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Nobody looks at the terms of a loan and thinks “I wish I could pay higher interest on this!”
So you might look at loans you make to yourself through your IBC the same way: “I’ll just pay back at the low rate the insurance company charges, and no higher.”
Believe it or not, thinking like this could cost you!… READ MORE

There are different ways to structure a whole life policy. And that’s great, because you can tailor your policy to your needs and goals.
But with all those options, you’ve got to be careful!
That’s why today we’re talking about the 90/10 policy structure.… READ MORE

You’ve heard of Dave Ramsey. So you probably know one thing he loves almost as much as cutting up credit cards is putting down whole life insurance.
Since he’s helped so many people learn how to budget, and how to get out of consumer debt, it can be easy to think he really knows everything he talks about.… READ MORE

You want to get started with IBC. But where will you find the money to get started?
Your monthly budget is already stretched too thin. And you’re trying to pay off credit cards or other consumer debt.… READ MORE

People fear government programs like Social Security becoming insolvent.
And for good reason: Sometimes banks run into financial troubles, and even collapse.
So maybe you’ve wondered: If I’m going to pay life insurance premiums for years on end, how can I be confident the company will have the money to pay the death benefit to my loved ones when I pass away?… READ MORE

Most people hear about whole life insurance policies and only think about the benefit it pays their family when they die.
But the death benefit barely even scratches the surface of the wealth-building secrets IBC offers.… READ MORE

When it comes to whole life insurance, oftentimes you want to know: “How much coverage can I qualify for?”
Once you know how much you can qualify for, you’ll probably think one of two things…
Either: “Why wouldn’t I get the maximum?”
Or “Why would I possibly need that much?”
In this episode I’ll show you how to easily estimate your maximum insurability.… READ MORE

That informational brochure shows you an average that looks good.
Really good.
And you can’t help but think: “If that’s average, I’ll get at least that. Probably even better.”
But be careful!… READ MORE

A few days ago something happened to me that was completely unexpected.
One minute I was with friends and peers enjoying a baseball game…
The next minute I hit the floor with a sickening thud. Medical attention came immediately.… READ MORE

You’ve heard the debate over spending and saving: Whether to use debt to finance your purchases, or to always pay in cash so you avoid debt.
And you probably have your own opinion on which method is best…
But what if I told you they’re both bad?… READ MORE

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