“Get more clients with Direct Response Podcasting™”

The other day I asked,
“Why are you here?”
And I got some interesting responses.
One of them came from Jon Paul Ahsworth.
Here’s what he wrote:
“Not at the level for a podcast yet but I am however, learning email marketing by studying the lists that I am on.… READ MORE

I know you might not be from the U.S.
But we’re celebrating “Thanks Giving” over here.
Around this time of year people start playing up the, “I’m grateful for this & I’m grateful for that” act.… READ MORE

If you think you need complicated
Sales funnels
Surveys, Segmentation, and Super Powers to build your biz…
Don’t believe the hype.
All you need is three things to build a millyun-a-year biz.… READ MORE

You gotta love people.
Someone wrote to say, “You’re selling out man.”
Because I am charging people for my new Direct Response Podcast™ Report.
And I find this incredibly funny for a few reasons.… READ MORE

It’s crazy.
Last time I left you I was about to take a call.
It was two calls actually – one with an old client and the other with a new client who just launched her show.
While we were talking she casually mentioned that all of her sales calls in the lats couple of weeks have mentioned something about her show.… READ MORE

Did you hear about this?
After 9 long years of being a member the big box gym up the street I finally quit.
I was tired of slinging weights with meat-heads, stinky locker rooms, and endless people chatting more than working out.… READ MORE

Insert Video

Weird story.

Today was our sons first field trip.

We went to a firehouse and he got to meet the firefighters and sit in the fire truck.

While the kids were running all over the firehouse I snuck away to record this video for you.… READ MORE

I wanted to share a quick story about my friend Kyle.
He’s passionate, smart, and capable.
He’s got a mission.
He wanted to share his story with the world.
But he didn’t know how to get the message out there in a big way.… READ MORE

San Diego, California
6:00 pm
Spent the last couple of days locked up in a mansion with biz owners doing $40k+++ per month.
Made a lot of great connections and got some intersting ideas on how to improve your bottom line so you can have a greener Christmas this year.… READ MORE

It was 7:04 am on Thursday and I was riding back home from my morning session at Starbucks.
I stopped at a light when I look up to see a guy walking his dog into the middle of the street even though the RED “Don’t Walk” sign is blinking on an off.… READ MORE

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