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Do you feel like the people in your life push you around? Like your voice and opinions don’t matter? Or that other people frequently take advantage of you?
Well, here’s the cold, hard truth:
Unless you’re comfortable with being assertive, you’ll just end up being a doormat.… READ MORE

Several listeners have asked about handling disrespect, especially when it comes from your partner. And I get it:
Disrespect is a breeding ground for contempt. And contempt will sabotage any healthy relationship you have.… READ MORE

After reviewing the Barbie movie, many listeners wrote angry emails and comments to me. They didn’t like the way the Kens were treated in the movie, but I did. In fact, I saw Ken as the hero in the movie.… READ MORE

The “Fixer Mindset” plagues every nice guy who can’t seem to even talk to an attractive lady, let alone start a relationship with her. If you continue letting this broken mindset subconsciously guide you, it can end in complete catastrophe:
Like bending over backwards for an ex who still lives with you, and starts bringing new guys into your apartment.… READ MORE

Did you see the latest Jonah Hill controversy with his ex-girlfriend?
She shared their text exchange on Instagram, and while they both brought up some good therapeutic points, each of them handled the situation in a poor manner for varying reasons.… READ MORE

Just because you haven’t found love or a successful relationship doesn’t mean those two things don’t exist. Yet, this is one of the many myths the Red Pill movement tricks you into believing.
The truth?… READ MORE

Listeners and fans have written in for quite a while now wondering what my opinions are about the Red Pill movement, which was largely inspired by Rollo Tomassi’s book, The Rational Male.
The Rational Male and the Red Pill movement tries to teach guys how to be “alpha.”
But there’s a big, fat problem with this ideology:
It’s filled with bitter resentment:
Towards “alphas.”
Towards women.… READ MORE

There’s been considerable backlash about the Barbie movie from both critics and listeners of my show.
The problem?
Well, most of the criticism comes from certain types of men. In fact, I had to search the darkest corners of the internet just to find a negative review of Barbie that made a decent point.… READ MORE

If you really want a relationship, then I have bad news:
Most guys aren’t ready for a relationship yet. And even if you somehow find a relationship and experience success within it, there’s a good chance that you’ll sabotage the relationship—causing heartache and pain and divorce.… READ MORE

A listener recently wrote in and asked the question:
“Do women want a dominant, aggressive and masculine man in long term relationships or do they prefer men with emotions?”
Now, there are a lot of different angles to attack this question, and I hit on the major ones in this episode.… READ MORE

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