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Stealing partners, finance falling through, key team members quitting… Shit hits the fan all the time in business. 

These events shut down your logical thinking. So if you can’t make logical decisions, how do you get out of such a catastrophe? 

You pick up the phone and start dialing. 

Imagine having a successful entrepreneur on speed dial, who’s faced your exact problem before. You’d solve the problem faster, right? 

Now imagine having a dozen of them. 

In this episode, you’ll discover how to build a network of A-players you can call on every time shit hits the fan. You’ll get out of a rut faster, access million dollar deals and develop lifelong friendships. 

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Show highlights include: 

  • The “old-school” way to do deals that saves time and boosts your reputation (2:48) 
  • How to get ahead in business by negotiating like a 5th grader (3:56) 
  • The “board of directors” method that lets you break free of any business catastrophe even if emotions cloud your judgment (7:50)
  • The weird way standing by the water cooler helps solve the most heated business problems (14:58) 
  • The only way to become a self-made multi-millionaire by 30 (20:19)
  • Avoid business disaster with nothing but karate art and a handwritten letter (22:55) 

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Welcome to the making of a DM, the decision that will kill you. It kills dreams and goals all over planet earth. But after today, my friend, you're going to be able to look decision in the eyes in a way different way. So with that said, let's get started

(00:33): A I'm Kevin, I'm here to helping teach him what I, what I know and how I did it to discover freedom. There. Ain't no question. More Kevins. When he step the do he's closing deal. I tell him what the DM stands for. I'm a deal, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal. I'm a dream maker. Hey, there's your boy bark. Kevin D M. Welcome to the making of a DM podcast show. Appreciate you being here. I know we got a lot of crazy stuff going on in life, but listen, I hope over the next 30 to 45 minutes or however long this needs to be today, I can share some insightful stuff to help make your life easier, better, more profitable, more fun. Maybe make you laugh here and there. And and just realize that you're not alone on this crazy journey. We're in called life. I'm sitting here, Parkland, Florida, actually getting ready to take my son to tennis practice in the morning here. And have a show I wanna share with you. I'd like to share with you guys real timely information. So I'll share that with you here in a second, but appreciate everyone sharing the post on the podcast shows like if you, if the show is important to you or makes an impact or says something to you, you hear something powerful, screenshot it, share it on social media tag me would love to like give you props.

(02:01): Re-Share your story and all that good stuff. Hopefully get you some eyeballs. And you know, it really does mean a lot to me. And I know I always say that, but cuz it's true. so if you're brand new here, welcome, make sure to check out the podcast show at the beginning. Number one, you know, this is about the hundred 15th hundred 16 show. So we got a lot of great stuff here and you know, take this information and run hard with it. So today as I'm talking to you, I'm, I'm pulling out of a deal. Yep. I'm pulling out it's something I very ultra rarely do. The truth is the only reason I'm doing it is because this lawyer that the seller hired is a ni way. You know, they really, he really fucked up the expectations for the seller. Just let me stop for a second. For me, I'm old school straight up. I, I know a lot of people say this, but I really am. I've actually had a tough time with this because where I come from, you say you're gonna do a deal. You shake a man's hand, you fucking do the deal period. Like that's it. And that's how I roll. That's how I've always rolled. It serves me. Well, I've also been burned as well, but it's who I am. And it's what I really do believe. And stand for. You say, you're gonna do it. Do it period. Not maybe not. What if do what you say you're going to do? And I hold that very serious. And it's honestly, for the last five days it's been kind of tacking on me because I'm still trying to make this deal work because I told this seller that I would make it work.

(03:37): Right. When I shook his hand, I told him I was buying it and now lawyers get involved. Time kills, deals, expectations, get outta whack. And now things are changing. You know what he, what I said and what this guy said, he heard. And now what his, you know, his lawyer sends to us. It's different and I don't play fucking games. I really don't. I'm not into the whole, you know, you know, Hey man, let's, let's add this line in there and see if they catch it. Ha ha. Like I don't do that. I don't like huge contracts for the simple reason is, you know, I like fifth grade level shit. You know, I like stuff that I understand. Like, you know, you're signing this, this is what you get no more, no less period. Good. You go with it. I'm good with it. Good. Let's go see these guys have a tendency to play little games.

(04:23): And the problem is this lawyer really is, you know, it's funny cuz when I was initially setting it up, the seller called me and said, Hey man, I just hired this lawyer. And he said, I'm selling it too cheap. I'm like, well fuck. Why are you calling me? Call him and get the money. Like listen lawyers. Shouldn't be saying that kind of stuff. If you're a lawyer listening to this show. And I'm sure you're a good one. So you know exactly what I'm talking about. These guys, you know, they set the wrong expectation for a seller. Like this guy was about to get over, you know, 5 million of my money sitting in my bank account. And then all of a sudden it starts getting squirrly and then this is where he messed up again. The seller on a Friday I'm old school. I want to talk to someone. I call him cuz it's getting, it's getting weird via email. And I'm like, yo man, give me a call. He doesn't call. He does everything from email. From that point forward that pisses me off, straight up. It makes me upset because it's like, dude, I thought we're in this together. You know? Like keep in mind too. I'm giving someone over 5 million of my money that I worked many, a long time for to purchase an asset. Yes. It's making a million a month. Excuse me, a million a year and all this stuff. If everything stays as is if you know things don't break. Yeah. There's a lot of ifs and I'm carrying all the risk. I'm cool with it though. I get it. There's risk in all this shit. But if we're on basic contractual, you know, things falling apart and I wanna make a phone call and, and sort it out and you're avoiding that.

(06:01): What in your right mind thinks that when shit's you already got my money and shit's hit the fan, I need help. Cuz this is a business you've had for the last five years. So you probably know what the problem is with solution. What makes me think that you're going to be there for me? See, these are things that I, I don't think most people understand in business. And that's what today shows about is who do you call when shit hits the fan? you know exactly what I mean. If you're a business owner, cuz shit hits the fan all the time, right? All the time, you know, maybe your marketing breaks shit that happens to us every week. You know, a link breaks, the website goes down, the server breaks credit card, doesn't get re-updated on the system. For whatever reason, it goes down. We are sending, you know, $10,000 of traffic to the page that day and it's broken.

(06:51): And everyone's like, what happened? You know, whatever someone quits, someone steals from you, right? Maybe it's a strategic person that quits from, for your company. And you're like, oh my God, what do I do? Right. Oftentimes maybe it's a business partner stealing, you know, these are things that happen in real life. You know, you're getting ready, close the deal. And the money falls through the deal. Money falls through, how do you react? What do you do? How are you proactive? What do you like? Who do you call when shit hits the fan strategic planning. When strategic planning fails, who do you call? Who do you sit down and strategic plan, the plan that failed, right? You had this great idea. You had a great, a lot of moving parts, but now all of a sudden it's starting to fail and you need to re-engineer pivot the situation when all hell breaks, loose or shit hits the fan. I should say, who do you call?

(07:49): Well, the beautiful thing about this and I'm shooting straight with you as I always do is with this particular situation that I'm dealing with real time right now, as I speak to you, today's the D-Day. I called over 10 people. I called 10 guys that I know guys that own businesses and sold businesses and have dealt with these kind of situations. And I asked them quite, I share the story and I asked them what they would do. And you know, I take their feedback. My job is to take the feedback and implement and execute accordingly. Right? But out of all, 10 people, the message was very similar. So for me again, I, I think I was telling you I was having trouble STR I'm struggling with I'm old school. I shook his hand. I said five, five. I'm in kind of thing. And now the deal's changed, meaning that they want more they're taking giving and you know, he has nothing at risk. The, you know, we're five weeks deep into a contract that still hasn't been signed. It's like just grinding people out time kills deals. See if the guy would've just shut, shut up, shook my hand, closed the deal. We'd be, he'd have, he'd have a lot 5 million plus in his bank account. And he could be off into the sunset, but that's not how it went down. So who do you call when shit hits the fan? I called my buddy Gary. I met Gary 18 years ago at a Maverick event in DC.

(09:21): There was probably about a hundred people at this event. I think we each paid five grand to be there. And we all were there. Cuz this guy was hosting an event, Yik silver, to be exact as his name. And we all connected. We met each other. I, we, I didn't know him from Adam until that day we connected. We met and we created a relationship. I'd see 'em at other events. I would do charity events when we were building houses and, and, and redeveloping houses and giving 'em away to homeless veterans. I'd always message my buddies and say, Hey, do you wanna participate in this this year? Gary always said, yes. He owned a cabinet company. He'd supplied the cabinets. If we needed 'em for the bathroom and kitchen. And sometimes he'd bring in his buddies, they'll get the appliances. And then he started building his out his other part of his company for the flooring.

(10:13): So it really is just a great guy. A great giver. I'd have never met him. If I didn't invest in myself and go meet him, meet at the Maverick event ever, I'd have never met this guy. I'd have never met this guy. Another guy, Doug DOR, great guy met him over 20 years ago in Detroit, Michigan, we're hanging out at an event about a bigger event, 500 people. I actually met him in the lobby area. He was there talking to a guy I knew named Mike. Mike was one of my mentors and Mike said, Hey Mike, mark, do you know Doug? Doug, do you know mark? Boom, boom, boom, no we didn't to this day, Doug and I's made millions of dollars together. Collectively talked to him, shared my thoughts, my ideas. What's going on. See the thing is, these are guys I meet cuz I've invested in myself to show up to an event, get outta my little bubble, my little circle. It's not easy. It's not comfortable. I don't really, I'm not really an extrovert where I got like high five people get all fucking stoked up and excited to meet people. But it's very important. It's changed my life. So I have to make it. I have to make it like a, for real effort to do this called another guy. Paul, I meant three years ago at an event in Orlando.

(11:41): I didn't know who he was, but the guy holding the event, Tim has this big event. There's 250 people there again. It's a guy, me going to the restroom, literally the restroom. He says, Hey man, aren't you that DM guy. That's line with that white hat. Yep. I got it on right now. And we joke whatever. But we come to find out. He knows someone. I know, I know someone he knows and we start connecting the dots him. And I's done millions of dollars of deals in the last three years because I got my fat ass off the out of the house and got to a fucking event in Orlando, Florida that I didn't wanna go to. But I had to why? Cause I made a commitment to go made a commitment for my better self. I don't need to do this shit. I have to do it. I want to, I need to, right? I like it's important for growth connection, relationship capital, another guy, Mike, this guy sold multiple companies, many companies, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. This guy's generated in wealth. I met him 11 years ago at a $50,000 per person, him and I each paid 50 grand. There's 18 people in the room for a mastermind group.

(13:00): I met him there. He's tatted up. He owns a service company. I own a real estate company. I'm not tatted up. I don't dress like him. I don't look like him. But we connected. We started talking, we started texting. We started he's like, man, I got a lot of cash. Do you do real estate? I wanna talk to you about that. I was value. Add to him. He was value. Add to me off we, we value add each other's lives. We had value. So I called him, talked to him last night for an hour about this. But again, that mastermind was in Las Vegas. I had to travel three times a year to go to Vegas and sit in that room. Not complaining. It's not something I always wanted to do, but I had to do it. Cause I made a commitment. And every time I show up to these events, I meet someone I'm not going there to meet 500 people there. I'm going there to connect with a couple. I don't even know who they are yet, but that you, you know how it is when you meet someone, you just feel it. You connect. What's cool about these kind of guys that I'm talking about and the people I'm calling when shit hits the fan, by the way, shit hits the fan of my world every day. So I talk to people often.

(14:21): They're not judging me. They don't judge they're they're, they're there to help and serve. The truth is a lot of those guys I mentioned are way further ahead in life than I am older and age and financially. So they've been where I'm at and they're helping me guide through it easier and they're happy to do so. It makes 'em feel good. I know that's true because I do that to a lot of people, myself, it's the best feeling in the world to be able to, to help people. It's what it's about. They enjoy the game. I don't know about you, man, but I love the game of business and life. I love the challenges. I love the wins. I love the heartache. I, I, I, you know, I, I know a lot of people like, man, it's tough, dude. Like how can you be mad?

(15:12): This is the life you've chosen. It is gonna be hard days. You know, I remember when I had a partner still stealing from me, I, I called two buddies and I'm like, dude, what do I do? And they're like, I've been in this exact same situation. And here's what I did. I don't know how much heartache and how much money and time they saved me, but it was a lie. And these are all guys I've met at events, forging relationships with, at the restaurant, at the bar, hanging out in the lobby, hanging out at the coffee shop, meeting in the back of the room at the water cooler at the event. See the thing is at events, whoever's hosting it, their followers, follow them, their tribe. And if you like the person you're listening to, they've probably done a really good job, qualifying other people that you could relate to and connect with easier when shit hits the fan, you can't call your parents. You can't call your uncles, your cousins, your brothers, your sisters, your aunts, you can't call anybody in the family. Not definitely not my family. They'll like, dude, you think this is a problem. I fucking gas is $5 a gallon. And I'm trying to send someone 5.5 million, right?

(16:38): Think about this. You can't call your buddies cuz they're hanging out at the bar, getting wasted, watching sports, you know, talking about the next best thing or the pick or the draft or whatever bullshit's going on at the moment you tell 'em Hey man, I'm having trouble, man. I'm struggling about sending this guy 5.5 million. What should I do? But dude, you're always bragging, man. Fuck. If I had your money, I wouldn't even do anything. Who do you call when shit hits the fan? If you're not reaching out to people that get it. If you're not reaching out to people you've connected with over the years, by the way, there's nothing to be embarrassed about on pursuing your purpose in life, your dreams, your goals, there's snags, there's problems. There's people involved. I mean it's every day and I'm not saying I call these guys and complain every day. But again, these are relationships I've built over the years. All because I started off at an event and connected with them.

(17:52): I keep harping on this over the last three or four shows because it's so important that you get outta your bubble. If you're struggling, it's made belief in your head, go to events where people are crushing it, doing big things around you doing that can help you. That can inspire you. That wants to connect with you. That wants to guide you. They're not all trying to charge you some do that, but that's not what our group does. The opportunities in life are limitless. If you're hanging out in the right environment, it's very frustrating to be sitting at home or in your car, by yourself, struggling with something that literally, if you picked up the fucking phone and got with the right person, they could solve it in a nanosecond, but yet you're too damn stubborn. You're too ignorant or both to realize that you have to get outside of your bubble and start connecting to strangers. Think about how messed this up as blah. Think about how messed up this is. Meaning I can connect with a stranger at a better level than I can with probably a family member. I did an entire show about this, about being a black sheep.

(19:14): I can connect if, if I'm in the right room with people that are pursuing their dreams and goals and moving forward in life in a positive manner, I have a lot more in common with that fucker than I do. My cousin that hates the world takes everyone's against him, has his hand out all the time, waiting for everyone to take care of his fucking his needs and wants cuz he deserves it. Doesn't take responsibility for anything in his life unless it's good. Cuz then that's what he did. He worked really hard to do that, but I could meet someone at an event that literally is all the way across the country. Maybe outside of the fucking country and have more in common with that person in five minutes and know them better than anybody else. Why? Cuz they're on the journey with you. Maybe they're further ahead in the journey. Maybe they're further behind it doesn't matter. They're on the path.

(20:19): It's fun to connect with great people. It's inspiring. It's encouraging. I don't care if you're brand new. I don't care if you're getting started, you have to get in rooms that allow you to expedite your results. If you ever see someone under 30 or someone's been in business five years and they're crushing it, it's not because they're doing it on their own. It's because they're getting in rooms and connecting with people to expedite their results. I see people. It's like, man, I've been at this for 20 years and I'm finally making 10 grand a month. I'm like, are you fucking stupid? 10 grand a month in 20 year? Like, come on. I could do that. Working in a corporation and I don't have to work hard people. Get it twisted. The goal for you, I hope is to expedite your vision. Why would you have all these great dreams and great goals without expedition attached to it? Expedite that shit, grow it quicker, faster, bigger, and much more profitable.

(21:32): It's the fastest way. I know how to get out of the funk for five days. I've had these connection calls with these great guys. They gave me peace of mind. They made me feel confident. They gave me comfort and understanding like what I was going on in my brain. I wanna learn from this. They're not, I'm not calling him. They're like, Hey, what's up loser? Yeah man. You don't know how to close a deal, man. You must be really dumb. None of that like dude, what's going on, man. Tell me what's up. How can I help you? Yeah, I've been there before. Here's what I did. What's your gut telling you? What are you thinking? They're guiding you through the emotional process. They're guiding you through the journey to get you to destination quicker.

(22:27): Most of you are out here walking from Florida to California. When you could literally fucking walk, get in a jet and take the jet and be there in hours. Not months, less struggle, less pain, less hard work. You always hear me talk about I'm team made not self made my team's just not my company teams guys. I have amazing, amazing people in my life that I've met at events. That's changed my life. They're some of my best friends. Literally I could get them to do something for me quicker than a family member. Literally I'm the same guy too. I'm the friend that I always wanted to be for them. When you show up to these events and connect with great people, great things tend to happen. I don't know when it's going to happen. I don't know when I'm gonna have to call them, but I'm forging relationships on the daily.

(23:37): I'm sending out gifts. I'm sending out handwritten letters. I'm sending a book. And I think about Gary, Gary, check out this book. Gary actually likes dogs. So I have a cool piece being made for him. A piece of art to say, thank you for your time. I got another buddy's huge, huge karate guy. So I got a cool piece going to him. Thank you for your time. These are things we don't have to do. This is what good buddies do they think about their buddies? They think about their friends. They think about their colleagues that want to connect. Who do you call when shit hits the fan? If you don't have anybody to call that can calm you down. That could be a great ear to listen. More importantly, guide you with past information and knowledge and expertise. That's your fault.

(24:27): There's fucking events going on 20 times a minute. How many have you been to in the last 12 months? How many you been into the last month? I still go to events. I got two in June. I got one in may. I did two in April three in April. Actually I still go. I'm fucking busier than most people here probably combined truth. What's your excuse if you're not doing something like this and if you are, you know exactly what I'm talking about, how valuable and important these amazing relationships are made. See the thing is too. There's a consistency thing in there. Once a year, show up and meet these guys at the same group. Connect forge, create a relationship. This ain't just about money overnight. This is about long term life. This is about connection. This is about growth as a human. I think a lot of you are, have it twisted. I think you're dude, if I give you a thousand dollars, how much do you I make tomorrow? That's why you're fucking broke. That's why you're broke. What if you came there and you met someone amazing and you connected, you don't know what could happen. I've seen millions of dollars of raised in minutes. I've seen problems get solved in seconds. I've seen people get their time back, their emotional power back and nanoseconds because they're in the right room with the right people connecting at the right time.

(26:16): If you're listening to my voice, I don't care if it's my event or someone else's, you have to start elevating this piece. Be careful to which events you go to though. If you go to events where everyone's getting blasted drunk, that means, and you're sitting there trying to be a better husband or a better wife or better spouse, a better leader. It's probably not the best conducive environment to do that in. I'm not saying that's not fun once in a while, if that's what you're into, but that's not what you're going there for. You're going there to connect with people. You don't wanna go to the event when you wake up. You're like shit, man. I don't even know what I did last night. I'm talking how experienced I did stupid shit like that. It's dumb. It's a waste of your time. It's a waste of your brain cells.

(27:04): It's a waste of there. No one wins, no one wins. I do know at the DM live event in Cleveland, Ohio, June 29th and 30th, we're there to help you scale. Buy back your time. Most importantly, for you, for you to connect with great human beings, you'll meet all my team members. You'll meet Tim. Brots the $400 million man. Sean Whelan, you know, built a million dollar a month company very quickly through social. My boy, Austin, 28 years old generated millions of dollars extracted from social media. My boy, Matt G doing crypto showed with me how to get the, you know, eight figures very quickly in crypto, which is really cool. He's just a very, these are all salt of the earth. Great guys. These are not glorified, public speakers. These are guys that do the business every day. They love human beings and they wanna connect and help people. It's the only guys I hang out with these types of guys and I wanna bring you into the environment that allows you to connect with these guys cuz you, we all need more help.

(28:19): Who are you calling when shit hits the fan? That's what I'm always thinking about. The guys I've connected with is absolutely astronomically. The most valuable thing I've ever done in my life. Some events are blah, but the people I meet the truth is the one guy Mike that I talked about him and I are in a group for two years. It's 50 grand a year and we left. We both left the same year. Not we didn't strategically do that. Just kind of happened cuz we felt that it wasn't being led properly. That happens sometimes. So we just decided to leave and go to another like, and just like figure it out next, next step. But we still stayed in contact. We meet each other at different events randomly like who's going to an event. I see, Hey man, I'm throwing up to, I'll see you.

(29:09): I got the event. I'm speaking at Sean Whelan's event in Utah. My boy, Eric just sold a company for 115 million. He's taking his jet out there. We're taking the jet out there. And I was like, dude, I can't wait to see you. So the guys that invested money to be on the jet at least $10,000, a ticket are gonna hang out with the guy that sold a company for 115 million drug addict crushing the game of life and he wants to help great people. Do you think relationship capital gets expedited when you're like Eric, meet Steve, Steve, meet Eric birds together, flock together. Stop hanging out with the fucking chickens and quacking with the ducks. You gotta get with the Eagles. You gotta get sore. You gotta get to a new level.

(29:53): That's the stuff we're thinking about over here. That's the stuff we're working on. We're connecting the dots. We're helping people expedite results. I'm not in the business of seminars. I'm in the business of connections. My whole life, my millions of dollars have generated many millions of dollars from people just through connecting at events, relationship capital. That's the benefit of it. The but the ultra real benefit is who do you call when shit it's the fan connect with great people. And they're going to give you peace of mind at a much faster pace. I swear on my life, whatever you're struggling with in your life right now, business or personal or both at the DM live, I can, 100% say there is someone there to help you. There a hundred percent when you show up and when you show up intently, your life will get better. I guarantee it cuz I know the people come into the room. Me or my team talks to every single person we wanna meet you. We wanna talk to you. We wanna make sure you're a good fit. If you're a good, rich quicker. If you're a Dick, you're not invited.

(31:09): We want people who genuinely wanna help each other. We want people that are growing and expanding and driving has goals. Has dreams. More importantly has work ethic to make it happen. I'm amped up for Cleveland, Ohio, June 29th and 30th, cuz it's gonna change a lot of people's lives and I'd be doing you a disservice. If I did not hammer this point home continuously, because this is the event of the year. You will experience something you've never experienced before. I can tell you all this bullshit, but until you show up, you'll never experience it. So don't listen to this show and just push, stop and go fucking off on your day. I want you to push, pause and get over to Mark Evans. Dm.Com/Live and get a ticket. Now Mark Evans, dm.com/live. You owe it to yourself. It's $997 for God's sakes. That's it bring a guest for 4 97. That's it nothing to buy. Don't even bring your credit cards, nothing to buy. I wanna connect with you. I wanna hold you. I wanna shake your hand. I wanna hug you. I wanna see what you got going on and how we can help you grow. If there's investment opportunities. If there's deal making opportunity like this is our world, this is what we do every day.

(32:37): I'd love to do it with you. So with that said, get over to Mark Evans, dm.com/live. And I want you to remember from this point forward, who do you call when shit hits the fan? I hope myself and guys that you meet at the deal maker live event are part of that list. We wanna help you, but you gotta be willing to help yourself with that said get over there. Like I said, Mark Evans, dm.com for us live. Thank you so much for being here, go out and have a kick ass day and I'll see you in Cleveland, Ohio, and we're gonna crush it and be ready June 30th, the party's gonna be epic. You're gonna have a blast. And I promise you, we have a couple cool surprises gonna blow your socks off. So with that said, make today,

(33:24): Kevin I'm helping teach him what, what I know and how I to discover freedom. There ain't no question more Kevin, when he step he's for to tell them what the DM stands for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journeys where it's at, it's all about the process. It's come to get over to the DM project from a small town of, so I know how it is. Come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid wanted them make a honey brat. Didn't see no one make more than that. Graduated high school with a 1.8, like should they held me back? I owe my principals and teachers are alive just to witness this I'm own boss. Some out here running two way, figure businesses. I can walk away from it all. I be good.

(34:11): I been called to help people just like, y'all learn the game it's to ball everybody chasing the money, but I'm not chasing the money. I'm out here chasing the purpose. Yo, I been working my whole life. Guess where we at? Is it gonna get us where we wanna go? So it's to push, to learn, to helping I'm that helping teach him what I, what I know and how I did it. He discover freedom that ain't no question marks. When he step in the do he's closing deal I'm to sell what the DM stands. I'm a deal, a deal, but I'm not just a deal. I'm a, the journey's where it's all about the project deal, deal, deal project.

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