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Most people shy away from their ugly past because it embarresses them. 

I just had this conversation with a former drug addicted turned multi-million dollar real estate investor. He’s never shared his story with anyone because it humiliates him. 

But you know what? 

Nothing makes you come across as authentic and real as sharing your most humiliating failures. But that’s not all it does… It also magnetizes an unbelievable amount of wealth and opportunities into your life. And it helps you impact a million (or more) people who need to hear your message. 

It won't be easy, but it’s worth it. 

In this episode, you’ll discover how to profit from your ugly past. And why it’s the most profitable and powerful business “lesson” I can give you. 

Listen now.

Show highlights include: 

  • The subtle “why not” mindset tweak which frees you from the cage of mediocrity (3:28) 
  • How a literal meth-addicted baby from a tiny town became a multi-millionaire and amazing husband and father (4:23) 
  • Why sharing your most brutal and humiliating losses to your audience makes you so wealthy you squirm (5:42) 
  • The “Book Chapter” secret for morphing your biggest failures into a yacht-load of cash (10:57) 
  • How to leverage your messy past to impact millions of people instead of using it as an excuse to stay average (18:42) 
  • Why you’re no different than a guy who makes $8 million a month without lifting a finger (21:21) 
  • The counterintuitive way “bragging” about your charity donations inspires others instead of repelling them (22:32) 
  • Why being flat-out stupud gives you an unfair advantage in business (and how to “act dumb” if you’re smart) (30:20) 

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Welcome to the making of a DM, the decision that will kill you. It kills dreams and goals all over planet earth. But after today, my friend, you're going to be able to look decision in the eyes in a way different way. So with that said, let's get started

(00:17): More. Kevin, I'm more deal. I'm here to help and teach him what I, what I know and how I did it to discover freedom. There. Ain't no question. More Kevins. When he step in the doubt he's closing deals. Just tell him what the deal stand for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. Hey there. Chip point, mark, Evan D M hope you're having an absolute amazing day. I'm sitting here. Beautiful Parkland, Florida, 74 degrees. Sun is shining. Absolutely amazing. Anyways, I'm thinking about you. I had to come on and this show today, it's not convenient, but it's needed. I have a lot going on, but I want to make sure that this message gets delivered to you when it's fresh on my mind. And I believe it can make a major, major impact. Actually, I know this show today is going to change someone's life. If it just changes one person's, it will be absolutely worth it. And I believe it's going to change at least one person's life. So before I get started today, I wanna say thank you again. As I always do about you sharing the show on social, you sharing the show in your emails, sending an email, telling your friends when you're hanging out with them.

(01:41): Dude, listen to this crazy guy. The D am check it out, blah, blah, blah, blah. I appreciate that so much. The five star reviews are coming in every single day, which is awesome. Let's get to thousands and tens of thousands and then hundreds of thousands of five stars. It pushes up in the algorithms and gets people to help us and, and see the message appreciate you helping in any way shape of, for if you're brand new to this show. Welcome. Make sure to check out show from one all the way to today. I believe this is show 1 0 7 1 0 8. But I don't focus on the number. I focus on doing the work. Some people like, you know, get all excited about the numbers and push forward, but you know, we hit a hundred shows. That's awesome. But now how do we get to 1,005 thousand, et cetera.

(02:29): So let's talk about today's subject matter. I want you to think about this and write this down. This might be a little bit deeper today. Conversation, not a bad thing. It's a good thing, but I want to talk to you about your mess is your message. Let's be honest. If you're brand new here, you probably might think this is a little over the top, but I'll just shoot straight with you. As I always do. We're all fucked up. You, me, everybody Mo some are more fucked up than others. Let's be honest. We all have degenerate family members. We all have bad situations and bad life things that's happened to us. We've all lost people and to death and you know, some not so good situations, right?

(03:18): But our mess is our message. I think about this. And I say this very genuinely and real, and this is not judging or whatever, but I grew up with two sisters. I'm the oldest by 13 months and 26 months. We're all 13 months apart. And my sisters, aren't where I'm even remotely close to. I'm not saying this in a negative way. I'm just being honest as I always am, because I don't spend a lot of time analyzing my life, asking the question, why me? I always ask my question. Why not me? Different way different. See a lot of people's like, why is this happening to me? And I think why this is happening for me? What can I learn? I've always been this way. Honestly. I've always seen life through a different set of lens than the majority of the world straight up.

(04:16): I have the pleasure of getting to hang out with a lot of amazing people in my life at all levels. But I was sitting here hanging out with some buddies recently, and we're talking about one guy's situation in his life. He's in the journey. This guy's a multi-millionaire he's come from small town. This is a true story. By the way he was born, his parents were both meth addicts and he was born when his mom was shooting up, literally meth addict. So out of the womb, literally this guy comes outta drug addict, literally. And today he's an amazing human being great dad. Great husband, huge donor gives big thinks big does big how he had the excuse day one to accept that he was a drug addict. He grew up, his grandparents took him when he was a, you know, a young kid cuz his parents passed away a drug overdose, excuse a reason, a real valid reason, right?

(05:34): Some would say, oh, poor head, poor him is life happening to him or for him. And then later down the journey, he has a lot of broken bones and they start prescribing a medication, massive amounts of pain pills. He becomes addicted. It's almost like a familiar sense taste to him, him. Right? Think about it. He was a drug addict being born in his twenties. He gets a taste of this. He's never really, you know, went down that path of drugs. But by default and prescription, they give him these drugs and he is like, oh wow. That's how that feels. It's a familiar feeling. And then he spirals down for several years, two, three years. And I asked him, I'm like, dude, what's the turning point? Right? He's like, dude, I just got sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick. Right. Cuz you go on a bender and then you're really deathly ill for several days. I said interesting.

(06:39): And he is, I'm like, why don't you share your message? He's like one, I've never thought about it. Like that two I'm kind of never really shared with anybody. Three. I'm kind of embarrassed. And I hear that. And again, he's a buddy of mine and this is some of the stuff, new stuff I've learned about him. I'm just starting to like get to know him at another level. And I literally get goosebumps because I, I know his story that he's setting on will change a lot of people's lives, but we only need to focus on one. See your message, your message. He's a successful real estate investor. And I want you to listen here, cuz there are a lot of amazing things I'm about to share with you. If you are a marketer, you're a marketer. First real estate is business second, but don't a marketing standpoint and an impact standpoint and a result oriented standpoint, your mess could get you a lot of money, right?

(07:36): So what I mean by that? Well, one he's a great giver. He wants to help. A lot of people you understand right now is you're listening to my voice is people suffering, looking at the needle, looking at the bottle, looking at the pill bottle saying, you know, I gotta do something about my life. I need change. I need, I need to get better. I I'm better than this. Stronger than this. Show me the sign. God, show me the sign. Give me the path, give me the plan. Show, just show me something. And if my buddy shared his story, which I know he's going to, he's just processing it right now. Cause we just talked about it. Recently, this story shows up maybe on a podcast, maybe it's in a book, maybe it's on a blog. What wherever it's at, it's gonna be all over. Eventually someone captures that message and they can relate. What he thinks is his mess is actually his true message to the world.

(08:34): I know the guy loves to help people and make change and change people's lives financially. He does it all the time, but his real mess is his ultimate message to the world. Like I said, we're all fucked up. We all have addictions and we all wanna be better. We all complain like all this shit, some do more others. But his addiction journey from being born, he could have been a failure and just accepted it and just dealt with it to him. Overcoming that to his parents, dying at a very young age to moving with his grandparents could have made that as an excuse of why he's gotta be a bad dad, right? Oh man. I saw my parents through are bad people. So I'm gonna be a bad dad. I don't think anybody genuinely wakes up saying they wanna be a bad parent, but words and actions are different.

(09:26): See his mess is his message to the world. And so is yours. I don't care what you've been through or what you've done or what you haven't done. But your mess is your message. See the cool thing about where he's at in the journey of life is like I said, he's financially free. He's made a massive impact in seven years, this guy's went from a farmer making 38 or 42,000 a year to now generating millions of dollars a year in real estate. Why did he do that? Why didn't he accept his fate of being an addict? See, you're an entrepreneur like I am. If you're listening to the show, I'm assuming you wanna become a better human being. The biggest thing for my buddy is he realized in life, if I don't change it, no one will.

(10:23): I'm not gonna say it was pretty. I'm not gonna say it was easy. I'm not gonna say it was like fun, but I can tell, I can tell you I can guarantee it. It was worth it. The guy, literally he's 38 years old. He's literally gonna change millions of people's lives before he passes and beyond. He's gonna document his mess and share his message in a big scale. Like I said, he is an investor. I have buddies that are ex-cons. I had a buddy almost got the death sentence. He was in prison. Eight years did not get the death sentence. He was a young child when something happened and, and we had all done what he did. But it was a weird situation, but he got out eight years later to be a success. Another buddy of mine who was in prison divorced four times now is massive, massive impact and many, many levels financially giving sharing. I, I mean just whole nother world, lots of people. I know another guy I know 10 years in the pen come out, he's generating 35 million a year, helping other people expand and grow and push forward. Whatever you're going through know that this is a chapter in one of your books one day, good. Or is life happening to you or for you? They say many of you know, my mother passed away six times on me as a child, young twenties.

(12:03): She's an amazing human being. She ended up living me and my father. We were sitting in Applebee's crying our eyes out, true story to make the decision, to pull the plug on my mother. She couldn't breathe. She was 70 something pounds, massive alcoholic, smoking five packs of sugar today. She kind of gave up on life cuz us three kids left the house in a fairly quickly timeframe. And my mom is an amazing mom. She would do anything for us. She did do anything for us. But when we leave, it's empty nest syndrome, right? She just didn't have any control. She just converted. She's still alive. She's still pushing forward. She'll probably outlive me, but your message, your message. So when my buddy gets his story shared, he's gonna good on a lot of podcast shows probably a lot of TV shows. He's gonna have a lot of publicity.

(13:03): He's gonna share his journey, his mess addict, ex addict. Now multimillionaire investor. Are you going to judge him? Are you gonna get closer to him and let him know how much you care about his message and how much it's helped you see the thing is he, he his message. He's thinking it's something that could hold him back. I think it's something could help him grow. Think about that. Your mess. You're thinking it's something embarrassing and it's gonna hold you back. The truth is it's, it's probably, it's probably keeping you from opportunity by not sharing it. Like I said, it won't be easy cuz you gotta just share. You know, he is like, dude, I don't even think about me being a drug addict. I was like, of course you don't cuz you're focused on the future, not the past, but we need to share the past to paint the picture, to show people.

(13:55): A lot of people in my world thinks we all have been in overnight success. We all had money given to us. Literally every single person I hang out with has been at rock bottom. Multiple times has started off on the wrong side of the tracks to end up where we're at today. Not one fucking person's been handed it ever, ever. That's why I respect people who have nice things. Cause I know what it takes to get it. I know the work it takes behind the scenes, weak, lazy fuckers act like it was handed to 'em or overnight success. True players know that that's not how it really works in real life. That's why we respect the game, respect the hustle. But as my buddy gets on these podcast shows and shares his message. Not only is he gonna change the people's lives that are listening and maybe through a tough time to maybe pivot out of that tough time, but there's gonna be people that listen to his message.

(14:55): Like, you know what, I'm worth a hundred million dollars. I like this guy. I wanna invest in him or with him on investments. Cuz he does a lot of investing, many millions of dollars a month. And then they get in a circle because he shared his message and then they start forging relationships through his mess to his message. And then before you know it, they're hanging out on an amazing yacht or taking a trip somewhere cool veil or whatever, talking about where they started to where they're at now more importantly where we're going together, I'll take this one step deeper. I'm a parent, he's a parent. Lots of people listen to show or parents. A lot of times parents have situations going on with their children, depending what age and our kids just don't hear us. Right. But maybe someone like my buddy's book, once it comes out, if they're in that situation, maybe their kids going down the wrong path with drugs or whatever I could be like, Hey, don't listen to dad. But here's a book from someone dad knows. I think you could get some insightfulness from it. And just maybe just maybe they read it more importantly. They get it when they read it that their situation is just momentarily. It's not to be judged. It's to be addressed.

(16:13): How do I take my mess and turn it into my message. I have another buddy that his, you know, his father left him multiple times and he's kind of carried this, you know, this weight with him for a long, long time still he's carry, still carrying it. And he kind of has you know, the imposter syndrome, which we all get depending what level you're you, you understand what I mean there, but cuz you're starting to crush it and people are paying you a lot of money. You're making a lot of money. You're like, dude, I'm still the same crazy guy. Like I said, we're all fucked up. But as he's sitting here, he's thinking what's wrong with me as opposed to thank God I'm here. Let's go crush it. Sometimes you go through these cycles in life as you're growing and evolving. You almost think why me the fastest way to know how to get it out of is just flip the question and say, why not me? Right? You might be married or not married, but if you're married, you sit around and say, why is my spouse with me? No dude. Why? Why wouldn't she wanna be with me? I'm a fucking catch, got money, got passion. I got purpose and everything else. Right? Like I'm looking for the goods. A lot of people seek the bad to look for excuses and potholes and, and problems. I'm very optimistic. I look for the good, the positive.

(17:32): If not you almost. It's very self deflating. You can't live in abundance. Can't be really happy. You can't enjoy the journey. That's all you always hear me talk about fall in love with the journey. But as I hang out with my buddies and I talk to 'em, I'm like guys, you gotta share your mess. It's your ultimate message. No one, you can't lie about your message. It's your message. People can say what they want, but it's your message. Share your true story to be like, if you really want to help people just be authentically true and real. I'm not saying go online and cry about all your shit, but talk about where you started the journey, the pivot moments, the execution and the results. I would read the book. I've never picked up a successful book and said, wow, this guy sharing his journey. I wake up with goal bars in my bathtub.

(18:33): I touch everything. I touch turns the platinum and gold. I have a silver tongue. Women love me everywhere. Like there's no such thing. We all have a story. The question is, are you sharing your mess to create your message? Your mess really will help you. I know. So sometimes we use our mess as an excuse. We start thinking about how to utilize it in a positive way. I share my losses often online. Not all the time, cuz it'd be daily. You'd be like, damn, does this guy ever win? Most people are doing the opposite. They're just sharing their wins. Micro wins. I share my messes. Why? Cause we all have 'em what's funny about messes is we're it's all very relatable. We all know someone that has an addiction. We all have people that have messed up lives. We all know people like this. I wanna be a beacon of hope.

(19:33): I wanna be a beacon of inspiration. I wanna be a beacon of sea success. And I push my friends around me and they push me around. We're all pushing each other. But when we have new friends coming in the circle and they're like, haven't shared their mess. I E message. I encourage them greatly. If you look from where you've started to where you're at today, this is a great book called the gap in the gain. By Dan Sullivan, you'd probably be pretty proud of yourself. And sometimes we get down on ourself like, dude, I'm not going big enough. I'm not going fast enough. I'm gonna stop comparing to others. The truth is recently I was hanging out on a bunch of yachts, like 50, 60, 89 figure yachts. These are yachts. The owners stay on for about two, three weeks a year max. And I promise you this.

(20:24): If they have got worth 80 million, their house, they have multiple houses worth 20, 30, 40, 50 million. They have multiple jets, multiple houses of multiple countries, et cetera. This is just a toy to them. I don't compare myself to them. I ask my myself when I'm in those environments. And again, if you don't go to yacht shows and jets and cars and all, it's not about the thing, it's about who I need to become to get the thing. Maybe like by the way, if you can buy an 80 million yacht, if you follow my path, you're giving away way more money, way more. So don't think, oh, you're materialistic. I'm far from materialistic. I like nice things, period, but I don't need 'em to make me happy. I don't buy nice things to show off. I buy things cause I know what I'm worth. But when I'm sitting there on the jet or on the yachts and I'm thinking, I'm not like, man, I wanna be Steve Johnson, the guy, blah, blah, blah, one guy shot. We were on. He makes 8 million passive a month, you know? And over 17,000 acres in a state and a, you know, a big company, a big corporation pays him 8 million a month, a lease some technology from him. This is a multi it's 96 million a year. Passive. It's not bad.

(21:42): He's no different than us. He just has a different mouse trap, but I don't compare to them. And compared to me where I started, where I'm at and then I look and I borrow their belief. I be, I borrow their, their, their mentality of growth. How do you know how to grow without knowing what growth looks like? That's why I share cars and houses with people on social. Cuz it's like, and when like how do you know what winning looks like? If you don't know what it looks like. Cause you might be sitting at home thinking you're winning giving a hundred dollars a week to church. When someone, you know, is giving millions of dollars away a year to charities. Not that anybody's better than anybody, but like what does winning look like? Oh, I don't wanna brag about my giving. Well, if I share that I'm giving a million dollars to a charity and 80 people go and jump on board cuz I shared the message and we, now we give 1.6 million I'm winning.

(22:46): We're all winning. We all have messes. Are you using it for your message to connect with your audience? What's cool about my buddies as they're going through the cycle in this journey, which it is for all of us is they're gonna make a major impact on someone's life. Most importantly, their life. There's no better feeling in the world. Right? Sharing your story. That's look, you are here today at this very moment because of your past, what you see in that mirror at this right now. If you looked in the mirror right now, what you see, you created it. See, I've always thought like, you know families like, you know me. I, I, you know, I grew up with two sisters and all this cool stuff and they're just, they're they're not an entrepreneur. Not even close. They're different. They're in way different worlds financially way different world's physic.

(23:39): It just everything's different. The only thing different today is we grew up in the same house. We have the same parent. Everything's the same up to 18. What happened after 18 is what made the difference to where we're at today? I started reading success, books and mindset books and learning about who I truly am and where I want to go and why I was called fucking crazy. I still am called crazy every single day because I'm pursuing something bigger than what they can envision. I don't take it to heart. Why it's my fucking life? And it's big in my brain and I'm scared as well. So why wouldn't someone that knows me trying to protect me, not say something to deter me, to protect in their brain. They think they're protecting me. The truth is when people call me crazy and more people jump on the bandwagon and say it, I get more excited because the crazier I am the better.

(24:36): It usually works out. It's crazy to people that think that it's not like it is just, they're thinking small they've given up. They think I can't do that. Mark. You're dumb. You can't do anything like that. One of my buddies, many people know him, his name, Sean Whelan. Lion's not sheep. He shared his story in a book called make shit happen. How he is gonna blow his brains out. Cuz things just weren't working out. How he burned down a company making 12 million a year. He burned down his marriage. How's father left him, et cetera. He's now on PA. He's literally building a billion dollar company because of his message through his mess. For real, he's got hundreds of millions. If not billions of views on social media because he shared these stories. I just shared with you don't hide from it. It's who you are. It's where you're at today. Not like when they say it's who you are. It's not, oh, I'm a drug addict. No dude, that was a moment in time in my life. That sucked. But I made a decision to be better. Why share the story? Share the journey, share the message. It was messy.

(25:53): No one has it all figured out. And if they do run like hell, cause they're trying to scam you. The more I share my mess, the more money I make, the more connections I get, the more relatable you are, the more real, genuine, authentic. No one's got anything on me. I share my shit. Good, good, bad. And everything in between. I fuck up all the time. I shared that story. When I was hanging out at the four seasons in Orlando, I was kind of hung over and I'm sitting there with my son and I forgot my key. And I asked the guy, yo, can you let me in? He's like, do you have your license? No, it's in the room. Sorry. I can't let you in. And I went ballistic. I was embarrassed. I was a shamed, but him like someone beneath me, no one's beneath me. We're all on the same level. I was more disappointed in myself. He probably just brushed it off and moved on and called me a Dick. I don't blame him. I actually apologize to him and my son cuz it's not who I am. It's not what I stand for. But we all get in weak moments. We all have those moments in time. We're or we flip the fuck out.

(27:08): Question is what do you do when you do that? Sometimes it's needed. It's justified. But that time it wasn't see. This is the thing about you stepping in faith and entrepreneurship. You have to accept responsibility for all good, bad and ugly. And I accept the responsibility for that. I hope it made him feel like, wow, thank you so much. But again, I didn't do it for him. I did it for me truthfully. I apologized to him cuz I genuinely felt bad. I hate apologizing. Why? Cause I, if you apologize, that means you did something wrong. I don't like to do stuff wrong, but often I do. But it's part of our message, our mess. I'm sharing it now. I shared it online. I shared it everywhere. We all have flaws. We all have situations in life that happen. It's not about the situations. It's about how we handle them.

(28:10): A lot of people listening to my voice right now have some real shit going on. And if you follow me on social media, about a week ago, I was talking about I quit. I give it all up. I'm done. That's how I felt that day. It's okay to feel like that. Anybody that says they don't feel like that sometimes is full of shit. They're liars genuinely. I felt like quitting. I wanted not quit. Even. I just wanna fold up. I have enough cash to do whatever I want for the rest of my life, many times over. But I love my team. I love helping people. I love like my, my genuine goal is to help people become financially free. And I'm talking from staff to you as a listener on the show, I'm doing the show on a beautiful day and I wasn't even gonna do the show today. I was gonna do it next week. But the message is so relevant right now because I just had a very big conversation with someone about their mess. And I'm like, dude, now is the time to share your message and they're going to, it will change people's lives. You're changing. People's lives. You. Yes, you, I want you to know there's nothing. You cannot accomplish.

(29:24): Whatever dream has been planted in your brain. It's been implanted there for a reason by someone. Somehow the question is, do you acknowledge it and execute to get it? Or do you create a story and an excuse in your brain as to why you can't have it? I don't deserve it. I'm not smart enough. I'm not good. Looking enough. I'm a dummy. I don't, I, I, there's no way that's for me. Why me? Well, why not? You see when I'm on the yacht hanging out with my buddies. I'm like, dude, they built this yacht for somebody. Why not us? And then you see the chopper over there in the corner on top of another yacht, like this person was dreaming, but this person's really fucking dreaming. There's different levels of dreaming. Someone listening to my voice right now might be trying to dream how to make a million dollars a year.

(30:11): Well, my friend and I promise you a million dollars a year is not a big dream on the grand scheme of things. Don't get deterred by that. Get encouraged by that. If a clown, a hillbilly boy like me, that could barely, you know, spell entrepreneur, barely graduated. High school, never went to college, can create millions of dollars a year to himself. I promise you. You can. Most people genuinely listen to my voice are intellectually smarter than I'll ever be. It's no secret, but I got grit. I got, I got passion and I just got this thing. I'm just so dumb. I just don't quit until the mission is accomplished. And every time I think, and I'm accomplishing a mission, it's kinda like double oh seven. Every time you think you're accomplishing, you're getting another mission. My mission is to help you accomplish your wildest dreams. More importantly, to help you build bigger dreams.

(31:13): There's nothing more exciting than me than getting messages. Like dude, your mindset changed my life. What you share with me on these free podcast shows and other things we do together has touched not just my life. You know why I get excited about that? Yes, it's cool. Cuz I can help you. What's really cool is the people you're gonna help. See, I understand my role in this, in this facility, in, in this environment today where I'm at my life, 26 years deep in the game, it's impact. If I can impact a players IEU and you impact a thousand people because learn something from here to the show or one of 'em or all of 'em that creates a massive compound effect, right? Cuz you one person, you touch a thousand, a percentage of those gonna touch people. Like how big is this message? Really? I'm not for everybody.

(32:07): I talk like a hillbilly. I am a hillbilly. I just don't look like it. Dressing wise. Right? But down to my core, man, I just care. I'm a good old boy. I'll give you this shirt off my back. I want to help you succeed. I wanna see you succeed. I want you to succeed. I don't care if it's a hundred million, a billion, a trillion or a hundred, like I just wanna see you succeed. Not for the money, but for who you become to get the money. Maybe one day you create a podcast show and you invite me to be on it. Recently, one guy follows me. He asked me to be on a live Facebook, YouTube show with them. You'll never hear me turn that shit down. I love to do that stuff. I don't care if you have one viewer or a million viewers, I'm gonna come up and show up the same I'm present because I'm here to be impactful.

(32:55): Not every day's perfect, but I try my damns to make the most of it. Keep your feet moving. Keep your head up. Stay focused on why you're really here. The world needs you seriously. The world needs. You sounds like a big task. Why? Cuz it is. If you just step up to the plate and share your message and change one person's life, the world is a better place. It will be uncomfortable. It will be exciting. I'm I'm smiling. I'm thinking about like you putting pen to paper on this, you sharing a video message about this to your tribe. You understand didn't I say this in all seriousness. A lot of people look at me as if I've had it easy. A lot of people look to me. If that don't really know me like, oh man, you're born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

(33:50): Your mouth. If you only knew a lot of people might look at me and think man, everything you touch. Mark turns to gold. None of that's true. I touch a lot of stuff that goes to zero. I've lost a lot of amazing people in my life. I've had multiple deaths in my family in the last three months own my daughter almost drowned in the pool. She fell in recently, my son, right? He's watching my daughter's watching. We have a voice. You don't have to touch a million people. You have to touch one. And I think that's where people get caught up because they're like, well, that's not what you've done, mark. Don't compare your chapter one to my chapter 30. My goal in truthful life is to help my chapter 30 become your chapter three. I want to expedite you to my chapter 30. I wanna learn from you one day.

(34:40): By the way I learn from you guys all the time. I'm watching you on social. I'm learning from what you're saying or not saying many of you are in multiple different niches than I. I am. I'm always learning true leaders. True players. Always are learning. Might be silently learning, but I'm listening. I'm watching. I'm paying attention. Why? Because I wanna deliver. I want to connect. I do know your message, your message. I do know you share it. You will change people's lives. I do know you share your message. You would change your life. You're gonna get more exposure. See it's not like the real estate. Guy's like I'm a real estate guy. I make a lot of money. Real estate. Let's get on every real estate podcast under the moon so I can make more money in real estate as opposed to like I'm an next drug addict that turned multimillion dollar real estate investor.

(35:30): And I'm gonna share my journey with you. I can get on addiction shows I can TV. Wanna learn about the up the comeback story. Dude, my boy, Maurice Lorette. Many of you may know ex football player him and I's done a lot of stuff. I've donated multiple houses to his charity so they can do transition housing. But he is a whole thing called the comeback project foundation. Second chance Marie was in a deep, a dark time, man. I don't judge him for that. I get it. It's called life. We all experience it. He's crushing life. Now in a positive way. Speaking at schools and events and corporate events and generating millions of dollars has hundreds of employees. He's doing some real amazing shit. Now I gotta have 'em on the show actually. Huh? If you're listening still, I'd love for you to share with me your message. What do you got going on? How can we create opportunity?

(36:37): How can we help people five years from now 10 years from now, we're gonna be looking back and thinking about this very moment. You're listening to, this is a pivot moment. This is one of those moments. You're like, dude, if they're gonna listen to me, yell at you and get you pumped up. I hope I get you pumped up in a different way today. And I'm not saying share to be negative Nelly. When you share your message, you share it in a way that connects to inspire. You will change age people's lives. You already have, by the way, now we're just gonna do it consciously. We're gonna do it on a global, a big level. The more vulnerable I became. And that's what we're really talking about. Vulnerability. The more successful, the more, I just felt lighter on my feet, connected to more people. Your situation be unique to you and your brain, but it's not unique to the world.

(37:37): There's so many people in the world right now that would trade their life for your life. I promise you that. And I don't care what the fuck you've had happen or got going on. They would trade their life for yours. Everything. Now we're talking about gratitude. I'm just grateful. You're here. I'm grateful. I didn't stop. I'm grateful. I didn't listen to all the naysayers. I'm grateful. I shared my message. I'm grateful. I'll continue to share my message. I'm grateful. I got to wake up today to share this message with you. It's a journey folks. Don't get it twisted. There's lots of exits, lots of pothole, lots of cool moments. But at the end of the day, we're only here for a moment of time. Let's share it. Why we're around. Let's help people. Why we can see real time, real life. It's one of the best joys I get in my life.

(38:32): I swear besides my kids and family is seeing people, strangers that are not so strangers connect with me via social or meet me in person at events. And tell me how these moments have changed their life, how they're giving back and doing more because of these shows, how they're connecting to their spouse, their kids at a way different level. You may or may not know this. The majority of my messages are not about me making them money. I, we, that's a given a lot of people, message me about me being a great father about me, spending time with my kids. I can tell you right now, I'm a good father, but I gotta keep working to be great. I gotta be conscious. No. When they're saying daddy, let's go play. When I got a lot of work to do or distracted to be present, these are all muscles.

(39:23): These are all things I'm very aware of. And I wanna always be better for people like you and I, that will never stop. We always are pursuing to be better, but don't let it still the joy of the moment. Enjoy the process. Know that it's a journey. None of this. Shit's a destination. It's a journey daily, fall in love with the journey. Learn, document, share, enjoy with that said, I'm gonna go enjoy my family. Now I'm gonna go hang out with them and go play. And hang out over in Naples at the Ritz Carlton for a couple days and just cut loose with my wife and kiddos on the beach. Please share your story with me. Share your message. I'd love to know what you got going on. I'd love to know where you're at and I'm excited for your progress. Follow me over on social media at Mark Evans, DM and until the see you soon, make today count

(40:25): More. I'm here to help teach him what I, what I know and how I did it to discover freedom. There. Ain't no question mores. When he step in the doubt he's closing deal. I tell him what the stand for a deal make a deal make. I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journey's where it's at. It's all about the process. Come to get over to the team project from a small town I Ohio. So I know how its I come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid winning a make honey bra and see no one making more than that. Graduated high school with a 1.8 like should they held me back? I owe my principals and teachers are alive just to witness this. I'm an own ball. Somehow you're running two AFI businesses. I walk away from it.

(41:11): Y'all I'll be good, but I've been called to help people just like y'all learn the game. It's come to ball. Everybody chasing the money, but I'm not chasing the money. I'm out here chasing the purpose. Y I been working my whole life. Well guess where we at? Is it gonna get us where we wanna go? It's come to push to learn, come to grow, come over. I'm that helping? I know and how I did it. He discover freedom there. Ain't no question mark Kevin. When he step into doubt, he's closing deals down to sell him what the theme stand for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journey's where its at. It's all about the process over to the Del.

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