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One of the things we love about IBC is that you can set up a system to BYOB–”Be Your Own Banker” and essentially borrow money “from yourself”…at far lower rates than conventional banks offer.… READ MORE

Every now and then I’m asked if churches can use Infinite Banking. And I wish more churches would ask, because the answer is “Yes!”
If you’re in church leadership, or just a member of a congregation you care about, then this episode is for you.… READ MORE

You owe the US Government $519,000.
What? How?
Well, as a nation, we owe over $31 trillion owed in funded liabilities (debt.) And we also owe over $173 trillion in unfunded liabilities (even more debt.)
Worst part?… READ MORE

It’s great to have a whole life insurance policy for each member of your family. But what do you do when your budget simply won’t allow it?
In this episode we’re talking about how to do the best you can with the resources you have so you can provide for your children.… READ MORE

The death benefit isn’t the primary concern for most people who use Whole Life Insurance for Infinite Banking. But it’s still important!
In this episode I’ll explain why you cannot afford to overlook what a benefit it is.… READ MORE

Everybody who understands Infinite Banking wishes they had known about it sooner. So it’s no wonder many of them ask: “Am I too old to start?”
I get this question a lot.
So if you’re concerned you’ve missed your chance to use IBC this episode is for you.… READ MORE

You’ve come into a big lump sum of cash, and you’re already using Infinite Banking. Naturally you wonder: “Is there some way I can use these funds to help my system?”
Yes! You certainly can.… READ MORE

You’ve just come into a big lump sum of cash, and you’re ready to get started with Infinite Banking.
Is it best to put it all into your banking system right away, or is there a better approach?
In this episode I’ll share why it usually isn’t best to put an entire lump sum into a new banking system.… READ MORE

There’s been a lot of buzz around Universal Life Insurance policies. Mostly because they offer great flexibility in their premiums, and they sound great at first glance.
So you might be wondering: is this a better way to do infinite banking?… READ MORE

It can be hard enough to pay all your bills when you’re healthy.
What if hardship strikes and you can’t make your bills? How will you ever pay your whole life insurance premium? Is your policy doomed to lapse, or is there something you can do?… READ MORE

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