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Keeping things short and sweet today with one quick question for you…
Why aren’t you podcasting?
Producer Jonathan

If you're trying to break into a new market it can seem difficult.
Especially if no one has ever heard of you.
You've got established competitors taking up mind share and market share.
People who have been around longer than you, with larger companies than you, who have more customers than you, and a way bigger budget than you.… READ MORE

When you look to your left, then to your right… do you see someone competing for the same customers as you?
Do you worry about not being able to stand out in your crowded market?
Have you questioned why anyone would choose to do business with you over one of your competitors?… READ MORE

When I was an electrician I always bought the best tools,
Because my dad always told me – the tools make the man.
At that time he was right.
When I became an entrepreneur I thought the tools were just as important.… READ MORE

No time to chit chat today.
Cupcake, Dong, and I are flying back home after a week of snowboarding in Colorado.
When Dong came home last year we thought we wouldn't be snowboarding at all this season.… READ MORE

One of the most watched TV shows of all time is Criminal Minds.
It’s about a team of FBI special agents in the elite Behavioral Analysis Unit whose job is to travel the country helping the police track the most vicious of criminals to ever walk the planet. 
They study clues, look for patterns and signs that aren’t visible to naked eye.… READ MORE

If you've ever wanted to start a podcast but:

You didn’t know where to start and thought of doing all the behind-the-scenes planning that needs to get done to launch your show seems overwhelming
You’re deathly afraid of being boring and you’re scared of freezing up or running out of things to say while recording your show and sounding stupid
You think it’s too expensive to launch a show because you’ve heard how much other podcasters spend on their studio “set-up”
You have a small list and you know it’ll take forever before you find enough listeners to get an ROI on your show.READ MORE

I've checked and I know a bunch of you haven't even started your podcast.
And that's totally cool.
In fact, I urge you not to start your show yet.
Why? Because most podcasters launch their shows all wrong.… READ MORE

When you have annoying ghosts creeping around your home leaving trails of green slime everywhere you look, who you gonna call?
The Ghost Busters of course.
Why? Because they're the guys who specialize in getting rid ectoplasm spreading phantoms.… READ MORE

Have I told you the story of how I got into podcasting?
Way back in 2009 all the exspurts told me I needed to have a blog if I wanted to be a "thought leader."
I hated writing and loved talking so I decided podcasting would be the next best thing.… READ MORE

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