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Would you like the exact system used by The Podcast Factory to launch show after show to the top of the charts in iTunes?



  • Everything you need to know about producing a podcast with no unnecessary “filler” information
  • How to launch your podcast in as little as three weeks
  • How to quickly build an audience and stand out in overcrowded categories on iTunes
  • How to use your podcast to turn your audience into loyal, repeat customers

And, much, much more.


With 2016 wrapping up I want to ask you a quick question.

What are you most excited about for next year?

Hit reply on this email and lemme know.

Maybe I'll even share some of the stuff I most looking forward to.


Just got off a zoom call with one of my Podcast Mogul subscribers who shared something cool with me.

He has a podcast that he wasn't able to update for a few weeks and he wanted to figure out a way to boost listenership.


I get no respect I tell you,

Even after racking up 1,241,321 downloads and having 1,127 episodes in iTunes none of the shows at The Podcast Factory have made a top 20 list (that I know of.)

It's OK, because I'm not the type to need a pat on the back to know my work matters.


Go this interesting email from a subscriber a couple of days ago,

Check it:

"I have been reading every word that your daily mail contains since 15 days. Some how they strike a chord or two,today for the first time it sounded different.


It's the Holiday season and most people are slowing down and taking it easy.

But not us.

Nope, here at The Podcast Factory we're picking up steam with some new shows and some fan favorites coming back on the air.


Do you feel rushed and hurried?

Do you feel like there's not enough time in your day?

You're not the only one. Most people feel this way.

But you should know, there's another option where you can have all the time you need to accomplish all your greatest goals.


It took me a while to understand what he meant when he said, "If you gotta say it, you ain't it."

It's something that has been ringing in my ears since I broke bread with my buddy Ben Settle a couple of months ago.


Remember when I told you about the guy who said he wasn't impressed with me even though I've cohosted 8 different shows at The Podcast Factory?

Funny part is, he listens to at least 3 shows I'm regularly on.


On my daily pitstop to the facebook I saw my friend and prolific podcaster Sean D'Souza put out this question to his minions:

"What questions do you have about starting a podcast? I'm writing a series and I need some questions."

Me, being the nosey fellow I am – I read through a bunch of the questions and decided I'd share them with you since you might be thinking the same thing.


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