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People make success too complicated. They read thousands of books searching for the hidden secret only to be more confused.
Like anything else, success is simple—if you look at the basics.
All famous NFL coaches that created winning teams knew the basics.… READ MORE

Focus is a must to achieve success, but concentrated focus is critical to sustaining any kind of success, regardless of the endeavor.
However, our focus appears to be diminishing to dangerous levels.… READ MORE

Imagine going through your day without a set of values guiding your behavior. The slightest temptation can blow you off course at any given time.
When we don’t live by a particular set of values, our conduct will fluctuate and become inconsistent.… READ MORE

All of us can get stuck in a rut. We feel defeated, worried, and overwhelmed at everything. There is no forward momentum and our brain comes up with excuses.
Ruts sap your energy and keep you from being the best person you can be.… READ MORE

Whether it’s athletes, entrepreneurs or artists: We admire people who excel at their craft. Excellence is awe-inspiring and makes us wish we were at the same level.
But excellence isn’t reserved for those with extraordinary talent.… READ MORE

We have all been offended at some point in our lives. And whether the person knows they offended you or had no idea, it probably ruined the relationship.
When you feel doubt and disappointment in someone, it’s impossible to see past the situation.… READ MORE

Growing up in the 60s, everyone had a code of conduct they followed. And for most folks, honor was on that list.
Somewhere between the 1960s and today, we’ve lost our code of conduct. And the world is an inferior place because of it.… READ MORE

Every human being who has ever existed has felt downtrodden, lost, and in the dumps. It’s a part of the human experience — but it also unlocks an opportunity to change every life you encounter.

What is your ultimate goal in life? And more importantly, what steps are you taking today to achieve that goal?
Here’s why I ask:
When we set goals, especially massive goals, it can burden us with stress.… READ MORE

Nobody can survive their entire life without being leveled by a few personal storms. Whether they be financial, spiritual, physical, or with your relationships.
Most people shy away from storms—my old self included, when my first wife passed.… READ MORE

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