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A few weeks ago, I wanted to give away 2 Super Bowl tickets to someone who deserved it more than anybody else.
One thing led to another and I got connected with my friend Nick — a 13-year-old who has already battled multiple types of brain cancer in his short life.… READ MORE

There’s one investment you can make that all but guarantees you’ll never go broke.
Most struggling business owners don’t recognize this, yet they wonder why they’re struggling and broke.… READ MORE

Are you using social media or is social media using you?
Too many people let social media get in the way of their business when it should be used as a tool to grow your business.
After listening to this episode, you’ll start to pay attention to social media in a different, more profitable, light.… READ MORE

Many people think that it’s a lot easier becoming mildly successful than it is becoming wildly successful.
But I’ll let you in on a little secret…
…all those people are wrong.
In today’s episode, I want to teach you how to reprogram your mind so you can become stupid, stinking, filthy rich – by working less than you do right now.… READ MORE

Too many people think they have a business but they’re really a highly paid employee working for a psycho.
Not only does it devour your time and sanity, but it’s also robbing you blind.
In today’s episode, I want to help you think differently about what it means to have a business and break out of your self-imposed prison to give you more time, money, and sanity.… READ MORE

Too many people give up on their dreams.
I visited my hometown and inside every house was someone who gave up. You could tell from the outside of their house.
Today I’m meditating on why my life turned out to be so dramatically different than everyone I grew up with.… READ MORE

So many people don’t do what’s meaningful to them because they’re terrified about what other people will think. But you won’t care what those people think when you’re buried 6 feet underground.… READ MORE

Multiplying your efforts is the key to quantum leaps in your impact and the amount of money you can make.
At the end of the day, there’s only so much YOU can do. So if you want to dramatically increase the amount of money you can earn, you need to multiply your efforts – that way you can take one action that leads to amplified results in the future.… READ MORE

How do you find more paying customers for your business?
It doesn’t just happen out of thin air and it’s very unlikely you’ll create the next viral post that brings in thousands of new customers.
Marketing is both an art and a science – and once you really understand how to use it and how to multiply your voice, it literally becomes your ticket to print money.… READ MORE

You’ve been told a BIG-FAT-LIE!
Although being patient can be a great quality, there are some scenarios where patience is holding you back and STEALING your dreams.
Dreams don’t come to people who are patiently waiting.… READ MORE

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