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In this episode, Mark is pulling no punches as he gets real about the ups, downs, and sometimes brutal truths of entrepreneurship.
From making massive moves in real estate to facing big losses in the solar industry, this episode is all about facing the hard facts and pushing forward to bigger and better things.… READ MORE

The fastest route to failure is the FREE mindset, where you want everything to be free.
It may seem appealing, but the truth is nothing is free.
And the longer you search for freebies, the worse your life becomes.… READ MORE

Life is full of problems, be it personal, familial, professional, or pertaining to your business.
And it gets overwhelming to where people give up their dreams and lives.
But what if there’s a way to solve 99% of these problems?… READ MORE

“I lack enough skills” is a common excuse people use when they desire financial freedom.
But the truth is, you have many untapped skills waiting to be used.
You are just not aware enough.
And in today’s episode, I reveal the secrets to self awareness so you can make money with your current resources and live your dream life.… READ MORE

The world is in shambles today.
Inflation at its highest, layoffs are at their peak, divorce rates are on the rise, and the cost of business operations is through the roof. Worst part? These are only a fraction of the problems we’re facing today..… READ MORE

Most people reading this sentence hang out with losers.
Yeah, this might sound harsh, but it’s true.
If your friends tell you to get a real job, stop dreaming, and get back down to earth, they’re losers.… READ MORE

Everyone deals with overwhelm in life. Imposter syndrome attacks us at any point, even if we’re earning $100K a month. Many entrepreneurs I’ve spoken to have made millions upon millions, yet feel a lack of purpose in life.… READ MORE

What’s the difference between an entrepreneur earning $10K a month and $100K a month?
Or better put, a lack of fear.
Strapped-for-cash entrepreneurs who struggle with “distractions” and “social media” are cloaking their biggest enemy — their fear of failure.… READ MORE

Do you have the courage to earn $1,000,000 a year?
Reason why I ask: most entrepreneurs are making, on average, $60,000 a year — less than a J.O.B.
To add insult to injury, they’re working 80 hours a week, hustling their face off, and not spending any time with their kids — the very reason WHY they started this business in the first place.… READ MORE

When I moved into my apartment, I didn’t have gas or electricity.
That meant no hot showers — I was taking cold showers before it was cool! The apartment was so small, I could take an ice cold shower, warm up a frozen tv dinner, and use the toilet at the exact same time.… READ MORE

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