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Most people try to build a big business and then fit their life into that business. While this can lead to success, it’s usually ugly because you have to work 18-20 hour days and neglect all the other areas of your life.… READ MORE

Referrals are the single best way to create consistent and predictable revenue. The trouble is getting referrals is easier said than done.
It’s harder when you don’t know how to get referrals so you endlessly beg your former clients for them.… READ MORE

A good website grows your brand, lets you stand out and brings you new customers. But most websites suck—even if agencies charge thousands for them. If your website isn’t clear, persuasive and on-brand, you lose out on thousands of potential customers.… READ MORE

The Real Estate Investing School of Hard Knocks is something almost every real estate investor goes through. It’s so severe in many cases that investors decide it’s easier to quit and give up on their dreams than push through.… READ MORE

Conversations about body image are some of the most difficult to have with our daughters. So many of us have our own struggles and insecurities and don’t know what to say, much less how to guide them through their insecurities.… READ MORE

You know that paid ads are the best way to grow your business, but what if you can’t afford to run as many ads as you want. Or what if you’re running ads, but you want to do something to crank up the results that you’re getting.… READ MORE

If you want more clients, you need more prospects. But if you’re talking to 20 prospects a day, you never get to create content, serve your clients and enjoy your freedom.
The truth is: You need fewer prospects than you might think to live your dream life.… READ MORE

Show highlights include:

The #1 most important label to pay attention to when buying coffee (3:45)
How to “get away” with drinking 5 cups of coffee per day without sabotaging your body (4:08)
You’re wrecking your body and the environment every time you sip on this style of jo (5:05)
How to avoid getting duped by clever coffee marketing into buying hazardous coffee (9:46)
The easy-peasy way to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment (12:27)
3 of the best coffee brands to try — especially if you’re on a budget (13:44)

The most important thing you can do to amplify your competitive success is focus on your nutrition.… READ MORE

Have you ever felt stuck? Like your life was filled with chaos and randomness, preventing you from moving forward?
Imagine if there was a simple shift you could make to break out of that rut. In this episode, Dr.… READ MORE


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