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The banks receive massive paydays by collecting interest off of YOUR savings.
Here’s how:
Banks don’t let the money you give them sit there. They loan it out as fast as they can, marking it up with interest, and selling it back to us in the form of car loans, mortgages, business loans, etc.… READ MORE

When you pay yourself back with interest, you can:
Avoid paying the banks ANY interest (and pay your banking system that interest instead.)
Potentially retire with a larger nest egg, because you’re receiving that excess interest
And you’ll stop forking over your hard-earned money to Wells Fargo or some other greedy banker
All of this sounds great, but one of the biggest questions my clients ask when they first hear of this: How do I get this extra interest into my policy?… READ MORE

Banks potentially steal tens of thousands of dollars by the time you retire.
With compounding interest.
I know, not a revolutionary concept, but considering how a loan for a $30,000 car actually costs more like $40,000 when you factor in an 11% interest rate…
Banks steal from you every day you’re paying back a loan — (well actually, you are willingly throwing extra money at them!)
That’s the bad news.… READ MORE

Whole life insurance is a terrible place to invest your money.
And that’s because life insurance is an asset, not an investment.
With infinite banking, you’re housing your money there as opposed to housing it with a bank.… READ MORE

One of my new clients woke up with $0 in her life insurance policy after 33 years of funding.
Worst part?
Her premium was about to increase 1,300%.
Yep, 1,300%!
And this insane increase still wouldn’t guarantee she’d receive a payout if her premium didn’t increase again 9 years later.… READ MORE

If you develop a serious medical condition, you can be banned from whole life insurance (or any life insurance contract!).
This is fairly well-known, but there is a way around it: Term insurance.
With term insurance, your ability to be insured is “locked in” — even if you develop cancer or another fatal disease decades later.… READ MORE

Your savings can be taxed if you set your life insurance up incorrectly.
Simply put, when you deposit “too much” into a life insurance policy, you create a “Modified Endowment Contract” (MEC.)
So, what are the disadvantages of an MEC?… READ MORE

If you’re not using your money to make money, someone else is.
While you think your money is safe in the bank, they’re loaning it out — at interest.
This is how they make their real money. But, what if you were able to cut them out…
And become your own bank?… READ MORE

Banks are the biggest hypocrites.
They, and many financial gurus, like Dave Ramsey, convince you to amass a large fortune and then let it sit.
Yet banks do the complete opposite of what they tell you.… READ MORE

Would you rather earn:

$100,000 a day for 30 days or…
Earn a penny that doubles every day for 30 days?

Trick question.
At the end of the 30 days, you would have earned $3 million at $100k per day. Not too shabby.… READ MORE

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