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In all the years, That I’ve lived in Florida I’ve only gone to Disney a hand full of times.
Ever since Dong arrived we’ve been looking for stuff to do to keep him busy.
In the last month, we’ve been to Disney at least 4 times and it’s because we got the Florida residents deallio.… READ MORE

If you want to scale your business without sacrificing your time keep reading…
Most people who know how to hustle have no problem building a $40k per month company, it’s easy for them.
The same hustle that built the business is what gets them stuck in *The Grind*
They gotta keep bringing in business or else everything dries up and they’re back to square one.… READ MORE

Are you like most people?
Your biz is either Feast or Famine?
One day you have all the clients you could want.
The next day you have to hit the pavement and drum up new business pronto.
You’re income is unpredictable.… READ MORE

There’s nothing worse than launching a show that no one cares about.
You spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours getting everything just right.
* Buying equipment
* Setting up your studio
* Picking your topic
* Recording your shows
* Getting Voice Overs
* Album Art
* Music
* Getting it into iTunes and on your website.… READ MORE

If you opened this email and you’re reading these words right now than I can only assume that you
…Want more clients.
That’s good because the next issue of my Podcast Mogul newsletter is all about that.… READ MORE

It’s the last day of the month and you know what that means…
It’s your last chance to get inside my head.
The next issue of the Podcast Mogul Newsletter goes to the printer tomorrow.
Want to know what you’ll be missing out on if you don’t subscribe today?… READ MORE

Over the years I’ve developed a reputation for talking people OUT of podcasting.
To most people this seems crazy, especially since I’m neck deep in this world.
But the fact is, most people don’t know the right time to start a show.… READ MORE

Average frustrated chumps the world over struggle with this.
But, if you heed my advice you will no longer have to worry about attracting the most desirable clients – they will come to you.
Everywhere you look Guroobs are spewing B.S.… READ MORE

On September 1st, 2017 the next steamy issue of my “Podcast Mogul” newsletter hits the printer.
I wanted to give you a chance to get inside and see if what you’re missing.
CLICK HERE to preview the table of contents.… READ MORE

All the Guroobs are telling you to survey, segment, have upsells, downsells, and OTO’s.
They want you to believe the more complicated your funnels is, the more dough you will make.
And that’s a lie.… READ MORE

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