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You may have found dating tips that suggest manipulation and dishonesty will improve your dating life. Wear flashy clothes, put on an act, become Alpha.
But manipulation turns off healthy women. And when your dishonesty fails to bring you love, you might find yourself bitter and alone.… READ MORE

Show highlights include:

Why walking away from negative people boosts your investments (3:45)
How trying to be right all of the time blinds you from picking the most profitable stocks (3:58)
Why golfing on Fridays increases your bank account (9:33)
How putting off your winter vacation destroys your financial plan (10:46)

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Marketing on Facebook used to be straightforward. You would introduce yourself and what you do. Then a person would decide to sell to you or not. End of story.
Now, sellers need to know exactly who you are.… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

How bringing your “real self” warts and all into work everyday helps you win at work and home (4:16) 
Why sitting on your sofa thinking without technology is the most profitable way to spend your time (12:17) 
The counterintuitive way blocking your time lets you finish 10 hours of work in only 8 hours (even if it feels unproductive in the moment) (16:53) 
Apple’s collaboration secret that can wipe out your ego in a jiffy (25:26) 

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I see people following the wrong people on social media every day. They talk a big game, but they give you downright wrong advice. 
These social media gurus steal your ability to get stinkin’, filthy rich.READ MORE

Show highlights include:

How your Shiny Object Syndrome transforms your business into a profit-eating monster (1:20) 
4 core principles of building a lean and mean business that can scale up or down with ease (2:30) 
The “Not a Bank” business model that keeps your company lean and mean (even as you scale) (2:41)
The dirt-simple car analogy that makes potential clients want to give you their money before you start building instead of making you foot the bill (4:00) 
Why bringing marketing talent in-house is less effective and more gut-wrenching than outsourcing (12:57) 
How building your construction business like a doctor’s office maximizes your profitability and minimizes your headaches (14:26) 
The “Who, Not How” mindset that unlocks true freedom in your business (20:42)
Don’t invest in what you don’t need (26:10)
Why creating a lean and mean company puts your exit plan on “easy mode” (29:32) 

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The news has been jumping between data and emotions so much, it can feel impossible knowing where to turn. Or what to believe. And retirement dreams are drowning out in news headlines.
Is there a point to retirement planning when you don’t know what the world is going to be like in ten years?READ MORE

Getting a good night’s rest makes every part of your day better. It enhances your mood, energizes your spirit, and gets you ready to take on the day. 
And while we all know how important sleep is, why do we continue to struggle with getting a good snooze?READ MORE

Few things in business are worse than worrying about where your next client will come from. Sure, you might see success with LinkedIn outreach, asking for referrals and attending networking meetings. READ MORE

You’re in business for two reasons: to help the right people, and to get paid doing it. But closing new clients can be difficult. And unless you have their best interest at heart, they won’t choose to work with you.… READ MORE

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