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Most men believe they’ll finally be worthy of love if they achieve more. It’s easy to believe you’ll find love once you get that promotion, once you drive that fancy car, or once you’re only wearing luxury brands.… READ MORE

We treat our exiled parts of our psyche like an untrained puppy:
When we’re young, we love them and play with them—until they pee on the couch, chew our mom’s shoes, or tear up the furniture. Then we shame, scold, and neglect them.… READ MORE

Most guys who want to find unconditional love fall into the trap of self-help:
They think the only way they can earn unconditional love is by becoming the best version of themselves.
But self-improvement is actually based on insecurities.… READ MORE

Men these days think masculinity means one-upmanship and being the “alpha” of the group. Or worse – they think masculinity is inherently toxic.
Both these views are flawed and lead to crippled self-worth.… READ MORE

Why do “bad boys” take home hot girls every night while good guys sleep alone? 
Bad boys are nothing special in the looks department, they won’t take care of her, and they’re hardly charming. 
They get girls because they don’t give a damn. READ MORE

Guys who struggle with women often fall into the seductive (and lethal) “Alpha Myth” trap. 
They believe the only solution to their dating problems is becoming more of an alpha. But this isn’t true.READ MORE

Dr. Strange 2 is deeper than an action-packed superhero movie. 
In fact, the main theme in the movie deals with grief. And there are several psychological lessons embedded in the movie which will help you attract and keep love. READ MORE

Most ultra successful people suck at relationships. Look no further than Will Smith or Johnny Depp. Despite their riches, their relationships are in shambles. 
Because of a trap many achievers fall into.READ MORE

Dr. Strange gives you a masterclass in human psychology. Stephen Strange was the classic narcissist who tied his entire identity to his career. 
So when he lost his surgical hands, he was ready to give up on life. READ MORE

Everyone has an inner critic who beats up on your mental health. And the worse your trauma is, the harsher your critic becomes.
But everyone approaches this problem backwards:
They think criticizing their inner critic will scare it away.… READ MORE

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