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CAU has transformed thousands of lives and business since it started. But some stories were so inspiring that we had to share them.
And in today’s episode, you’ll learn how the CAU system transformed Harkon’s life and business.… READ MORE

What separates successful businesspeople from those who never make it?
In a word? Resilience.
When you build resilience, life becomes like a game of baseball with unlimited strikes. You can just keep swinging until you hit out-of-the-park success.… READ MORE

People think that scaling a business to million dollars in revenue is extremely hard.
Which is far from the truth.
The thing is that business owners overcomplicate the work needed to do to grow their business.… READ MORE

How nice would an extra million dollars sound?
And imagine if you didn’t have to work harder, smarter, or even work at all to get it.
Well, this does exist, and it’s called counterfeiting.
But I don’t recommend you do it, because you’ll cop a whopping 20 year prison sentence.… READ MORE

About 14 years ago, a plane crashed into a volcano it didn’t see because the coordinates had been two degrees off on the instrument panel.
This story reminds me of the current state of therapy: Therapy’s success rates are shockingly low.… READ MORE

Few people know their true purpose in life and even fewer follow their purpose on a regular basis.
Most people lack hope, joy, and meaning. It robs them of any happiness they used to have in life.

They don’t feel motivated to do anything
Struggle to roll out of bed at 10am
Procrastinate for hours about brushing their teeth
And it looks like the Tsar Bomba exploded in their room

They’re chained to their desks.… READ MORE

If you want to have $20M when you retire, you won’t EVER get there by making $150K a year.
Sounds like common sense, but most contractors make this mistake. They don’t think 5, 10, or even 20 years from now.… READ MORE

What do average real estate investors have in common? They attempt to do everything on their own.
This is a hard path to success as you try to reinvent the wheel, create new systems, and get burnt out.… READ MORE

If stocks zig. bonds zag.
This means that, if the stock market goes down, bonds go up.
It’s common to diversify your portfolio by balancing out stocks and bonds, as they historically compliment each other.… READ MORE

Most people think they need talent to become a great sales leader.
But that’s absolutely not true.
In fact, over the years of training & coaching sales leaders, I’ve learned that only a few key factors separate your run-of-the-mill sales leaders from the top 1%.… READ MORE

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