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Many people sabotage their relationships because they’re so nervous about getting it right, or saying the “wrong” thing.

And the reason for this?

Their parents subconsciously taught them the harmful concept of “Frustration Intolerance.”

And if you have it, you’re more likely to have fights with your spouse, be triggered by small indiscretions your wife makes, or noisy kids in the car.

Worst part?

Most guys have no idea whether they suffer from “Frustration Intolerance.” And if they do, it only bubbles to the surface after months and months of intense therapy.

So, if the concept of “Frustration Intolerance” intrigues you, then read on.

In today’s episode, you’ll discover why you fear saying the “wrong” thing when talking to your girlfriend, wife, or tinder date. I also reveal why your wife or girlfriend triggers you for seemingly no reason.

Listen now!

Show Highlights Include:

  • Does your wife or girlfriend trigger you for seemingly no reason? It might be because of a common circumstance known as your “family of origin” (1:42)
  • “A good therapeutic process helps you to ‘reparent’ yourself” (8:34)
  • Struggle with rejection from dates on tinder? It might be because your parents didn’t know how to deal with “Frustration Intolerance” (11:54)
  • How to hack your brain to tap into as much information in as little time as possible (essentially becoming a super computer) (15:59)
  • Feel nervous when talking to your partner or spouse, out of fear you might say something “wrong?” I reveal the answer at (23:36)

Does your neediness, fear, or insecurity sabotage your success with women? Do you feel you may be unlovable? For more than 15 years, I've helped thousands of people find confidence, fulfillment, and loving relationships. And I can help you, too. I'm therapist and life coach David Tian, Ph.D. I invite you to check out my free Masterclasses on dating and relationships at https://www.davidtianphd.com/masterclass/ now.

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Emotional Mastery is David Tian's step-by-step system to transform, regulate, and control your emotions… so that you can master yourself, your interactions with others, and your relationships… and live a life worth living. Learn more here:



Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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