“Get more clients with Direct Response Podcasting™”

You know what they say, “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems.”

Right now I’m investing some dough into reworking The Podcast Factory website and funnels.

We’re upgrading our servers so you can get your favorite podcasts faster.… READ MORE

On one hand I want to give you all the goodies you missed at The Podcast Factory each Sunday.

But on the other hand I can’t stand all this tech stuff.

The annoyance continues with this automated RSS thingy I’m using.… READ MORE

It’s crazy how many people jump into podcasting with no idea how they’re going to cash in.
They spend so much time worrying about software, equipment, and all the technical details on launching their show they forget about the most important part.… READ MORE

It’s funny,
Usually you guys are pretty quite. 
You buy, you don’t buy, it doesn’t matter.
I almost never have you emailing me back.
But, for some reason you guys have been showering me with attention this week and I have to admit, I kinda like it.… READ MORE

Must be something in the water, because a bunch of you have taken
to writing me back.
And this makes me mad.
Why? Because this is a dictatorship and I rule from the top down.
But I have to admit, you guys are entertaining me.… READ MORE

In response to yesterday’s email where I said, “You made the cut.”
I got a note from a pissed off subscriber, here’s what he said:
“I’m a paid subscriber and asked to stop emails because they are so condescending.… READ MORE

If you look up the word “tweaker” in the Urban Dictionary it says:

“Tweaker: Person who stays up constantly cleaning, washing, organizing, powertooling, sorting or otherwise keeping themselves busy doing menial tasks.”

I used to be one of those guys always messing with my website and adjusting things that didn’t matter – so I totally get it.… READ MORE

I got this email from a subscriber over the weekend..


“Hey bud – I’m getting a lot of your emails twice, the second coming 2 days later with a “FWD:” appended to the front of it.… READ MORE

Where else can you go to get business building tips 7 days per week, in writing, on video, and in your ear holes?
As far as I know the only place is right here at The Podcast Factory.
Name your flavor and we probably have it.READ MORE

It’s always fun to come back from my quarterly meeting at Strategic Coach with some new strategery.

That’s when I start tearing things down and rebuilding to be more “self managing.”

I’ve been talking a lot about “coach” this week and I thought you might like to hear about it from someone who has been in the program much longer than me.… READ MORE

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