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People ask me all the time,
“Jonathan, how do you write such good eMails.”
And I always tell them the same thing.
Study the guy who taught me everything I know about eMail marketing.
He’s universally known as the master of the 1 eMail workday.… READ MORE

Check it,
The last time we did this we left hundreds of fanboys (and fangirls) out in the cold because we ran out of lines on Go To Meeting.
There were so many people angry at us we promised we wouldn’t do it again.… READ MORE

If you opened this note than you obviously know WHO Jay Abraham is.
If not, he’s the KING of Geometric Growth Strategies.
When he gets into a business he doesn’t look for one or two ways to make it better.
He looks for ALL the ways they can improve.… READ MORE

Reading an awesome book sent to me by a good friend and mentor.
It’s called “177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class” by Steve Siebold.
One thing I keep hearing again and again is how world class performers are in it for the long game.… READ MORE

Another DOPE podcast hits the airwaves today.
You want more traffic?
You want more appointments?
You want to be better looking and rich(er)?
(2 out of 3 ain’t bad)
It’s time to Think Digital with Justin Wise.… READ MORE

If you’re reading these words right now it means you’re important to me.
Maybe you’re a client?
Maybe you’re a long time reader of my daily musings?
Either way I don’t want you to miss the 2 BOMBS I dropped last week.… READ MORE

Can’t remember where I first heard this.
But I’m pretty sure it was someone in Law Enforcement.
They were talking about petty criminals and how, “The only thing prison does for these people is make them better criminals.”
Instead of making things better, reforming them, making them productive members of society.… READ MORE

I’m doing something cool.
It’ll be this Friday.
And it’ll be inside my private Facebook group.
Here’s where you can request to join: http://ThePodcastFactory.com/Authority-Podcasting/
See you there,
Jonathan “The King of Podcasting” Rivera… READ MORE

There’s one thing that separates Average Ordinary People #AOP from those who do extraordinary things in life.
You want more out of life?
You want to reach higher levels?
You want to live your dreams?
You gotta be able to do this one thing.… READ MORE

Any time I have a chance to get the heck outta Dodge,
I take it.
Last week I packed up Cupcake and Huddy and took them down south.
We went to the Miami Open Tennis Tournament.
But you can only watch so much tennis.… READ MORE

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