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Too many people do everything they can to make themselves more efficient. They buy the fancy CRMs, schedule every 15 minutes in their calendar, and listen to podcasts at 2x speed. 

But these people are almost always broke. 


They pray to the altar of efficiency instead of effectiveness. Becoming more efficient will NEVER grow your bank account if you’re not first effective. And too often, “efficiency freaks” disguise their lack of effectiveness and cash with efficiency. 

In this episode, you’ll discover how becoming more effective can 10x your income by the end of this year. 

Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • Why setting your alarm for 4:44 am unlocks more money and freedom than anything else you do all day (3:41) 
  • The weird way showing up to meetings 5 minutes early all but guarantees you’ll outearn 95% of the planet in due time (6:24) 
  • The insidious way being too efficient robs your bank account blind (8:16) 
  • How to watch me take a pet company from $1.1 million in revenue a year to $3-5 million by the end of the year (17:41) 
  • The “Stair Step Secret” for raising an absurd amount of money in a hurry (19:23) 
  • The almost-too-obvious solution if nobody’s buying your offer that skyrockets your income overnight (26:16) 

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Welcome to the making of a DM, the decision that will kill you. It kills dreams and goals all over planet earth. But after today, my friend, you're going to be able to look decision in the eyes in a way different way. So with that said, let's get started

(00:18): A more deal, More Kevin I'm here to help and teach him what I, what I know and how I did it to discover freedom. There. Ain't no question. More Kevins. When he step in the doubt. He's closing deals. I tell him what the, for I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream. Hey there, boy, Mark Evans, D M thank you so much for being here. I hope you're having an absolute amazing day pushing it, grinding it and gritting it out. Hey, I'm sitting here in beautiful Parkland, Florida. If I sound a little different today, it's cuz I'm a tag, some sinus stuff, nothing crazy. So, but this is all my schedule and you are important to me. It's very important for me to be here. So I try to never miss this, but as I'm talking to you, a lot of stuff is going on a lot of good stuff. I know a lot of crazy stuff too inside of that, but you know, we have a tendency as I entrepreneurs to focus on all the amazing stuff. And we'll get to that in a second, but real quick. I want to just say thank you guys. I, I, I know I always jumped to conclusions singing and you guys have been here for a long time, but if you're brand new to the show of the making of a DM, thank you so much for being here.

(01:40): My name's Mark Evans, DM the deal maker or dream maker. Check out show number one. If you wanna get to learn a little bit more about me, I'll probably say some cus words here. I'm not trying to cuss. It's just sometimes I get passionate start talking directly to your soul. And pretty much honestly, I'm talking to myself when I'm talking to you guys, just so you know, it's really a conversations I have with myself. So you kinda see what's going on in this crazy brain of mine and for everyone in it's been here long time listeners, thank you so much. We we're hitting some really amazing benchmarks inside of the making of a DM podcast show. And I'm just very honored and very proud to have your ear for 20, 30 minutes, 60 minutes a week. This means a lot to me. So I don't take this lightly. I want to hit topics that really are real in business and a life. I won't sugarcoat it. It's one thing about me. I don't life is too short to sugarcoat. So I'll shoot direct with you. I'm not some guy that's read a bunch of books and is like, oh, I got an idea. I've been through the storm. Many times I've went up and down and sideways and everything in between. I have many, many employees. I've many, many companies and some have done really well. Some not so well sometimes, but I keep my feet moving and I'll share the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between. And I promised you like, this is very important to me. So please if you get a chance, take two minutes, do a five star review. If it makes sense to you, if this show's been important to you and if you like, please share it on all your social channels.

(03:05): I know lots of you do just please tag me so I know you're sharing it. If I can give you props, I will. So thank you so much. Let's get to the show. So I was hanging out with some guys recently and they saw my calendar pop up on my phone. We were just kind of to talking about some stuff and the one guy's like, Jesus Evans, how in the hell have you accomplished so much with a calendar like that? I was like, what do you mean? I want you guys just to be clear. I have very little things on my calendar. Like very, very little. The truth is if you look at my calendar, I don't really put much on there. So I'll just kind of share 4:44 AM. As you guys know, it's my wakey wakey, right? So I have this seven days a week on my thing have 4 44. It says, wake up again. Thank you God. And then 5:00 AM Mark's time to work out dream and think and implement from six to 10:00 AM. Mark's time focus, build biz and old dreams. I have a call depending on what day Wednesday, I have a level 10 call with my media company. At noon says eat healthy. One 30. It says, make three offers 5:00 PM. It says buffer time. 6:00 PM says eat dinner with loved ones. 7:00 PM says, relax and read with the fam, hang out with the fam. And 10:00 PM says, go to bed, watch a movie, encount your blessings. That's what's on my schedule. Most of the time. See I hired this guy, but back in the day, great guy, he does a lot of under, he understands the brain at a whole nother level. And I've always had an issue with having a very packed calendar.

(04:40): I don't do well with it. Honestly, I have massive anxiety and he started asking me why I do what I do. And the truth is why I've built the businesses way. I've built. 'em Way I've created this life. I have I do it because I want time. Freedom. See a lot of people are doing it just to make money and that's cool. I wanna make money to, and we are making money. We wanna make more. But the real reason we're doing is time freedom. And when I stick something on my calendar, what's the number one thing I lose that day, time, freedom. Even if it's for an hour, I lose that time. Freedom. Right? So what it does for me is cuz I'm when I put something on my calendar, it's very, it's very important. And I take it very serious. I don't care if it's going on a date with my wife. I treat that as if I'm meeting, you know, someone that's getting ready to give us a hundred million dollars. It's the same meeting, same cadence. I take this shit very serious. And I, I'm not saying you don't, but it's very important that you know, like if something, if you have a meeting at one o'clock you show up at 1255, you know too many people are too lax out there. Two fucking Willy nilly, just hanging out sliding by no big deal. I got stuck in traffic. Fuck you in your traffic. Get your ass here on time. One time is five minutes early. You don't have to be 10 minutes. Early five minutes early is fine. I'd rather see you show up a half hour early. Sit on the parking lot and strolling five minutes early to me. That's what true winners do. And that's what I do.

(06:01): Everyone. I know, you know, on a rare occasion, am I late? And you can ask my wife, this is how I am at birthday part. Anything. If I'm going anywhere and we say, we're gonna be there at five. I'm there at 4 55. It drives my wife nuts. It drives me nuts to be honest with you, but it's how I've been built, built myself. Cuz I have very, you know, I have important shit going on. If you tell me you're gonna be here at five show up 4 55 that we got shit to do. If you walk in a minute late, we have problems out of the gate. And this is the thing is I, I, I run that $1,000 month mastermind group. It's always interesting to me. The people show up a minute, two minutes, five minutes late are the ones that typically don't have as much going on as the guys showing up three to five minutes early.

(06:44): I want you to take note of that cuz that's one thing I noticed when I was building my companies in the early ages, successful people show up on time. They don't just stroll in, Ugh, I'm busy. We're all fucking busy, right? And that's what today shows about really about it being efficient or effective. One thing I'm always questioning. I always see everyone talking online. Like dude, I got this new efficient book in every 15 minutes. I have this alert go off. And when this alert goes off, I do this and I focus and I'm like, dude, you're still fucking broke, but you're so efficient. You know, there's companies out there in real estate. When I was teaching a lot of real estate people, they always need the new CRM, cuz it clearly is not these guys. It's the fucking CRM contact management system. By the way, if you don't know what that is, but in their company, they can't grow.

(07:36): They can't scale. Cuz dude my CRM, man, I need a new one. And then they spend a lot of time and energy, not even about the money, the time and energy to learn a new CRM, learn a new process, learn how to log. Like it's a process. And if you have a team now you gotta teach the team and then thanks break. Then people get pissed. Then people quit. And then guess what? You're back to square one minus a year later of your life. Have you ever thought about how pupil became millionaires and billionaires before all this beautiful technology ever existed? Have you ever thought about how that happened? Have you ever thought maybe you're too efficient. This is a serious question. I'm genuinely interested on people. Fucking read books on two X that listen to podcasts on two X that have the best calendars.

(08:28): As soon as you push submit on this thing, it ties into your Google doc, your Google calendar, your email calendar, all, whatever bullshit you got. And yet you can't show up on time. You have no money in the fucking bank or not as much as you need or want. And yet you just so efficient. Have you ever asked yourself, maybe I just need to be fucking more effective. I would take effectiveness over efficiency any day. See, I have a weird thing though called grit in my brain. It's ingrained in my body. Actually I am a gritty son of a bitch. I will outwork anybody. I truly believe I will outwork anybody listening to my voice. I will grind it. I will work. I will push. I will pro and I will drive and drive and drive until I'm dead in the ground. It's the only way I quit. This is a good thing. And sometimes it can be a very annoying, bad thing. But the truth is it's. What's got me to where I'm at. I'm very conscious of it. So I catch myself sometimes being too gritty in certain situations where I don't need to be where I need to be delegate, not gritty, but again, you can't delegate what? You don't know what to do. Don't know how to hand off. I was talking with somebody recently and he is like, dude, my income is drastically reduced. My activities have drastically went up, but I, and I'm not sure what's going on. I've handed off a lot of stuff. And I'm like, well, what are you doing all day? What did you hand off? A lot of times entrepreneurs, once they hand off one thing, they wanna hand off all things, right? Instead of looking at the data, not the drama, I don't care what the drama says.

(10:07): No one knows no one cares. What drama says. Drama is a very relative to all of us. Everyone's got drama, but back to efficiency and effectiveness, he's built life very efficient, but it's not producing any income, which is the non-effective side of his life. That's going to cause him to get in massive financial trouble. If he doesn't get his hands around it, which he will. Why cuz he's paying attention. And that's very important. You see, these are habits that we need to adopt. A lot of you guys are listening to people that are making thousands of dollars a month. Very few people that you talk to. I'm telling you like the millionaires, a hundred millionaires, billionaires. They're very efficient, effectively efficient, not efficiently effective. We have to effect like we, you for you don't see the fucking 25 years prior to being, being here today. You don't see me getting up at 4:00 AM. Every single mundane day. Like literally no one even knows who the fuck I am. Every single day. Happy, excited, sad, scared, frustrated, overwhelmed, and everything in between to get to where I'm at today. So you see the roles, you see the Ferrari, you see the big houses, but what you don't see is the 95% of the time I'm working. And only the 5% of the time I'm hanging out, driving a car. The truth is if you looked at my speedometers, you'd laugh because you'd realize I don't really drive a whole lot anyways. And if I do my golf cart in Florida here definitely has more miles than any of my other car. See, I'm not out here to show boat for you. I'm out here to prove to me what I'm capable of. I'm out here to see what my effectiveness to the world is, how I can change people's lives.

(11:54): The messages I get on a daily of talking about how we've helped people overcome fear, get in front of opportunity that they never even knew was in front of them by getting outta their own way and everything in between. Like it's absolutely amazing. That's what I do the show for truthfully. I'm telling you right now where you're at in your life is because every decision you've made to get here, it's either good or bad. We can't do anything about the past, but we can do something now about the future. And I'm sick and tired of seeing all these people talk about this fucking efficiency stuff that don't have a pot to piss in. They're living in their mom's basement, but yet you guys are listening to these clowns.

(12:37): That's not what it's about. I remember back in the day when I was just trying on, on the up, I was buying all the books, how to become effective, highly effective habits, blah, blah, blah, all this shit, these efficiency things can mess you up more than help you. And not only that, it depends where you're at in the journey, right? There's nothing wrong with being efficient. Not saying that it's just, there's a timing thing that's going on. And if you're in the grind and the trenches like pushing and prodding and you gotta be the face or whatever you're doing, I don't know where you're at in a journey. But like there's a point in time where you gotta be present. You gotta be in the grind. You gotta be effective. If you're not effective, the bills aren't getting paid. Don't use efficiency. He as a crutch to, for you not to pay your bills, don't use you like dude, you told me to hand it off.

(13:25): I read the book, magician verse bill. I didn't say it's magic. I said, it's a magician, like effect. A magician works really fucking hard behind the scenes to give you 30 minutes of entertainment and then goes back like literally they work fucking 30 years to give you 30 minutes of entertainment to make it look effortlessly. You understand that? Right? That's what a magician does. It's not like money magically appears in your bank account cuz you do Dick it's because you've worked really hard and you've built real teams and you understand real business processes, procedures, people, infrastructure. What habits are you adopting? Who are you following truthfully? Like who are you following? Many people. I, I, I did a show about this, about being a fly on the wall. Many people wanna be a fly on the wall. If you're a fly on my wall, you're probably smacked down and killed. You know what I mean? Cause I'm too busy. You'd be like, what's this guy all day, we're moving at such rapid pieces, having so many conversations with so many different people, things are happening at like, but, but again, you gotta understand this is 26 years, almost 26 years later.

(14:43): I understand how to be efficient and effective. I don't need a calendar. I don't need to CRM to tell me how to do that. And I'm not saying these things aren't important by the way, but I've, I've done millions and millions and tens of millions of dollars of business without a CRM without any kind of efficiency like dude chest to chest sells. I mean, it's like, listen, I have a list. Here's a hundred people. Let's go knock on doors and make something happen. I don't need a, a fucking CRM to do that for me. I think the truth is most people are just trying to figure out how not to do the work. There's no systems or procedure or or CRMs that are gonna do all the work for you. There's gotta be humans involved. I'm not saying you shouldn't be thinking about how to get you out of the humanization side.

(15:28): I think you need to figure out how to build a team to do though. You have to evolve, right? So I, I keep thinking about this. It's not about efficiency. It's about effectiveness. You understand that, right? It's not just about efficiency. It's about effectiveness. And if you're sitting there looking at your business or your PNL and wondering what the hell is going on, but yet you're so damn efficient. You probably need to stop and look, how do I become more effective? Maybe you gotta go meet one person a day. Maybe you gotta have four calls a day. Maybe you gotta do one webinar a day. Maybe you gotta do three podcast shows a week. Maybe like what effective pieces can you do to activate income? This is the shit we talk about in the one K mastermind group of activation of income. How to make more money very quickly.

(16:15): How to get outta your own way at a rapid pace, how to evolve and develop a team under you. And I got two asked for you guys today, listening to my show. If you're not in the one K group and we're, we're not open by the way right now. But when we do open, we do have a hot list where we'll be opening up a pre you know, a list to you guys. But if this is a like one K hot list, send me a message on Instagram at Mark Evans, DM, and just say one K hot list. And I'll make sure we get you your email and cell phone number over there. So when we go live, you can kind of be on the front side of that, but we have people in there absolutely crushing the game already. We've only been running the one K group roof for about seven weeks now to Sam.

(16:57): Impressed is an understatement to Sam. Proud is a massive understatement. These are the doers of the doers. You're gonna sit back and watch and you can keep listening to the show for free I 100%. I'm cool with that, but I promise you the guys and gals that are in that one K group per month will be changing their trajectory at a rapid pace. Their financials will go up drastically. Their clarity will get more clear. Their, their revenue streams will be 20 folded and most people sit back and watch and understand dude, what are they doing? And I'm not doing, it's probably what they're not doing is what they're doing. It's very cool to see like the people, the connections, how we could expedite results at a rapid pace. You're gonna listen to the show on Wednesday and Tuesday, I'm actually getting ready to do a webinar.

(17:48): As you know, I'm buying a company and I'll be 44 in June. I'm just sharing real shit here with you guys. And I wanna switch gears here for a second. Cause I think this is important for you to understand. I'm looking to buy this pet company. I'm gonna raise, say 5.5 million. I'm doing a webinar. We'll have a lot of people on and on this webinar, I'm gonna share the, the journey, what we're gonna do, how we're gonna take a company from 1.1 million a year and net revenue to three to 5 million very quickly. Obviously we gotta hit 3000001st net and then go to five and beyond. And then I'm also gonna show the exit process, how it's kind of works. Who's involved. I'm investing tens of thousand of dollars on the front end. And I'm, I'm sharing this with you because I share real shit going on in my life.

(18:35): Some people hear 5.5 million for a business. Ah, that's a lot or not a lot. It it's all relative to me, to be honest with you, it's kind of like I have the cash in the bank to pay for it myself straight up genuine. And it wouldn't affect my life. I'm not saying that to be a Dick. It's the truth, but I'm doing something different with this. And I, I was talking with an M and a attorney cuz I'm when I, when I'm buying and selling companies, I want to be in the nine figure range, a hundred million plus buying sell that's my goal by 50. So hold me to it six years and I don't have a hundred million just lying around doing nothing. That would be, it's always, I have a lot of money's invested in different things that got going on. So if I needed to buy a hundred million company today, I would definitely need to raise money.

(19:20): So he's like, dude, what did you do in real estate? Back in the day, cuz I did a show about this, how I've raised over a hundred million dollars just in the real estate game. And that's when I was 18 and beyond. And what I did is I stairstep people into opportunity with me. We all know the saying, go to the bank and get money. When you don't need the money, get access to capital. When you don't need the capital. I don't need the money. I want it. But we're talking in today's. This is a massive lesson for you. So please listen. We're talking in today's terms though. I don't need the money today, but I'm not playing the game for today. I'm playing the game for five or six years from now. I'm gonna need more help. I'm gonna need access to more money cuz we're buying bigger stuff.

(20:11): What if I'm buying something for 400, $500 million or its six years from now. And today when I do that webinar actually on Tuesday, the minimums a hundred K one's gotta be accredited and there's gonna be a pre rate on the money. And then there's gonna be a, you know, some equity in the deal. I wanna give them a behind the scenes look an interaction guide of how I actually do business. I've never done it before. Ever not on the business side. I've bought and sold lots of companies, but I've never done it on the side before. So if this is something that interests you, I can send you the replay cuz you're gonna listen to this a day after the show goes live, shoot me a message on Instagram at Mark Evans, DM say investment webinar and I'll get you the details. That's me replying to you by the way.

(21:02): No one else. So investment webinar, again, you must be accredited and you must haven't access to a hundred thousand dollars. You don't have to invest, but if you did have access to a little bit of money and you did were accredited, this is probably something you wanna listen to. If anything else, just to learn about why I'm getting into the pet industry. I'll share a little bit here. Now. I like recession proof business models. I'm a very strategic investor. I'm not not investing just for fun. I, I was a dumb investor back in the day, I would just buy anything. It made sense made money, not necessarily made sense of my verticals. I just wanted to make more cash flow. I accomplished some good stuff with that. And some stuff was a little chaotic, but I caused that myself. But what's cool about this particular deal is the pet.

(21:49): Industry's not getting any smaller. It's a 69 billion a year industry. It's huge, huge guys. You have food and this is not in the food space, but I have, I'll have 500,000 people. Day one. When I acquire this company, I'll have 500,000 people in the database that's been in this company for almost five beers that like trust and know this indivi, this company, the company has done a great job up to this point, but there's massive opportunities on a couple things I'm really, really good at. And that's called marketing understanding customer experience, honestly, to be straight up with you. One of the biggest things I'm most excited about is that my intentions and our goal is to, to give away millions of dollars to dog and pet charities through this company, cuz everything, every time a transaction happens in that company, we're looking to take a percentage of that and give it away.

(22:42): We call this full circle giving it's associated with every company I'm involved in. Every time you buy a book in the DM world in, in my world, 100% of those net profits go to charity. We're changing people's lives through efforts, actions, effectiveness. I'm looking at effectiveness first and foremost and all companies wanna go to acquire. And then I start breaking down where they're inefficient and I'm not trying to turn inefficient to efficiencies. I'm trying to turn inefficiency to effectiveness and then turn that into an efficiency process because the thing is, I can't make something efficient if I don't know how to make it effective. Does that make sense? I can't go there and create a solution if I don't understand the whole problem. And this is where too many people are over simplifying things. So there's a lot of cool opportunities here. And my goal back to this pet company is my goal.

(23:36): And my intentions are that the people come in with a hundred grand, 500 K or whatever is that they get their money back fairly quickly. They keep a piece of equity and they make an amazing pop on the backside when we sell it. But most importantly, two things. One, I want them to win. And two, I want them to do more with me in the future. So I'm setting the stage today. This is the first date. If you will, this company buying this company with them, they're gonna get a BA, they're gonna get a front seat view of how this all works. They're gonna see if I'm full of shit or not. I'm excited. I'm also scared and I'm not scared. Maybe the way you think scared is I'm scared to disappoint myself first and foremost. And most importantly, you as well as an investor.

(24:30): See the thing is, I, I know two guys that were not afraid to take people's money. They both took people's money and went bankrupt. Jay-Z gets on stage. He's still scared when I speak on stage, I'm still scared cuz I want to deliver best. I wanna be the best I want to over deliver. I wanna deliver more and I wanna figure out how to make it better for you. These are good fears. These are good problems to have too many people are too loose. They're not taking this stuff as serious as they should. Oh, it's just a hundred thousand. No dude. This is trust that's first and foremost. What you're gain gaining the money is just a byproduct. And I want you guys to really think about this. If you're presenting, maybe are in the real estate, maybe you're presenting real estate deals. Maybe you have a box club.

(25:12): Maybe you're trying to raise money for your company. Whatever it is. Start conversating today. Start having conversations with prospects. One thing I could recommend is don't talk about money to people that don't have money, cuz you're gonna think you're doing it wrong, cuz they're gonna make you feel so stupid cuz they don't have the funds to do it. They dude that's stupid. No one would ever invest in that. Huh? 20% cap day one. How is this stupid? Please explain. Oh, by the way, you're gonna get blank amount of equity. You're gonna get this. You're gonna waterfall it down. You're gonna get the, this next three to five years. Here's the projections. Explain to me what, well man, I could put it in crypto and get a hundred acts. Well that's called gambling. This is called business building. And by the way, why can't you do both?

(25:55): Well, the truth is they don't have the money. So don't talk big deals and big opportunities of small minded, small bank account people. It just, it, it will never work. They just don't get it. And they'll you feel stupid. And then my biggest fear is that you don't have that thought process of like, you're not the only thing you're doing wrong is talking to the wrong person. That's it. It's not the opportunity's bad. It's the individual conversating with just CA is not capable of pulling it off. So make sure you have an avatar of your prospects. It's very clear. I'm looking for someone that has at least a hundred thousand dollars of liquidity minimum. If not way more, they must be accredited, go online and see what accredited investor means. It's not that crazy. And they must be willing to want to partake in some kind of opportunity to grow their wealth.

(26:51): That's it pretty simple. I remember back when I was starting out, I used to talk cuz I did real estate. I was trying to raise money from people. I had no money and again, I have this thing called grit. Very, very, very proud of my parents instilled this in me, but I would sit there and I would like question myself, what am I doing wrong? What don't I see that they see? Well dude, the only thing they see is zeros in their bank account like $0 or negative. Maybe that's the only thing they see. I had vision I had where I see this may sound silly, but I've never seen real estate investing as risky. I really haven't. If I can put a hundred grand in a deal and it's making 1500 a month, it's gotta return on investment. I'm not saying there's not risk in real estate.

(27:41): I'm just never saw it as a big risk investment. There many different ways to exit outta real estate, too many different ways to exit out of all types of deals. If you buy correctly, there's really not that much risk. Same thing in businesses. It's not about how much you make on the sell. It's how much you buy it for in the beginning. That's how you dictate. If it's going to be a deal or not in the future, the deal half happens when you buy, not when you sell. So if you overpay for a house, it's gonna be tougher, even though it still can work out really well to make it work depending on your strategy and business, same thing in business, I'm just like real estate. We look for underutilized assets or I can come in with special information and knowledge and capital, maybe all three, all four, all five, whatever and put a team behind it and grow it.

(28:36): I don't do anything to make a million dollars a year. I wanna make 10 million. Plus every company I'm looking at needs to generate. I'm thinking, how do we make 10 million a year, minimum, minimum. Why do anything less? I how to do it? So the old me, everything like, dude, it makes 10 grand a month. Okay. In, I'll buy it. I'll buy it. I'll take it. But I just bought myself a job for 10 grand a month and I already have 70 other jobs. I don't have time. Therefore I don't make 10 grand. I make zero more importantly. I get it messes with you, dude. I just, I just spend $180,000 and I lost it. Not lost. I just don't make it back as quick. So in business, what we're looking for is how do we take a company that's making 7 million a year, turn it into 20 plus million a year.

(29:18): That's what we're going to do in the pet company, our, our net profit margin gonna shoot up out the roof. And hopefully if you're listening to this and you wanna listen to that webinar, shoot me in a social media at Mark Evans, DM say investment webinar. Now I'm not here to make any kind of guarantees in any way, shape or form, right? It's it's, I'm just sharing like real life stories with you guys, but I'm excited for it. I think I believe a hundred percent. The folks that participate will have a great experience beyond what I'm even saying. Cuz there's certain things you can say. And can't say unfortunately, but I'm not. I'm excited about the first deal, but I've been at this game long enough to know strategically what this looks like. Deal three deal, four deal five. I've talked about this on many occasions, but I was share it again.

(30:15): Cuz I think it's super important to understand my thought process of this game. I'll be 44. I'm in this game until I'm a hundred plus. Never retiring ever. I love business. I love it's not about business by the way. It's about learning constantly. I love new, you know, niches. I love learning about new people. I love like seeing people win. I love seeing businesses grow. I love seeing charities win. Like it it's fun. It's it's like my game it's enjoyable to me. But what I, I really get excited about is I think 20 years from now, we're I'm 64 then and I'm sitting on our island. I own this island out in the Carolinas with my buddies or we're sitting on the back of a yacht or flying across the country in a jet. And we're laughing about this very moment, dude. I heard your voice me on this podcast show.

(31:06): I thought you're so full of shit, but you actually said something and intrigued me. I shot you a message on social media said investment webinar. You actually replied, which is huge props. Cuz most people don't fucking reply. I listened to it and I saw it. I got it. More importantly, I participated, but mark, you know why I keep sticking around with you buddy? 20 years later, by the way, cuz you always over deliver. You always perform. You always get into grind. You, you do exactly. If not more than what you say and the teams you build are amazing. I can always contact someone and get answers. And that's why we're celebrating the fifth company you've invested with and we just sold for a billion plus that very moment happens. Sometime question is when I'm being very conscious of where I'm going, not where I'm at. If you're in a business right now and you're, you know, you're trying to buy that million dollar re rental property or real estate deal or whatever you need to start seeking investment capital. You need to start seeking partners, start creating strategic relationships, give up some equity. Lots of people started back in the day, including me, where I gave up 50% of equity to get the capital, to do the deals. I wasn't worried about what you were making cuz you did nothing. They forget the money in is a lot, but what I was making and what I was gaining and what I was learning, let us go make some money together and then let us make real money in the future.

(32:47): See if you're tripping about pennies today and a couple dollars here and there. That is the real problem of what stops people from growing to the next level. That's what hinders you from creating massive amounts of wealth, cuz you want a hundred percent of a grape and not 10% of a fucking monster watermelon. The problem with the grape, you have to do everything. Everything's on your shoulders. Everything's on you. But the watermelon, you have teams, infrastructure, people, organization, and it's way, way bigger. See the thing is, is everyone's like, dude, I wanna piece of the pie, but we all do very few people. Get it though. Not only do I want a big piece of the pie, I wanna make the pie bigger for all of us. So your piece is bigger too. See, the thing is, I'm not doing this for my generation, my kid, me, my family, but for my kids as kids, my kids as kids, kids, we're thinking legacy growth.

(33:45): We're thinking about charitable contributions in the future. How can we give hundreds of millions of dollars? If not billions of dollars away through my today's activities for the future. It's a little scary. It's a little overwhelming. I get it. But I'm not scared of failing. I'm scared of not doing cause I'm gonna wake up at 50 years old and I'm gonna look in that fucking mirror and I'm gonna say mark, you've given it your all you've done exactly what you said you're gonna do and above and beyond. And today's the day my man we're selling for nine figures, 10 figures, it's happening or I'm gonna wake up and I'm gonna be fucking slugging along talking shit, dude. Today's the day you're gonna be a winner. You got this man. Yeah, one day it's gonna be your time. Keep lying to myself. I just had this realization. I wanna do more and bigger. I've talked about this. I keep my lifestyle T intact though. It's gotta be vertical and integrated with something I enjoy. It's gotta be with people I love. It's gotta be semi recession proof.

(35:08): This is why I believe this company will grow massively. The cool thing is I know a lot of people in the space, potential buyers, I've already preached at the conversations. My M and a attorneys are already working behind the scenes to start planting seeds, asking questions. Where do we need to be on the EBIDA to make this make sense at this number? What kind of infrastructure do you like to see? What kind of MRR that's monthly recurring revenue. What kind of MRR would you like to see to make this a multiplier of 14 X, 10 X, three X, whatever X. And then we have the SKUs. These are the one time products. What's our lifetime customer value. What's our acquisition model look like. What's our what's our team structure. Look like these are systems, operations and processes. This is what my team knows how to do.

(35:56): And there's a lot of people out there. That's done a really good job, getting companies up to a certain level, but they also want to go build something bigger. They wanna do more. Could you imagine being 30 something years old, getting a check for 5 million cash cuz of something you built that's what's gonna happen for the individual and buying this company from it's 31. I'm excited for him. It was not hardcore negotiations. We were both fair guys. We wanna see each other when, why wouldn't we see the truth is I wanna buy another company from him in the future. The type of personality is he's a great starter, great idea. Great company structure gets it to a certain point and they kind of done with it. By the way, this happens at all levels. This happens at companies that do 50 million a year companies that do 500. Like you just get bored with them. You just kind of like, ah, did my thing. Okay. I'm cool. What's next? So don't judge it.

(37:02): Why do you think I sold all my single families? I still have some of, I still wanna sell I'm selling through a process. Taxe figure. Gotta make sure you structure that outright. But the team single families were a big deal back in the day for me. Now it's a P it's a pain of my ass. It's too small. I don't wanna get emails. Well, lieutenant's gonna live there for six months for free. Are you cool with that? Fuck. No, I'm not. I don't live for free. No one should live for free. What the fuck can we do? I don't like problems like that. It's a $5,000 problem. I wanna fo I want people like I want 5 million problems. I want 500 million. Like you guys understand, you gotta change your problems. You gotta grow. Stop playing the game where you're at. I'm not saying stop working, but stop playing the Mickey mouse game where you're at today. You gotta start looking where you're going five years from now, 10 years from now, you're looking in the mirror. I'm looking in the mirror. As I speak to myself right now. God, I'm good looking. No, I'm just joking, but no, no seriousness.

(38:09): Am I gonna be proud of what I see in five years from now? Or am I be pissed? I want you to take this real serious us cuz I see too many of you people fucking around trying to be efficient, trying to be cool and can't do Dick. Cause you don't have the funds. You don't have the team. You don't have the following. You've been in business for 15 years, but yet you still have the same problems. Don't you see that as a problem problem. You've been in the game for multiple years. You don't have anybody on your team that you trust. That's a problem. We need to evolve. Start asking different questions. How's my 10 self in the future. Answer this question. Deal with this situation. Who's on my team. What does the team even look like? What am my, what do I stand for? What's my identity to the company. What's our core values.

(39:03): Start hiring people. But mark, they make more money than me. Who gives a fuck today? They do in 10 years. They won't. That's the difference. You're too worried what everyone else is making, not what you're generating. If you you're not generating enough money to pay people, to help you grow, you're probably in the wrong product or you're dealing with the wrong situation. Everything like lot's wrong there. You gotta expand. You gotta grow. You gotta evolve. You gotta become proud of where you're going. Stop, complaining, stop, pissing and moaning. We gotta get the fucking work. It's hard time. There's never been more money available at your fingertips. There's never been more opportunity at your fingertips. The technology, the web three, the real, whatever the hell you want to do. If you get very dialed in and focused, it's your time. The work's not gonna do is work on its own.

(40:00): You gotta show up and do the work. As I'm looking at here, I had this cool art piece done by my boy. PCI actually used to work for me. He was a tech guy for me. Now he's becoming like a pretty cool artist, but my whole thing it's like life. I love the journey. I love the growth. Have style, have class determination, family legacy, giving full circle, grit, dream, drive time, freedom, dedication. Most importantly be a deal maker and dream maker. See the thing is, we're all dreaming, but are we dreaming about the right things? Are we driving towards the right goals? Most of you don't know the difference from the north star or like a little brighter star in the sky. So when you get all the way over to this other star that you thought was the north star, you're very far away. Start educating yourself on what the north star looks like. Start understanding when you get off track how to get back on track faster, we all get off track. The question is how much faster you're gonna get back on track. Some of you fucking have been off track for 10 years. I mean, you're still making excuses of about 2006, seven and eight in the market crisis. Well you don't understand. No one gives us shit. We don't need to understand your bullshit. Stop trying to understand the shit and start focusing on the grit. Get back to work, get serious about your life. Get focused on something than you. Stop trying to feed you. Stop trying to feed you and your family. Start feeding your fucking village. Start feeding the town. Start filling the state and start feeding the country. These are all different cadences. My friend, some will make excuses and some will get results.

(41:50): It's a decision. It's gonna be a scary one. You're have to step out out and fate, but you're gonna trust in yourself cuz you're putting forth the effort you're doing the work you're making the moves. You're making the connections. You're getting up earlier. You're going to bed later. You're being more effective. Fuck efficiency effective, but you're mindful of your efforts. You're focused on family. You're just on your health. You're focused on your wealth. All of this takes effort be effective on all. Some days are easier than others, but that's where the mundane tactical just stay focused. Habits, habits, habits, stay focused. I'm excited for you. I'm shaking actually right now, as I speak to you dead serious. Cause someone listening to the show right now, I'm talking directly to you. I've said a lot here today, but I just want you to know this is a journey, not a destination. That's why I I'm gonna be doing this show for as long as I can see because every day is a new day. Every day creates a new part of the journey. As soon as I think I sell this company for a bill or 500 mil or a hundred, whatever the number is, I'm gonna be first to tell you about it. Not to brag about it, but to share about it. What I would've done different. What? I would've done better. What? I would've done quicker. What? I would've done smoother. What I like I would share with you. The real shit I would will share with you as I always do. You're not alone. I'm scared, but I'm not scared of what I'm not going to do. I'm more scared of how I'm going to do it and push it. You're capable of so much more. My friend. Yes you are. I promise you. I want you to sit down. Think about this, write down your next steps. What's your next moves. Get effective dot all this efficiency. Bullshit. If it's not serving you, it's not working.

(44:09): Get effective. Eliminate people in your life that are not being effective in your life that are helping you become effective or disassociate or limit. This typically is family. I need you focused. I want you in the game with me. I want to grow with people. My question is in 20 years from now, are you on the back of that yacht? Are you on that private island? Are you on that jet with us talking about this very moment, talking about when you made a decision to get in the fucking game and stop talking about the game. That's the kind of cadence that we're rolling over here and all the guys I'm hanging out with. I'm not trying to impress you, but impress upon. If you don't go now, when do you go, if not now, then when listen to the past shows, getting ingrained in what we're talking about. Listen to the evolution of me two and a half years deep into this game with you on podcasts every fucking week, you can hear the growth. You can hear what I'm do. I'm telling you exactly where I'm at, where I'm going and what I'm doing. There's no fucking secrets. The real secret's doing the work, which most people don't wanna do. The real work. It's not about the out, out, out of the work. It's the internal, the head, the game. That's why you're here. And I respect that. So I'm getting long-winded here, but I'm thinking about you. I want you to stay focused and go get that money. Keep me posted. Shoot me an Instagram message at Mark Evans, DM the one K hot list or the investment webinar. Let me know. This will go quick. I'm excited to be on this journey with you. With that said

(46:00): I'm ready to helping teach him what I, what I know and how I did it to discover freedom. There. Ain't no question mark Kevins. When he step in the doubt he's closing deals, I would tell him what the deal stand for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journeys where it's at, it's about the process. Come to get over Tom project from a small town in Ohio. So I know how it's did not come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid wanting to make honey breath and see no one making more than that. Graduated high school with a 1.8, like should held me back. I owe my principals and teachers are alive just to witness this I'm own ball. Somehow you're running two AFI businesses. I can walk away from it. Y'all can I be good? But I've been called to help people just like y'all learn the game. It's come to pull everybody chasing the money, but I'm not chasing the money. I'm out here chasing the purpose. Yo, I been working my whole life. Guess where we at? Is it gonna get us where we wanna go? It's come to push, come learn time to grow mores. Di I'm heard that helping teach him what I, what I know and how I did it to discover freedom. That re no question was Gavins. When he step into doubt, he's closing deal. I to sell him what the for I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream. The journeys where it at it's all about the process. Come to get over project.

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