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Back in the 70’s and 80’s, a man had to be tough. You had to keep your emotions to yourself and never let anyone know what you were truly feeling.
Showing any kind of emotion was considered a weakness. You had to take care of business, take care of the family, and not let anyone know if anything was bothering you – even those close to you.… READ MORE

Some financial advisors crush it on LinkedIn. They see rabid engagement. They get swarmed with sales calls. And their client roster is filled with high-quality clients.
Then there are other financial advisors who haven’t generated even one call from LinkedIn even though they post all the time.… READ MORE

Paid advertising can either result in plenty of sales or endless losses.
Your ability to run profitable ads is the key factor in making this decision.
Unfortunately, many people simply hand over all their cash to Facebook and, among others, with no profitable yield.… READ MORE

You think you struggle with time management? Productivity? Or not making enough money?
You’re not alone. Most people think they struggle with these problems. But actually, these are just symptoms of a bigger problem.… READ MORE

Answer me this…
Would you rather have more clients or a higher quality of clients?
If you chose the former, I’ve some news for you…
Because having 50 clients at $500 a pop is a nightmare. Not only do you have to work your schedule to the whims of each of your customers…
You also have to “worry” about getting your invoice paid by each one.… READ MORE

Being a better business owner, husband, and dad isn’t impossible if you don’t have faith… But you’re playing the game on “expert mode” instead of “easy mode.”
When you have faith—and when you put Him as your #1 priority—everything falls into place like magic.… READ MORE

Pilots with even a mild case of anxiety should proceed with caution when dealing with the FAA.
The big bad FAA can be sneaky with their set of questions. In fact, they could be setting you up for a trap.
How do you avoid these potholes set up by the FAA?… READ MORE

The world is in shambles today.
Inflation at its highest, layoffs are at their peak, divorce rates are on the rise, and the cost of business operations is through the roof. Worst part? These are only a fraction of the problems we’re facing today..… READ MORE

Whole life insurance is a terrible place to invest your money.
And that’s because life insurance is an asset, not an investment.
With infinite banking, you’re housing your money there as opposed to housing it with a bank.… READ MORE

In the Buddhist religion, masters would tell their students that if they saw the Buddha, they should kill him.
Well, the authorities that you revere are your last obstacle towards achieving true freedom.… READ MORE

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