and overwhelmed at everything. There is no forward momentum and our brain comes up with excuses.
Ruts sap your energy and keep you from being the best person you can be.… READ MORE

While February is a time to reflect on the accomplishments of Black History, it is also a time to speak on the future. America feels more divided than ever these days. But where there is hope, there is faith.READ MORE

It’s hard for many of us to focus. And most people feel that they have to force themselves to focus. When you draw all your attention on one thing, it can feel like a burden.
When everything seems to be on the line for something, focus can feel like a pressure.… READ MORE

When you think about good communicators, you might think about charismatic salespeople, eloquent writers or creative artists. 
If you think that way, it’s hard to think you could become great at communication–you can’t copy a skill someone built over decades, right? READ MORE

Whether it’s athletes, entrepreneurs or artists: We admire people who excel at their craft. Excellence is awe-inspiring and makes us wish we were at the same level. 
But excellence isn’t reserved for those with extraordinary talent.READ MORE

We have all been offended at some point in our lives. And whether the person knows they offended you or had no idea, it probably ruined the relationship.
When you feel doubt and disappointment in someone, it’s impossible to see past the situation.… READ MORE

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