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We’re all striving to reach the pinnacle of something. It could be money, freedom, fitness…
But without preparation, your success is doubtful.
In this episode, you’ll discover simple preparation principles that make you unstoppable in life.… READ MORE

There’s a certain skill you can develop which lets you surpass your wildest ambitions. It helps you overcome any lack of talent you might have compared to others. And it’s so simple that nobody does it.  READ MORE

Human beings are designed for suffering. 
That’s the bad news. 
And do you know what else we’re designed for? We’re designed to recover from traumatic, painful, and heartbreaking experiences. 
But here’s the problem: 
We let despair get in the way of grief — which prolongs our suffering and makes healing impossible. READ MORE

Most people who try to influence others commit a fatal mistake: 
They only rely on information. But if information could impact people, everyone would be skinny, rich, and happy. That’s because stats, figures, and data only impact two areas of your brain.READ MORE

You have two choices to make everyday:
You can either choose pride, which leads to destruction, misery, and anger because it isolates you. Or you can choose humility, which leads to blessings, encouragement, and fulfillment because it connects you.… READ MORE

Everyone wants to pass down a legacy to their children and grandchildren when they pass. But most people get this idea wrong. They think their legacy only means monetary and material items they leave behind. READ MORE

Concentration is the most powerful force you can harness. 
Without it, your life fades into a chaotic state which deprives your life of joy. 
But with it? You unlock superpowers that help you accomplish levels of success most people never reach. READ MORE

The world would still be stuck in the stone ages if it weren’t for geniuses. 
Because geniuses have the uncanny ability to see possibilities that don’t currently exist. Geniuses ignore any shortcomings they have, and stick to their mission no matter what life throws at them. READ MORE

If you don’t read regularly, you’re missing out on an immense sense of joy. Yes, even if you don’t like reading. 
Because science proves that reading helps you live longer, lowers your stress, prevents mental decline, and boosts your mental health. READ MORE

What does Warren Buffet, Oprah, Jeff Bezos, Kobe Bryant, and Tiger Woods have in common? 
Each one mastered the easy in their respective fields. And mastering the easy is something you can do today to begin your journey to greatness no matter your endeavor. READ MORE

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