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What’s the difference between $100,000 per month and $1,000,000 per month?
How you spend your time!
Most entrepreneurs pretend they’re flooded with work. In reality, they’re scrolling on instagram, checking out their emails, and hanging out with their friends all day.… READ MORE

Entrepreneurs are selfish. What do I get for showing up? How can I benefit from giving? This is BS thinking. You see, the number 1 way to get anything you want in life is giving.
It’s amazing what can happen in life with 1 connection, 1 relationship, or 1 action.… READ MORE

Everyone in the media, business circles, and the real estate community is plastered with fear.
In short, everyone is retracting from business, real estate, the market, and becoming filthy stinkin’ rich.… READ MORE

smart_track_player url=”https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/makingofadm/MEP133.mp3″ title=”EP 133: Time Optimization: How to Get More Accomplished in a Day than Most Do in a Week!” artist=”Mark Evans | Making Of A DM” ]
Almost every business owner I talk to is frustrated, overwhelmed, and on the verge of a mental breakdown.… READ MORE

I have a confession…
I never bought my Ferrari, my Rolls Royces, my G-Wag, or ANY of my houses. No, I didn’t rent them either, but I also didn’t buy them.
You know who bought them?
Other people — they just don’t realize it.… READ MORE

Most entrepreneurs feel enslaved to the “feast and famine” aspects of their businesses. They may make $50,000 one month, then a measly $3,000 the next month. Huge upswings always lead to massive downswings.… READ MORE

Entrepreneurship is a lonely path. Most entrepreneurs outgrow their family and friends. And when you try to help your loved ones succeed, they may hear a completely different message than you intended.… READ MORE

I just got off the phone with my fiduciaries and accountants, and I have three months to deploy over $5 million in opportunities.
But I’m not just giving away this money to any average Joe. I’m only looking to invest in a few industries, and I only want to connect with real players.… READ MORE

Every 8-figure, 9-figure, and 10-figure business owner I’ve met has one thing in common:
They leverage the 9th Wonder Of The World to make millions of dollars per year, per month, and even per week.… READ MORE

Most people have NO idea how to set goals. They listen to popular goal setting advice from people less successful than they want to be and trap themselves in mediocrity.
Well, if you’ve been making that mistake, it ends today.… READ MORE

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