“Get more clients with Direct Response Podcasting™”

I’m about to pull the ol’ switcheroo on you.
If you’ve been paying attention there’s no doubt you’ve heard me talking about the “Three Deadly Sins of Podcasting” lately.
I told you if you’re interested in getting the report to message me back.… READ MORE

The greatest persuaders in history knew their market better than anyone else.
They got down to the root of what their people want.
Almost like they’re inside your head.
That’s why they’re so persuasive.
And you know what?… READ MORE

Check it,
I’ve spent the better part of this week working on a new report called “The 3 deadly sins of podcasting.”
Inside I’ll show you three most common “sins” people commit when getting into podcasting.… READ MORE

A couple of years ago I swore I was done with Click Funnels.
There were some hiccups in the software and I was impatient.
I moved on.
Then, Russell Brunson is a guest on one of my podcasts.
He talks about his journey.… READ MORE

I hate to toot my own horn.
But I’m gonna do it anyways.
For two reasons…
1. It’s fun
2. I’m doing it for you
Here’s what I mean.
Last Friday I recorded a video where I exposed one of the BIGGEST lies in podcasting.… READ MORE

I gotta admit,
One of my favorite things about not being in the “good ol’ boys” club of podcasting Is that I can tear apart the B.S. they’re feeding people.
In fact, I relish in the opportunity to expose their lies.… READ MORE

When I got the new data from Libsyn.
I found out how many downloads the average show gets.
And how most shows couldn’t get sponors even if they tried.
I laughed.
Why? Becuase we’ve known this all along.… READ MORE

Dunno know what it is.
But I was feelin’ lazy today.
Didn’t want to write you.
So I figured I’d go through my catalog and recycle something from last year.
Only problem was.
I went back less than six months.… READ MORE

If you’re a fan of “The Secret”
And you’re perfectly content wishing your life away,
This note isn’t for you.
Run away.
Now, for the rest of you…
I recorded a short video explaining why the Law of Attraction is a bunch of malarcky.… READ MORE

You want more audience growth?
You want a deeper connection with your customers and clients?
You want higher conversions?
You want to have it all without sacrificing your precious time?
Check out how Cherylanne Muraski Skolnicki did it http://thepodcastfactory.com/tired-choosing-between-family-business/
Jonathan “Daddy’s Working” Rivera… READ MORE

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