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Banks potentially steal tens of thousands of dollars by the time you retire.


With compounding interest.

I know, not a revolutionary concept, but considering how a loan for a $30,000 car actually costs more like $40,000 when you factor in an 11% interest rate…

Banks steal from you every day you’re paying back a loan — (well actually, you are willingly throwing extra money at them!)

That’s the bad news.

The good news?

You can avoid paying the banks ANY interest (and pay yourself that interest.)

And when you do this, you’re going to potentially retire with a larger nest egg, because you’re saving up that excess interest (and not forking it over to Wells Fargo or some other greedy banker.)

So, if this excites you, then read on.

In today’s episode, you’ll discover how to stop stealing money from yourself.

Listen now!

Show Highlights Include:

  • Why paying yourself back with interest allows you to grow a large nest egg by the time you retire (a much bigger savings pool than if you housed your money at a bank) (2:48)
  • Interested in setting your own interest rate? Try an “Amortization Schedule” (3:35)
  • How to borrow money to invest in short-term rental properties (and continue to grow the overall cash value of your personal banking system at the same time) (4:02)
  • A simple “trick” to potentially save tens of thousands of dollars towards your retirement (and stop forking over this money to your bank) (4:42)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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