“Professionally Produced Podcasting That Outranks The Competition”

Just when I thought click bait was dead…

I was reading an article the other day titled, "Launching a podcast can pay dividends for brands."

It was an interview with an author of an upcoming book on podcasting.


Must be something in the water, because I just got this note from loyal Podcast Mogul subscriber and long time friend of The Podcast Factory – Mr. Nicholas Lal.

When I asked him what he liked about The Podcast Mogul Newsletter, here's what he said:

"I like that you teach so much more than just Podcasting for example: speed reading, list building tips, survey funnels, so each issue I’m anticipating what new oddball thing you’ll throw in.


Here's what loyal Podcast Mogul reader Robert LaMontagne wrote about my super simple 3D list building and selling framework:

"Dear Jonathan,

…But if it’s really as simple as you say…

Why isn’t everyone doing it that way?


Looks like yesterday's story “Funnel Fakers Exposed” struck a nerve with some people.

Usually the only response I get from my emails is the shopping cart receipt letting me know someone else subscribed to the newsletter.… READ MORE

I heard something interesting from an old grizzled veteran of the marketing world.

We were talking about all these guys who call themselves “funnel exspurts.”

And how they charge suckers big dineros to build these complicated sales funnels.… READ MORE

In 1973 the ABC network aired a new series called The Six Million Dollar Man.

The story was about astronaut Steve Austin who was severely injured in the crash of an experimental aircraft. NASA rebuilt him in an operation that cost six million dollars.… READ MORE

A while back I put out a call to my readers for someone who could make my Sunday emails easier.

You see, on Sundays I like to share a recap of all the new episodes that came through the Factory last week.

A lot of people wrote back with great ideas.… READ MORE

You want a sure fire way to tell if a podcaster is broke?

Just ask them what business they're in.

If they say, “I'm a podcaster.”

You can rest assured this person isn't making any dough.

Today we're gonna rap about the 3rd BIG fat lie you're hearing about podcasting.… READ MORE

You want to know what keeps most podcasters dead broke without a pot to piss in?

It's their fear of four letter words.

One in particular.

No, not that one. Get your mind out of the gutter.

It's the word > SELL

I hear so many people talk about how podcasting is a great way to build trust with your listeners.… READ MORE

Look, I'm gonna do you a favor and save you some time.

Not because I'm an a-hole (although I like to be) but because I don't want you to go through the same painful journey I went through when I started podcasting.… READ MORE

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