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There are a lot of factors that go into being a successful business owner, whether you’re a coach or running a retail store. But when you get bogged down in the day-to-day details, it can be difficult to stop and think about the impact your decisions are having in the long-term.… READ MORE

As the pandemic continues, we’re finding out, more and more, how deep the roots of disruption from shelter-in-place orders and the upheaval of the national (and international) marketplace go.… READ MORE

Highlights from this episode include:

Spending this way is the #1 cause of financial ruin (4:35)
This one purchase can often be the worst money mistake you ever make (6:23)
The most overlooked step to achieving financial freedom (8:40)
Not understanding this crucial difference between saving and investing can cost you everything (9:43)
This misunderstood financial product may be the perfect savings solution for your situation (11:46)
Don’t let this “smart” purchase bleed your bank account dry (14:35)

Hundreds of people want to tell you how to market. They all sell tactics, hacks and tools that worked for them.
But what works for them might not work for you.
You’ll only know what works by testing and watching your numbers.… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover…

2 things you need to self-manage a property without burning out. (1:18)
How to find cheap, reliable contractors without trying 20 companies. (2:26)
How to find a trustworthy property management company.… READ MORE

Real estate investors accidentally sabotage deals by making rookie mistakes.
But most of these mistakes are easy to change. And once you fix them, you’ll not only have more people signing the dotted line, but they’ll sign it faster than ever before.… READ MORE

You can know everything about real estate, go to every seminar and hire every coach. But at the end of the day, you’ve got to get things done. If you waste your time on social media instead of checking off to-dos, you’ll never maximize your potential.… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll learn…

The single most important thing you can do today to protect yourself from failure (2:04)
How to stop yourself from withering away into a meaningless existence (5:19)
The trick for exterminating burnout before it can creep in (6:39)
The cold, hard truth about why your employees and children haven’t bought into you (10:58)
The “5 P’s” that instantly help you reach your full potential (13:58)

Are you crushing it at work but struggling at home?… READ MORE

Have you ever found yourself avoiding the work you know you need to get done? When you work for yourself, it can be easy to put off difficult or unpleasant tasks because there’s no one forcing you to do it.… READ MORE

Healthcare innovators are used to challenges when it comes to securing the funding necessary to bringing their solutions to market — but in today’s COVID-economy, those challenges have grown exponentially.… READ MORE

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