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If you’re not as successful as you want to be, I have good and bad news: It’s your fault. Why is that good news? Because you have the ability to change that.
But you must do it quickly. The recession is here.… READ MORE

The economy hasn’t been doing well recently. Stocks tanked, inflation skyrocketed, layoffs happen everywhere…
Lots of people are scared—will they keep their jobs? Will prices keep rising?… READ MORE

Most people tell themselves they want success, wealth and legacy, but never take action. They sit around, pretend they’ll transform their lives and only realize they wasted their potential when they’re old and gray.… READ MORE

Social media is the single most powerful tool you can harness.
It hand-delivers multi-million dollar business deals to your doorstep. It unlocks an endless amount of opportunities. And it even helps you find your best friends.… READ MORE

Becoming a successful entrepreneur with several 7 and 8 figures businesses isn’t easy. It took me 44 years to figure it out.
But you know what?
It will only take you listening to this episode.
I’m revealing the 3 biggest lessons that let me run multiple 7 and 8 figure per year businesses.… READ MORE

Stealing partners, finance falling through, key team members quitting… Shit hits the fan all the time in business. 
These events shut down your logical thinking. So if you can’t make logical decisions, how do you get out of such a catastrophe? READ MORE

There’s a plague seeping into amazing people’s psyche. There’s a good chance it’s already infected you. And once it latches onto you, it traps you into a mediocre, spiteful life.
What’s this plague?… READ MORE

The popular saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is dead wrong. The real saying should be “it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you.” 
That subtle little change of phrase has made people just like you multi-millionaires.READ MORE

Most people try to “cheap” their way to wealth. They nickel and dime every transaction. They only buy new things when they’re on sale. And they waste hours of their time looking for free online courses and books instead of footing the bill.… READ MORE

I made a MASSIVE mistake…
I NEVER shared what I reveal in this episode with you. And I’m sorry it’s taken this long.
The scaling hacks you’ll discover in this episode unlocked tens of millions of dollars for me many times over.… READ MORE

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