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In this episode, you’ll discover…

How imagining your funeral can help you get the most out of your life (2:34)
The best way to write a life plan and how often you should review it (5:17)
Why focusing on possessions leads kills family relationships and what to do instead (11:54)
The counterintuitive reason you have to let your kids see you fail (12:37)
Why being present with your family is not enough to maintain your relationships (16:03)
How to avoid being pulled off course by the problems of those around you (20:35)
The magic of a power statement to help you overcome your excuses (27:45)
How you can make your seemingly insurmountable dream into reality (38:34)

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When your real estate investing business is stuck using old school tactics it will die like Moses did in the dessert.
Tactics like high-pressured sales calls simply don’t work anymore.
If you want to become a more successful real estate investor, it’s going to require you to think differently about how you do your deals.… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover:

A life-changing practice to ensure you don’t overlook opportunities the universe brings you (3:31)
How asking “why?” can simplify and streamline your life (5:06)
Why “enoughness” can help you overcome self-doubt and keeps you from seeking your identity in the wrong places (6:14)
A mind-blowing paradigm shift that will improve your relationship with money forever (7:08)
Why changing your actions and circumstances won’t improve your life and what to focus on instead (8:57)
How your job may be battling against your purpose (and how to get back on the right track) (13:33)

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In this episode, you’ll discover:

Why cash flow isn’t king in real estate investing (and what to focus on instead) (4:22)
The “20 years ahead” method for building enough wealth that you can retire 20 years earlier than your peers (4:45)
Why the stock market is a more wild and emotional rollercoaster ride than real estate (10:40)
How having too much money in the stock market can leave you unable to pay your bills (11:40)
The “Pay your rent” secret that makes real estate investing safer and more reliable than the stock market (11:52)


When you look at other women who seem to have it all together, it can be easy to assume that they never have a bad day, or their family is perfect.
But the truth is, even the most successful experience doubt and anxiety at times.… READ MORE

Do you break out in a cold sweat at the thought of a sales call? Do you feel like a sleazy used car salesman when you try to convince a prospect to buy? Sales is a struggle for a lot of entrepreneurs.
But there is a better way… A way to fill your pipeline with prospects who are pre-sold on your offer!… READ MORE

It’s nice to make a client, lead or prospect feel good. When they thank you for your advice and tell you how helpful you are, it brings a smile to your face.
But if you chase acceptance, you’ll never have a roster of clients who appreciate you.… READ MORE

Highlights from this episode include:

A common profit mistake that is keeping you broke (1:09)
3 budget issues you have to get under control to grow your wealth (1:37)
How to price your services in a way that makes you profitable (5:07)
Do you know the financial statistics in your business that can make or break your profit?… READ MORE

Like any personal finance vehicle, whole life insurance is hotly debated: Some people love it, others can’t stand it.
But neither die-hard fans nor red-faced haters will help you make a sensible decision.… READ MORE

A single decision can change the world for the better. But indecisiveness leads to procrastination, overthinking, and failure.
Decisions have the power to motivate and inspire. But lack of decision can lead to frustration and resentment.… READ MORE

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