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A lot of self-help books, secrets to success formulas, and online gurus promise you an easy path to getting everything you want in life. But it doesn’t work for most people. Worse yet, it can fill you with misery during the process.… READ MORE

Becoming a branch manager is hard.
But, it can be the most rewarding career you ever choose. It incorporates writing lots of loans, building an awesome team, and leading the branch.
When you learn and combine those skills, it becomes life-changing with the friendships you create and the money you make.… READ MORE

Most people can’t go 10 minutes without telling a lie. These lies are usually harmless, but they start to crush your soul. 
The more you lie, the more your soul shatters. The worse you sleep at night.READ MORE

Show highlights include:

Why having more money magnifies your character both good or bad (4:10)
How keeping a daily script holds you accountable to higher standards (5:34)
Why visualizing your goals lets you change your environment to accomplish your goals (6:21)
How buying a dream home ruins your financial future (11:34)
The detrimental reason “stinkin’ thinkin’” dictates your character negatively (15:32)

Ready to stop doing what you hate?… READ MORE

When I was a younger entrepreneur, I made one massive mistake over and over again. This single mistake has cost me billion of dollars — yes, with a B. 
And you know what? 
I see other business owners making this mistake every single day.READ MORE

The best real estate investors have the best processes in place. But one area where a lot of real estate investors fall short is with their marketing processes. 
When your marketing isn’t clicking on all cylinders, a bunch of deals can slip through the cracks.READ MORE

Many young physicians wonder if the Cost Of Living Adjustment is an important insurance rider. They want to know how a COLA works and how it’s calculated.
By earning interest, a COLA ensures that disability payments keep pace with inflation.READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

How humility and respect go hand in hand when leading your team and your family (2:19) 
The counterintuitive reason adding your faith to your company’s value statement opens more doors than it closes (even if you think it’ll make you lose customers) (10:15) 
How having “healthy tension” in your business pushes your company to grow (14:14) 
The subtle mindset shift to make in your prayers that helps you align with God’s plan for your life (16:11) 
2 simple ways to motivate and inspire others around you when you’re feeling unmotivated and uninspired (23:16) 
The “Sleep On It Secret” military generals and Martin Luther King Jr.READ MORE

You can research all of the ‘right’ questions for finding the perfect financial advisor…But you may not know what to do with the answers.
And if you don’t know what to do with the answers, how will you know if it helps your plan?… READ MORE

The success, or failure, of any organization depends on its ability to meet the challenges presented by growth and change, and to make healthy transitions from one stage of development to the next.READ MORE

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