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Show highlights include:

Grow your wealth -and business- with the counter-intuitive “IIP” strategy that doesn’t focus on money (3:40)
The short-term impact of the $1.9 trillion federal stimulus package and how it could tank your investments (5:37)
The tax-sheltered trading account you can use today to maximize your “Buy Low Sell High” investment dollar (7:19)
How you can still make “Bitcoin Profits” without investing in the unstable crypto markets (8:21)
Four long-term “Hold & Grow” stock recommendations that will grow your stock portfolio (but only if you don’t need the money for at least 1 year) (8:49)
3 hot stock picks that will continue to grow — in an sector that has no limit (9:17) 
My counter-intuitive criteria for short-term growth stocks during this economic crisis — industry trends hide the winners but I’ll show you where to look (10:19)
The essential industry that will roar back when the economy reopens (11:31)
The Reddit-crazed stock that has real growth potential… and why the hyped up others could sink your investment portfolio (12:07)
“The Wealthy Investor’s Way” of looking at your taxable gains while building your fortune (13:24)
How to make mountains of money when your stock market ticker bleeds red (14:39)

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Show highlights include:

Why drinking lemon juice every morning boosts your health and productivity (6:51) 
How to never “wake up on the wrong side of bed” again (even if you’re not a morning person) (9:11) 
The “Trampoline Secret” that instantly re-energizes you when you’re battling a mid-day slump (10:19) 
The “HMG Method” for your morning routine which takes less than 10 minutes and makes you feel amazing all day (16:46) 

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When you examine addiction up close and personal you realize something:
You’re addicted to your memories of your first experiences of your addiction — not to the thing itself. This is why it’s never been proven that addictive substances or behaviors exist.… READ MORE

We all have bullies in business. We usually call them haters.
I love all my bullies — and you should too. As a child, nothing taught me more about business than getting bullied by dirtbag kids.
In fact, I’ve made millions of dollars as a direct result of being bullied.… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

How a bad home life swallows the joy from even your biggest financial wins (6:40) 
Why having a non-negotiable deadline for when work ends improves your family life and helps you make more money (even if you have a to-do list longer than the Eiffel Tower) (7:59) 
The “3 Questions Formula” that helps your entire family reach their full potential at home and in their careers (9:47) 
How taking advantage of your kids brings your family closer together (12:32) 
3 words that instantly shatter all of your biggest self-limiting beliefs (22:25) 
How watching The Mandolorian every week with your kids helps them get closer to God (35:50) 

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The only thing more difficult than deciding to get a disability insurance policy is deciding which one to buy. Which benefits will you actually need? How much will that cost you? It’s a lot for one person to think about… 
But life insurance should alleviate stress, not cause it.READ MORE

“There’s no way I can get past this obstacle.” If you’ve ever struggled with that thought before, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there. And while you might feel like you’re alone, there are thousands of women walking down a path similar to yours… you just haven’t found them yet. READ MORE

Show highlights include:

Why bringing your impossible ideas to life starts with throwing a zero-budget house party.  (0:30)
The three things you need to build a loyal Facebook community – and using gGroup questions to attract the people you want instantly.… READ MORE

Many people in the construction industry try toand compete on price. Not only does this cause stress and headaches, but it causes you to become nothing more than a commodity.
By leveraging social media to createting awareness, and leveraging social media, you can set proper expectations with your clients before you even talk to them on the phonehave the first phone call.READ MORE

When it comes to growing your wealth and protecting your savings, there are three things every investment plan needs. 
And not only will these things help you in the future, they’ll let you live comfortably right now too.READ MORE

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