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Just as people consider a juice cleanse to get rid of toxins in their body, a mental cleanse helps you get rid of the emotions and experiences weighing you down daily.
And when getting rid of emotional “junk,” you are often left with clarity, creativity, and mental wholeness – ready to take on the world and renewed in your spirit.… READ MORE

Momentum can move you forward almost effortlessly – or keep you stuck wherever you are.
When your positive habits gather momentum, success is on autopilot. But when laziness, complacency and negativity gather momentum, it chains you to the status quo.… READ MORE

Every human being who has ever existed has felt downtrodden, lost, and in the dumps. It’s a part of the human experience — but it also unlocks an opportunity to change every life you encounter.

We all like music, TV and conversations, but you might be surprised by the damage noise can do (even when you’re having fun).
Clogging your brain with loud sounds, alerts, and pings leads to a poor sleep schedule and sabotages your ability to focus.… READ MORE

It’s easy to respond with negativity in a negative world. But what if one bad thought led to a day of bad decisions? Would you think differently?
Some believe it is your attitude that determines your success.… READ MORE

In the coming weeks, we’ll be re-airing 5 of our most popular episodes so far. Hope you enjoy this look back at some of our best episodes.
What if I told you that all the success you desire is within your reach?… READ MORE

Whether you’re stuck in painful memories or too scared to make a move, forgiveness isn’t always easy. And while some of us can forgive at the drop of a dime, others spend a lifetime trying. Some never forgive at all.… READ MORE

If you’ve never heard of the word ‘gusto,’ it means doing something with zest or a spark. That’s the way most of us want to live our lives.
But most people don’t live with gusto. They’re stuck in their comfort zones, which prevent them from taking on the challenges they need to grow.… READ MORE

What do Warren Buffet, Oprah, Jeff Bezos, Kobe Bryant, and Tiger Woods have in common?
Each one mastered the easy in their respective fields. And mastering the easy is something you can do today to begin your journey to greatness no matter your endeavor.… READ MORE

Nobody can survive their entire life without being leveled by a few personal storms. Whether they be financial, spiritual, physical, or with your relationships.
Most people shy away from storms—my old self included, when my first wife passed.… READ MORE

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