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Entrepreneurs fall into conventional thinking patterns and habits too often. While advice like “follow a routine” can be helpful, it also strangles your growth. 
Because you’ll never unlock creative growth with traditional thinking! READ MORE

When I was a younger entrepreneur, I made one massive mistake over and over again. This single mistake has cost me billion of dollars — yes, with a B. 
And you know what? 
I see other business owners making this mistake every single day.READ MORE

Confidence is one of the best secrets for success. Every single wealthy person I know overflows with confidence. 
While confidence is hard to build, most people make it much more difficult than they need to.READ MORE

There is nothing more powerful than giving gestures to other people.
It doesn’t matter if you know them or not. It doesn’t matter if it’s simple and inexpensive or a $100,000 car.
Not only does giving gestures make you feel amazing, but it makes other people light up with the fattest smile you ever saw.… READ MORE

I see people following the wrong people on social media every day. They talk a big game, but they give you downright wrong advice. 
These social media gurus steal your ability to get stinkin’, filthy rich.READ MORE

Everyone overcomplicates making money. They bust their cajones working 18 hour days because they learned you have to work hard to make more money.
But here’s the truth: making money is ultra easy today.… READ MORE

Entrepreneurs usually feel like “BlackSheep” when they hang around their family and old friends from high school. 
Hanging out with these people makes you realize how different you are.READ MORE

There’s nothing in the world more profitable than B.S.’n on the phone. I’ve made millions of dollars B.S.’n on the phone since 2005. And you can too. 
But you can’t make millions of dollars B.S.’n on the phone if you’re still hanging around the same people you hung out with in high school.READ MORE

There’s a lot of times in business and life when we want to throw in the towel. Maybe you lose a big 7-figure deal and want to close up shop. Or you’re tired in the gym and want to quit and go home. 
But here’s the thing that separates winners from losers:
Winners push forward — especially when life punches them in the face.READ MORE

Not all businesses are created equal. In some industries, you have to fight tooth and nail just to break even. But in other businesses, you can clear 8 figures without understanding the day-to-day.
Here’s why I bring it up:
My new ecommerce business hit $1,018,000 in one week.… READ MORE

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