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Most people have NO idea how to set goals. They listen to popular goal setting advice from people less successful than they want to be and trap themselves in mediocrity.
Well, if you’ve been making that mistake, it ends today.… READ MORE

Your thoughts control everything:
They can either unlock mountains of wealth, create unlimited freedom, and make you the happiest person alive. Or they can keep you trapped in a mediocre life where your bills drown you and misery encompasses you.… READ MORE

Back in 1999, I accidentally stumbled into the easiest way to make money. Since then, it’s generated an extra 7 figures to my bottom line — without me lifting a finger. In fact, it’s so easy that most people just ignore it.… READ MORE

Marriage ain’t easy. And it’s especially tough on entrepreneurs.
Here’s why this is a blessing:
Every day, you have another chance to improve your marriage. Some days will suck, yes. But if you push through them, your marriage becomes bulletproof.… READ MORE

I took my LAST vacation on December 31st, 2005. Why haven’t I gone on vacation in 17 years? Because I’ve built a business that lets me travel whenever and wherever I want.
Too often, business owners let their business enslave them instead of them controlling their business.… READ MORE

What if I told you that you could make your first million dollars in the next 12 months—by simply giving away free money to other business owners?
It would sound too good to be true, right? Well, not only is this possible, but hundreds of business owners have already been through this process.… READ MORE

A couple of weeks ago at my birthday event in Cleveland, Ohio, we raised over $500,000 in 30 minutes.
And you know what?
There are 6 business lessons you can apply to your business from this event. Because the truth is, you can’t raise half a million dollars if you don’t have a business to support your giving.… READ MORE

Your reputation is everything in business. It’s the difference between becoming a decamillionaire—or barely passing six figures.
But your reputation has never been harder to protect. One bad tweet can get you canceled and bankrupt your business.… READ MORE

If you’re not as successful as you want to be, I have good and bad news: It’s your fault. Why is that good news? Because you have the ability to change that.
But you must do it quickly. The recession is here.… READ MORE

The economy hasn’t been doing well recently. Stocks tanked, inflation skyrocketed, layoffs happen everywhere…
Lots of people are scared—will they keep their jobs? Will prices keep rising?… READ MORE

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