“Professionally Produced Podcasting That Outranks The Competition”

Preparing for a show one day my friend told me about how lazy his nephew is.

When he's getting ready to watch his favorite program he create a Dr. Seuss like stack of sacks and drinks to take with him.

He hauls his tower of goodies to the living room practically tumbling over all at once.… READ MORE

If you don't know my buddy Ben Settle you should listen to his show BenSettle.com Podcast.

He's the dude that taught me everything I know about writing emails.

He's also the dude that goes around talking about what a slacker he is.… READ MORE

Maybe I'm too modest?

Maybe I should shout my praises from the rooftops?

But that's not my style.

So I won't.

Instead I'll share a little story with you that begins in a country that borders Asia and Europe.… READ MORE

You wanna know what I like most about writing you daily?

It gives me a chance to vent.

It was good to get the “BOT” stuff off my chest the last few days.

You wanna know what else I like about it?… READ MORE

If you hang around long enough you start seeing patterns.

I'm seeing one right now.

2017 will be the year of the BOTS.

Everywhere you look there's some silver tongued marketer preaching to you about the rise of the bots.… READ MORE

Even though I know you want to hear some more about next month's Podcast Mogul newsletter,

You're gonna have to cool your jets.


Because Sunday's are about what you missed at the Podcast Factory last week.… READ MORE

I should probably be telling you about my next Podcast Mogul newsletter right now.

But we've been talking about that all week.

So instead I want to lighten things up and let you know there's a new episode of Daddy's Working ready for your viewing pleasure.… READ MORE

I get a kick every time I hear someone talking about “BOTS” as if it were something new.

But that's how marketing works.

In “Breakthrough Advertising” the late Eugene Schwartz talks about the idea of market sophistication.… READ MORE

After reading the Four Hour Workweek I began looking for people to do my work for me.

According to the book I should be able to hire people with PHD's in Rocket Surgery who live in other countries for a fraction of what it would cost me domestically.… READ MORE

The things that run through my mind sometimes are so weird.

Take yesterday for instance.

It was 4:45 am and I was hopping out of the shower after a quick 2 mile run.

I wipe the steam off the mirror and see my own reflection.… READ MORE

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