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When December arrives, you might feel like it’s time to slip into your holiday role. You cook, host parties, wrap gifts, and plan everything start to finish.READ MORE

It might be surprising to learn that each of us has four distinct “characters” living in our brain. Each one experiences life through a particular lens and brings a unique perspective to situations we encounter.READ MORE

Navigating the holidays can be a challenge. And while you may be able to avoid those “certain people” throughout the year, the holidays don’t always give you that opportunity.
However, when you learn the skill of coping ahead, you can feel confident about your plan to handle holiday emotions so you feel less overwhelmed and more in control.READ MORE

Having the perfect plan can feel like a safety net. You just know it’s going to  set you up for smooth sailing, so you feel fully in control…until you don’t. 
In fact, overplanning can backfire…and when it does you’re left with even more things to do, which causes unnecessary stress.READ MORE

If you’ve ever felt like you’re at war with your body, you’re not alone. In fact, 97% of women report that they think intensely negative thoughts about their bodies every single day. We actually bond over this common misery. READ MORE

Sometimes we pride ourselves on ‘caring too much.’ But making a decision can feel practically impossible when you are trying to keep everyone else happy. 
And if you’re always yearning for approval, you’ll find it harder to make the right decisions for yourself.READ MORE

Everyone shuts down sometimes. Whether you’re afraid of getting hurt, want to avoid conflict, or are trying to protect your hard-earned reputation, it’s tempting to put on your armor and hide out.READ MORE

Momentum – like a ferris wheel – is a constant cycle. When you’re at the top, you feel a sense of fulfillment and like anything is possible. But when you lose that momentum, everything starts to feel like an obstacle.READ MORE

New Year’s Eve is the most popular time for people to make goals. For example… the gyms are packed in January and full of motivation. 
But by February, the crowd dies off. People become less interested and don’t follow through on their resolutions.READ MORE

Feeling like you have to ‘do everything’ is normal… but it is also draining and leads to high anxiety. And it’s impossible to celebrate your personal wins when you never feel good enough. 
That’s the last thing we want to teach our girls – and for them to pick up on.READ MORE

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