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Most entrepreneurs like to feel like the king dingaling. They pretend they’re at the top of their game because it’s comfortable.

But in reality, they’re scared to death of growth.

Look, I get it. Growth scares me too. It scares everyone. But it doesn’t have to stop you from achieving your wildest dreams.

In fact, it can empower you to achieve those dreams if you let it instead of letting your fears consume you.

In this episode, I’m giving you the secret to crush your fears and finally live the life you deserve.

Listen now if you’re ready to change your life.

Show highlights include: 

  • The powerful “Participation Season” secret that will add an extra 0 to your bank account by the end of year (4:06)
  • How ingraining this dead simple question into your brain makes failing impossible (5:30)
  • Why accepting your fears helps you conquer them and build the multi-million dollar business you’ve been dreaming about (6:46)
  • How donating to charity when you’re dirt broke magnetizes wealth and opportunities into your life (8:19)
  • The cold, hard truth about why people dumber than you laugh their way to the banks while you worry about your bills (10:23)
  • The deadly “Where You’re At” decision filter which imprisons you to a life of mediocrity (even if you sniff some success) (12:48)
  • How to turn one hundred grand into half a billion—in just 7 years! (23:51)
  • Why “wasting” $25 grand for an hour meeting is the single fastest way to catapult your wealth to uncomfortable levels (34:44)

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Welcome to the making of a DM, the decision that will kill you. It kills dreams and goals all over planet earth. But after today, my friend, you're going to be able to look decision in the eyes in a way different way. So with that said, let's get started

(00:29): More Kevin, more to help know, and I freedom there. No question more. When he step in the do he's closing deal, I'm just telling him what the deal saying for I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal. I'm a dream maker. Hey there, chip boy, mark. Evan D hope you had an amazing Easter weekend. Hung out with fam did the old Easter egg hunt with the kiddos and all that good stuff. Follow me on social media. Probably saw some videos and posts and such. It's it's what it's about. You know I have a seven year old about to be seven and about to be drew to be three, actually in a couple days from when you're listening to this on the 24th of April. And I know these are amazing times of life, you know, like from zero to 18, you know, these kids are so moldable and, you know, under our wing, actually it's way less than that, right? Cause we know once they hurt certain ages, they kind of start coming their own little people. But I do take time. I'm very serious. And today's show, we'll talk about several different things I'd like to talk to you about what's really going on in my life and real life from per my perspective, from talking with, you know, partners and clients and buddies and all that good stuff and sharing that.

(02:02): So I'll get started hearing a second, but I just to say again, we're, we're breaking records every week on the making of a DM podcast show over here. And that's thanks to you guys. I'll show up every week. I appreciate you showing up every week, but more importantly, I appreciate you sharing the show on social media. I know a lot of you taking clips. I got to do that event here in Parkland last week and you know, met so many great people. People flew in from California, Texas, Arizona, Vegas, Washington, and all around. We had about 150, 160 people show up to a three hour free event. More importantly met some really amazing people locally that live in the community. There might be something to this. So I'll keep you guys posted on that. But I say that, thank you, cuz a lot of you came from listening to the show.

(02:53): So thank you for ENT. Trusting me investing your time. Like I said, time is such, it, it it's the, it's the only commodity that we can't get back. Right when it's gone, it's gone. So it's it's what it's about to me. But if you haven't left a five star review, please do so gets it pushed up in the algorithm. It's really neat to see all the reviews I, when I'm filling down, truthfully, I go over there. I go check out iTunes and, and Amazon and just check out and see what people are saying and pick me up and you know, keep me focused, get back to get back on track. I know sometimes depending where you're at, you're like, man, it's I don't have anything to give. I don't have much to offer and all that stuff. And people ask me all the time, mark, what can I do? Like dude, just share the message. That's what you can do. Like it's not, I don't need money. I don't need anything. All I just share the message. Just touch more people's lives. That's really what this is about to me. So it's it's an exciting journey. So let's get started today. I want to talk about something that's kind of interesting to me and you know, there's a lot of famous people out there that talk about this. I think ed, my let kind of talks about it the most, but he always talks, talks about it's separation season, right? Which is pretty cool and it's hooky and all that. I like it. And I do believe in separation season, but I think the biggest thing is what we're missing. And I, I think about this stuff, this kind of thought auditing stuff. I think about separation.

(04:16): Season's very powerful, but what's really fucking missing is participation season. You see so many people are watching life, go by them, just watching people succeed, looking at micro moments on social media saying, man, I wish I should have coulda today's show. I wanna push you. I wanna help you and guide you to the next level because you like mark. I'm participating. Are you participating on thousand dollar worlds, million dollar worlds or billion dollar worlds? See the thing is if you're separating yourself from the best janitor in the country, well you're only gonna be the best janitor in the country. So you're not really separating yourself to the next love. And I'm not saying not to be the best janitor, but you can only go so high.

(05:11): We gotta get into the participation season, too many people out here thinking about when to take the next step. I know why people out here thinking about when's the market going to correct? I know why you're afraid. So I wanna ask you a real question. I want you to really think about this. This is the question I want you to write down. Angra ingrain in your brain. You ready? What would you do if you couldn't fail, stop all the bullshit right now. What the fuck would you do if you couldn't fell? What is it? Yes. That's me hitting the board. I have it on the board. What would you do if you couldn't fail? Would you build the company you've been fucking talking about for the last 20 years? I'm talking the real company, not some bullshit, pussy foot around three person, mom and pop operation talking about, grab your balls and grow the company to the level.

(06:18): You know you're capable of, but you're scared shitless. You own the hamburger joint down the street. You know, you want Tanner, turn it into a franchise and glow this thing globally, but you're scared shitless. You're out there doing gutters. This is what I used to do. But yet you're only doing, you only got one truck on the road. How the fuck are you gonna be a millionaire? If you only got one truck on the road, you scared shitless told myself I wouldn't cuss today, but I get so excited about this stuff because I know that's, what's holding you back. You're scared. You're playing in fear. No, I'm not Lord bullshit. I play in fear still, but I'm acknowledging it. And I accept it and I document it and I focus some growth. I'm scared right now, as I speaking to you, cuz I'm making a multimillion dollar investment, something I've never done before on this level, but I don't let fear hold me back. I wanna share with you what I do and I hope it can help you. I know it will. If you allow it to I'm 44 years old this year, the investment I'm going to make today is going to help me become a better person. When I wake up at 50, I have way bigger goals. When I'm six years older, do you I'm talking like goals. I can't even. I'm shaking thinking about 'em.

(07:49): Do you have goals that big or you just trying to figure out to fucking pay the bills today? What I do is I look at where I'm going to be when I'm 50 and I ask myself the simple question, mark, if you don't make this investment today, that scares the shit out of you. Then how do you ever expect to show up at 50 being the person you wanna be? I do this with my health. I do this with my wealth. I do this with my charity pieces and all say, I don't play that game. Oh, I'm gonna give 10% of my wealth away. When I make a million dollars liar, you ain't gonna do that. If you can't give, when you got a little, you're not gonna give, when you got a lie, it's the way it works, where I'm at today and where I'm gonna be six years from now. I have very aggressive plans in the next six years. Very aggressive. I'm scared every fucking day. I just made a commitment in Cleveland, Ohio of over six figures, mid six figures to do an event to change people's lives and to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's a huge commitment, but I have to do it. Why?

(09:12): Cuz that's the plan dude? Who said it was not going to be scary? Who said it was going to easy? It's all relative. I wanna see 500 people sitting in this room in Cleveland, Ohio by sharing so much badass information. When I wake up six years from now and I meet you again, you've changed your life in many people's lives around you financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. That's my purpose in life. And I can't do that. If I'm hunkered down in the house with my thumb up my ass, hiding from fear Nor can you, A lot of you fuckers talk a big game, very fewer. You doing Dick to do anything about the big future. It's okay to be scared, but don't let fear control you control fear. I wanna ask you again because I think it's so important. Don't let this slide by listen to this show a thousand times until a fucking sinks in what would you do if you couldn't fail? Don't you get pissed off watching people dumber than youer and you, everything. They should not be where you it's so annoying, but they did the work. If you look at anybody it's success and I'm giving you the secret of the secrets, the only thing I don't care. If they're black, white, brown, purple, pink, whatever dumb I'm smart. And none of this matters. If someone's where you wanna be. It's cuz they took steps out of fear. They got, they were scared, but they did it anyways. I'm gonna wake up at 50 years old. It's the plan. And I wanna be way further ahead in life than where I'm at to today. I wanna made more impact in people's lives than I made in the last 26 years and six years. I wanna change the trajectory of many thousands. Tens of thousands of people's lives through our message by can now helping people connect the dots to make their life easier, better all the way around.

(11:42): I'm scared, but I understand fear is a great pushing piece for me cuz I know where I'm going to be at 50. I see it clear as day. And if I don't make this move today, I can't be there. It's a lot of delusional thinking going on. It's like the guy or gal sitting on the couch, eating bond, bonds, drinking beer, saying I'm going to lose weight today. How, when mark read, think and grow rich it's think do to grow rich, not think and do nothing. You gotta execute the plan. It's not always easy. Trust me, but it's worth it. There's so much opportunity right now to make a massive impact. I've never seen it like this in my life. So many people clearly live in fear. Just walk around the fucking world and you'll see it. It's never been as plain as day. If you have an inkling of an inch of brain of executing something, you can make your life better and change your trajectory.

(12:58): See the problem is most people make decisions where they're at not with where they're going. Let me say it again. Most people are making decisions with where they're at, as opposed to where they're going. Have you ever asked, is this decision serving me or hurting me for where I'm going? The truth is most of you probably don't even know this. I stopped drinking. I haven't drank all of 20, 22. I can't even remember the last time I drank. Maybe it was like before Thanksgiving or I can't even remember. I woke up one day and said, it's not serving me. If you can't tell I have a I'm all in or all out and when I'm drinking, I'm not drinking to have a sip or two I'm drinking. That's my personality. I acknowledge it. And I just listen. It does. I wake up. It takes me two days from a hangover.

(13:57): I don't feel good. I feel like shit. I'm not focused. I got a lot of people depending on me. I got my kids time. Like I wanna spend time with my kids being present. I wanna spend time with my wife being present. I wanna spend time with my team being present. I wanna be present for fuck sakes. Why would I let an alcohol company take over me and control me until you take control? You have no control. It's something that didn't serve me. I just ask myself when I wake up at 50, am I better? If I'm drinking or not? Well, that's a simple answer for me now. I'm not judging you. If you drink, I actually enjoyed it. I only drink once or twice a month, but when I drink, I drink serving you or not serving you. I'm hiring people today for where we're going to be two years from now. Not with what's going on today, cuz it sure in the hell doesn't make sense right now, financially, maybe, but the proje trajectory and the projections look very good and the outcome could be very work out very well. But I gotta hire today to make that happen. See, everyone's looking for the perfect storm. All the stars to line up. What if you could play? What if you could align the stars yourself by taking action, asking different questions.

(15:15): I'm always amazed by something. We all have the same 24 hours a day. All of us, I don't care. What background you come from. I don't care. It doesn't matter. We all have 24 hours in a day. You sleep eight hours a day. You two hours a day, you work eight hours a day. You shower, you clean up. You bet you do all this shit. What is that? 8, 9, 10, 18 say 20 hours, 20 hours already down the drain. You got four hours extra day. What are you doing with those four hours? Working out mental stuff? Like what are you listening to? Hopefully the show reading 'em Audi. Listen to audio books, reading books, spending time with your family. What are you doing with your time? I'm gonna say block off 15 minute bullshit and all that. Fuck you. Spend three hours blocking off 15 minute segments. What are you doing with those four hour hours? See, this is the participation SEP separation piece I'm talking about. You gotta participate to really separate too many of you're out there watching bullshit sports that don't have Dick to do with your life. Just cuz you wanna be cool. Oh man. Ju John, look, you, you heard their shit, man, man, I was just doing a way better touch you under that guy, man. He has no hands. Your fat ass couldn't even get on the fucking field. If you wanted to, you can't even buy a ticket, let alone go play. The sport. Sports are a distraction to your reality of your goals.

(17:04): Why would you let sports dictate like dude, listen, I get it. It was cool for a while. But where you're at today, I know people that are literally so offering financially, mentally, emotionally, physically, but they fucking know everything about sports and that's a massive fucking loser. In my opinion, they're at home watching sports center in their boxers thinking they're all cool and shit why their kids can barely eat. Why their wife hates their fucking guts to be cool. Come on, man. You're better than that. And by the way, ladies, if you listen to shit, kick that fuck out of the house. Find a real man. I'm sick and tired of seeing great fucking people listening to the wrong narrative. If you buy into that bullshit, that's why you're broke. If you buy into that bullshit, that's why you're negative. If you buy in that bullshit, that's why you're not getting where you want to go. It's not because it doesn't exist. It's because you haven't showed up. You haven't join the participation of the future.

(18:17): You're gonna have to do uncomfortable shit to become a new, you. You're gonna have to do the work behind these scenes that no one will ever know and talk about and share about and brag about it might take one year, five years, 10 years, a hundred years, whatever the fuck it takes, it gets it done. Get the job done. One cares how hard you work. No one cares what you sacrificed. All they care is the results that you've created. Don't talk about it. Show 'em. You know how many years of my life I did stuff that no one ever saw, no one ever talked about. I didn't even talk about, I just executed daily action. Daily participation felt stupid. I felt dumb. I felt ignorant. When I got up on stage, the first time I was practically pissed at my pants. I had to do it though.

(19:07): Cuz I wanted to be a public speaker one day and today's the day to start the process. It wasn't easy. It wasn't fun. It wasn't exciting. I wasn't bragging about it. I just stood up there and did it. What are you doing today to meet your future self in five years, 10 years from now to know that you fucking gave it your all today, it's gonna show up later. If you're fat today, it's not because of what you ate today. It's what you've been eating for the last six years. If you're broke today, it's not because you broke today. It's because you're broke you. Haven't done to make the money to get to where you wanna go. I wouldn't even tell you this stuff. If I didn't care, everyone's gonna tell you positive shit. Good job, Johnny, keep participating, keep separating. You're gonna be the best fucking talker in the world. Bullshit. I want you to get results. I want you to spend quality time with your family. I want you to know that you're moving in the right direction. You have to transform who you are today to show up in the future, to where you want to go.

(20:20): If it's not aligned, how are you expecting to get there? You can't be pissed when you don't show up as that multi-billionaire million hundred year, whatever it is. If you're not willing to make the decisions today to make outta reality, what would you do? If you could not fail? Oh, buy a piece of real estate. Buy it now. Oh, jump on stage and talk to a thousand people. Go speak on stage in front of a one person. Get the process started. Now it's participation season. Then listen. Be careful where you're participating at. If I'm participating at the bar, my results are gonna be way different than if I'm participating at a mastermind group. You gotta get clear with this shit. I think a lot of people really well. I don't think I know for a fact too. Many of you are St. Have your head stuck up in the cloud.

(21:15): You're daydreaming. I'm all about it, but it's nothing. There's nothing fun about daydreaming. When you wake up five years later and you haven't accomplished Dick, the results are not there. Why? Cause you haven't done the work. You're afraid to fail. You're afraid to look stupid. You're afraid to lose. What would you do today? If you couldn't fail, would you hire that person you've been wanting to hire to help grow your company? Would you go hire a better lawyer? I saw some guy online, flipping off a fucking IRS bill. He's a and by the way, F U IRS, there's 108 K in here, dude. If you think a hundred, $8,000, a lot of money, you're fucking playing small. Think about the type of person that attracts in your life. Oh man. 108 grand. That's one of money, man. That's crazy, dude. How much make huh? Nothing to talk about.

(22:23): I'd be embarrassed. It says a lot of things about people like that. This is what I love about social media. I know how to unfollow, who to stop listening to. If someone you're following says shit like that, run for the Hills, delete them immediately. There's no value there. Do you know there's people in my life that I know that said they don't wanna make more money cuz they don't wanna pay the IRS more money. Huh? Yeah. Like dude, why would I do that? I'd make more money. I have to give the IRS more. Well there's lots of reasons to do it. I can't even talk to 'em. There's not the for me to talk about. See the thing is what people say and what they don't say is a lot of this is how I separate myself through people. I wanna hang out with what are they complaining about? What are they talking about? What are they growing? Where are they shrinking? What's pushing. 'em What's exciting to them. Who are they? Like, what are they accomplishing? Are they big givers? They big talkers only are they doers? Probably one of the coolest things I got guys, I get a front seat to this shit where I'm at my life, 26 years in this game. And I've mentored lots of people. I'm in this game forever, literally forever.

(23:43): And I'm excited to see where, where I'll be 10 years from now, 20 years from now, 50 years from now. I'm really excited for real. But I get guys that's been in the game for seven, 10 years with me and I'm still rolling with, I have guys that've been rolling with 20 plus years, but these guys in particular just came into my life, set one guy in particular. I'm thinking of seven years ago. He's a half a bill million in real estate. When I met him, he was only making a hundred grand a year. Do you think this shit happens by accident? He pushed himself. He proded. He called his way to the top. He's growing. He's crushing it. And what's cool. Him and I conversations. And we talk often. It's like, dude, can you imagine when we figure this shit out, can you imagine where we'll be five years from now?

(24:29): Can you imagine the impact we're having on people's lives? I see the impact he has on people's lives. See the thing is, it sounds weird, but like people like, dude, you changed my life. Cool. Like I hear it. But like I don't like celebrate that. I hear it. It's cool. I acknowledge it. But that doesn't ex it excites me, but I don't like get off on it. I wanna change millions of people's lives. And you're one of the million. I hope many millions and it's not like I'm like disrespectful about it. It's just by the way. Good and bad. I don't let good or bad like dictate. Like I know why I'm put on planet earth. I'm very crystal clear with it. I don't talk like most people I talk very passionate by the way, every show I do this one included is me talking to myself.

(25:15): You're just listening. I wanna help you. But I, this is how I help myself. This is exactly. Actually I've tamed it down for audio. This is exactly how I talk to myself. Evans, quit being a pussy Evans. You got this shit Evans. Oh my God, dude. You're sweating a ball, dude. You you're gonna you're in a fell Evans. Don't shit. Your pan on stage, dude, everyone's watching 500 people. Dude do not mess this up. You got this. Stop being a Panzi if you don't do it now, when do you do it? This is the shit I tell myself every day I got two calls today. I'm scared to death to have multiple millions of dot dollars. Tens of millions of dollars. You can, by the way you can ask my well you can't cause they won't talk. But like my fiduciaries, like, dude, you're not worth well.

(26:03): I'm like, I don't care about that, dude. What? Like here's where we're at. Here's where we're going. That's nothing for where I'm going. Nothing. I gotta set my shit up. Time is of the essence. Where can, where am I weak at? How can I get better? Who do we need to hire? Listen to my conversations I'm having. Where am I weak at? How do we get better? Who can we hire to make us better? Most people think, dude, I can do it myself. I wanna learn that on my own. I can save so much more money. You don't understand, man. I to make a hundred grand this year. What conversations are you having with yourself? See the inter interesting thing about what would you do if you couldn't fail is a very powerful question. I want you to understand what does failing mean to you? By the way, embarrassment losing a couple dollars. What does failing mean to you? Have you ever asked yourself what the word even fucking means? Cause at school they taught you. You got a fucking F you failed. No, I just hated English class and no one was sitting close enough where I could cheat and or collaborate. What I like to call it. I didn't fail at fucking English. I just, I didn't like it. See, in real life I can hire people in my weaknesses. Learn about, I'm not saying don't know about 'em but learn about 'em and hire it out. I know people still doing their books to their company. I know people still doing their advertise.

(27:38): I don't like come on. You're 10 years in the game. There's nothing to brag about. Let me, I do it old myself. Well, well, sorry to hear that. Why? It's always funny. The person's like, dude, there's no good people out there. Oh yeah. How many people you hired? None. But I hear about it all the time. Fuck you talking about, you don't even know what you're talking about. there's a lot of great people out there, but who wants to work in your shitty organization? And you're not gonna pay 'em Dick to do anything. Ouch. Truth. Who? Yeah, man, but I don't have enough money. I, I didn't say about you're making about money. I'm not, not I'm talking about, you said there's no good people out there. See the thing is, is you're trying to nickel and dime your way to the top. I'm not saying not be conscious of your spending, but be smart about it. Most people are spending to lose, not spending to win. Well, if I only hire someone a 40,000 a year, not 80,000 a year. And if it doesn't work out on, I lost 40, not 80. And dude, how much are the I'm making an investment. If I put 80 in, I make four 20. If I put 30, 40 in, I make one 60, it's an equation it's called fucking math. You're the one attaching emotions to all this bullshit. We all do it. By the way, especially in the beginning, I just got off the call right before I got on this podcast show, talking to a guy that he will generate a hundred thousand a month minimum with me. If not way more over the next 18 months, minimum he's in Jersey. I'm in Florida and we're gonna help a lot of people. And his RA will be about a hundred plus a month.

(29:35): I would be disciplined pointed if he made a million dollars in 12 months, like I'd be pissed because he's attached to growth. He's attached to helping people get accomplished their goals. That means the more he makes, the more they make, the more they make, the more he makes. Huh? Now listen. The old me, dude, I only got $80,000 max. I could pay up, pay 35, K 36 K base 3000 a month and I'll pay and I have his fuck can massive complicated structure for him to make 80,000 a year. He's so busy worrying about his time and trying to hit 80,000 a year that he makes the company nothing. I've set him up to fail him and me and all the clients that we could serve. See when people are making money, they wanna make more money by helping people make more money. And if they're attached to those connections, guess what happens. Typically, everyone makes more money. Do you think I make less money? If he makes a million and a half this year or more, do you think the clients that he helps makes a lot of money? Do you think they make less or more? If he makes more? Hmm. Interesting concept. Learn about people. Learn about money. It's simply a tool. Yes. It's cool to look in your bank account and see seven figures, eight figures, whatever it is. But it's pointless in there. It's not doing anything. It's just who can you hire today to make you better?

(31:26): It's funny. I got this guy. He's thinks he's the big swing in king dingling. It's hilarious to me cuz I see it a mile away. I, he didn't even have to tell. I know it, his financial situation now. Cause I asked him, but if you're online following this guy, you think he's crushing a life. He says, he's the biggest guy in the game and blah, blah, blah. All this bullshit he's been in the game 16 years. Literally he makes less than 200 grand net a year. But mark, it's not all about the money. The fuck. It's not. If you're the biggest game in town and you say, and you're only making 200 grand a year, you're a liar to yourself. And you're a liar to people that you're trying to bring in your circle. But I do millions of dollars in business. I don't give a fuck. If you do trillions of dollars in business, 200 grands, 200 grand homie. And then he messages me. I told him exactly who to hire, to change his life. The truth is he's setting on a pretty cool asset that literally if he would get out of his own way, he'd unlock millions of dollars. Literally overnight. I swear. I've seen this a million times overnight with one action. It doesn't even cost him money to do it one action.

(32:43): But he's so caught up in his ego that he thinks he's the king dingling. I was like, dude, pay my buddy 25 GS. I don't even do this. I don't coach you one on one. I I'm not into it. Pay this guy 25 grand. He'll show you exactly how to do it. He'll change your life. That was a month ago. He's messaged six other people that I know. Hey man, is this a real deal? Hey man, Hey, if he's making so money, why is he charge me? Well, cuz you're a fucking timer. That's why truth is now. It's 50,000. And if you ask another question, it's going to 75. Today's price is not yesterday's price. You see the thing is, is people don't understand their value to the marketplace in any way, shape or form. It's kind of like an artist. Isn't it. When I buy a piece of art, I just paid 15 grand for this piece of art from a buddy of mine, dude, it looks like my kid collared it. I'm not trying to be a Dick, but it's the truth. I like it. And I think this piece, the only reason I bought it, cuz I think it's gonna go in value. I think it's worth a hundred grand and 10 years or less from now. Cuz he's going places he's visible and all that. And him and I laugh and talk about it. Like that's not a secret, but I'm not being a Dick. I say this to his face. I'm like, dude, that's like seriously. He's like, I know man, it's wild. Isn't it? And he is like, but here's the purpose behind it. Here's what I did. Here's what I see. And blah, blah, blah. And cool. I get it now. But he's like mark. You understand you're not paying 15 grand just for this piece. You're paying 15 grand for the last 25 years of my life of learning of how to do art properly.

(34:17): No one would've ever paid me 15 grand for this 25 years ago in business. The same thing. He values his time. He values his work. We're all here to get more time. Why would you work for free? By the way, this guy can listen to my podcast show for free. He could buy a book for $15 and or figure out a way to download online for free somehow through some scam site. I'm sure. And I told him to spend 25 grand on my buddy. He was like, dude, if everyone's making so much money, why aren't they helping people? That's not making so much money cuz they value their time. And if you pay, you pay attention and the more you pay, the more attention you pay. And by the way, everything I told you what to do. You still have a fucking done. And I told you what to do for free already. See the thing is, is broke. People don't get it. It's sad. I remember I had a very clear conversation with someone you guys all would know semi pretty famous guy. We're sitting in a very nice hotel in Arizona and he's like, dude, I want to help poor people broke people, get wealth. I said, it just doesn't work like that straight up. It does not work like that. There's a reason people are poor. There's a reason people are broke their habits, their conversations. They it's not about the past. It's not about where they grew up. It's about their brain. It's about their mentality. You understand some people like being poor. Some people wear it with a badge of honor. It's the way it is. It's the way it always will be. Okay. I can't help that individual at all. I have zero in common. If they don't want more outta life, how can I like once I want more for the individual than they do for themselves, I'm out. There's no Val, I can't help them. It's frustrating for me. And it's frustrating for them. There's zero value.

(36:15): My buddy called me today. He's like, dude, you're the most positive person I've ever met. You. You're so optimistic about life and all that. I'm like, he's like, man, it's just, that's not, you know, this is a guy I know very well, by the way, he's like, you know, keep my he's getting beat up in his business. Little things are going on. He's like, dude, I'm like, you have to start talking to more people in a better place. See, it's easy to get consumed with negativity. It's easy to, I wrote a book about this called me economy for God's sake. It's easy to let the world take over your brain. You gotta be conscious of shit, but I'm getting off track. I really care about your success. I genuinely want you to succeed at levels. You don't even know you're capable of the best thing in my life is when you walk up to me three years, five years, 10 years, 30 years from now. And you say, dude, you have no clue what this show meant to me on this day, this moment you asked a question, what would I do? If I couldn't fail, I wrote it down and I did it. I'm getting goosebumps even saying it, it changed my life financially. It gave me more confidence. My kids watched me do it. They're better human beings because of it. I'm a better human being because, and the clients and customers that we changed their lives are better because of it because I did something that you, when you asked, what would you do? If you couldn't fail? I listened and I did it. When you come from that place, my job becomes very good. I love what I get to do every day. I don't like delivering the bad news, but I delivered the real news. I'm not gonna cherry code it.

(37:55): I'm not gonna, you know, oh, you're doing such a good job. No dude, you're fucking lazy. You know what? I know it let's call it what it is and let's move on and grow this thing, period. We have to push the boundaries. We have to elevate the game. We have to get into participation before you can get into separation. All of you out there. Cool memes home in separation season. No you're not your fucking lazy ass. You're sitting at home watching sports, typing that shit on your Instagram and then going back to eating bond bonds. You know it. And I know it. I wanna see your results, not your talk. I'm excited to hug you, shake your hand to know that this show and what any of these shows I've ever done or any of these books have ever created. Change your life. Change challenge. Your thought pushed you. I wanna piss you off so much. You actually gotta prove me. Right? Well all show him. I'm afraid of this, but I'm gonna do it in anyways. Then I'm gonna show 'em it doesn't work. And then it's gonna work. you're a badass dude. You yes, you listening. You're way bad in a good way. More bad than you've ever thought you are. You're resilient. You're hardworking. You genuinely care. You're pushing the limits every day. We just need to push new limits. You know, you're capable of so much more, you know it, and the man upstairs knows it. The question is what are you going to do with it to unlock it?

(39:33): When I turn 56 years from now, June 19th, six years from now, my life is gonna be drastic. I'm excited to be doing these shows with you cuz you're gonna hear it. And you're gonna see it real time. See I'm in the long term game. I want you to stay here for 10 years and watch me grow. Cool thing about this is many of you have been here for the two and a half years. I've been done this shell and you've seen the growth. I get messaged all the time. Like holy shit, dude, you sound like a different person. Well it's because I am. Of course I do. I cuz I am a different person. I'm evolving. I'm doing exactly what I'm telling you. You should do. I'm pushing the boundaries. I'm scared. I'm going places. You're going PLA. We're all going places. The question is, is it a place where you want to end up or not? It's your time. I want you to get uncomfortable. I want you to get scared. I want you to start shaking. I want you to get excited. There's gonna be lots of frustrating moments. Why? Cuz you're pushing. It hurts. It's scary. But like I said, it's worth it. I challenge you to invest some time on this question. What would you do if you couldn't fail, harness it and execute it. So what that said make today.

(40:59): I'm to question when he's I to tell him what the deal stand for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journey where it's at, it's all about the process. Come to get over to the team project from a small town in. So I know how it is you. I come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid, wanted to make honey bread and see no one make more than that. Graduated high school with a 1.8, like should they held me back? Oh my principals and teachers are alive just to witness this. I'm an own ball. Somehow you're running two, a figure businesses walk away from it. I'll be good. I been called to help people just like, y'all learn the game. It's come to ball. Everybody chasing the money, but I'm not chasing of money.

(41:53): I'm out here chasing the purpose show. I've been working my whole life. What guess? Where we at? Is it gonna get us where we wanna go? So it's come to push, come to learn, come to grow, come over. See I heard that helping. I I know and how I did it discover freedom that ain't no questions. When he step the doubt, he's close and deals to tell them what the DM stand for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journey's where at it's all about the process. Come to get over to the DM project a deal.

(42:43): This is the podcast, factory.com.

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