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There’s no question I’ve been making a bunch of enemies in the podcasting space this week with my new series,
“Lies about podcasting.”
Last time I told you how recording as you go is a recipe for disaster when it comes to podcasting.… READ MORE

Everywhere you turn there’s a new podcasting guroob pooping up.
Their filthy mouths full of stinking lies hoping you’ll fall for their antics and give them your hard earned cashola.
I don’t want that for you,
That’s why I’m bringing you this new series on “The lies about podcasting” and dispelling some of the most popular myths out there.… READ MORE

With so much bad advice about podcasting out there,
I figured it was my duty to to tear apart the lies guroobs keep feeding you.
That’s why I’m bringing you this series on “The lies about podcasting” and dispelling some of the most popular myths.… READ MORE

There’s a ton of bad advice and B.S. surrounding podcasting.
That’s why I thought it would be fun to ring in the new year by tearing apart the lies guroobs keep telling you about podcasting so you can decide if this is the year for you to jump in.… READ MORE

A while back I had this friend, lets call him Bob.
Bob was growing a coaching business and decided to book speaking gigs to fill his pipeline.
He was a good talker, people really liked him, and he began getting more and more gigs.… READ MORE

If I see one more guroob telling you everyone should start a podcast I swear I'll knock their teeth out.
Just kidding, I don't enjoy hitting people as much as I did when I was a teenager.
But seriously, why do you think so many of these exspurts keep telling you to start a podcast?… READ MORE

While doing some research on my best clients the other day I noticed an interesting pattern.
I was trying to figure out what made them want to get into podcasting.  
And as I dug deeper and deeper into their reasons I uncovered an interesting trend.… READ MORE

The other day my friend Igor Kheifets, from the List Building Lifestyle Show said to me,
"Jonathan, I see you're finally emailing more. I'm enjoying reading your emails."
And the funny part is, I email more than he knows.… READ MORE

When did it become so popular to make New Years Resolutions anyway?
In a study by Richard Wiseman from the University of Bristol involving 3,000 participants only 22 out of 100 people actually did what they resolved to do.… READ MORE

After a long hiatus, your boy Ben Settle is back with his brand new BenSettle.com Podcast.
The first one is about Power.
What it means.
Why you need it.
How to get it.
CLICK HERE to listen to the new show.… READ MORE

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