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What’s the difference between an entrepreneur earning $10K a month and $100K a month?
Or better put, a lack of fear.
Strapped-for-cash entrepreneurs who struggle with “distractions” and “social media” are cloaking their biggest enemy — their fear of failure.… READ MORE

Do you have the courage to earn $1,000,000 a year?
Reason why I ask: most entrepreneurs are making, on average, $60,000 a year — less than a J.O.B.
To add insult to injury, they’re working 80 hours a week, hustling their face off, and not spending any time with their kids — the very reason WHY they started this business in the first place.… READ MORE

When I moved into my apartment, I didn’t have gas or electricity.
That meant no hot showers — I was taking cold showers before it was cool! The apartment was so small, I could take an ice cold shower, warm up a frozen tv dinner, and use the toilet at the exact same time.… READ MORE

While all the gurus on Instagram like to pound their chest about “being busy”…
They never post the true reason why somebody’s a millionaire — or billionaire:
Simple? Yes.… READ MORE

95% of Americans buy into the myth that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill.
Sorry to break it to you, but that’s complete bull.
They mistakenly think all you need is hard work, grit, determination, and “hustle” in order to achieve a breakthrough.… READ MORE

Most people won’t have a 2023 that’s filled with wealth, happiness, and growth.
Because they’re working on the wrong things. Pulling the wrong levers. And they’ll wind up working twice as hard for half the amount of money.… READ MORE

Most entrepreneurs are “playing business.”
They’re shuffling papers, installing new CRMs, and making sure their website looks slick and fancy. They’re always “busy,” never have time to make sales, and their life is in total disarray.… READ MORE

What’s the difference between $100,000 per month and $1,000,000 per month?
How you spend your time!
Most entrepreneurs pretend they’re flooded with work. In reality, they’re scrolling on instagram, checking out their emails, and hanging out with their friends all day.… READ MORE

Entrepreneurs are selfish. What do I get for showing up? How can I benefit from giving? This is BS thinking. You see, the number 1 way to get anything you want in life is giving.
It’s amazing what can happen in life with 1 connection, 1 relationship, or 1 action.… READ MORE

Everyone in the media, business circles, and the real estate community is plastered with fear.
In short, everyone is retracting from business, real estate, the market, and becoming filthy stinkin’ rich.… READ MORE

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