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Being the smartest person in the room puts you at a serious disadvantage. You’re embarrassed to show weakness. And the pressure is on you to do all the thinking.
When you’re always the “team brain,” it creates dependent workers who keep you trapped in mediocrity. READ MORE

In a world of abundant products and services, many businesses get swallowed up by a sea of competitors. They fight for customers with price and marketing, killing their unique business in the process.READ MORE

With today’s interest rates, keeping money in the bank won’t earn value…and finding investments is tricky. The Internet is flooding with everything about the stock market, real estate, and cryptocurrency.READ MORE

There’s a popular retirement advertisement that asks “what’s your retirement number?” Most retirees agree that having a higher retirement number through saving is better than having a lower number. READ MORE

Whether you’re stuck in painful memories or too scared to make a move, forgiveness isn’t always easy. And while some of us can forgive at the drop of a dime, others spend a lifetime trying. Some never forgive at all. READ MORE

Money, power, women. Popular dating advice tells you to chase these things until you’re happy. And while they make for entertaining YouTube videos, they lead to miserable relationships and crushing insecurities.… READ MORE

Show highlights include:

How electrolytes help you avoid painful muscle spasms, hypertension, hypotension, and even heart issues (6:13) 
The 5 main types of electrolytes and how they keep you alive (6:31) 
How “Cellular Transport Technology” forces water and other key nutrients to go into your bloodstream instead of losing most of them through your digestive system (10:45) 
Why one of the paleo movement founders suggests it’s healthier to consume more sodium (and dangerous to follow the FDA, CDC, and ADA’s advice) (16:22) 
How doubling the ideal range of your sodium intake actually decreases your risk of having a stroke or heart attack (17:43) 
The counterintuitive reason consuming less than 2.5 grams of sodium results in higher blood pressure (19:31) 
How eating more sea salt makes you stronger (21:39) 
Why sweating too much during workouts stunts your muscle growth (and how consuming 3.5-7 grams of salt prevents you from losing your gains) (22:42) 

On July 12th, I launched a 90-day Metabolic Amplification Formula for 20 people.READ MORE

Many people feel broken because they tie themselves down to false ideas about who they are. 
You’re not your habits, hobbies, and beliefs any more than you are your clothes. These are accumulations that make it impossible for you to change your life.READ MORE

Show highlights include:

Why reading The Bible shows you the path to financial freedom (3:42)
The “You Gotta Believe” poster that enables you to trust your financial advisor (4:19)
How shifting your financial thoughts into plentiful investment opportunities that grows your portfolio (5:39)
Why joining a financial team lets you to plan, study, and build your financial independence (and walk away from your day job) (8:40)

Ready to stop doing what you hate?… READ MORE

Wouldn’t it be nice to live near the ocean or in the mountains or in the city you’ve always wanted to move to, while writing loans in your home state?
In today’s technological world, it can be done. But, the key is having the skills and relationships to do so.READ MORE

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