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Have you ever tried to get a client inside a Facebook group? It’s tough, right?
The second you start your sales pitch, your prospects ghost you. Or worse, they string you along and waste your precious time.… READ MORE

Concentration is the most powerful force you can harness.
Without it, your life fades into a chaotic state which deprives your life of joy.
But with it? You unlock superpowers that help you accomplish levels of success most people never reach.… READ MORE

Many businesses make tons of profits. From big tech corporations to the good giants and big pharma—many companies pocket billions of dollars every year.
But no industry tops big banks. Banks make many people very wealthy by taking your money and lending it to someone else—while giving you a fraction of a percent in return.… READ MORE

Imagine this: you’ve poured months and thousands of dollars into your product, and you’re finally ready to launch. You’re proud of the end result because it’s exactly what the market needs.… READ MORE

Everyone knows about the placebo effect. It creates positive changes in your body because of your thoughts alone.
But almost nobody knows about the nocebo effect, which haunts our society like a vampire.… READ MORE

Every guy knows that neediness is the #1 most unattractive quality to women. But why then are so many guys still needy?
Well, it’s hard for men to detect their own neediness. Women have evolved to detect neediness.… READ MORE

Everyone has certain limiting beliefs about themselves and their business. When you fall victim to your limiting beliefs, you imprison yourself in mediocrity.
The greatest business owners around us also have limiting beliefs.… READ MORE

Show Highlights Include:

How being present makes you healthier, happier, and calmer ( and a simple practice to appreciate the “now” every day) (1:31)
The easy-to-implement Marine Corps Blueprint to surviving days when nothing seems to go as you planned (3:34)
How seeking discomfort every day helps you to achieve your biggest goals in life (even if you’re not confident in uncomfortable situations) (7:10)
How to use your negative thoughts to evaporate 90% of your worries (10:05)

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Many folks love the idea of retirement: They imagine they’ll travel, spend time with their family, and knock things off their bucket list. Instead, most retirees sit on the couch, watching TV they don’t even enjoy.… READ MORE

Show highlights include: 

Why you keep toxic relationships in your life (even though they’re holding you back from success) (5:29)
The “elevator principle” that tells you which friends will make you rich (and which will force you into a life of poverty) (5:51)
How a diverse circle of friends makes you immune to propaganda (7:36)
The dark side of success that explains why NBA stars resort to selling drugs (and how you can avoid the same fate when you become successful) (11:42)
Why alone time is mandatory if you want to follow God’s guidance (even if you’re an extravert and can’t stand being by yourself) (13:50)

Ready to stop doing what you hate?… READ MORE

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