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One of my new years goals was to stay away from investing in info-course and software for the entire year.
This is tough because I’m sort of a junkie when it comes to this stuff.
Anyways, since I’ve been on this kick I’ve found myself digging into some of the stuff I bought and never used.… READ MORE

In yesterdays note we talked about how you can compete in a crowded market without discounting your prices.
I gave you the first 3 “Fast Celebrity Hacks” which were all based on getting referrals by being on other people’s shows.… READ MORE

Are you in a market with a lot of competitors?
Do you worry that your offers aren’t any different than theirs?
Is lowering your prices the only way you think you can complete?
Guess what buckeroo, there’s another way to compete in crowded market without dropping your prices or wasting your time chasing price sensitive clients.… READ MORE

It’s 83˚ and sunny here in Orlando, Florida.
That’s a far cry from the 9˚ and 12″ of snow we left behind in Park City.
And you know what, I kinda miss it.
Anyways, before we left I went for one last ride and I recorded a short video for you.… READ MORE

I told you yesterday, my good friend Darin Persinger from the Making Agents Rich show came to visit us over the weekend.
While we sat sipping coffee in our condo looking out at the snow he asked, “How much of this is real versus pre-done.”
He was talking about my work at The Podcast Factory.… READ MORE

“It must be nice to have a month long vacation” is what my buddy and co-host of The Making Agents Rich show said to me when he and his family came to visit us here in Park City, Utah.
I snickered and said, “Yeah, it’s awesome.”
Anytime me and Cupcake tell people we’re here for a month their reaction is similar to Darin’s.… READ MORE

Dating, negotiating, resumes, team building, investing, jewelry and a ho bunch more at The Podcast Factory.
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Just when I thought click bait was dead…
I was reading an article the other day titled, “Launching a podcast can pay dividends for brands.”
It was an interview with an author of an upcoming book on podcasting.… READ MORE

Must be something in the water, because I just got this note from loyal Podcast Mogul subscriber and long time friend of The Podcast Factory – Mr. Nicholas Lal.
When I asked him what he liked about The Podcast Mogul Newsletter, here’s what he said:
I like that you teach so much more than just Podcasting for example: speed reading, list building tips, survey funnels, so each issue I’m anticipating what new oddball thing you’ll throw in.READ MORE

Here’s what loyal Podcast Mogul reader Robert LaMontagne wrote about my super simple 3D list building and selling framework:
Dear Jonathan,
…But if it’s really as simple as you say…
Why isn’t everyone doing it that way?… READ MORE

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