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Growing up in the 60s, everyone had a code of conduct they followed. And for most folks, honor was on that list.
Somewhere between the 1960s and today, we’ve lost our code of conduct. And the world is an inferior place because of it.… READ MORE

Every human being who has ever existed has felt downtrodden, lost, and in the dumps. It’s a part of the human experience — but it also unlocks an opportunity to change every life you encounter.

What is your ultimate goal in life? And more importantly, what steps are you taking today to achieve that goal?
Here’s why I ask:
When we set goals, especially massive goals, it can burden us with stress.… READ MORE

Nobody can survive their entire life without being leveled by a few personal storms. Whether they be financial, spiritual, physical, or with your relationships.
Most people shy away from storms—my old self included, when my first wife passed.… READ MORE

Many people think they know what hope is, but if you’ve ever been in a truly desperate situation you may understand that it can be more complicated and difficult than you once thought to have hope.
In this episode, Dr.… READ MORE

Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, said one of the most common causes of failure is quitting when overtaken by temporary defeat.
For example, during the gold rush, a young man and his uncle drilled for gold for months on end.… READ MORE

Most people shy away from failure. It’s embarrassing. It hurts. And we’ve been taught to avoid failure since we were children.
But this is a mistake. Just ask legends like the late, great Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and even Coca-Cola’s former CEO Muhtar Kent.… READ MORE

In today’s social media-run world, most people do everything in their power to appear perfect. Nothing has compromised quality more than this.
Even though perfection ought to be the standard, it’s impossible to achieve it.… READ MORE

Growing up, our parents drilled the importance of quality into our heads. But today, it seems like nobody teaches the value of quality anymore.
And it’s a shame because quality never goes out of style.… READ MORE

Everyone goes through seasons of gut-wrenching grief and misery. But great people aren’t defined by their successes, but by how they bounce back from failure.
And I have good news if you need to overcome any sort of trauma or negative emotions:
Overcoming holds no educational level.… READ MORE

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