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Pilots with even a mild case of anxiety should proceed with caution when dealing with the FAA.
The big bad FAA can be sneaky with their set of questions. In fact, they could be setting you up for a trap.
How do you avoid these potholes set up by the FAA?… READ MORE

The world is in shambles today.
Inflation at its highest, layoffs are at their peak, divorce rates are on the rise, and the cost of business operations is through the roof. Worst part? These are only a fraction of the problems we’re facing today..… READ MORE

Whole life insurance is a terrible place to invest your money.
And that’s because life insurance is an asset, not an investment.
With infinite banking, you’re housing your money there as opposed to housing it with a bank.… READ MORE

In the Buddhist religion, masters would tell their students that if they saw the Buddha, they should kill him.
Well, the authorities that you revere are your last obstacle towards achieving true freedom.… READ MORE

Integrations that take longer than a year bankrupt your company.
Well, there’s a few reasons, but nothing is as detrimental as this:
Instead of focusing on strategy, senior leaders have now spent an entire year on integration.… READ MORE

If you’ve been in any organization for long, you’ll know that most leaders use urgency to get what they want…
Although helpful in the short term. It’s lethal in the long run.
Because you coax your teammates to get what you want instead of getting them to do the job out of their own free will.… READ MORE

There is one threat in particular that faces all entrepreneurs this year:
It’s powerful enough to wipe out your business, sabotage your free time, and strip you of your ability to help others when they need it.… READ MORE

When the financial markets scare you, annuities may seem like a protective wall. They offer you a stable source of income no matter how the stock market performs.
But here’s the thing…
Financial advisors earn higher commissions selling annuities than anything else.… READ MORE

Building trust with your team may seem like something you should do subconsciously… without thinking about it.
But great leaders build trust intentionally, and they know which habits build trust and which ones erode trust.… READ MORE

Real estate investing is not for the faint of heart. It takes time to build great systems to help you grow.
Most end up burning out before they achieve their goals of freedom.
Why is that?
They don’t know how to build systems that include strong team members.… READ MORE

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