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In this episode, you’ll discover… 

The insidious way lying to yourself amplifies your grief instead of eliminating it (7:02) 
How hiding something as controversial as an abortion poisons your heart and soul (and how God frees you from the shackles of shame) (12:20) 
Why God happily forgives your worst sins (especially if you feel unworthy of His forgiveness) (15:18) 
How sharing your deepest, darkest traumas instantly liberates you from guilt, shame, and agony (17:28) 
The powerful “Not Your Past” mindset shift which releases your suffering from your most humiliating mistakes (20:51) 

If you’d like to connect more with Amy, feel free to send her a DM on her Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/amyrosecarrillo/ or her Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/amyrosecarrillo/READ MORE

Show highlights include: 

How the right mental coaching makes becoming great easier than being mediocre (1:08) 
Why happiness improves your mental and physical health (even when you’re feeling defeated) (1:55) 
The weird way positivity boosts your free throw percentage (and how to apply this secret to anything in your life) (2:23) 
Why lying to yourself can help you overcome your biggest obstacles (3:37) 
The “Every Hour Reminder” for your phone that can instantly transform a bad day into a great day (5:20)

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In this episode, you’ll discover… 

How “checking the boxes” of being a good Christian like going to church every Sunday strains your relationship with God (8:21) 
Why your relationship with God protects you from getting angry at life’s biggest punches in the gut like being cut from an NFL team or not getting a promotion you deserve (10:28) 
How God uses even the biggest Christian screw ups in amazing and mighty ways (21:01) 
The “Wis-dumb Approach” that transforms your biggest and dumbest mistakes into age-old wisdom (21:44) 
The insidious way achieving your wildest childhood dreams leaves you with an empty void (and the only way to permanently fill your void) (21:54) 
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Show highlights include:

Why ‘pouring your heart’ into Facebook posts attracts crickets (and how to create an engaged community through house parties instead). (0:32)
What this Kanye West song reveals about creating irresistible learning experiences in your Facebook Group (without seeming like a ‘preachy’ teacher).… READ MORE

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