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What would happen to your business, family, and finances if you couldn’t work for 12 months? 
Would you survive, thrive, or go bankrupt? 
Here’s the cold, hard truth: 
If you couldn’t survive without working for a year, you’re not a man.READ MORE

You either control your emotions or you let your emotions control you. Most business owners fall into the second category. 
That’s why they’re always fuming, stressed out, and riddled with anxiety every minute of the day.READ MORE

There’s two types of people in this world. Those that act. And those that think. 
Spoiler alert: 
Those that act make the big bucks, drive the fancy cars, and live a lavish lifestyle. Those that think are the losers who will never control their own destiny or bank account. READ MORE

The TRUTH about why you’re not a millionaire yet (and how to fix it) 
The biggest MISTAKE you’re making that erases a 0 from your net worth
How did your 2021 go? Did you make MORE money than your goals or did you make LESS money? READ MORE

Want to “steal” some of my best business secrets so you can make more money? 
In this episode, I answer several questions from hungry and motivated entrepreneurs like you so we all enjoy massive success. READ MORE

Young and hungry entrepreneurs ask me questions all the time about how I approach business.  
Today, I’m peeling back the curtain for you and answering some of your business questions so you can build 7 and 8-figure businesses too. READ MORE

Over 48% of all employees work for small businesses.
As entrepreneurs, we provide the products and services that help over 48% of the population feed their families and enjoy their lives. 
As a business owner we don’t just look after our customers, we look over
our “2nd Family.” And this episode reveals how you can get free money you never have to pay back to reinvest in your “2nd Family.” 
In this episode, I’ll show you how I’m helping save this country.READ MORE

Most people don’t talk about money because they’re afraid of being judged by others. But nothing unlocks more wealth and opportunities in your life than talking about money. 
Because money solves problems.READ MORE

Whenever you throw a holiday or host a business event, you have a massive opportunity.
What’s this opportunity?
You have the chance to bring people into your “universe,” blow them away, and create a lifelong memory in their heads.… READ MORE

Here’s a cold, hard truth that you don’t want to hear: 
Most people will always be broke. And yes, that probably includes you. 
Because you’re thinking too small. Even if everyone around you thinks you’re wealthy and successful, you’re still thinking too small. READ MORE

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