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Too many “business owners” play business — they don’t actually own a business. Instead, they have a high-paying job working for a psychopath.
Here’s the problem:
A high-paying job cannot create generational wealth.… READ MORE

Nothing you will ever do will be more profitable than working for free. It’s downright counterintuitive, but it works like gangbusters.
Not only is working for free easier than working for millions of dollars, but it will create a rabid fanbase that are ready to fight any war on your behalf.… READ MORE

My DM’s are flooded with people who feel stuck or behind the 8 ball in their business. The truth is, entrepreneurs should feel behind the 8-ball more often than not because we’re always pushing and expanding to the next level.… READ MORE

Entrepreneurship ain’t all sunshine and rainbows — despite how your favorite social media guru makes it seem.
Truth is, entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. It’s more difficult, more stressful, and more lonely than anything you’ve ever done in your life.… READ MORE

Society has brainwashed our financial thought patterns for our entire lives. For example, society will tell you the only way to become wealthy is to work a 9-5, invest in your 401k, and wait 40-50 years to see results.… READ MORE

Every millionaire I’ve ever met has one thing in common.
They implement their ideas immediately instead of mentally masturbating about them. They don’t care if it’s a massive failure — because they understand every failure is an opportunity to improve.… READ MORE

Most business owners get in the way of their own success more often than they realize.
They let their ego get in the way. They think they’re so important to their business that they have to be involved in every aspect of their business.… READ MORE

Everyone is addicted to something.
Winners are addicted to winning. And losers are addicted to losing. That’s why winners hang around other winners and plot their next wins. While losers hang with other losers and complain about how bad their life sucks.… READ MORE

Too many successful people eventually hit a block. They think they can double down on what they were already doing, but keep coming up short.
The truth is you can’t rely on what you’ve been doing to get you to that next level.… READ MORE

Most people try to build a big business and then fit their life into that business. While this can lead to success, it’s usually ugly because you have to work 18-20 hour days and neglect all the other areas of your life.… READ MORE

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