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In real estate, using smart tools can make or break your lead generation. If you don’t have an easy way to get leads, you don’t have a business, you just have a job. And a job will suck you dry until you quit from burn out.… READ MORE

People often get stuck at the same level because they keep making the same mistakes.
Why does this happen?
Because they use the same thinking that got them into the situation in the first place.
Albert Einstein said, “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”
That’s why it’s essential to learn different mental models to harness your problem solving-abilities that most ordinary people don’t know about.… READ MORE

Relaxing is an important, objectively beneficial activity to the human body.
But most of us can’t take a proper break without feeling guilty. Somehow it always feels like there is something we’ve missed that needs to be done…urgently.… READ MORE

As entrepreneurs, we’re always chasing the next big thing. The next big money maker that will create a legacy for our families. And one of the downsides of this is we neglect something far more important than wealth:
Our health.… READ MORE

When people come to us for help, they think they have a lead problem.
But deep into our conversation, they realize they’ve been doing it all wrong for years.
Why so? Because they are missing a single, most important principle.… READ MORE

Getting an overflow of clients through outreach is simple but not easy.
And it doesn’t come quickly to people struggling to get clients and keep their finances together.
That is why you must do what Alex Hormozi and other killers in the industry are doing.… READ MORE

I was crunching numbers for my Inner Circle Newsletter for financial advisors and realized something powerful:
Only 0.4% of financial advisors cancel their subscription every month. Despite charging $99 per month, that’s lower than the churn rate of most software companies and streaming services.… READ MORE

Everyone wants success, but only a select few obsess over it.
When you need to succeed as much as you need to breathe, you’ll make it happen…
No matter how many problems, how much bad luck or cash flow issues come your way.… READ MORE

With everything happening in the world, everyone needs a space they can feel safe in.
Turning on the TV makes you full of anxious and fear. You want to help others but feel without hope.
Living in bad news for too long breaks the most uplifting spirits.… READ MORE

Pilots that are going through the medical certificate process usually are sweating buckets.
Their whole career is literally on the line. One bad medical condition and they are grounded for the rest of their lives.… READ MORE

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