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…and she lived happily ever after. As little girls we bought into the fairy tale, so sometimes as women, we want to live a life without any challenges or hiccups — and effortlessly sail into retirement.… READ MORE

The biggest challenge in the construction industry is building trust with your customers.
Without trust, there is always a skeptical customer. This leads to delays in projects, headaches and keeps you further away from growth.… READ MORE

Ever wonder how technology will transform the way we use money?
Money is going through one of the biggest transformations in history. Going into a bank or having the government control the money supply is slowly becoming extinct.… READ MORE

Running a business is tough. It’s even tougher when you’re in an industry with no clearly defined path to success. You could spend years working in your dingy little garage with nothing to show for it.… READ MORE

Thousands of profitable ideas pass through our minds each day. But they are meaningless without execution.
Most people who can’t execute on their ideas suffer perfectionism, which is a wicked form of procrastination.… READ MORE

Society has been shoving the idea of a “money making blueprint” down your throat for decades. They tell you:
“Get a degree.”
“It takes money to make money.”
“Invest in a mutual fund and get an easy 5%.”
And to back up this advice, they point to that one billionaire investor… forgetting that he didn’t get rich by following that advice
Following the usual advice is NOT a money blueprint.… READ MORE

Most financial advisors make a fatal mistake when trying to get more clients from their website:
Instead of focusing on converting existing traffic, they waste money trying to attract new visitors. Here’s the problem: If your current visitors aren’t converting now, adding more gasoline won’t fix your conversion problems.… READ MORE

You won’t get far in business if you don’t care about your clients.
But if you spend all day on client calls, how are you supposed to grow your business?
Today’s guest, executive coach & keynote speaker, Chuck Wachendorfer reveals how to keep your clients happy by spending less time with them—and more time on your team.… READ MORE

Many people think they know what hope is, but if you’ve ever been in a truly desperate situation you may understand that it can be more complicated and difficult than you once thought to have hope.
In this episode, Dr.… READ MORE

Selling coaching online is a double-edged sword.
On one hand, you can find tens of thousands of your ideal clients in seconds thanks to social media.
On the other hand, social media giants spend billions of dollars each year, devising ways to keep you addicted to their platforms.… READ MORE

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