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Most people never reach their highest level. 
They make excuses when they should jump because they’re busy, worried, stressed, overwhelmed, and scared. Nothing is as deadly to your legacy as these emotions. READ MORE

Success looks different for everyone. But most people automatically tie success to the number in their bank account. 
Success means so much more than how much money you have. And when you’re hyper-focused about money, you actually miss out on powerful opportunities. READ MORE

What if I told you that you can get other people to pay for everything you’ve ever dreamed about? 
You probably wouldn’t believe me. But I’ve done this to rent yachts, private jets, and even own a 60,000 square foot mansion — without paying a cent out of my own pockets.READ MORE

We all grow up with a broken mindset around money. We spend it quicker than we make it. We live paycheck to paycheck. And we never give our children a million dollar advantage over other kids their age. READ MORE

We all have bullies in business. We usually call them haters.
I love all my bullies — and you should too. As a child, nothing taught me more about business than getting bullied by dirtbag kids.
In fact, I’ve made millions of dollars as a direct result of being bullied.… READ MORE

There has never been more opportunity for you to build legacy wealth. But at the same time, you’re being programmed every day to become a mouthbreathing loser. 
The media tries to brainwash you.READ MORE

Making a lot of money in sales isn’t a special talent. Any moron can do it — especially when they’re selling a great product. 
But most sales guys conflate making a lot of money with success. And it’s easy to hire one of these guys who say they’re amazing at sales, but will actually hurt your business and company culture. READ MORE

Most entrepreneurs aren’t happy right now. They think that once they hit a certain revenue number, they’ll magically become happy.
But money doesn’t create happiness. It’s an old cliché, but it’s true.… READ MORE

When you lose the biggest deal of your life, your mind automatically goes into “broke mode.” Instead of seeing it as an opportunity to double down, we ransack our minds and try to figure out every possible way to save a few pennies (until the next deal comes around).… READ MORE

Everyone has big, lofty goals. But most people fall short of them (if they even come close). 
Why is this? 
It’s easier to talk about it than be about it. Everyone is a trillionaire in their mind, but nobody takes the time to plot their goals so they know if they’re achieving them or falling short. READ MORE

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