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The popular saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is dead wrong. The real saying should be “it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you.” 

That subtle little change of phrase has made people just like you multi-millionaires. And it will do the same for you too. 

So how do you get people to know who you are? It’s easier said than done. 

But in this episode, I reveal how you can accomplish this — and make millions while you do. 

Listen now so you can use this powerful wealth-building secret. (And there’s an extra life-changing opportunity in this episode too.) 

Show highlights include: 

  • Michael Jordan’s secreet for making billion from people he doesn’t know (and how you can do the same) (4:25) 
  • How creating free podcasts and selling free books unlocks and unlimited amount of 7-figure opportunities (5:03) 
  • The powerful “Amplify Your Voice” trick for magnetizing customers and clients to pay you (without saying one word to them) (5:47) 
  • The weirdest way to close more deals and unlock more opportunities by wearing “silly” shirts and hats (12:14) 
  • How to transform $2k into millions of dollars doing nothing more than having fun (16:54) 
  • The brutal truth you don’t want to hear about why your business isn't growing like you dreamed (24:13) 

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Welcome to the making of a DM, the decision that will kill you. It kills dreams and goals all over planet earth. But after today, my friend, you're going to be able to look decision in the eyes in a way different way. So with that said, let's get started

(00:21): I'm more Kevin, I'm more Kevin I'm to helping teach him what I, what I know and how I to discover freedom there. Ain. No question more. Kevin, when he step hem, I to tell what the DM stands for, I'm deal a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. Hey there, boy, Mark happens. Fuck. You're having an amazing day sitting here. Just got Back

(00:57): To the house here in Parkland, Florida. Hope you had an amazing mother's day as I'm talking to you. We, uh, my wife and I, uh, we left early Saturday and came back early Monday. Um, we went and hung out at the four seasons there in Fort Lauderdale new place. My wife kind of likes to go to new places and hang out and all that, but it's kind of cool. I was, uh, we were sitting there hanging out and, uh, the kids were over in Naples, Florida with the in-laws and, uh, so it was just us hanging out, meeting some cool people, whatever. But, um, we woke up early Monday and we were gonna leave at Monday around two o'clock, but we woke up early and you know, I did my workouts, did my thing, whatever, come back to the room and she's like, Hey, you know, kind of, I'm kind of done.

(01:39): You wanna head back? And I'm like, absolutely, it's pretty cool to, and this isn't bragging by the way, but it's pretty cool that we love our, our life that we've built so much. We're not trying to avoid it or get away from it. Like we actually like being a part of it. And, uh, it wasn't always like that. Um, you know, honestly, so I've always made like an honest effort and attempt to, you know, create a badass life and you know, oh man, I gotta go here to escape. Well, I went there to reset disconnect to reconnect. It's pretty powerful. So that's what the four seasons meant for me. Right. My wife went, she wanted to just hang out and check it out. And I wanted to, you know, have a lot going on, have documentaries, being done, multiple books, being created, you know, events going on.

(02:24): And you know, the DM Alliance is growing and you know, just, it's a lot of cool stuff, a lot of stuff. Right. And can get overwhelming when you set up big expectations on yourself, which if you're here listening to the making of the DM, that's why you're here. You know, you're capable of more and you want more and more importantly, you're doing something about it. So I commend you on that. Uh, before I get started today, it's not what you know, it's who, you know, I'm gonna share my insights on that. Cuz I think a lot of people don't understand what that really means. I clearly know a lot of people don't cuz I see how they do it. It's wrong. But for being here on the show, we get so much feedback and so many neat people I get to meet from all over the world from the podcast show here.

(03:10): So wherever you're at in your life, I talked about this last week, but you know, you're where you need to be. It might not be where you wanna be, but it's where you need to be to make that, you know, that that pivot, that trajectory Mo movement or that moment in your life, in your business where it's gonna catapult you. So if this show makes an impact on your day or on your life gives you some insights makes you smile and uh, and, and helps you become a better human being in any way, shape or form. All I would ask is that you share the show on social media tag me at Mark Evans, DM. It's always interesting to me. We have a lot, a lot of people listen to the show and I wish we had more people sharing the show. It allows a lot of people, you know, I, I don't charge for this.

(03:54): If I wish I could talk to all of you, one on one, I truly do. It's just, that's not how life works, but it's, uh, it'd be a great way to, uh, you know, show that, Hey, this show's making an impact and you know, it's helping you. And I know a lot of you leave five star reviews too, which is absolutely amazing. So thank you guys for that. So I wanna talk today about, it's not what you know, it's who, you know, there's actually two sides of this as well. It also is. Who knows you? So let's start there. You know, think about this, Michael Jordan, the guys made billions of dollars from people he doesn't even know literally from people he'll never meet. He'll never know who they are. He won't know who he's inspiring and all that, but they know who he is. It's very powerful cuz he's in the right channel.

(04:44): He's done the right work. And now, I mean, people are wearing Jordan's stuff everywhere. It's such a huge brand, billions and billions of dollars. So think about that. It's not, who knows you. It's not what it's not who you know it's who knows you. Right? So who knows you? What are you doing to get people to know you, by the way, this podcast, a lot of people know me through the podcast, but I not, I don't necessarily know you as an individual yet. Right? Same thing with my books. People are reading the books. I get messages every single day, Hey man, I read this book, blah, blah, blah, blah, whatever, which is awesome. And then I get to know 'em I get to forge relationships with him and such. But if I didn't write the book, if Jordan didn't show up to practice every day, if he didn't persevere through pain and struggle and all that stuff, no one would be knowing who he is.

(05:42): So my question to you is what are you doing to get people to know who you are? What are you setting up? What are you building? What are you creating in your life and in your business? Do you have a blog? Do you have a website? Do you have an email list? Do you have social media? Do you have books? Do you have a podcast show? Do you do events? What do you do that is amplifying your voice to get people to know you? True story. I always knew I wanted to be, when I say famous, I'm not talking like a celebrity famous, like you know, on TV, but I always wanted a lot of people to know who I was because I knew the more people that knew who I was, the more I could make an impact when I was 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 60 S 18 years old.

(06:34): I, I, my parents still have a lot of this stuff. I used to sign my skateboard. I signed my name to it and dated and everything because I always said, man, this one day, this will be worth money. One day, this could be in a museum 300 years from now. I did something big in my life. Keep mind. I'm like 14 doing this. This could be somewhere. And it could be, it could like mean something. Are you thinking like that? Are you thinking? Lot, lot of people's thinking, how do I make up quick buck today? I always think in long term term, like very long term, cuz if not, it's got straight up. It's so easy to make money. It's so easy to make a sell, but it's not easy to build a longevity long term business to create long term value of prospects and clients to build forge of massive relationships, takes a lot of work.

(07:27): It's a different cadence. It's a different team. Everything's different. And I can tell you this, to be honest with you, it's not very fulfilling. Just making money off of short term things. I know I've done it, man. Make quick million dollars. Cool. Okay. I'm empty still. Okay. Well I gotta make more money. Cool. I made more money, but I still feel like shit. So I genuinely want the, the, the biggest thing for me is like being around great people, striving to do better, taking information that can help make their life easier. Seeing them implement it and execute and live a better life. Do more like that is the best feeling in the world. And there's no way a dollar amount you could ever put on that for me. The cool thing about that concept is I make more money. They make more money. I'm more fulfilled.

(08:20): They're more fulfilled. It's not lopsided. It's not one sided. It reminds me when I was 18 years old, I saved up to buy a pair of Jordans. I think it might have been 17. Actually. I was 17 and I saved up a lot of money back then. It was like $120. That is a lot of money when I was a kid like literally that's like working two and a half years of my life saving, right? So $120. He might have had a car. I had to pay insurance like how I grew up. You, you know, if you drove, you had to pay gas and insurance and you had to work and whatever.

(08:56): So Jordan's not sitting around thinking, man, this little kid from small town, Ohio that has duck table in his tennis shoes is working really hard and inspired by me to, to, you know, say for years to get money, to buy my shoes. Instead, he's focused on the big vision of what he's created. His brand, helping people be a beacon of opportunity, be a beacon of light. He's understood his real value to the marketplace makes him feel good. Clearly. Like it means something to him said no, sometimes looking at wealth, we think, oh man, that was so easy for them. Or it was just handed to 'em or whatever. But like if he didn't show up, if he didn't do what he did, no one would know who he is.

(09:46): Like literally, like I put those Jordans on him. I forget what they're even called now. But they had the two holes in the, the, um, the tongue of the, the shoe, you know, pulled up the black, the red, the white two. I, I literally put 'em on. I felt invincible, lay stop. I'm ready to go. Who's a huge deal. And I, I genuinely I'm shooting straight with you. I want people to feel that way with the DM cuz the DM is not a, by the way, Michael, Jordan's not about being Michael Jordan. It's about what it stands for. We can all be our Michael Jordan of our own life. The DM to me when I see people sport, it, it absolutely makes me smile. It gets me excited. Why? Cuz I know that this means something to them and they're going places cuz they've embodied it in their life.

(10:37): Like dude, this is like, it's a Cape I put on the DM shirt. As I'm talking to you, I'm wearing a black DM shirt. I put that thing on and dude, I feel good. I'm down at the pool at the four seasons and a DM shirt and a DM hat. And guy's like, dude, what? The hell's the DM stand for? I'm like, oh on the back it sales deal maker. I'm a deal maker. But the truth is, it really means dream maker as well. He's like, you ain't gonna believe this, but my Peloton name is deal maker. Huh? Go figure. So we start talking and what we realized is one he's he's uh, he's doing some amazing stuff in the finance space, out of New York city. Great guy, two kids, him and his wife. And we're just talking because of the DM stands for something.

(11:25): There's lots of deal makers out there. But what does it really embody? What does it mean? Being a deal maker? Does it mean you're just making money? It means you're actually accomplished. You're so much bigger than that. Right? If you don't know what the DM stands for, go listen to show number one. I go pretty in detailed about it. Deal maker. You put on this shirt, dude. You feel today's the day I, we all have those days, right? Like dude, is this, when is it ever going to stop? When we're not just show me a sign, when's it gonna pop?

(12:02): That's what I wanna talk to you about today. I want you guys to be a DM of your life. I want you like, I don't care if it's find something that you stand for. See a lot of people wear, you know, the polos and that doesn't what is that? A guy on a polo? I mean they're nice shirts maybe or whatever, but like dude put on a Cape. When you put on a DM hat, it means something people are gonna ask you. They're gonna conversate with you. People don't know who you are now are gonna connect with you with you based off of a hat or a shirt or both. I swear in my life it happens everywhere. I go. When I wear the shirt and hat, which is often connect with people, get to know who they are, what are they doing?

(12:50): That's what it's about. Right? So it's not about a again. So that's the piece that who knows you, which is really cool by the way. It's, it's a really ego aside. It's amazing. Amazing to see people sporting the DM stuff. I'm honored. I know what it stands for. I know what they're going through. When I see it. It's instant connection instant because I know what they stand for. I know what, like it, it's amazing. And um, it's very powerful. So who, you know, see a lot of times people are like, dude, it's not what you know, it's who, you know, but what does that mean? Think about deeper. Think deeper on that question. Think deeper on that thought. I should say, it's not who you know, it's not, is it like who, you know, it has money. Is that what that means to you?

(13:50): What does it mean? Who can get here's what it means to me. And I hope this is what it means to you. Since 1996, I've been going to live events, masterminds, uh, conferences, meetups, et cetera. My best friends in my life have come from those events. When you can come to a room full of people that are coordinated through one message and understanding like I E the DM and you get in a room, the energy and synergies that will happen are absolutely unstoppable. It could be someone you're sitting beside. It could be someone you meet in the elevator. It could be meeting someone you meet in an Uber line. It could be me, someone you meet on the plane heading to the same event could like I'm telling you game changing life, changing conversations and meetings and outcomes that I've had going to live events.

(15:04): Just because you don't know someone doesn't mean that there's not an opportunity, right? On the other side of that, when you show up and meet people, this is what it means to me who, you know, I need to get to know who you are. The way that I do that is go into an environment that has these kind of conversations. These kind of thoughts. Picture this June 29th and 30th in Cleveland, Ohio, we're gonna have 500 people sitting in a room. I hope you're one of them. The investment's simple. It's so silly to like, everyone can afford it. But when you sit, when you come, you you're gonna leave your family. You're gonna sit in this room and you're gonna learn how to grow your business, grow your life. And most importantly, you're gonna meet people there for the same reasons. Like how in the world, could this be a bad investment?

(16:04): How in the world, could this be a bad investment? The only way it could be is if you literally fly and sit in your room and lock the doors and do nothing right thing, right? Who are you talking about your success? This sounds crazy. A lot of people listening to the show are successful in their own, right? A lot of people wanna get more successful. A lot of people have challenges that are making progress, but who do you genuinely connect with? And talk about this shit with, for real, when you go into a room for growth and everyone in there is the grow everyone's arms are wide, open. Egos are checked at the door and they're there to assist and help and guide and connect.

(16:54): You make an investment, say it costs you two grand, all lend a fly and pay the ticket and get hotel rooms and all that. How in the world, couldn't you turn that into millions of dollars and a room like that. For real, I've done it every single time. A room of 68 people changed my life forever, 18 years old, sitting there first row, four seat over sitting beside Connie, sitting beside Steve, literally. And I saw this guy make a phone call. And I connected with all these people. I didn't have the money. I didn't have the resources to make it happen. I made it happen. I knew the importance of people. See the truth is I couldn't go to my mom and dad to get money. They didn't have any, I couldn't go to my uncles. They didn't have any, I couldn't go to my aunts.

(17:41): They didn't have any, I couldn't go to my friend's PA family or any. They knew me as the snotty noses brat kid. Why would I trust you with $25,000 or whatever the number was back then. It's who, you know, in the right rooms. See, when you show up to a room and you're coming there with the intention to connect and share and talk magic happens. Remember in 2004, I was in, I was in, uh, Detroit, Michigan at the airport and it's kind of like at the hotel airport, big event, I met people. I didn't even know existed that I'm still best friends with today. Today, 18 years later, I can tell you every single event I've went to, I'm still connected with at least one person, if not multiple people that I still do business with, or am still have done multiple things with over the years, what are you doing to build up your rule of decks, of opportunity.

(18:43): You come there today, you're having a challenge in your business and you solve the problem. But yet, guess what? You meet three people and that one other person comes with an opportunity. You have a solution. You put the two pieces together and you both make a lot of money, create a great relationship. And now you're off to the races. See the thing is, most people hunker down at their hometown, in their sit, in their, in their little circle and they sit there and they're trying to figure what is wrong, why isn't working, dude, the answer's real simple. Cause you haven't fucking left the building. You haven't left your environment. If that's uncomfortable, get uncomfortable. You're worth it. Get outside of your network. Talk to people you've never talked to before, but mark, I'm not good at networking. Stop using that as a fucking excuse and get your ass to an event.

(19:34): You don't have to be good at it. You just have to show up. That's like saying I don't go to church cuz I don't want to go to church cuz it's outta my comfort zone because I might run into someone they might say hi and I don't know how to say hi back. It's bullshit. I'm talking fly. Get in a plane and travel outside of your area and show up to Cleveland, Ohio, June 29th and 30th. When you land, you meet people. You connect, you get out of like, it literally sets off a chain of events.

(20:09): You start connecting with people. You start changing your mindset. You're kind of uncomfortable. You're kind of like, oh it's awkward. I haven't really traveled for a while. Oh my God. Okay. I'm on the plane. Okay. It's delayed. But we're gonna get there. Boom. You land, you get to the hotel. You check in while you're checking in, you meet three other people wearing DM shit. And you're like, dude, you're here for that. Yeah. I'm here for that. Where'd you from? Oh, I'm from Wisconsin. Where are you from? I'm from California. Cool man. What do you do? I do this. You do that. Oh man. That's all. Hey, do you know Steve? Steve, John. Hey, do you know like boom connect, connect, connect. I see so many people doing it wrong in your little circle in your little environment. Wonder why this shit ain't working. Get around people. It's fun. Make it a game. Recently did that event here about six weeks ago here in my, in place in Parkland. And we had about 150 people there. There was this guy, Don, he lit Donald. He literally talked to every single person, but three people literally he turned it into a game to connect.

(21:14): And from that game, the guy's going to create millions of dollars. He's created massive amounts of connections. He's gaining more resources for his connection. His opportunity book. If you keep fishing in the same pond, expecting different fucking fish, you're fishing in the wrong pond or you're, you're just absolutely wishful thinking. My dad always said, mark, you get shit in one hand and wish in the other, which one's gonna fill up fast, faster. Right? I want you guys to be so successful. It makes me sick cuz I know what it's like on the other side, when you get enlightened and you meet the guy that could guy or guy that could drive your company to, to next revenue. When you hear something at the event and you're like, literally I'm swearing my life. I remember this time I was laying in bed. I did not wanna go to the event.

(22:04): I had too many drinks tonight before truthfully. And I was like, dude, I can't go. I was like, fuck Evans, you came here, you flew all the way to California. You spent $2,500 to be here. You have to go there. It was like, someone was tapping on my shoulder saying get up, get up. I got out of bed, cleaned up and went downstairs. And to this date, I still do business with the guys sitting beside literally still do business. This is 15, 15, 16 years ago. Him and I generated massive seven figures together. But if I laid in bed and didn't get up and didn't do this, I did the uncomfortable to connect. There's someone that's amazing at technology that you need plugged into your business. If you just met this person, they could streamline it, expedite it and get your results. Three years ago, I went to an event.

(22:59): I go to events all every year, three years ago, I went to actually, this is two years ago. What? When was co yeah, three years ago now, gosh times fly to go. Now. Gosh, time's flying. Right? Right. When all this COVID stuff was going on, I went, I'm not, I'm not scared nor were the people in the room. Guess what? That's a qualifier. We're in the room. We're connecting. We're talking. I'm literally going to generate 20 million. At least we've already made millions, but at least 20 plus million dollars in three years or less with that meeting by me showing up by him, showing up by the guy, hosting the event, putting it on and us paying to be there. He qualified the room for me, just like I take this very serious. I qualify the room for you too. People are investing to be in there. They wanna be there. They show up just like you will. And magic happens.

(24:00): You're only one connection. One deal, one conversation away from a totally different life. If you put yourself in that situation, see the thing is, you're talking to the same people about the same bullshit and you're expecting different results. We know what that means. Insanity. That's why you're going insane. That's why your profits aren't crushing it. That's why people get overwhelmed and frustrated and burn out. It's impossible to get burnt out. When you're hanging out with electrifying people. When you're meeting new people, doing shit that you didn't even know was possible. You meet this guy, uh, you know Greg and you meet and you're sitting in your situation, Grace's from North Carolina and you're like talking about what he's doing. He's like, dude, I did this and blah, blah, blah. Yeah. I sold the company for 18 million. You did what I'm trying to figure out to fucking make 180 grand a year.

(24:59): And you sold something for 18 million and you talk to him. You're like this. Guy's not smarter than me by far, but he knows something. I don't know. And then you start connecting and you start liking him and you start following him on social media and you start connect. You know, sending, you know, thumbs up pictures and liking his stuff and connect like that's how this works. I promise you. I promise you if you step up and show up, whatever you're dreaming about will show up 100%. See everyone thinks being successful is a lonely. It's just a lonely island. It's lonely at the top. Well, if you're lonely at the top, it's because you've topped out of your circle and you need to go elevate your circle to find a new top. Cuz whatever level you think you're at, there's a hundred other levels above you and beyond.

(25:59): Trust me. I know. I used to think like that. Well Evans, oh man, dude, you got this man. You're generating tens of millions a year. No one's gonna teach you shit. So I kind of let off the gas for a second. And I wasn't filled. I had challenges that we all have challenges in life and business and I wasn't hanging out with new people. I was the guy, you know, you always hear, you wanna be the dumbest guy in the room probably is. I was becoming the smartest guy in the room and that's a problem cuz I'm not that fucking smart. So I started investing in money, hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars to be in different rooms that literally like had me like I, I was like a lost puppy.

(26:45): I felt dinky. Not ginormous. That's where you need to be. It's not about like being dumb. It's about like, dude, I I'm here to learn and win in life. And I wanna be an amazing people to do this with. I don't know all the answers come there with my unique ability. Come there with what I've done and where I want and share your story. It's all you gotta do. And before you know it, especially if you're in the right rooms, they'll start plugging up the holes for you and your model. They'll start getting your team, rowing the boat in the right direction. If you're frustrated, you need to be here. If you're overwhelmed with your results or under underwhelmed with your results, you need to be in Cleveland, Ohio. It's a no brainer. Even if you just come to learn about experiencing what it looks like at the next level, everyone comes for different reasons. This is not a drunk Fest. Don't come here to get wasted. Come here to connect.

(27:54): Come here to change your life. Come here to have a better life, better quality of life. There's people I literally met since 1996. I've been on family vacations with birthday gifts, weddings part, eh, everything. By going to a meeting like this, it's small enough to be intimate, but yet it's big enough to make massive connections. The people that show up in Cleveland, Ohio, June 29th and 30th, I guarantee you you'll hundred to million, extra returns of what you make the investment. It's impossible to lose impossible. You're just showing up and getting in a room of people that are ready to serve is absolutely game changing. I had nothing to sell at this event. Zilch, there's nothing to buy.

(28:56): I wanna bring a, a room of players. I wanna bring a room of people that want to connect. I wanna bring a room of people that wanna make an impact. I want you guys to get knowing we'll have to famous people there. Guys that have millions of views a day. We'll have people there that are crushing and doing millions of dollars a month in business, many millions a month. We'll people that own a half a billion to a billion dollars in real estate. We have a guy that manages billions of dollars of money showing you how to get access to money, to grow your bottom line, your business. See if you have a business and you're trying to grow your business outta your bank account. You're, you're strangling it all the time. And I'm not saying go raise lots of money and do all this shit and dilute your, you know, your equity and all that. There's a lot of different ways to go about this. But my guys, we're very tradit. We're very old school. I should say where we know how to raise money and we know how to put 'em in deals. And we know how to generate massive revenue partners make money. You make money and you grow. So if you're stalled out or you're overwhelmed or you need access to more capital that one 30 minute talk and connection with the guy could change your fucking life forever. Literally.

(30:11): How do I know? Cause I met him five years ago and him and I's done millions of dollars of business together, many millions. I'm not bringing up public speakers that speak all across the world. I'm bringing up real guys. I've done real business with. I just had dinner with the guy, him and his uh, fiance last night, 28 years old. Who's raised tens of tens of millions of dollars generates millions of dollars a year in revenue. And he's gonna be sharing about how he does it. And he's been doing it for the last eight years. He's 28 years old. Who's gonna give a kid 22, 22 years old, tens of hundreds of thousands. If not millions of dollars. Well, he knows how to do it.

(30:59): He's gonna share with you. There's nothing to buy. I see too many people working way too hard. What's the missing connection? Well, maybe the missing connection is simple as just showing up in the right fucking room, got a guy there, massive developer. These are attendees. By the way, these are paid attendees that are coming to hang out and meet. You got a lady who owns a restoration business, does 15 million a year. She's looking to expand into real estate. If you do real estate, this is a beautiful thing. By the way, everyone coming here has something going on and business and life and all that. So the real estate guys are looking to do E eco. The econ guys are looking to do real estate and vice versa. They're looking to expand their E eco business, but they're also looking to diversify in the real estate, the real estate guys, looking to expand as real estate business, but also diversify into E eco.

(31:58): We're gonna talk about that. We're gonna talk about why I'm buying companies and how I buy and how I'm analyzing 'em and what we're doing to execute the transaction, how we're raising the funds. I don't have to put any money in a deal to buy something for millions of dollars to net millions of dollars a year, $0. But mark, no one believes me. You've been around for 26 years. How am I gonna get that? That's why you need to be in the room because I'll show you how to get these guys to raise the money for you. You don't even have to raise it if the deal's good enough. Well, how do I know the deal's good enough? Because they're gonna fucking tell you and show you if you're great at operations and driving businesses, but yet you always struggle in growing the bottom line and all that. Cuz you're running this outta your bank account. You have to be there.

(32:52): There's people there that will make a lot of money with you. It's an exciting time to be alive. And June 29th and 30th will be absolutely mind bending game changing to your life in business. It means so much to me to have you there. If you, if I've ever given you any value for free on the show out of all, do you must be there? Why wouldn't you show up? Well, I don't wanna travel from Missouri. Drive, fly walk, take a bus, take a train. I don't care. Just be there. Get in the room with people that wanna grow. You wanna grow right? You wanna grow your income. You wanna grow your connections. You wanna grow your relationships to another level. You wanna become a better human being. You wanna become a better leader. You wanna like am I the only one that feels behind the eight ball every day?

(33:54): Am I the only one that knows there's so much more opportunity than one I'm doing today? Am I the only one that knows there's just one relationship, one connect. That's what gets me up in the fucking morning. I could meet someone at the Starbucks or the local coffee shop just by checking in true story. Last night when I was meeting my buddy, we were at a little bar restaurant waiting for them. The guy sits beside my wife, cuz we're at the bar and there's no other seats. And I say, Hey man, what's going on? He has this huge beard, whatever. Start talking to him and it's not here. This is the opening line. Swore my life. I said, Hey man, how long did it take you to grow that beard? It's long. He started laughing. He's like, dude, that's a funny question. A long time, 15 years, maybe, maybe longer. And I was like, have you ever thought about shaving? It? He's like, I don't think I'm ever shaving it. And then he is like, what do you do? Where are you from? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Guess who I'm meeting tomorrow for lunch? The guy owns a race car team he's lives in San Diego. He owns seven businesses generating hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

(35:05): And he's got all this crazy stuff going on. He's like, dude, I wanna chill. I wanna kick it with you. You're local. I want to hang out. Let's connect. Cause I told him what I'm Hey, I own some companies. I do this and that. Boom. We probably have some conversation. Could I make money with him? Could he make money? I don't know yet. I don't care about that. I'm just connecting. Here's what I do know. The more people I connect with at that level, the more opportunities are op the chance I have to connect and make more money. So yes I showed up. I conversated and now there's an, an opportunity in the making potentially if not worst case scenario, he's a cool fucking guy. He's got some cool shit going on. Maybe it happens today. Maybe it happens 20 years from now. Maybe it happens never. But I got to add someone to my Rolodex that I could call on. If I have a, he owns a pretty big gold company, HES, a pretty cool race card company, like who knows? But there's a funny thing about this. This is a multimillionaire. I can get ahold of multimillionaires easier than I can get. Ahold of broke people. This is a true story.

(36:10): I see this all the time broke. People don't answer the phone. They don't call people back. They're not consistent. They're infrequent at best. There's a reason. Success leaves clues. We hear these statements. We don't know what the fuck it means. This is what it means. I can send a text and say, yo man, what's up connect today. Bring, Hey mark. What's going on, man? I was thinking about you. What's going on? Boom. They don't avoid you. They don't ghost you for months if ever forever. Right? So get in the right rooms, hang out with the right people, whatever you want is on the other side of a connection. Anything, we have a new software being created for one of our companies, true story. A guy I met five years ago, I talked to him. I head him up. I was like, Josh, here's our situation. He's a tech guy. Here's our situation. I have no clue what's going on. Do you know anybody can help us? He's like dude, based off what you just told me, I know the exact guy, his name's Jonathan. He's done it for two other buddies of mine. Just like your situation. And it's, you know, under $20,000 and it's done in three days. This is something my team's been working on for four months and I solved it with one conversation and one connection that I met five years ago. What is that worth?

(37:30): What is it worth? I'm telling you look around, pay attention. Look where you're struggling. Come intently to Cleveland, Ohio, meet amazing people. I'll be there. I don't speak and run behind the scenes. I speak. I will be there 24 hours a fucking day for two days straight with you. I'm the I'm staying at the hotel. It's funny people in Cleveland, man. I don't wanna steal my house. I'll save $500. Are you fucking stupid? You're missing the point. Sit in the room, soak it up. Get away from the distractions at home. You're coming here to learn, to grow, to expand, to connect. See our brain brains plate. Well I got, I gotta get home, man. Uh, I got my, uh, this make a commitment to yourself to be better. Make a commitment to yourself, to go there, to learn and expand. See the thing is, is if you leave, I, I literally live 30 minutes from the hotel. I could easily drive home. But what about the connections at the coffee shop? What about the connections when I'm working out in the gym at four 30 in the morning? What about the connections when I'm having coffee before it starts? What about the walking down the hallway or up the escalator or up the elevator or down or whatever? Think of all these moments of connections because you're fucking penny foolish.

(39:04): Don't be silly. Indulge yourself. You know, like just get involved June 29th and 30th. It's a must. If you want to grow, just like whatever you're struggling with can be solved so fast. Let's me snap my fingers so fast when you're in the right room. And then not only that will finish it off with, I promise you will be the most epic birthday party you've ever seen in your life. There are gonna be some amazing things that happen there. You're gonna like, again, I'm all in, all in. You gotta understand. This is some, this is hundreds of thousands of dollars to put on an event like this. I'm all in to make your experience epic. I want you to open up to connect, to grow, to, to become like become the person. You know, you want to become to that. You're capable of the party alone would be worth the investment.

(40:12): it's exciting. I'm excited. If you can't tell, if you haven't got your ticket, you can shoot me a private message at Mark Evans. DM on social says Cleveland, Ohio I'm in and I'll send you a link or get over to Mark Evans. dm.com/cleveland, Mark Evans, dm.com/cleveland. I'm not trying to be hard selling this, but like, man, I know the people coming, like they're gonna change my life, my life. There's people in that room that will change my life. So how in the world, couldn't it change your life? The truth is it might be you. I don't know yet. I'm showing up there to create life changing opportunities. I don't even know what those look like yet, but I always need help. I always have problems. I'm growing. I'm expanding. I'm pushing. I'm prodding. I need better people. I need more people. I need hungrier people. I need to connect with your people.

(41:20): I want like, that's what I think about in these things. I hope you do too. Cuz when you show up 12 months later or less, your life is going to look drastically different because of the people you met in the room. Now it comes really to, it's not what you know, it's who, you know, not only do they know you now, but you know a new group of people and you're gonna keep evolving this muscle and it's gonna keep getting bigger. See you have 26 years of meeting thousands of tens of thousands of people over all these events. I'll be in June. mid-June speaking that event of 2000 people. I hope I get to meet every single one of them in person. One on one. That's my intention. The likelihood of that happening is slim to none. But I'm going to do everything I can to meet as many people as possible.

(42:15): Hey man, what's going on? Yeah, yeah. You know I own uh, blah, blah, blah, blah. Cool. Do you know this person? Not yet. Hey, you should know that person. Hey shoot me a text. Shoot me an email. Go the Hey, go to the west like resourceful. When you go to the right room with the right intentions, dreams will become true. It becomes the truth. Your dreams are so close to a whole nother level. If you show up, if you don't cool, have the same problems. Talk about the same stupid shit. Keep making the same excuses. Keep having the same. Like why do this to yourself?

(42:49): You don't have to believe me. Come to this event and watch it. Watch it happen for your life right in front of you because you took action. You realize this is real. You realize that, you know, you don't know everything you need help. We all do. And if you do events, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you've been to an event, think about those encounters. Do you know how much easier it is to get money from a stranger than it is from a friend? Let me say that again. Do you know how much easier it is to get money, to do a deal from a stranger than it is from a friend? This sounds absolutely asset. If you don't know what I'm talking about, but it's the truth. You're gonna meet a lot of people there with a lot of money. If you have deals, bring them.

(43:36): If you have capital, you wanna invest in deals. Bring that, talk about it. Let people know what you're up to be specific. Show up intentional. I want this to be the best in best return of investment you could ever have. You don't have any leave your wallet at home. Once you get there, there's nothing to buy. This is not like these events where people pitch you a product after product, after product, that's bullshit. That's manipulating and they're just trying to make money. I'm not making any money on this. 100% of the net. Proceeds will go to charity at this event, I've done this for many years and I'm doing it. I'm gonna continue to do it for the rest of my life. It's a great way to give back at a high level and many levels. I connect with you. You connect with people and we connect with humans and charity.

(44:19): It's a very, very amazing full circle giving effect. I want you to be a part of it. I need you to be a part of it. If you're part of the DM tribe, if you're part of the DM world, this is something you can't miss it. This happens once a year. If you miss this, you're gonna wait a whole entire another year. But to potentially come again, don't do that to yourself. There's no excuse under the moon unless you're dead on the 29th and 30th for real. That's how serious it is to me. I know I'm a little Jada cuz it's my event, but it really is about you guys. It's the DM event. You'll see stuff you've never seen before at an event. I know what the team's putting in it. I know what we're putting into it. I know what we're going. It's not the big stuff.

(45:04): It's the little stuff you're gonna have an epic experience. When you get your ticket and show up, it's at Mark Evans, dm.com/cleveland. Get your ticket. Let's get on board. Let's start to work. I'm gonna do a, pre-show like a pre-event for you guys to get you ready to show up and show you how to monetize this to the whole nother level. My thought is every single person there could generate an extra million dollars, a million dollars in business with the connections you can create at this event. Every single person, every single person can do that. We're about to find out, see a lot of people. Think about it. Talk about it. Very few PO people will do it. Well. I know there's a lot of people listening to my voice right now. And if you're serious, stop thinking, start doing, stop talking, start executing. You deserve it. You're better than that, but no one else can do it for you. But you, you know that. And I know that. I hope to see you in Cleveland, Ohio, June 29th and 30th, be ready, dress through the nines. There's a tux party. Like I said on the 30th, it's gonna be epic life changing for all. So what that said, make they count. We'll see you on the other side

(46:27): There to discover freedom. There. Ain't no question Mark Evans. When he step in the doubt, he's closing deals. I to tell him what the D stands for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journeys where it's at, it's all about the process. Come to get over to the team project from a small town in Ohio. So I know how its should not come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid wanting to make a honey brat, I see no one making more than that. Graduated high school with a 1.8. They should have held me back. I hold my principals and teachers are alive just to witness this I'm own ball. Some out here running two way, figure businesses. I can walk away from it and I'll be good. I been called to help people just like y'all learn the game.

(47:12): It's come to ball. Everybody chasing the money, but I'm not chasing the money. I'm out here chasing the purpose. Yo, I been working my life. Guess where we at? Is it gonna get us where we wanna go? So to push it's to push, come to learn, come to Kevin. I'm that? Helping what I, what I know and how I did it to discover freedom there. Ain't no question mark Kevins. When he step the he's closing what the DM stands. I'm a deal, a deal, but I'm not just a deal. I'm a dream. The journeys where it's at, it's all about the, the deal deal. This Project

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