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While Thanksgiving might look a little different this year, there’s one thing that won’t change even through a Zoom gathering… family tensions! 
If gathering with family has you feeling stressed out, this episode is for you!READ MORE

Do you feel like you have unrealized potential? That you’re destined for something bigger, but not sure how to get there?
Every day, women are faced with countless obstacles on the path to their personal and professional advancement, from internal fears to external criticism.… READ MORE

What makes your blood boil? Many women have a complicated relationship with anger. This is because society sees anger differently in men vs. women.
Women often feel like they shouldn’t express their anger.… READ MORE

Are there things in your life that you avoid thinking about? Maybe finances, relationship issues, or even business problems?
Most of us want to avoid pain and conflict, but denial won’t solve your problems.… READ MORE

Lots of women have the dream of starting a non-profit that aligns with their passion. The idea of solving a problem by using their gifts and talents is a dream come true.
But the amount of work and logistics that go into starting a non-profit can be overwhelming.… READ MORE

The greeting card industry, entertainment, and media have all convinced women that it’s impossible to have it all. By normalizing mediocrity, they encourage you to settle and stop striving for brilliant balance.… READ MORE

When you look at other women who seem to have it all together, it can be easy to assume that they never have a bad day, or their family is perfect.
But the truth is, even the most successful experience doubt and anxiety at times.… READ MORE

We are faced with hundreds of decisions every day, and take most of them for granted because they are automatic.
But every once in a while we get hung up on a small decision. This may not seem like such a big deal, but it is.… READ MORE

In our climb through life, there are lots of things we cling to believing they will help us achieve our goals and dreams. But these things can hold us back when we don’t know when to let go.
Things that started as assets can become liabilities as you move forward in your life and career.… READ MORE

Business is challenging on its own. It becomes exponentially more difficult when we let insecurity and self-doubt hold us back.
It’s time to stop waiting for permission and go after what you want.… READ MORE

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