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Do you struggle to understand modern women? Sometimes, they’re downright confusing. They cry when they read a book. They give hints instead of telling you what’s wrong. And they base their decisions entirely on emotion.… READ MORE

Have you ever heard “nice guys finish last?” Imagine this: you’re super nice, know how to flirt with women, but after months of talking to an attractive woman, you get rejected. It always seems to go well until you fall in love with her, only to have it spat back in your face.… READ MORE

Same age, same high school, same upbringing.
Man 1.0: He’s working overtime, he’s pulling all-nighters, he never sees his kids, and he’s sacrificed his personal life for his professional life.… READ MORE

Do you buy into the myth that success alone brings happiness and fulfillment? The techniques 95% of Americans use to strive for success, growth, and personal development guarantees they won’t be fulfilled in the long run.… READ MORE

The idea that men need to be fixed is wrong. It results in fake progress, toxic growth, and unnecessary amounts of pain. Men quit because of this outdated concept. Many therapists (even some of the ones in the IFS Therapy Directory) peddle and hold onto this toxic idea.… READ MORE

Vulnerable guys are ugly. That’s what women think at least. Millions of men around the world have been told to show off their vulnerable side. And when they do? Women judge them ruthlessly, making them get angry and frustrated.… READ MORE

Work hard, play hard.
It’s one of the most dangerous attitudes to adopt if you want a strong, fulfilling, and sexually active relationship. Many men try to party well into their 40’s, leaving their wife and child behind.… READ MORE

Can you remember the last argument you had with your partner or a past partner? Most couples can’t remember the specifics of why they fought. Instead, they only remember the emotional baggage from it.… READ MORE

Self-help seems like a viable way to get rid of your neediness or insecurities. But it actually heightens these feelings — and makes you miserable.
Because most self-help gurus, courses, and books promote toxic growth.… READ MORE

As many as 90% of loving relationships transform into cold indifference. This is true even in intimate, long-term relationships.
In fact, the more intimate your relationship becomes, the more likely you are to sabotage it.… READ MORE

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