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Would you rather earn:

$100,000 a day for 30 days or…
Earn a penny that doubles every day for 30 days?

Trick question.
At the end of the 30 days, you would have earned $3 million at $100k per day. Not too shabby.… READ MORE

Do you ever sit and burn $20 bills?
If you don’t, you may as well, because right now the banks are legally taking 34.5% of your take home earnings in pure interest.
This interest isn’t to pay down your mortgage, your car loan, or your student debt.… READ MORE

How nice would an extra million dollars sound?
And imagine if you didn’t have to work harder, smarter, or even work at all to get it.
Well, this does exist, and it’s called counterfeiting.
But I don’t recommend you do it, because you’ll cop a whopping 20 year prison sentence.… READ MORE

Have you ever wondered why there’s a maximum withdrawal limit at the bank?
They’ll often tout it as “stopping criminals from laundering money.” But the reality is this: They don’t have any money in the actual bank!… READ MORE

Walt Disney, JCPenney, and Ray Kroc.
What do all these ultra-wealthy individuals have in common? They all possess, “The Secret of the Affluent”, as coined by the New York Times. In layman’s terms, they all got ahead in life, not by spending their own money, or taking out a loan, but…
By borrowing against their whole life insurance policy!… READ MORE

Imagine a savings tool that had:

Guaranteed growth / return on investment (and we’re not talking under 1% like you get in savings accounts)
Liquidity (access your savings income — tax and penalty free — whenever you want)
Borrow against the full amount of your savings (without risk of a margin call) — rather than withdrawing your money. … READ MORE

You owe the US Government $519,000.
What? How?
Well, as a nation, we owe over $31 trillion owed in funded liabilities (debt.) And we also owe over $173 trillion in unfunded liabilities (even more debt.)
Worst part?… READ MORE

You owe the US Government $519,000.
That’s how much you (and every other American) needs to pay in order to bring down Uncle Sam’s debt. What’s even crazier is this:
According to retirement expert Ed Slott, the Federal government can increase their percentage of your savings whenever they need more money — and that day is coming soon.… READ MORE

The last 2+ years have shown us we can’t trust the banks or government:
Criminally low interest rates, blatant market manipulation, and an unsafe and volatile market. Every year you leave your money in the bank, you’re losing a small percentage of your buying power thanks to inflation. … READ MORE

Having a safe and secure retirement feels impossible today. With inflation, higher taxes, volatile stock, and property markets, it’s overwhelming, isn’t it?

And the banks and government aren’t going to help you.… READ MORE

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