“Professionally Produced Podcasting That Outranks The Competition”

When I was in Utah last month I had to make every second count.

We were only there for a month and I had to get as much time on the mountain as I could before we left.

One of the ways I figured I could get more done in less time was to only work on things that gave me the most leverage.


A little while back one of my hosts asked me, “I’ve got my podcast up, now what?”

She went through the painful process of deciding to have a podcast.

Then she made the big investment to have me and my team work with her to create her show.


This is a zero value email.

If you're looking for a fun story and a lesson you can skip this note.

After talking to some Podcast Mogul subscribers yesterday they made me re-think my strategy for the newsletter.


Crazy day today.

Started recording shows at 6:00 am with Igor Kheifets for his List Building Lifestyle Show.

Then I got on with Ben Settle and recorded five shows with him.

When I was done with that I had a couple of calls scheduled with Podcast Mogul subscribers that led to one testimonial audio and an awesome idea to spike traffic to your podcast.


Last week I spent two days locked in a room with some very smart business folks.

There were four doctors, three copywriters, and me.

It was an intense couple of days.

One thing that I figured out was that I'm a bigger hermit than I thought.


One of my loyal Podcast Mogul subscribers asked to interview me for his show.

Since he asked so nicely, I said yes.

And since he called me by my proper title, I decided to share it with you.

Here's what he wrote about our interview:

In today’s “Solopreneur Secrets” interview Anthony Tilley chats with Jonathan Rivera, the King of Podcasting.


I spent all day yesterday working on my business.

And I've got a few major things I'm working on for the next quarter that have me pretty stoked.

I'll share some of them with you in the next few emails, but first I want to ask you…

What are you most excited about?


By the time you're reading this I'll be on a flight back to Orlando after spending a day at Strategic Coach.

One of the things they keep trying to drill into our heads is the quantity of our relationships is not as important as the quality.


It's a question I get from people all the time.

They want to know where the listeners will come from when they launch their podcast show.

It's also one of the reasons I'm so picky about who I work with at The Podcast Factory.… READ MORE


After putting off having my own podcast for years I finally launched my pet project that's all me.

No more being the loyal sidekick, no more being Producer Jonathan.

Now, I'm playing “Daddy” in my own new series – http://DaddysWorking.com

Actually, it's not much of a podcast at all.… READ MORE

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