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Phase 2

Podcast Branding

The Podcast Factory® brands your podcast so it stands out and grabs attention.

What It Is

Podcast branding is the look and feel of your podcast. It encompasses everything from the artwork associated with each episode (the visual image that your listeners see when they go to Spotify, Apple, etc. to listen to your show), to the music they hear when the show starts.

What do you want your show to feel like? What do you want it to communicate to listeners?

Why It's Important

Creating the right look and feel to your show is important because it sets the tone for your show early on, and without using words, communicates to your listeners what kind of show it will be. For example, if the music is fast, rocky, and aggressive, and the artwork is really gripping, that communicates something about the overall tone of the show. If however, the music is relaxing, and your tone is calmer, and the artwork is more illustrated in nature, that may convey that the show is a laid back conversation.

What You Get With The Podcast Factory®

After setting the strategy for your podcast, The Podcast Factory® creates your podcast branding. This includes the cover art, and intro music that will play in each episode. Because your cover art will be displayed on every platform where your podcast is published, it’s important to get this right. Good branding will help you start to communicate the content and feel of your show, before your audience even listens to the first episode. For example, if your show is fun and light, the font, graphics, cover art, and music should convey that and set the “mood”. If your show is about kicking butt and taking names, your art and music can also convey that.

Why The Podcast Factory®?

The Podcast Factory® launches your podcast in 30 days, on all major platforms.

The Podcast Factory® comes with a dedicated team of professionals at your service.

The Podcast Factory® is proven: over 4,048 shows, 4.11 million downloads, 86,161 minutes of audio editing.

How It Works

The Podcast Factory® works with you to learn what kind of look and feel you’re going for. After learning how you want your brand to appear, we’ll get to work creating your branding from start to finish. The Podcast Factory® will review it with you to make sure you’re happy with everything, and make sure it’s added to each episode moving forward.

Whenever your audience goes to listen to your show, or finds it organically on their favorite podcasting platform, they’ll get a great first impression that begins to communicate to them what your podcast is all about.

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