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Most people try to “cheap” their way to wealth. They nickel and dime every transaction. They only buy new things when they’re on sale. And they waste hours of their time looking for free online courses and books instead of footing the bill.

Here’s the thing…

You can’t save your way to millions in the bank.

Every time your cheapness comes out, you’re stealing from the wealthier future version of yourself. And guess what? Eventually, the future version of yourself will be as broke as you.

That’s the bad news.

The good news?

In this episode, you’ll discover how to finally ditch your cheapness and learn the secrets to become stinkin’, filthy rich.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • The subtle, yet potent “One Person Aaway” mindset change that can add an extra 0 to your bank account by the end of the year (4:13)
  • Why buying the latest iPhone every time it drops locks you in a cage of mediocrity (even if you close deals over the phone) (5:59)
  • The counterintuitive reason making more money won’t make you wealthier (and the secret for becoming a millionaire) (7:30)
  • The brutal truth about why you’re not rich and never will be (9:14)
  • How going to the TV section in Best Buy will make you uncomfortably wealthy (10:01)
  • Why treating yourself like your child can help you break 7 figures and beyond (13:22)
  • The insidious way your brain thwarts your growth by trying to protect you (23:45)

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Welcome to the making of a DM, the decision that will kill you. It kills dreams and goals all over planet earth. But after today, my friend, you're going to be able to look decision in the eyes in a way different way. So with that said, let's get started

(00:22): I'm more Kevin, I'm more Kevin I'm to helping teach him what, what I know and how I to discover freedom there. Ain't no question. More Kevins. When he step doubt, he's closing deal. I tell what I'm I'm deal a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. Hey there, your boy, mark, Evan D. What a week. Hope you're having an amazing day today over here in Parkland, Florida, watching the guy cut these lines in the grass over here, a lot, going on over in the DM world in today's topic, probably had you thinking, like what the hell's this guy talking about, but the topic is you are too cheap to be rich, or are you again, I appreciate you guys being here. I have so much love for people that invest time to get themselves in a better position in their life, financially, mentally, emotionally, physically, and all that. So I always, I just wanna take a second and let you know, no matter where you're at in this journey of life, you're right where you need to be. I know it's not always clear. It's not always exciting. It's not always Hollywood looking, but it's life. It is what it is.

(01:45): And I see so many great people that want more outta life. And you're wondering why most people don't get it. I'm gonna share that today. I really am going to talk direct to you because I, I care about you. I want to tell you the truth as I always do. And hopefully today, something in the show can help you Excel and unlock another level before I get started today, I just wanna say, thank you so much for all the Fivestar reviews. The show is growing every single day, every single week, every single month, I'd love to get to a million downloads a month, one day. That's my goal. And I'm gonna keep pushing and keep running and keep, keep the feet moving right to get to that point. But you know, you can help. How by posting a five star review by sharing this show on social media. Here's what I ask for you today. I don't ask a lot, but here's what I want to ask. If today's show is impactful for you, screenshot it and tag me on social media at Mark Evans, DM, tell the people, give a quick synopsis, Hey, this show's a banger. The show was amazing. The show, listen to this or whatever, and just tag me that would help get the word out and then let them know how to get the, download the show and all that stuff. Cuz it's I, I show up here intentionally. I show up here cuz I want to not because I have to, I wanna make sure you understand that. And I think you do, but I'm just saying it out loud because today's show is going to rocks and people's world. I have an event coming up in Cleveland, Ohio, June 28th. Yeah, June 29th and June 30th.

(03:26): We're gonna give a lot of money away to charity. We're gonna change a lot of people's lives. I'm not a huge event guy. I actually do an event a year it's for my birthday and all the money. All the net pro proceeds go to charity. And it's just a great way for me to connect with you as a listener. People follow me on email. Social have been to events in the past. A lot of people come multiple times to these events, which is awesome. It's every event is different. Not one thing is sold at the event. The only thing we're there is, I want you to, I introduce you to the people I'm rolling with guys that have billions of dollars of real estate guys. That's raised billions of dollars. People are buying and selling companies for, you know, tens of hundreds of millions. If not billions of dollars will be there and everything in between. And truly is you're one person away, one person away from changing your life. One deal away from changing your life. And don't think because, oh, I don't have millions of dollars to do that, to do a deal. Well, you might have a different, unique ability where someone that has the money they need you just as much as you need them. And that's the beauty of these kind of events showing up in person at that level is so, so powerful. And not only that, to be honest with you, the event afterwards, the DM birthday bash, where we'll do on the 30th from six 30 to 10 30 at night, that alone will change people's lives. I can't talk about it now. Why, but you're gonna see stuff you've never, ever seen happen before.

(04:59): Right in front of your eyes. As an entrepreneur, as someone that wants more outta life, just being in that room for those four hours will be monumental, epic. You'll remember it forever. And that's what it's about. So with that said, let's get started today. You're too cheap to be rich. As you know or may not know. I grew up in small town, Ohio trailer Cort tells 10 parents barely made any money, just enough to pay the bills and put food on the table and, and all that good stuff. So I know what it is like to be cheap, not on purpose, some people, but they, they just, they only made so much and they didn't really have like thinking like you guys are thinking. And again, you're here for a reason. So as I think about this, I always wanted to make more money. We've heard this statement, success leaves, clues. What is successful people, whatever that definition it means to you. What is successful people doing that? You're not doing one thing I always think about and why I think most people are too cheap to ever be rich is because they're focused on the wrong things. They wanna be cool, but they don't wanna be wealthy. What do I mean by that? They'll stand in line for three days to buy a brand new iPhone for fucking $1,300. Why they have a phone that actually works? Why? So when they hang out their book, man, I got the new iPhone 27. What do you got, man? Oh, you only got the 26. Ha ha Hey man. I'm the coolest guy. Yeah, but you're still both fucking broke. I know people, literally, I swear in my life that can't afford their house payment, but they all have the brand new technology.

(06:53): It's insane to me. I had millions, hundreds of millions of dollars in assets and millions of dollars in the bank. And I still had a flip phone. And when I go to places where these people I'm talking about these folks, I'm talking about, Hey man, what don't you, why do you have a flip phone? I gotta check out this new iPhone. And they're all in the little corner circle, jerking around about the little iPhone, the new ones they, they got. And I'm sitting over here, smiling thinking like, dude, I have a flip phone and I'm more, I have more money than all of you guys combined. I'm not saying this out loud, of course, but I I'm like priorities, priorities phone. Ain't gonna make you rich money. Won't make you rich. What you do with it will make you rich or poor. This podcast show is free $0. And yet I hope all, but the, the numbers never say all most will never accomplish the level of success they're capable of. But why is that? Mark? Some people listening here will go buy a book. $15. True story is, as I'm talking to you, I have about 60 or 70 books on my shelf that I've yet to read buddy Paul say, amen, check this book out. It's going buy it. Boom. I don't even think about it.

(08:25): Boom. If they say it's real, I'm gonna buy it done. But yet some people are so cheap that they'll literally go online for seven hours to try to find the fucking book PDF for free. That's how I'm put on some, some site. Why if books made you rich, why isn't every fucking person in America, rich every person in the world for that matter. If podcast shows like I have out here that are so fucking real and amazing. Cause I do give you real shit, dude. My last show, if you follow that, you can generate millions of dollars a year. I told you exactly how to do it. But if these shows are free, there's millions of hours of shows for free to learn anything you want. But yet why are not people accomplishing their goals and creating massive amounts of wealth? It's simple. They're too cheap to be rich. You understand? When I go, like there's a saying that always pops into my mind when we talk about money. So many people know the cost to everything, but very few people understand the value. Understanding price and value are drastically different. Let me give you an example and I'll give you a field trip here. This is what I recommend. Everyone do go to your local best buy or any kind of electronic store. Hang out in the TV section. And you're gonna watch someone walk in. I do. I, I, I love doing this by the way, very observant. They're gonna walk in and they're gonna talk to the sales person. Tell me about the 65 inch you got. Well, we got about 70 of them. which one are you looking for? Tell me about 'em all this one's $700. This one's 12, 20 12 50. This one's 2,500 etcetera HD 4k, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

(10:38): Right? Whatever. And why that person sits there and wastes fucking three hours of their life knowing damn well that they're gonna buy the cheapest one. This happens every day in their life. They waste time. They don't understand what they're like, why they're too cheap. They're cheap. Everything in their life is about being cheap. This is why they'll never get rich. You can't cheap your way to wealth. Think about this. If this is how you're acting with your daily activities, you're buying decisions that carries over to everything question for you and you don't need to tell me obviously, but for you, how much have you invested in yourself in the last 12 months? You, how much have you invested in yourself in the last two months, 12 months books courses, online, offline mentors, mastermind groups, et cetera. How much have you invested? I was just doing some basic calculations cuz I've personally been investing since 1996. I literally took my last $2,500. I had to be honest with you. It wasn't even my $2,500. It was my company's $2,500 in my account where I had to pay my staff. But I paid $2,500 to go to a three day seminar about real estate investing. And I was a gutter guy, a seamless gutter guy. I did seamless gutters. I was out on ladder 16 hours a day, running off five inch, six inch seamless gutters putting 'em on two, three story houses all over, all over Ohio.

(12:29): But I had to get out. I knew this wasn't my long term path. I had to do what I had to do today, but I had a vision for the future of where I needed to be, who I need to become today to get show up in the future. And 26 years, June 21st will be 26 years. I've been in the game of business, my whole entire adult life two days after high school. And just based off some basic calculations, I've invested over 5 million. Me personally, investing over 5 million on mentors, mastermind groups consultants and everything in between. I still invest six figures a year still today. And I got a lot of cool stuff going on. I kind of know some stuff, but I know, I don't know a whole lot on the grand scheme of things. How much have you invested in the last 12 months? It's interesting. If you have kids, people will invest in coaches. They'll invest in teachers to help 'em read better their kids or do math better. And all this stuff go to TaeKwonDo. My son's in TaeKwonDo with coaches, for TaeKwonDo, tennis and golf and swim lessons.

(13:47): And I pay a homeschool teacher, a lot of money to teach my kids at home. And I have an amazing nanny that teaches the kids and you know, so, so there's, there's what is that five, six things that I pay for every, every week I invest in my kids there them today in the future, most parents would invest in their kids. If they're not already doing it, why aren't you investing in yourself? Are you not worth it? Are you not worth a couple bucks to invest in yourself for a better future? Have you ever sit down? And I did this today, myself and said, I need help. I feel like everything's fragmented. I feel like I'm sitting on a lot, a lot of opportunity, but I don't know how to execute. I need to get clarity on what we do on a daily basis so I can execute and my team can help me. Have you ever asked yourself, you need help. We all need help. And we live in a world where everybo anything you need help with. You can make an investment and get help. Anything. Me and my wife have a relationship coach. I spend over a thousand a month. It's $250 for 45 minutes.

(15:19): Me and my wife talk to her together. And we also talk separately. If you want more outta life, you gotta become more. Whatever number you're imagining, I wanna make 5 million a year. Lots of people make 5 million a year, but what they, what you're missing is what they invested to get to that point. They invested in themselves. I have a group called the DM Alliance. It's a thousand dollars a month. That's it a thousand a month. If you're trying to learn how to raise money, we talk about that. If you're trying to learn how to grow your company, we talk about that. We show you how to do it. If you're trying to connect with people that are all levels of types of people, mastermind effect. There's a lot of people in there. Literally one person could change your life. We talk about health. We talk about wealth.

(16:15): We talk about everything for a thousand dollars a month, but mark, that's a lot of money. It's my house payment. Okay? If a thousand's a lot of money, that's the problem. How could a thousand dollars be a lot of money? If you're building a business, I get it. We are all in different places. But today a thousand dollars a month is nothing. You're worth a thousand dollars, right? You, this is why I genuinely think most business people never get to the next level. They don't understand their value, their value in themselves and their value in their marketplace. I know I didn't when I was an 18 year old snotty knows kid from Thurston, Ohio, I had the seamless gutter company. I thought the way I got business was to have a better price. That's what I thought. Cuz I didn't have the confidence in my value.

(17:18): What was my confidence in my value? I will show up. I will bring quality product and I'll get this shit done. When I said I will get it done period. Now, if anybody's ever ever had experience with contractors, they say Tuesday, you better be very clear. Still clear on what Tuesday that is. Cuz it's not this Tuesday. It's gonna be 20 Tuesdays later I showed up on time. I got the job done in a timely manner as expected. I remember there was a time guy was selling a house. He had an open house on a Saturday, a really nice house. That's putting gutters on it. True story. I and two other guys. My machine broke. I guaranteed him. That fucking job would be done. I literally scrambled pulled pieces apart, fixed the machine. And at 3:00 AM, we had lanterns lit up. We had the car lights lit up at the house to get the job done. We were done at three 80, a 3 83 40. Cause once we could produce the product, we can just slap it up quick and go in 40 minutes. Who do you think the guy called at 8:00 AM when he showed up, noticed that like the job was done. He wanted to say, thank you cuz he knew that we weren't getting the job done that Friday night. He knew it. He didn't. He's like, dude, there's no way this is getting done. I'm like dude, the pro the, his name was Mitch Mitch. The machine is broken. I told you, this thing will be done. It will be done when you arrive tomorrow. I promise this at 10 o'clock at night, it took us hours and hours to get this machine fixed.

(19:11): It broke. We thought we had to fix it. Rippled the gutter, put holes in it. Did this, did that like I'm like this will be done. My value is I got the job done gave me confidence. I'm still searching value. I'm still understanding what my real value is. So I'm sharing real stuff with you that the way to gain an insight and value is to start investing in yourself. So you start building value in yourself. Stop being a cheap fucker, thinking a thousand dollars a month or $500 a month. Whatever the number is is is expensive. It's relative. It means nothing on the grand scheme of things you have to get outta your own way. See when people are investing a thousand a month with me, they're not investing a thousand a month to like do one. We do a weekly call, an hour zoom hour, hour, and a half zoom.

(20:12): We have a massive amount of people in a group that are connecting and create hundreds of thousands. If not millions of dollars are created with members alone because they invested in themselves to show up. They got in the right room to connect with people. They're being proactive, letting people, Hey guys, my name's Mark Evans. Here's what I do. Boom, boom, boom, boom. Hey guys. My name's Mike. I do books. Boom, boom, boom. Hey guys. My name's Frazier. I'm the health tax. Boom, boom, boom. You're not paying a thousand a month to me. You're paying a thousand a month. You're worth a thousand. You're investing in yourself, your future, your business, your life, your growth. How much are you worth when you're in a group like that? When you here's one thing I don't think people understand. So I have a $50,000 a year mastermind group as well. And it's, what's interesting. And again, I've experienced this myself, so I know this is true. And I've had hundreds of people confirm this is true. $50,000. It's a number. It is what it is. That's what the investment is. But when they make, when they're on the fence and they're making that decision, I always say the same thing, dude. You're not investing in me at this point. You're investing in yourself. You're worth $50,000, right? You're gonna make millions of dollar. You're already generating millions. Now you're gonna take it to another level and here's what's gonna happen. You're gonna lay in bed. And when you finally boom, make the decision. I want you over the next 72 hours to document what happens in your life? How do you think, what are you thinking about? What's your cadence? What's your excitement level? What's your relationship level? Like, like pay attention because what happens is you unlock something in your brain. And now we have to get the work to get the money back, to get in to a different state. See a lot of times people are thinking they're paying 50 grand for who's in the room.

(22:32): But what you're really paying for is for, who's not in the room. You're investing in yourself first and foremost and you're investing for, who's not in the room. What do I mean by that? Well, every person in that room's invested 50 grand to be in there or a thousand or whatever the number is. There's a qualifier. You're not hanging out with the person that thinks everything should be for free. But mark, you make it so much money. Why don't you do it for free motherfucker? I do it for free. It's called my podcast. You have a hundred plus hours here and you still ain't done Dick, right? So is it the show or is it you? Cause other people message us all the time and say, dude, I just made $300,000 with show number, blah, blah, blah, blah. Holy shit, man. I seven figures outta my bottom line in the last 12 months because of show number X, Y, Z, get it often, but not often enough. You're paying for, who's not in the room. We're not in the room talking about, we're not gossiping about the same bullshit. You talk about all day. We're not gossip. You know, we're not talking who man, that's a lot of money. I would never pay $12 a month for an emails provider. Here's one for free bullshit. How do we pay a hundred a month? I get it. Our brain's trying to protect us, but your brain's protecting you from what you know in the past, not with what you know, where you're going in the future. I see so many great people that could be a thousand times further ahead in life. If they'd stop being so cheap, I do this with my son. I teach him, we have some cars and here in Florida we have rolls drop pad, the Ferrari 4 88, new Escalade, new Rover, whatever.

(24:29): And I said, mark, this just happened. I was out on the, we were just hanging out at the pool and I was like, bud, out of all four cars here in Florida, which one do you want? Which one would you take? If you, if you take any of 'em, which one do you take? Keep mine. The rovers. A hundred thousand, the Escalades, one 30 in the Ferrari and you drop HEADSS use about 350 K give or take. And he said, dad, I'd take the, I'd take the Escalade. He likes it's big. It's the long wheel base, sport, platinum, whatever. And I was like, cool. Why? And the truth is he just wants to sit in the back. right. It's three seater, three seats deep. And I'm like, okay, well here's what I would do. If I was you, I would take the Ferrari or drop head. But dad, that's a lot of money. Well, no, you're getting it. So you take it and then you sell it for three 50 and then you go buy $130,000 car. right. And you have $220,000 left over in your bank. I'm teaching them these lessons all the time I teach. 'em Like all the time. Like, you know, you see these two things, which one do you want? Which one do you take by this one? Dad, it's cheaper. Well cheaper. Doesn't always mean better. I see. I keep in mind. I grew up on Kmart jeans. I grew up on Kmart, you know Haynes. T-Shirts the white shitty cheap t-shirts. I grew up on VO shoes with duct tape around them cuz they were cheap and duct tape was cheaper than buying a fucking cheaper pair of shoes. I couldn't imagine living a life of being cheap.

(26:02): I'm not saying be foolish either. I'd rather see you go buy a great pair of jeans that will last for a long time. Rather see you buy a nice pair of shoes that you can get. You feel good when you put 'em on truth is a lot of people listen to my voice, have the brand new iPhones, have the brand new, amazing shoes. Have the Louis Vuitton belts have the, you know, the high end pants and all that, but yet they don't have fucking money in the bank account. I don't want you to be cheap. I want you to be profitable. I want you to think in investor terms, I want you to think in worst case scenarios, best case scenarios. See when we have even the Cleveland event, tickets will be a thousand dollars or whatever, right? On a business standpoint, we make $0. Cuz I invest hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars on that event to give you an experience, to help move you, to get you to the next level. All five centuries will be touched, guarantee it. I've seen people walk out and build multimillion dollar businesses from scratch. I've seen people collaborate and connect and generate tens of hundreds of millions of dollars. From those events. I've seen people become social media, massive influence online because of those events.

(27:17): But they all invested in themselves. They all realize that they, if they don't invest in themselves, who's going to see you're sitting around bitching and complaining like man, my wife or my husband doesn't believe me. Well, why should they fucking believe you? You don't even believe in yourself enough to make an investment in yourself. Why? What in your right mind thinks that's even makes sense? I don't believe in myself, but I want others to believe in me. that's the problem with this world. They're looking for outside influence. If you can master the game of inside influence, you will thrive to a level you don't even know is even available yet. I guarantee it. I don't need anybody or anyone. My wife included to tell me I'm doing a good job to keep me moving. I don't need any, like you could call me a Dick. You could say dude, great job. I don't hear it. I'm investing in myself. I know where I'm at. I know where I stand. I know where I'm going. I invest every single day in myself. I invest in trainers. I invest in coaches, consultants in everything in between mastermind groups. I invest like there was a group I used to belong to. Not anymore. Not cuz I don't want to, but actually I don't want to anymore because it was too transactional. I'm a very relationship driven guy. That group got a little too transactional for me and I just didn't like it. But, and by the way, that's okay. You can change. You can change groups.

(29:00): Connects with people and change it's it doesn't have to be forever, but it is a hundred thousand dollars a year paid upfront and you meet three times a year. You meet six days a year for a hundred grand. That's it? There's no other connection. Do you think I made more money or less money by investing a hundred grand? Hmm. I wonder there was a group I belonged to for seven years I invested 25,000 a year to be a part of it for four meetings a year. That's flying all over the world to get there. Cause if you didn't show up, you'd lose your membership. That's how serious it was. I still have relationships with every single group I'm talking about today that I'm doing business with generating millions of dollars a year with It all starts with you. You know, in the DM Alliance again, it's my group, But it's led by amazing people in there. There's a lot of amazing people that just want to connect. They wanna share. They want to grow. There's people generating hundreds of millions of dollars as a collective in that group.

(30:22): If you have a business, if you have challenges in your game, in your GA in your business and you're trying to grow and expand and, and deepen the the game, why would you not be in a group like that? And the way I do it is I like to bring people through an application process. Cause I want to make sure I can be beneficial. So my guys, John and Ryan, they, they talk to every single person on entry and they make sure it's the right fit. The truth is I, I don't even know if you get accepted, but you never know. Unless you try, we have a link for you. If it's still open, it's at Mark Evans, dm.com/application. And it's a deposit. You pay a thousand dollars deposit and then John or Ryan calls you and they talk to you and see what's going on. If it makes sense, they'll extend the invitation. If it doesn't, we'll send you the thousand bucks back, you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Literally I'm not in this game for a thousand dollars. I'm in this game to help people. The truth is I have a group, like I said, that pay $50,000 a year for the people that are not math wizards is over four grand a month per person. The investment on this is a quarter of that. Less than a quarter, The value is 10 X.

(31:55): See the difference is when the guy's paying 50 grand a year, they need one or two tweaks. They're coming in for one or two tweaks to see ma they're already doing shit to another level. I'm not saying this in a disrespectful. It's just the facts. It's the truth. And at a thousand dollars a month level, like I want to help you guide you. I want to give you tools to get you to 10 20, 30, 50 million a year. I'm not teaching theory. I'm sharing real life. Like it's way deeper than that. By the way, I mean, we have a full, like there's a group. There's people talking and connecting and we're sharing information. I just shared a couple, two, very two big posts this week. Really, really powerful stuff. But like I said, we meet twice a year in person. We have a private Facebook group where amazing shit's happening, amazing stuff. We have the best, best health expert in the world. In there. We have financial people. We have raising money. People structuring your business to get it back on track people. I mean, it's endless from all over the country and we meet once a week on a zoom. I share investment things that I'm working on and why. And, and, and some people get involved in them. You're the first to know about jet trips and yacht trips I'm doing and get a discount on doing 'em with me. If you want, you don't have to. It's just, Hey, this is a benefit for being here.

(33:18): The thousand dollars a month is for you. I have to do free podcast shows because I like to help people. The truth is 90 plus percent of people listening on my voice will never spend a penny with me. And I'm okay with that. Cuz it's not about me. It's about them. Don't be too cheap to become wealthy. Don't pinch the penny so hard that Lincoln's nose bleeds over there. I want you to get real with yourself and look at your, look at your business. Look at your finances. Look where you're at and where you want to go. Is your actions or lack of today going to get to closer to where your goal is five years from now. What are you investing in? Who are you investing with? What do you have to buy to get to that point? I've talked about this on a show before, but like, everyone's like, dude, I wanna make a million dollars a year. Okay. How are you going about to do that? And then we break it down. Average company makes 20% net profit. You gotta make a million to get two 50, excuse me, 200. So we gotta, we gotta create a $5 million business to hit that number. And what does that look like? Who is, who do we need to hire? I want you all to make a million dollars a year and more.

(34:50): It's doable for everybody. If a hillbilly kid from Ohio me can do it in multiple businesses, many multiple businesses. Why can't you do it with one? I know how to do it. I share with people inside that group every day, how to do it. What's your core values? What do you stand for? What's your value to the marketplace? If I went and asked 10 people that know you, what? And I said, Hey, what does Johnny do? And they're like, well, I don't know. I know he is always hanging out. That might be a problem in itself. But like, you don't know what he does for business. You don't know what he does. And then you tell me you own a contracting company, but no one else knows that, but you're like, dude, everyone knows what I do. I'm a king dingling. I guarantee you, the majority of the world doesn't know you. I want you to invest in yourself. I don't care if it's even with me, find someone you align with and put some money into the game of yourself. Like how pissed off are you that you lied to in a school? You gotta get a good job. You gotta go to college. What are they really saying? Give us more money, go into debt. And now we own your ass.

(36:15): Like think about the metrics. I pay a hundred thousand dollars for a fucking degree to make 50 grand a year. Huh? Huh? Because you've been programmed to think that's okay. And I'm not saying college is the end of the world, but I, I never went to col I don't know many people that's worth a lot of money. That's went to college. And if they did, they always dropped out. Once they realized it was a scam for what they were going. Now, if you're a doctor, a lawyer, I mean, these are some of the stuff you'd probably wouldn't be in there for. We want, I want high quality, you know, qualified people, you know, operating on me or, or serving me at a high level as a lawyer. But if you're just going to be an entrepreneur and you're building great products and creating great services, and this is people skills, this has nothing to do.

(37:01): I don't need a degree to have people skills. Truth is I think I have an advantage on most people in the world cuz I never did any of that. It was never even a thought. I always knew I was gonna get out. I have four years being punched in the throat, kicked in the balls, punched in the gut. Everything for four years while you're sitting there spending mommy and daddy's money or you know, working three jobs to kind of pay your tuition. And I had real life experience. I had real connections being, I had real world feedback in my face. See the thing is, people are paying a thousand a month to be in the DM Alliance. But the truth is like I said, you're paying 26 years of experience, my over 5 million of investing in myself. But the real money is what I lost the real money. The real trainings are I've lost. I've probably lost billions of dollars. Hundreds of millions, for sure, by not executing properly by firing people the wrong way by hiring people the wrong way. I mean all these other things. So for you not, not like being too cheap to invest in yourself, it's keeping you broke.

(38:10): It's a broken model. If books made you wealth guys, by the way, books are some of the most powerful tools that we all have access to. You don't even need to buy. 'em Go to the library, but why are more people not wealthy? The shit's in the library, magician versus mule, rich dad, poor dad think and grow rich. I mean all these books that could change your life are there for free. And yet people are still can't make a million dollars a year. Why? Well there's a thing called accountability. See peer pressure. The DM Alliance has a lot of peer pressure. My 50 K group has a lot of peer pressure. Now when you hear peer pressure, you might be thinking negative, but this is positive because we're gonna pressure you to coming in via peer to peer. Like you're setting expectations. You're running like when you come in there and you see what people are talking about. You're like, holy shit, no wonder. I'm not making money. I'm thinking too small.

(39:21): If this guy from blah, blah, blah can do it or this gal. Why the hell can't I, you see it real time. It's so powerful. So amazing accountability, structure, confidence, courage, exciting times to be alive. When you're in a group of people that are genuinely sharing real raw, authentic information, real time, you're gonna realize how much you don't know. You're gonna realize how much opportunity you're really sitting on. We just shared in there about a month ago, how to make a million dollars a year, the easiest way truthfully I've ever seen in my entire life ever, ever in 26 years, we show you exactly how to do it. Not only that we have a guy that will walk you through it and help you do it. So a thousand dollars a month to make a million it's not guaranteed cuz you gotta do work. But the path is crystal fucking clear. See the opportunities are everywhere if you know where they're at to harness them. But most people are too cheap to take advantage of an opportunity cuz Ugh, it costs money. Everything costs money. But what about the value? What about the investment? What about the ROI? Truth is you're probably suffering with financial PTSD, but when does this stop? When do, when do you stop making excuses? When do you stop living in the past? When does this stop serving you? When do you realize like, dude, I got to change this thought process or exercise this muscle and start growing.

(41:07): If a thousand dollars a month is a lot of money, that's a problem straight up. It's a massive problem. You are worth way more. You're way better. How, how the fuck are you gonna make a million dollars a year? If you think a thousand dollars a month is a lot seriously. Think about that to make a million dollars a year. It's like $3,000 a day, 90, 88, 80 something thousand 86, 3 3, 3 per month. It's called three grand a day, 30 days a month, $90,000. You won't take a third of one day to invest in yourself a third of one day. Like how in the world do you think you could ever get rich? And the reason I'm sharing this with you, it's something I believe is plaguing, great human beings. No one's ever told 'em stop being a pussy and step your game up. You're worth it. Go get with someone to help you keep you accountable, get in a room of people that are doing shit. It will motivate you. It will drive you. It will show you that it's real. Right? Cause the truth is sometimes you'll hear me talking like, yeah, but Evans, it's easy for you because blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I don't even know where I would be at in my life. If having podcast shows like we have today, zooms and videos and all this shit was like this in 96, I was doing CDs, wrapped up with a rubber band. So it wouldn't skip.

(42:40): When I'm driving down the road with the cassette tape in it to play the CD. Cuz I couldn't afford a CD player. Listen to Tony Robbins, listen to audio books galore. I loved every second of it and a Chevy truck with the windows down. Cause no AC existed in that truck at all. I loved it. Cause I was going places. I was investing my time and I was investing my money. Every dollar I had extra, I was investing in myself, books, CDs, events, etcetera, and 18 year old fucking kid figured it out me every year I invest more. Why would you ever stop something that works? That's like saying once you get six pack, abs you're gonna stop working out and retain the abs. That's not how shit works. So get over to Mark Evans, dm.com/application. If you're looking to take your life to the next level straight up, we're crushing it over there. We're kicking ass, taking names. You don't have to believe me. Just sit back and watch. If you're sitting on the fence, just watch cuz one day that fence is gonna turn into a fucking electric fence. I'm gonna zap the fuck out of you. You're either gonna fall on the backside or the right side, but you're gonna fall either way. I'd hate to see you miss out because you're being cheap. I mean don't you have respect for yourself. If you can't pay a thousand a month, invest in your dude. Start somewhere 50 bucks a month, a hundred bucks a month. What just get started. But a thousand a month is what the dalliance says. It's massively underpriced verse value. And that's why I love it because the value exchange is undeniable insanely with you.

(44:35): For you. So check it out. Hope you guys make it over there. Mark Evans, dm.com/application. You have nothing to lose. It's a thousand dollars deposit. You will be on the phone with John and Ryan. They're my right hand guys. They'll talk to you. They'll tell you if they're not there to sell you, they're there to guide you to see if it's a fit. I'm not for everybody. And if you don't have something that we can help you grow, I don't want you in there. Maybe they'll point you in the right direction. If, if it's like, Hey man, this just ain't gonna work. But here's where I would go. X, Y, and Z. They're gonna they're they'll help you. Like I wanna help you. That's it. But you gotta be willing to help yourself. So check it out. Mark Evans, dm.com/application. I gotta get the lunch I'm running behind today, but Hey, I'm gonna show up. Appreciate you being here, stay focused and don't be a cheap ass to get rich. Doesn't happen. Like that makes it account.

(45:37): I'm I'm to helping teach him what, what I know and how I discover freedom there. Ain. No questions when he step he's what closing deals. I'm just tell what the DM stand for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journeys where it's at, it's all about the process. Come to get over to the DM project from a small town of, so I know how it is. Come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid wanting them, make a honey brat. Didn't see no one make more than that. Graduated high school with a 1.8 should have held me back. I owe my principals and teachers are alive just to witness this I'm own boss, some out here running two way, figure businesses. I can walk away from it all. And I be good. I been called to help people just like y'all learn the game it's to ball everybody chasing the money, but I'm not chasing the money. I'm out here chasing the purpose. So I been working my whole life. Guess where we had, is it gonna get us where we wanna go? So it's to, to learn to helping Kevin D I'm heard that helping teach him what I, what I know and how I did it. He discover freedom there. Ain't no question. Mark Kevins. When he step in the he's, what stands? I'm a deal, a deal, but I'm not just a deal. I'm the, journey's where it it's all about the project deal deal.

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