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Shadows are repressed parts of you that have been exiled, disowned, and thrust into your unconscious. In other words, they’re still there — and causing you untold amounts of pain and suffering. The worst part?… READ MORE

Show highlights include:

How Thanksgiving helps you to define your mission in life (1:27)
The surprising way a week full of work gives you more energy than going on a vacation (2:54)
How to turn a mundane chore into a fulfilling activity that gives you a sense of purpose (5:33)
Why ignoring your family helps you to move past your comfort zone (9:20)
The “acts of kindness” challenge you can start right now to grow your compassion (14:30)

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When you were born, you weren’t a people pleaser. Yet many people label themselves as such today (even though it causes undue suffering).
Because learning to be a people pleaser usually helps you cope with a traumatic experience that could date back to your early childhood years.… READ MORE

“Buy when there’s blood in the streets.”
That’s what a lot of real estate investors preached in 2009. Many of these charlatans are making the same mistakes 95% of investors made in 2009. And it’s being repeated right now in 2022.… READ MORE

As a business owner, your most profitable trait is your decision making. Consistently making the right decisions unlocks massive opportunities, growth, and wealth.
But the reverse is also true:
Making the wrong decisions without learning from your mistakes traps you in mediocrity.… READ MORE

Losing your steady salary is amongst the main reasons we don’t retire as soon as we’d like to.
So we go through with our work until the Medicare coverage starts at 65, sacrificing our health in order to have financial stability in retirement.… READ MORE

Do you feel stuck when striving for your business and life goals?
Many entrepreneur’s do and there is a common culprit among everyone who feels stuck.
A lack of trust in yourself keeps you creating excuses, procrastinating, and eroding your confidence. … READ MORE

We all want to follow our dreams, but sometimes, dreams are just stepping stones to becoming who we truly want to be. As a result, we keep pushing forward and letting our curiosity lead us to a path worth following.… READ MORE

Many of us cringe at the thought of opening our homes to other people, especially if it extends longer than a single night.
But why?
The idea of opening your home to other people can seem scary for a wide array of reasons.… READ MORE

Sales is a critical part of any business.
Without sales, you can’t get clients. And without clients, you can’t deliver results.
Yet sales is often one of the most difficult areas for coaches to succeed.… READ MORE

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