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When summer begins for your kids, not much changes for YOU in terms of work life and rhythm, especially if you’re a working mom.
Meanwhile your kids are clamoring for even more attention and care than during the school year.… READ MORE

Being able to articulate what you want so you can get it is a powerful skill.
It’s also a foolproof way to take one step closer to achieving your dreams.
But after taking calls with some listeners of this podcast, I discovered most of them weren’t getting what they wanted simply because they were afraid to speak up about what they wanted.… READ MORE

Taking time for yourself is a powerful practice that allows you to reflect and reset from the stress of everyday work, life and family.
But most women don’t do it.
They think they’re busy with everything going on in their lives, so they can’t afford the time to decompress.… READ MORE

We all have those seasons – the ones that we experience as a surge. Fast. Full. Little time to rest.
They take up most of our time and energy. And we need more concentration and agility just to stay afloat and not go under.… READ MORE

The mass shooting at Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee brought the school shooting count to 89 for the year in the U.S alone.
Guns are now the leading cause of deaths in children and teens. As a parent who speaks to an audience of parents, this is horrifying.… READ MORE

We’re wired to hustle. We’ve been trained to hustle since childhood and most of us don’t know any other way.
From babysitting, to working through college, to working through grad school. We don’t know any other way to navigate life than by grinding it out.… READ MORE

Conflict is something we often try to avoid.
But that’s not something to be proud of. Want to know why?
If you’d rather be a people pleaser and ignore the things that bug you rather than face them head on – it can fester resentment and erode your relationships.… READ MORE

Finish lines have a powerful allure to them.
They inspire us to begin important journeys and give us strong motivation to go after our goals.
However, sometimes we misinterpret which parts of our lives need finish lines, so we approach everything the same way and wind up overloaded.… READ MORE

You might be a perfectionist if…
You’re restless and discontent with anything that is incomplete, operating at over-capacity and running yourself ragged to get things just the way you like them.… READ MORE

There’s a voice in our head…and it isn’t very nice.
Labeling us, attacking our insecurities, and constantly making us feel like we’re just not good enough..
If we let it, this negative inner dialogue can really take us under, keeping us stuck and even making us question who we truly are.… READ MORE

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