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I was feeling super generous a few months ago when I asked,

What is your single BIGGEST problem marketing your business?

I like to collect problems and every once in a while write an email about them.

That saves you the big bucks to hire me for consulting and it gives me something to yammer about in these daily notes to you.… READ MORE

Let's keep this simple – shall we?

You like The Podcast Factory Shows and you want to make sure you never miss your favorite ones.

Sometimes iTunes doesn't work like it's supposed to.

Sometime you don't get our emails.… READ MORE

It wasn't too long until I had to upgrade.

The next episode of Daddy's Working is up for your viewing pleasure.

Inside I show you my new soccer gear upgrade.

While Dong is out there kicking goals, I'm on the sidelines celebrating with my new setup.… READ MORE


Podcasting isn't for everyone.

There's a lot of prep work and behind the scenes stuff that can easily take up hours of your day if you're not careful.

One of my clients (who's about to launch his new show) told me recently, “Having my own podcast was overwhelming when I was doing it all myself.”

He tried to have his own podcast show two different times.… READ MORE

Did I tell you?

We have a new show coming online in about a week over here at The Podcast Factory.

It's called Results over BS

Looks like an equation right?

I told my designer we should make the cover look like formulas.… READ MORE

There's no time to dilly dally.

Why? Because today is the last day for you to get the next issue of my Podcast Mogul newsletter this month.

Instead of beating around the bush, I'm gonna tell you what's inside the next issue so you know what you'll be missing out on if you don't subscribe.… READ MORE

Let's pick up where we left off last time.

Yesterday I told you how our Ponce Inlet “mini-retirement” got cut short by a wonky A/C unit.

After that Cupcake worked her magic and found us a new place a little further North in an area us locals call “Dirty Daytona”

Lucky for us it was in a much nicer building and apartment.… READ MORE

This has been the most interesting trip Cupcake and I have ever had.

Right after we got back from our snowboarding trip in February we started planning our next adventure.

We booked a month at the beach in one of my favorite spots, Ponce Inlet.… READ MORE

Check it,

The bot is still running my Sunday emails, but I got him to pull some stuff from the last couple of weeks that you may have missed.

Before we jump into that you should know you're running out of time.… READ MORE

Thought you should know.

There are a couple of new episodes of “Daddy's Working” up for your viewing pleasure.

In episode 29 Dong picks a really weird book for reading time.

And in Episode 30 I pack up the family and head to Columbia (our favorite restaurant) afterwards we end up surrounded by a bunch of bad a$$ Ferarri's.… READ MORE

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