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I have bad news: 

You have been brainwashed. By your teachers. By your parents. By your friends. By your business partners. And by everyone else you love. 

You think you must have permission to make a decision. But here’s the cold, hard truth: 

Nothing steals your wealth and imprisons you to a mediocre life than waiting for permission. 

And I have good news: 

I’m giving you permission to do whatever you want. I’m giving you permission to dominate. I’m giving you permission to take loss after loss and continue to keep going because you know you’re inches away from massive wealth. 

In this episode, I’m giving you permission to win on all levels: health, wealth, finances, fitness, and fun. After listening to this episode, you’ll never have to ask for permission again. And your life will never look the same as it does right now. 

Listen now and take the first step towards building an unstoppable legacy. 

Show highlights include: 

  • The “Mentor Yourself” method which helps you transform business-threatening obstacles into money-making opportunities (2:46) 
  • The insidious programming we’ve gone through that steals your wealth, legacy, and impact (and how to delete it from your psyche) (4:08) 
  • The simple “ask for forgiveness” mindset tweak that can double your net worth by the end of the year (5:26) 
  • Why relying on your accountant for marketing advice is a good way to bankrupt your business before next tax season (7:54) 
  • The “Sexy Business” secret which makes your customers want to tattoo your brand on their neck (11:52) 
  • The profound “10X Tithing Effect” which gives you a better ROI than your top-performing marketing channel (15:43) 
  • How sharing gratitude when you’re frustrated and overwhelmed instantly lifts the frustration fog surrounding you (24:00) 

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Welcome to the making of a DM, the decision that will kill you. It kills dreams and goals all over planet earth. But after today, my friend, you're going to be able to look decision in the eyes in a way different way. So with that said, let's get started

(00:21): Deal. I'm ready to help and teach him what I, what I know and how I did it to discover freedom there. Ain't no question mark Kevins. When he step in the doubt, he's closing deal. I'm gonna tell him what the stand for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. Hey there, boy. DM welcome today on another show of the making of a DM. Yes, you are a DM, a dream maker. I know you have dreams over there and a deal maker, a deal you made with yourself to accomplish those dreams. My goal is to help you dream bigger and deal. Make bigger on many levels. Hey, if you're brand new to the show here, thank you so much for joining us. I take this stuff very serious. You might not know much about me. If you're brand new checkout show number one, learn a little bit about who I am and what I stand for. I'm probably gonna say a couple cus words. I try not to. Hey, sometimes as it just happens, I get excited. I love this stuff. This is my life. I get to help a lot of amazing people like yourself and really, really exciting stuff.

(01:32): We've probably never met in person yet. And if we have that's awesome. But if we haven't, I can't wait to meet you a lot of cool stuff happening behind the scenes. Got a big, the big event for Workday bash, where we're gonna donate six figures. Hopefully you guys can make it. I'll be sharing about that here over the next couple months here on the podcast and socially and email. So check me out at Mark Evans, DM, a lot of traction on the show. A lot of you, thank you so much for sharing the show means so much to me. Not only that the people you're it with you're impacting their lives in a major way, if you know it or not. So don't take that too lightly, even if it's just one person. So thank you for the five stars. Thank you for everything. A lot of book sales are happening, which is really cool magician versus we own making of, you know, the me economy, 10 minute business owner, virtual real estate invests.

(02:24): I got 12 of 'em, but there's a lot of cool things happening. So thank you guys for that, man. I'm very thankful today and I'm thankful every day, but today's extra specially thankful. So today's, show's going to be about something that I think will help a lot of you. I believe actually, everyone listening. I work with a lot of people at different levels, and this is something that everyone needs to hear. Even myself. I actually sit down and have conversations with myself. This is kind of a inside piece of my life. I actually mentor myself true story. I sit there. If I'm having struggles, I'm struggling on something. I literally sit down at the desk with a piece of paper left side's blank, right? Side's blank on my notebook and, and the left. Side's me talking to myself and the right side is me consulting me, right?

(03:16): So what this does it strips emotion away. Cause we get emotionally attached to this shit because you don't understand, man, my situation's different. That's what we all say. Right? But you know, again, it allows me to make more levelheaded decisions. It allows me to con like see the thing through a different path. What would I tell myself if I was mentoring myself? So is not just to others. It's also to yourself actually. It's most importantly to yourself, but I do learn a lot by helping other people. So today's show I sitting here thinking about recently, a couple guys that I work with that are ultra high level. They're worth many, many, many millions doing some really cool shit. And I think about cuz I have that 50 K DM family group. And then I also have the one cake group, which is absolutely amazing.

(04:02): All these groups are amazing. A lot of cool shit happening. But when I sit here and I got a message yesterday, a guy was buying almost a $2 million house and he's like mark, I'm, I'm losing my shit over here. Now, just to set this, the story straight is he has the cash in the bank to pay cash for this house. But what we've done to ourselves is we've created this mentality where we think where we do have to ask for permission. Some people ask for permission in different ways. And that's what today shows about. I'm going to give you permission. I'm gonna share with you why we're, where we're at today in our life permission. As we're sitting here, you know, we all went to school, right? Or went through some school cycles. We all have parents definitely or AOR of people above us that, you know, Hey, can I get up from the table permission?

(04:54): Hey, I gotta go to bed. You can get up early today. Permission. Hey, you got, you can go to bed later today, permission, Hey, you can wear this permission. Hey, don't do that permission to not do stuff. So we've been programmed. We've been trained through our whole life for permission. I gotta ask my wife or a husband. They're looking for permission. Most people seek permission. It's very interesting to me coming from a person. I guess I did it as a child, but I, I was always kind of the guy that never asked for permission and was always, and I still to this day, ask for forgiveness, not permission. Oh, do you understand? It's a massive difference when I'm decision making. I'm not thinking who do I need to ask to do it? But I'm thinking who's going, how are we gonna execute this? Who's gonna execute this.

(05:43): How much can we make? Where are we gonna stand two years from now? Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. All the energy that you're using to worry about who? Well, what if my wife doesn't like the decision I make? What if my husband thinks this is stupid? What if, what if my my guy, I go to church with my pre preacher, pastor, whoever doesn't, you know, doesn't give me permission. Stamp the approval. What if my financial advisor doesn't think, dude, I don't need permission. I'm a big boy. I got to this point in my life. Not asking for fucking permission, but asking for forgiveness. If needed rule entrepreneurs, don't sit around asking for permission at the ultimate level, by the way, I'm not saying stop today and just start, you know, doing this is a process. This is a muscle soul in your brain that you've built over the years.

(06:33): That's actually been built for you. Sit down, shut up. Raise your hand. Hey teacher, can I go use the restroom? No. Put your hand down. Fuck you teacher. I'm gonna go take a piss. What are you gonna do? Give me a detention. That was me by the way, withy do next. I had, you know, you're not, you're not getting anything from me, right? So that's the world we live in. We've been trained to wait and ask for permission. When you go to the bank and send a wire and they're like, you need to come in and blah, blah. You're asking for permission to send your own fucking money to someone I don't ask for permission. I do it online. I don't talk to anybody. Actually. I don't even do what my team does. It. I don't ask them. I tell them where to send the money.

(07:18): This is why crypto's changing the world. There's no one gate keeping your money. It's your money like or hate crypto. I hope you're on the right side of this game, but it's unlocking to a whole nother level. It will make a lot of money for a lot of people. It already has, but it's just getting started. Don't think you've missed a boat either. It's it's here to stay. But as I'm sitting here thinking, you know, we talk to people, buying houses every day, investing money in properties or projects every day, buying companies, expanding companies, investing in marketing. A lot of you are waiting for permission from your accountant to spend more money on marketing. Well, if you're doing that, you're losing the game of business. You're the business owner, the accountant, for a reason, your accountant should never tell you what you can spend or not spend on marketing.

(08:10): That's for you to decide their job is to simply provide high quality data where you can make educated decisions on your own. Not to say you can't ask for help, not to say you can hear them, but the question is, do you need it? And do you listen to them? There's no right or wrong to that piece. I, I like to interpret protect data, but I've talked about how I fired one of my accounting companies, because they said we were having a tough time in the business. And the first thing they said, we, we need to cut this expense. And I was like, what's the expense it's marketing, right? I don't ask for permission. I said, you're fired, right? You gotta go. Because if you think marketing's an expense, don't understand the game I'm playing. You don't understand the game at all. Marketing is the backbone, but today it will be a shorter show today.

(09:00): Cause I'm here to give you permission. I'm here to give you permission to dominate. I'm here to give you permission, to be fucking aggressive in your life. I'm here to give you permission to be innovative, which will oftentimes have people questioning what you're doing because they don't see what you see. But I give you permission to keep fucking going. No matter what they think or say, I give you permission to win, win on all levels, health, wealth, finances, Fitnesses, and fund everything. You got my permission. I give you permission to be a champion, a fucking bloody champion. I'm talking to someone at sweats championship, someone that bleeds champion, someone that bleeds this shit 24 7 lives eating sleeps it. I give you permission to be your best, not the best version mommy and daddy. Think you should be not the best version. Your spouse. Think you should be not the best version.

(09:56): Your preacher. Pastor. Think you be not the best version. You think you're whoever you think is looking up to you should be, but I'm talking, you being the best fucking person. You know, you can be, you know, you can be better. We all can be better, but I give you permission to step up into that level and start executing flawlessly with pres and be very concise. I give you permission to be adaptive. Shit's going to happen. Adjust quickly, pivot very quickly. You must do this fast. See, oftentimes we get caught up in our head, but mark, I've worked so hard to build this. I get it. It's not working. Don't throw good money into bad pivot and execute to a new level. Understand there's a reason it's not working. Do you wanna write it out for 20 years and try to make it work? Or do you wanna pivot today and enjoy the fruits of your labors immediately?

(10:58): I give you permission to engage, Ugh. Yes. Engage conversations with people. You're scared of death to meet, engage with high end financial people, engage with people doing more than you engage. Why? Because you engage to create, you engage to connect. Don't be afraid of anybody. I give you permission to step up to the plate and connect. When you connect with these people, they could change your life. You could change their life, but mark, I don't have anything to change your life with. Maybe they just need a connection. Maybe they just need someone in your pipeline that they don't know that, you know, once you start creating an engagement conversation and connecting and following up and being a part value driven person, you're gonna be amazed at how powerful you are. You're gonna be amazed at what you know, that you don't even know, you know, connect with people.

(11:52): I give you permission to be sexy. Yes. You as a person and as your business, how do you make your business sexy? How do you make it fun? What do I mean by that? I'm not talking visually sexy, like a AUR, like, you know, whatever I'm talking, sexy. People wanna work with you. People want to grow. They wanna fucking tattoo their brand on their neck. That's the kind of sexy I'm talking about. Well, your customers are telling their friends about you. Your business is growing because it's sexy marketing. It's sexy and it's fun and it's entertaining. And it's exciting. I give you permission to stop being fucking normal. Normal's not gonna get you anywhere. Who the hell look around, go everywhere. Who wants to be normal?

(12:37): I don't wanna ever be remotely close to being normal. Do you? I give you permission not to be normal. You're always misunderstood. As an entrepreneur. Of course you are cuz you're fucking talking and hanging out with normal people every day. One thing I do know, you'll never be misunderstood or called crazy and real entrepreneur's room. If you're mentor, if your group that you're hanging out with says you're fucking crazier, that's stupid. That would never work. You must depart immediately. I give you permission to leave these conversations detached from those connections. They're not serving you now. I'm not saying you can not hear what they're saying and maybe you are bat shit crazy. But dude, Elon must have said going the fucking outer space for God's sakes. The Wright brothers were called crazy. They fly fucking planes every second of the day. Now not to say some of you guys are not crazy as hell though.

(13:36): We're all crazy by the way. We're all crazy. Just so 'em crazier than others. And if anybody says they're not crazy, run as fast as humanly possible cuz they're liars at the highest level, they don't even know 'em I give you permission to be fun. Have fun with your message. Have fun with your team. Have fun with your life. Have fun with your business. Have fun giving money away. I give you permission to unlock the gift of giving recently. Actually yesterday, my son's really wanted this game for his little game. Boy thing. He only can play it once in a while. We, we said, okay, cool. It's 50 bucks. Mark. Keep my as a little thing, a little box of money. He's like $400 from the tooth fairy. Grandma's grandparents, whatever. And all this shit saved up. He likes to get collect money, but he doesn't like to give money.

(14:34): So I lesson is mark. If you want this for $50, you need to give daddy the 50 bucks. Well buy it. I know it's my money. No he's like dad, I wanna, but I'm like, this is an investment. And you might be thinking, do it in investment, in a game. Well, listen, he's six and a half years old. It's an investment in something. What is that? Something fun. Entertaining. He enjoys it just because the investment's not like me in real estate or business or whatever, but by the way, business, real estate investing in notes and helping people. It's fun. It's entertaining me when I was a kid, I probably wanted the game boys or whatever shit they had back in the day, the atten dos, where you had to blow in the cartridge. Remember that to get it to work. But I said, mark, we're taking it a step further, true story.

(15:22): I was like, you can't buy the game unless you take $50 and buy toys for other kids that don't have toys. Now this kid's about to blow his like blow his lid. Literally dad, it's my money. It's wasting money. And I was like, buddy, that's where you're wrong. You're investing again. If you, yes. You listening to the show. Believe in the gift of giving. Believe in the 10 X tithing effect. I don't understand how it works, but it works on a simple level. I understand. If you give you get, when I give you a smile, I walk by, do you smile back or do you stick your tongue out or do you flip me off or do you do nothing? There's a, there's a gift factor. I gotta give to get more and I get more. I can give more and I give more and I get more and get more and give more and give more and get more.

(16:11): Give more like it's a cool, cool processing game to play. So I have to sit down and explain to a mark. There's kids out in this world. Keep in mind. My kids have everything they need. They have food shelter, multiple food, lots of food, multiple shelters, multiple. Like they have no needs. They have a lot of wants. They have no needs, big difference. And I was like, you understand there's little kids in places all over the world here in the us and beyond. That's never even had a new toy. Might not even have a bed. Probably doesn't have a bed. They don't have toys like this. I want you to go to targe. Yes. That's what bougie people call target or hillbilly me calls it. Cuz it sounds cool. Targe. And I want you to pick out $10 toys. Five of them. I want you to invest in five toys for kids that you'll never meet kids that literally mark, they're gonna get this toy and they're gonna light up like a Christmas tree.

(17:09): They won't know you, but you'll know what you did. You'll make 'em smile. You'll make 'em realize that that person could literally get that toy. They could have a lot of bad stuff going on in their life, but then they receive this toy from a stranger IEU and it gives them hope. Lets 'em know there's good things going on in the world. It's a pretty cool filling bud. And again, with a little bit of agony, he was a little stressed. Still. I keep have to refor reinforcing this constantly in our house. You have, if you buy a toy, you have to buy toys for others. He has $400. He just gave a hundred dollars away. I explained to him, it's only 25% of your money, 50 for your game 50 for them mark, you still have $300 left. How cool will it be? When you have a thousand dad, how do I get a thousand?

(18:01): I said, that's the beautiful thing about giving. You don't know where the money's going to come from. You just know it's going to come because you're gonna put forth the effort. You're gonna keep playing seeds. You're gonna keep changing people's lives through your toy. Yes. You could change people's lives through a toy. You can change people's lives through a lot more than that. But yes, a toy you never know. Right? My son and my family knows. Anytime we go through a drive-through what do we do, dad? We're paying for the person behind us again. Right? Always son. I give you permission to invest in others. That includes teammates. Most importantly, it includes you. I give you permission to invest in yourself, to become a better human being, to get insider information, to grow your business, your life bigger and better. Isn't it funny how school giving you permission to go to college and lots of kids go to college that never use it, but it's cool.

(18:59): Cuz the school said, it's cool. Mommy and daddy are excited. They've given you permission to go be a fucking degenerate and waste all this money and never do anything with it. Now I'm not saying everybody's a degenerate. My saying not everyone doesn't use their thing, but very few people that's in the entrepreneur world went to college to be a, an employee just doesn't exist. But I give you permission to invest in yourself. Books, masterminds, mentorship groups, 1 0 1 relation and ship coaches with you and your spouse. You should be doing that once a week. Me and my wife, we do it often. We need to do it more. Stick with it. Get uncomfortable. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. I give you permission to be uncomfortable. I give you permission to be stupid. Filthy rich.

(20:00): I'm talking so rich and it makes you feel uncomfortable, but you'll find comfort in your riches. Why? Because you're conscious of your riches. You're going to be a great giver. If you follow anything I do. You'll I'll lead by giving always I'm giving to you right now. It's my hundred seventh hundred six. I don't even know what show it is nor do I care. Cause I'm gonna keep giving you. My friend can never outgive the world ever. I want you to give your riches, give your time, give everything away at the highest level I give you permission to share. Give you permission to be genuine, unique, authentic, real vulnerable. It's okay to be vulnerable to the right people. See the reason most people aren't vulnerable is because they feel like it's a weakness. It's not a weakness. The truth is it's a superpower around the right individuals.

(20:52): Cuz if you're hanging out with people that you went to school with and all the king of the dip shit group, yes, you sharing a weakness. It's going to make you feel weak. And more importantly, they might make you feel weaker. Therefore you stop sharing the truth, truth, or you start bending the truth. So you don't feel stupid or look weird or look awkward. But when you're in a group of people that really want to help you, you share the real stuff and they encourage you. They inspire you. They'll support. You they'll guide you. There's not one entrepreneur. I know that would not guide you. There's not one entrepreneur. I know that would be like, ha ha. You're a loser. Oh my God, you don't know how to do your books loser. I mean, I told you this wouldn't work. You owe $1,800 extra in taxes, duh, that would never, ever fucking happen to someone above you.

(21:53): At another level, I promise the only dip shits or Nim wads that would ever say that to you are fucking losers. If those people in your life eliminate 'em immediately. But mark it's my family minimize communication at all levels at all costs. If you're around that and it's deterring you and not supporting you and growing you eliminate seriously minimize that maximum, maximum, fastest humanly possible. You must. That's what's holding you back. I give you permission. I give you permission to let go. You're an entrepreneur. You're crazy. You're so delusional. You think you could do everything better? Well maybe unless that's just me and everyone else I know in an entrepreneur world, we all think we can do it better. I give you permission to let go. Shit will happen. Good and bad. But the good will outweigh the bad. I'm not saying, let go and forget about I'm saying let go and manage there's things you're going to have to let go to, to grow.

(23:00): I give you permission to embark into that journey. 20, 60 years in the game, I'm still conscious of this. I wrap my head around stuff so deep. Sometimes I think I'm the only executor yesterday. I had to give my permission. I had to give myself permission to calm the fuck down. I was having a bad day. Lot of crazy shit going on, not a bad day, just like a lot of weird shit was going on. Like dude, like to the point where I was like, I'm done. I don't need this bullshit in my life. I have all the money I ever need. I have like, but then I have to stop myself and say mark, take a minute, take your wife to lunch, connect, relax, and then get back at it. When you're ready. I was frustrated. I was overwhelmed. It's okay to want to stop differences.

(23:57): Don't quit. I don't quit. But entrepreneurs sometimes just get so overwhelmed. They forget to take that moment again. I mentored myself through it. Then I become massively. This is a very high level secret. So please listen. What I'm about to say in moments like that, my breathing's changing. I'm grinding my teeth, probably I'm tense, shoulder start hurting. My head's hurting and I just keep plugging away. But one thing I do do that always gets me out of the fog much quicker. As I overwhelm the situation with gratitude. I start messaging people in my life. Tim, you're changing people's lives over there, dude. I appreciate you so much. We've accomplished so little for what we're going. But looking back from where we started, it's absolutely insane to even think we're here. Just wanna let you know. I love you brother. Next person, dude.

(24:52): I love it. You're doing exactly what you told me you were going to do. It's amazing to see you grow and keep growing and keep pushing. I know what you thought the world was against you, but now the wind is behind yourselves and now it's your turn to live. The life that you know, you've been capable of living. Enjoy the journey, things like that. Mom and dad, I do it to my parents. I do it to my wife. I do it to my like, listen. I'm telling you, I give you permission. You might think that's vulnerable. It's weird for guys right? To say, man, love you, buddy. It's weird. It's not weird to me anymore. I love my friends. I love these guys. I love where they're at love, where they're going. Some are some are going through weight challenges. Some are going through financial challenges. Some are crushing. The weight challenge. Some are crushing financial. Some of 'em everything in between this life thing though is a journey, not a destination. That was just a moment in time yesterday for me a couple three hours, I was kind of, Ugh, it's too much. It's overwhelming. You know, it'd be overwhelming being normal settling for second best, knowing that I'm capable more but not willing to do more, to be more, to give more. I give you permission to get vulnerable. I give you permission to be grateful. I don't care where you're at in your life right now. If you can hear me, if you can see if you walk and talk and breathe and you're healthy, you're fucking, you should be absolutely grateful every day, no matter what I'm not saying always easy.

(26:32): That's why people get confused, being grateful and having it easier. Two different things. I was doing stairs today with some buddies, if you ever done the stair machine, you know how shitty it is? I hate it. I, I hate rep I hate repetitive stuff. Step, step, step, step, step for many, many for 20, 30, 40 minutes a day. Right? But dude, you know how many people would love to be able to just take a step? You know, people would love to just get outta bed right now and move my mom's. One of 'em. My mom's really sick. It's a problem. The story doesn't end. Well, unless they get back on track. What are you going to do today? Right now when this call's done, when you're done listening to my voice, not a call, but like the podcast. I'm grateful for everything. I'm grateful. I can see. I'm grateful. I can see in call. I'm grateful. I can hear I'm grateful. My daughter didn't yesterday. I didn't tell you that. But yesterday my son was riding a bike around the pool, which he does all the time, but my daughter felt like it was a good idea to clean leaves outta the pool with no leaves in the pool. But she had the leave, you know, thing, to clean it out and mark hit the side of it and she went flying in. Thank God. The babysitter was here to jump in saver. I was upstairs working. I'm grateful. I'm not planning a funeral today. Be grateful.

(28:06): If you get sued today, be grateful that you have this situation going on in your life. Cuz it's a stepping stone to the next few. I'm not saying it's easy. Heaven's forbid if my daughter died, the yesterday drown to death, I'd have been grateful for the time I had with her. I wouldn't say I wouldn't be mad either, but I have to shift this to great gratitude. Gratitude, changes the attitude they say, right? It really does. See when you see the world through a different set of lens than the normal people. You're so far ahead of the game. You don't even know it. It's not always the easy, but it's always worth it. Always whatever you're doing, you're capable of so much more. I'm talking to myself right now. It's the truth. During this event in Cleveland, June 29th and 30th, I'm gonna give away massive six figures.

(29:02): I'm gonna do some cool giveaways. I cool charity things. We're gonna raise a lot of money. It's gonna be a lot of work. I'm stressed out about it. To be honest with you in a good way, I've never done an event with this many people ever I've hired the best event coordinators I've hired the best AV people I've hired the best location. Like the best of the best. We're gonna pull it off. I need your help. I hope you're in the room. I actually give you permission to be in the room. In all seriousness, there will be life changing moments in that room, not with just what we talk about, but the people that will show up and connect with each other. What's always cool about these events. People will create lifelong friends back in 2001, I went to an event, true story in Detroit.

(29:51): I met two people that changed my life forever. I'm still best friends with them and we've done many, many, many, many amazing things together through charity, through making money through businesses and buying and selling through life. That's what gets me excited. Cuz when I'm talking to you here, I don't see your face. I might not even know your name yet, but I know who you are as an individual. Cause I've been you. I might be you or just in different paths, different, different stages of life. I might be on chapter 20. You might be on chapter two. There's no nothing wrong with that. It is what it is. The question is what do we do with it? When we get it, this information's awesome. But execution of this information is way, way better. But I give you permission to create an identity and stand for something.

(30:46): If C's never done a anything, and what's going on in this crazy world in the last two and a half years, hasn't showed you your identity matters. Well fuck, people don't even know what a girl is. A girl anymore. A guy is a guy and all this bullshit, right? You have an identity and you need to stay on your ground and share your identity. So people understand who the fuck they're dealing with. You're a badass, you're a creator. You're an innovator. You're pushing forward. When others stop, you're not going out fucking partying and celebrating, you know, being a loser. You're gonna sit down and hunker down and you're gonna get to work and start executing, growing yourself to grow your life and grow your business. You're gonna invest time, energy, and money to get this information, to expedite your results.

(31:32): But you're a winner and winners do what losers aren't willing to do. You know it? I know it. That's why you're listening to this call shaking. That's why you're listening to my voice, knowing that what I'm saying might be a little aggressive, but you know that motherfucker's right. If you don't do it is going to do it for you. Nobody. You know it. And I know it. The question is what are we going to do about it? My friend, I give you permission to be the baddest motherfucker that's ever step foot on planet earth. The best husband, the best wife life, the best mom, the best dad, the best brother, the best sister, the best leader, the best friend, the best dressed. The best doesn't mean the best to the world, but the best to you, the best financial guy or a gal, the best giver, the best lover.

(32:45): The best of the best. When I open up the fucking book and I see the best, I wanna see your face in it. What does the word best mean? Your face? Are you the best? Are you giving it your all? Are you perform like the best? Are you doing what the best do? Are you too busy? Fucking talking about it too. Busy circle, jerking, mental masturbating with people that ain't doing Dick you are the best might not be showing up on paper yet, but I can tell you this. If you stomp to these, this beat and you keep your feet moving, the results will come. You'll feel better about it. You'll look good. You'll feel good. Things are happening. I give you permission to take this information and implement it in your life. You're a big boy or girl listening to this. Stop waiting around for permission. You have permission to do whatever the fuck you want. Now go get it with that said have an amazing day. I'm gonna get my asshole on the show and I'll see you on the other side. Keep me posted with your progress at Mark Evans, DM on social tag, this show, share the show and let's go kick some mask, have an amazing day.

(34:14): I'm more Kevin deal. I'm here to help and teach him what I know and how I did it to discover freedom. There. Ain't no question. More Kevins. When he step in the do he's closing deal. I'm just tell him what the for I'm a deal maker, a deal make, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm dream maker. The journeys where it's at. It's all about the process. Come to get over to the DM project from a small town in Ohio. So I know how its I come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid wanted to make honey bra see no one making more than that. Graduated high school with a 1.8. Let should hell me back. I owe my principals and teachers are alive just to witness this. I'm an own bowl. Somehow here running two, a figure businesses. I walk away from it at all and I'll be good.

(35:01): But I been called to help people just like y'all learn the game. It's come to fall. Everybody chasing the money, but I'm not chasing the money. I'm out here chasing the purpose. Yo, I been working my life. That's where we at? Is it gonna get us where we wanna go? It's to push, to learn, come to grow, come over. I heard that open. What I, what I know and how I did it discover freedom there. Ain't no question. More Kevins. When he step the doubt. He's closing deal to sell him what? The theme Sam fall. I'm a deal. Make a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journey's where at it's all about the process. Come get over the project, the hill project.

(35:59): This is the podcast factory.com.

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