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Have you discovered the guiding star of your business?
It’s like a compass that directs you throughout your career, making your work more rewarding and satisfying.
Sadly, many people never find it…
This is why they feel miserable after spending years in a job that brings them no joy.… READ MORE

Did you know there are goldmines of customers just waiting to hand over thousands of dollars to your business every year?
It sounds too good to be true, but the best part is that it won’t take up much of your time.… READ MORE

An intentional falsification charge is deadly. It can result in a total revocation of all your certifications, and can keep you stuck to the ground for at least a year.
So, how do you fight the FAA on an intentional falsification charge?… READ MORE

Servants are an important ingredient that holds communities and families together.
When we serve others, the environment changes, needs are met, people are impacted, folks feel valued.
But that’s not the only benefit of servanthood.… READ MORE

Your parenting style can either make your son an easy, compliant pushover in life or a strong, confident, and assertive man.
How so?
For example, when parenting largely centers on behavior rather than the underlying reasons why your child feels a certain way.… READ MORE

When you pay yourself back with interest, you can:
Avoid paying the banks ANY interest (and pay your banking system that interest instead.)
Potentially retire with a larger nest egg, because you’re receiving that excess interest
And you’ll stop forking over your hard-earned money to Wells Fargo or some other greedy banker
All of this sounds great, but one of the biggest questions my clients ask when they first hear of this: How do I get this extra interest into my policy?… READ MORE

A while back, Jasmine and I considered ending our marriage. At the time, I was in a weird depressive funk, which is no place to decide on what to do in a relationship.
Now, I wasn’t depressed, but I was stuck.… READ MORE

Exceptional leaders shine above the rest in part because of their remarkable executive presence.
They possess the power to captivate and motivate others.
Investing in this skill will amplify the impact of your work and reputation significantly.… READ MORE

Life is full of problems, be it personal, familial, professional, or pertaining to your business.
And it gets overwhelming to where people give up their dreams and lives.
But what if there’s a way to solve 99% of these problems?… READ MORE

One of the skills which separate a true leader from a mere boss is the ability to make change happen.
A boss instructs, sends out one email, and lets his underlings take care of the rest.
Which often results in complete failure.… READ MORE

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