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Whenever you throw a holiday or host a business event, you have a massive opportunity.
What’s this opportunity?
You have the chance to bring people into your “universe,” blow them away, and create a lifelong memory in their heads.… READ MORE

Here’s a cold, hard truth that you don’t want to hear: 
Most people will always be broke. And yes, that probably includes you. 
Because you’re thinking too small. Even if everyone around you thinks you’re wealthy and successful, you’re still thinking too small. READ MORE

A lot of smart entrepreneurs want to make a million or even a billion dollars. But they’ll never be able to. 
Because they’re stuck playing a $100,000 game. The best advice I’ve ever heard is this: “What got you to where you are will never get you to where you want to go.” 
The truth is, your earning potential in certain industries comes with a hard cap. READ MORE

Success is a funny thing. Some people focus so much on making more money that they lose everything important in their life — like their family, memories, and even their business. 
You can always make more money.READ MORE

Facebook and Instagram crashed a couple of weeks back. And online entrepreneurs ran around like a chicken with its head chopped off wondering how they’d make money. 
The only reason they scrambled was because they didn’t realize this powerful marketing strategy was right under their noses.READ MORE

Most people are scared to share their wins on social media. They’re afraid their family, friends, or random strangers will judge them. 
But this is selfishness at its highest. What if your win inspired someone else to win big? READ MORE

Most people take forever to get anything done. They ponder business ideas while others build empires. They “consider” buying real estate while others gobble up properties left and right. 
Let’s be real: If you want to WIN, you have to make fast decisions.READ MORE

Entrepreneurs fall into conventional thinking patterns and habits too often. While advice like “follow a routine” can be helpful, it also strangles your growth. 
Because you’ll never unlock creative growth with traditional thinking! READ MORE

When I was a younger entrepreneur, I made one massive mistake over and over again. This single mistake has cost me billion of dollars — yes, with a B. 
And you know what? 
I see other business owners making this mistake every single day.READ MORE

Confidence is one of the best secrets for success. Every single wealthy person I know overflows with confidence. 
While confidence is hard to build, most people make it much more difficult than they need to.READ MORE

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