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Finding a healthy, intimate relationship isn’t as easy as downloading a dating app or watching pick-up artists on YouTube. In fact, these routes can lead you down a dark path which amplifies your neediness.… READ MORE

Most men who are unsatisfied with their dating lives turn to online dating gurus to fix them. But this is a fatal mistake.
Because the advice peddled by online dating gurus actually fill you with insecurities and anxiety.… READ MORE

Most dating advice for men is not only incorrect, but it’s downright lethal to your happiness, fulfillment, and dating life.
Because other insecure men prey on your insecurities. And their “advice” actually makes you needier — which repulses women even further.… READ MORE

Since females were a young age, they’ve become masters at sniffing out neediness. Most men don’t discover this fact about life until they’ve sabotaged their dating life.
But here’s the good news:
There’s a proven system for overcoming your neediness.… READ MORE

Most guys don’t know what true love is. This warps their ideas about love and morphs them into a needy, unattractive version of themselves.
That’s the bad news.
The good news?
Thor: Love and Thunder, despite its silliness, teaches you about true love — and helps you become the most attractive version of yourself.… READ MORE

Every guy knows that neediness is the #1 most unattractive quality to women. But why then are so many guys still needy?
Well, it’s hard for men to detect their own neediness. Women have evolved to detect neediness.… READ MORE

Many men transform themselves to become more attractive to women: They excel in their careers, drive flashy cars, dress well, and get fit. Yet they stay lonely and only attract women for short-term flings or one-night stands.… READ MORE

Most men believe they’ll finally be worthy of love if they achieve more. It’s easy to believe you’ll find love once you get that promotion, once you drive that fancy car, or once you’re only wearing luxury brands.… READ MORE

We treat our exiled parts of our psyche like an untrained puppy:
When we’re young, we love them and play with them—until they pee on the couch, chew our mom’s shoes, or tear up the furniture. Then we shame, scold, and neglect them.… READ MORE

Most guys who want to find unconditional love fall into the trap of self-help:
They think the only way they can earn unconditional love is by becoming the best version of themselves.
But self-improvement is actually based on insecurities.… READ MORE

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