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Show highlights include: 

  • The “KLT Secret” which scales your business at lightning speed — whether you sell real estate, dildos, or anything in between (5:11)
  • The simple, yet profound “Scale with Authority” formula which makes clients beg you to let them buy from you (13:38)
  • How to make more money with a CD and a fax machine than your favorite guru grosses in a year (18:08)
  • The life-altering “one-to-many” trick which pays for your private planes, luxurious yacht trips, and any piece of jewelry you want (20:53)
  • Why “pimping” yourself out for free is the fastest way to your first million (22:14)
  • How to make an extra 6 to 7 figures in 30 days (or less) doing nothing other than listening to this show (24:50)
  • How to “pack” 40 days worth of work and revenue into one hour (27:50)
  • Why shelling out $1,000 a month on a mastermind will grow your business more than all the top courses, books, and seminars combined (even if you learn nothing new) (32:54)
  • The braindead simple 3-step formula which made me tens of millions of dollars many times over — and will do the exact same for you (41:46)
  • How looking like an utter idiot and creating something nobody buys makes it almost impossible to fail in business (44:17)

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Welcome to the making of a DM, the decision that will kill you. It kills dreams and goals all over planet earth. But after today, my friend, you're going to be able to look decision in the eyes in a way different way. So with that said, let's get started

(00:21): I'm more Kevin, more Kevin, I'm here to help teach him what I, what I know and how I did it to discover freedom. There. Ain't no question more. Kevin's when he step in the doubt, he's closing deal. I was tell him what the Sam may a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. Hey, there's your boy, mark Gavins. D M the deal maker for the dream maker. Not just me, but you you're the deal maker and dream maker of your life. People you care about the most. Hey, thank you so much. Be in here today. I have a show today that literally, if you don't listen to any of my other shows, please listen to the show. I'm gonna try to give you high level tactical stuff. I, I was actually just working out. I'm doing two days right now for my June event. I hope I see you guys, June 29th and 30th. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I have a huge birthday bash event. We're gonna have 500 people from all over the world. There. It's not a pitch Fest. We don't sell anything. We're gonna actually give away a lot of cool stuff. But if I, I don't even have a page up yet, but you're here on the show.

(01:38): I always share with this stuff with you guys first, shoot me a message on Instagram at Mark Evans, DM say Cleveland event. I'll get you the details when he come live, but it's going to be epic. You know, we got some really, really cool shit. We're gonna give away hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity. You'll see it happen before your eyes. It, that alone is a pretty cool piece, but again, thank you so much for being here. I do believe the show. You're going to have a massive breakthrough depend. I don't care where you're at in this journey of your life. If you're a brand new entrepreneur in the middle of the road or towards the bigger level, this is a show that you will resonate with you and will totally show you how to hack ske S scaling your business, Kel your voice S scaling.

(02:26): So please be ready real quick. Before I go onto this show, I want you to, I want, I want to make sure that you get over to iTunes or whatever platform you listen to your YouTube, et cetera. Make sure to leave that five star review. As I always say, pushes up us an algorithm, someones sitting at home or grind in it out right now at their jet or business. And just saying, man, I wish there was someone out there teaching some shit to help me grow your voice for free could help change someone's life. You just never know. And I do know this. You can't change anybody's life by sitting in silence. So if you can do anything to help the thing, all, I don't need your money. Just share your message. Five star review. All right. So I'm excited about this show. It'll probably be about 15, 20, 30 minutes, however long it needs to be for me to really hammer home this point.

(03:14): And as I'm sitting here, I got my father-in-law in town that hang out, he's eating everything in sight. He's playing with the kids, having a blast. I don't know where he gets all his energy. He's 75 and he's got more energy on me and my wife combined. And but it's awesome. It's I'm very honored and proud to know that I busted my ass to be able to do these cool things and let my wife, and I'm just very grateful today, but try to be grateful every day. So I was sitting here working out and I'm doing two days, like I said, and I'm on the treadmill. I'm at a 15 elevation, sweat my ass off at a 3.0 speed, no hands. And I'm just cranking and cranking and cranking up thinking. Sometimes I'm listening to music or audios or podcast shows or whatever, but I'm just about like things that like something just like popped.

(04:03): I'm like, dude, I got it. The skill, lots of people come to me and wanna scale their company, scale their business scale, their voices. But the problem is they're frustrated. They're overwhelmed. They're investing in spending a lot of time with tire kickers, spending a lot of energy with people that are never can take action on what they offer. If you're buying houses, selling courses, sell whatever it is like, literally if you're selling anything, which if you're in business, you have to sell something to stay in business anyways. But there's a lot of wasted energy in that. And I started thinking about, I remember back in 2002, this is a long time ago. I actually came out with a CD, the CD about the seven fatal flaws of home buying seven fatal flaws of selling your house, right? Things like that. And these are CD days.

(04:54): This is a CD for God's sake. We had fucking fax machines in the office with a CD cutout. Like, I mean, it's insane, but this is true story. This is true shit. And I'm telling you, if you harness anything I'm sharing with you today, you can scale your business. My goal is to help you automate your yes and nos and only talk to the yeses. Do you think your business would look drastically different if you talked to 10 people a day that was ready to say yes. Before you even got on the phone. I don't care if you're selling t-shirts I don't care if you're selling lawn care. I don't care if you're selling houses. I don't care if you're selling printing services. I don't care if you're selling furniture. I don't care if you're selling DDoS. I don't care what you're selling. If you had people that knew who like, and trust, you know exactly what they wanna connect with you, and you've already qualified them through a process.

(05:51): And when you're calling like, again, let, let me share a real secret. I am not a good sales guy. I don't, I don't do the hardcore sell shit. I don't use tricky words. I don't try to manipulate you and have you have buyers remorse and all that shit. I am not good at that. That's not, I don't enjoy it. I don't like to be sold that way. And I don't sell that way. Actually. You can't sell me that way cuz I actually turns me off and I'm out soon as I see it happen, cuz I've been involved in a, at side and I just don't. I don't like the way it makes me feel so I don't do it. So this is a great way to be an amazing order taker. I like to have consultive selling. I like to understand where they're at and if I can help 'em I'm gonna guide them.

(06:31): If I can. I'm gonna tell 'em where to go. I'm not worrying about if I make it sell to damn. I'm worried about if I can help someone today. I so happens as they come into my funnel, my pipeline and communicate with me by the time they're to me, I already have a fighting chance to help them. Right? They've kind of semi qualified themselves. I eat this podcast show semi qualified themselves. They know how I talk. What I think about what I'm going. You know, what, what makes me tick? What gets me pissed off? What gets me excited and such. So I want you to start thinking bigger on this. When I was in real estate, I literally, I I'm telling you, I'm not exaggerating. I work 16 hours a day. I'm not saying it like most of these guys and gals do, dude, I work 12 hours a day.

(07:16): They literally work like an hour a day. Rest of the time, they're fucking about working or they're playing on CRM. I'm talking, talking to people on the phone or meeting people in person back in the old days, 2002, I was meeting and shaking hands every day from 96 to 2002, I shook tens of thousands of hands met tens of thousands of people on the phone. And in person, this is old school. We didn't have the internet like we do today. We don't have the technology we have today. It was literally bump and grind chest to chest face to face shit. Right? I was learning about how to mirror people and do all this again, all the hardcore sales tactics, I just didn't like it. Cross their left legs. You slowly cross your left leg. Hey look at 'em bla you know, like all that shit.

(07:56): But I started thinking like the truth is my breakthroughs happen when I'm most frustrated with my results. Let me say it again. My biggest breakthroughs in my life in business are when I'm most frustrated with my results, I take full responsibility for everything in my life. Good and bad. And when it's bad, I'm thinking about how to make it better. See I do, I am very solution based driven personality. That's kind of what I think about solutions. We all have problems, but what's the solution. And as I was sitting in my office in Columbus, Ohio, and executive drive, I had an idea. I had a tape deck where I used to record calls and I, I I'm ser li literal.

(08:46): I was making calls every 15. I had conversations every 15 minutes for 10 hours a day. No breaks nothing. Once in a while, I'd get off the call sooner than later, I said, go take a piss. I, I, I was not eating right. I didn't eat until dinner time. Talk about the ultimate fasting program, right. But literally 40 to 50 calls a day. And I'm talking conversations, not just calls conversations. I remember I used to write all these notes down, like what the same problem, the same problem, the same on the same. It was the same shit. But every person thought it was different because it was them. Right. It's funny. You know what I'm talking about when you talk to, well, it's different. Can we talk? It's it's my, my situation's different. And then they tell you, and you're like, dude, I fucking heard this thing a hundred times the day, same bullshit, different characters.

(09:31): So I started getting pissed and I had this recorder. I took this recorder out and I recorded the top seven fatal flaws sellers make right? So my sales team would organize people to get on the phone with me and I would talk to them. The problem is I wasn't doing a good job having my team, prequalify them. I just got a warm body. And I said, pass the phone to me. So seven fatal flaws. And I always did. I, like I said, I've invest lot of money understanding like marketing in general, but I didn't understand marketing at scale. So I sit there and I grabbed a blank tape pushed record and I started my seven fatal flaws conversation. I had no clue what I was gonna do. I I'm just gonna record these seven fatal flaws. So you gotta do an intro, right? Hey, my name's Mark Evans.

(10:17): I'm a real estate investor here in Columbus, Ohio I've bought and sold hundreds back then it was hundreds of houses. I've helped sellers do XYZ from foreclosure divorce non, you know, you just don't want the property anymore. Cuz maybe you inherited it or you're just a tired landlord. Anyways, today I'm gonna share with you seven fatal flaws. I see folks make when they're trying to sell a house quickly because that's what I do. We buy houses quickly. We can buy houses within three days. As fast as the title company can go. We can go all cash. Once we have a price, we go. So then I would that that's by the way, that's intro here. I here's who I am. This is part of it. So if you're outlining this, please do do this intro. Who are you? And what do you do? Like I just did mine and then, okay, great.

(11:04): Now let's get into the seven fatal flaws and then it could, maybe you have three fatal flaws. Maybe you have three key components or what, whatever it is. You're utilizing this mechanism as a glow on global manner to qualify. Yes. And nos for you. I I'm cool if I put this in a hundred people's hands a day and 50% of 'em say, Nope, I want full retail offer, right? Or I have a, this guy, one of the DML lines, great guy, his name's Frazier. He does a lot of stuff, but he's vegan. So he could create an, now it'd be different. It doesn't be CDs, right? This is 2022, but you know, whatever, an audio format of something where people could simply put their information in and download it or we could write a book, a very simple book, it could be 30, 2 37 pages, something simple for free.

(11:56): We get it in there, we get it in their hands. And we allow them to, to consume the content at their leisure audio or written format or both or video even. And what our job is to do is to have this video O format, get them to say yes or no. If it's a yes, take this next step. If it's a no thank you for being here and what this did. And again, I never really understood it today. It really just really hit me. You've probably heard me talk about, I came out with a book in 2006 and it changed my business. By 10%, I made 10% more net profit doing nothing, but coming out with a book. And what it did is it allowed me scale with authority. I was scaling with authority. So if my team was talking to a seller, I'm using this as an example.

(12:50): Again, my team would say, Hey Sharon, we're so excited to talk with you. However, I'd like to send a CD in the mail to you. So you understand what we do and how we do it direct from the CEO's mouth. And we'd get that and we'd over. We'd send it to her or drop it off. Even back then you could drop it off. Cuz it was all local business I was doing. We'd drop the CDs off. We obviously a letter, a nice letter and everything and they'd listened to it. Do you think I had to sell them on who I was? Do you think I had to sell them on what we did not to say they wouldn't have questions and all that that's okay. But it's really order taking at the highest level. My job actually was more to tell them no than them to tell me.

(13:38): No, I really got into a position of understanding where they're at. But if, if I'm talking to them through this model, if I'm talking to them, they've been qualified through this process. And when they're talking to me now, it's more me saying yes or no to the deal. Typically this is a very ultra powerful way to scale. It's one of the biggest things I wish I would've really understood what I'm sharing with you at a way bigger level in 2002. It's interesting. Cuz you start looking back about all the things we've all done right? In our past, like what worked, sometimes things worked so damn well. We've kind of stopped doing it, right? So that particular situation, I actually ended up selling the rights to other investors to utilize my CD and my content and their local market. So not only was I making money with houses, I was actually making a monthly royalty for each investor, utilizing it in Charlotte, North Carolina, you know, Dayton, Ohio, Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio back then Savannah, Georgia, you know, California, et cetera.

(14:47): I don't remember what it was. It wasn't a whole lot, maybe 500 bucks a month, but they could utilize the CD. They could utilize my content to make their life easier. They were getting more deals, working, less, making more. It was so much more enjoyable instead of showing up to a house. And by the time I show up the sellers like waving to another guy leaving and he's she's like, so I said, but I just talked to you an hour ago. I know they beat you here. And they, they got the deal that used to piss me off. It still does thinking about it, but I can't. I, but I can't be pissed and not do anything about it. I had to figure out how to hack the hack was, let me get you a CD in your hands. What's cool about this model is what competitors, if you will, has a CD that they're talking to their clients or an audio book or a book in general.

(15:40): Think about this. There's four mechanics mechanic. Number one, mechanic. Number two, mechanic. Number three, mechanic. Number three is, has it own podcast show has a YouTube show showing people how to fix their cars has a book and has an audio on top five things you should look out when putting your car with a mechanic and think mechanic number four, which one do you go with? It's easy mechanic. Number three. Why would you not go with mechanic? Number three, he has more credentials. We've been built in this world. If you have more credential, you must be smarter. that's how we're trained. Well, mark, that's not true. Well, school exists. Why does college exist? Why do people have match masters, bachelors, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. All this other bullshit. You can do the same thing. I created a podcast show called real estate power hour.

(16:32): I was talking a lot about real estate. I trained a lot of investors over the years, thousands of real estate investors over the years. So my seven fatal falls to home sellers. I like the number seven. It seemed to work right. There might be 10. There might be 20. There might be two, whatever. There's a lot of fatal falls in everything, but people get excited about fatal falls. They don't get excited about my top seven solutions that don't even know what that may, but fatal flaws. They get excited. And then you talk about the solutions in that. Then I came out with a CD called the top seven fatal flaws, real estate investors make and don't even know it. This is CD folks. I still work with the guy that drops ship D CDs for me. He used to print 'em and send them to me in big bulk.

(17:21): But then we got to a point where we were doing so many. He was drop shipping them from his facility in New York, upstate New York. And I all I had to do as an owner, I created a basic squeeze page, had name, email, phone number, cuz I wanted to teach. I was teaching and investors and I'm like, Hey seven fatal flaws. Get it for free. Just pay shipping and handling. See this is a qualifier. This is called qualifier. Cuz you could sit there back then. It was different. You, you couldn't upload audio like you can. Now audio back then was very expensive. You had to upload on a server and it would consume a lot of space. The more people would listen to it. The more money had cost. It was pretty expensive. I didn't even know if this was gonna work. I thought it would.

(18:12): And it did. But in the beginning I just didn't understand the dynamics. I didn't have any numbers yet. So I took the CD, cost me maybe five bucks to print and we charged $6 and 95 cents for the CD seven fatal flaws of investors. And what would happen been is we would promote this online. We would promote this in magazines. We'd promote this at events and people could literally, this is cutout days. You know, magazines at Barnes and noble. You'd cut it out on the corner and you'd fax in your information into our office and then we would ship you the CD. And then the call to action was get on a phone call with me or we'd sell a 9 97 quar, a thousand dollars course, right? A training session. But this all started with a free CD free plus shipping CD. You see this now free plus shipping on books.

(19:10): The book is just simply a qualifier. I wanna blow your mind. On average, it would cost us about $50 to sell a free CD. think about this on average, it would cost about $50 back then to sell a free CD. This is information. You may not understand what I'm talking about. A hundred percent it so you might wanna listen to this multiple times, but this is called marketing. This is how much it would cost to acquire a free CD buyer. 50 bucks, mark, how the hell do you make money? If you charge $50, if you cost you $50 for a free CD. Well, the thing is I could spend a lot of $50 hundred a day. So let's say if we spend 5,000 a day, 50 times a hundred people get to CD a day out of that, a hundred people I'd only need to convert five to breakeven.

(20:06): That's a 5% conversion, but keep in mind, I got their name, email, phone number, physical address, et cetera. So we would have to work really hard to present offers and product and courses. And me and my sales guys could talk to them and help them become better investors. They'd either buy a thousand dollars coaching program, maybe a nothing program at the be back then we were just testing. How do we monetize these leads and real estate on the single family house was easy because the off the product was such a high ticket off offer, right? On our average, we're making $25,000 a house and I'm gonna give a free CD to you. I want to deed to sell it for me, qualify you for me. Get to know me. The truth is, as I'm talking to you right now, I'm doing the same thing. It just hit me today.

(21:03): I'm doing the same exact thing. I say one to many often, but one to many with this contest, you understand why it's so important. I hope see for the first two and a half years of the making of a DM, that's how long I've been doing the show I made zero money. Zero truth is I don't do the show for money. I do it to help people, but I can help you more. If you're investing and you're coming and showing up. If you pay, you pay more a in I'm not saying I'm gonna stop the show. That's not the intention ever. The truth is this show is a pre-qualifier for you to join the $1,000 a month mastermind group that we started in this example eight weeks ago and to put it in perspective and I'm not toot my own horn in any way, it should have been more truthfully when we came out with the, the $1,000 a month program, it created a million dollars in gross revenue for us in 12 months, $1 million by sharing it on a pot free podcast show.

(22:12): Think about this. How can you incorporate this in your life and business? Is it a book? Is it a CD? Is it a podcast show? What is it? See where I'm at in my life. I have two podcast shows I've created. I have 12 books I've created with two more this year, coming out, I've done hundreds and hundreds of free events. I've done hundreds. Actually. I've done thousands of free events. I was on telecos and webinars, just sharing. I had webinars where I'd have six fucking people show up. I had Teles where I'd have two people show up for me just to share my message. But I always thought about this. Think about this. If two people showed up and I spoke for a half hour at my office, by then back then, this is a headset with the old, you know, self the old phones that plugged into the wall.

(23:10): I was multiplying my efforts times two, cause I had two pot prospects for one half hour and I didn't have to travel. I didn't have to go to their house. They were on the tele. They were on a call conference call became two twenty two hundred. I've had thousands of people on a tele where I'm talking to for one hour. What does that do to your business? If you're able to talk to a hundred people or more or less, whatever it is more than one for one hour, the same hour would take you to talk about what your offer is. What would that do to your bottom line? Do you think you're gonna make more money or less money? We know the answer's a lot more money. So when I created this show, the making of a DN I'm, I'm being very direct, like straight with you. I had zero intentions on revenue zero.

(24:07): I said, if I deliver value hundred plus hours of free value and I'll share everything, the good, the bad, the ugly, you don't have to ever pay me a dime truthfully. And you can learn and make money just like this show. But then you think, why would you not want to be a part of a group of people like myself and other people that are growing and pushing and for a thousand only a thousand dollars a month, especially if you took this show, you're gonna make million. This, this show could literally make you millions of dollars. It's not going to happen overnight. But there are, like I said, there's people at three different levels, beginner, intermediate advanced on the listening to the show right now, if you're advanced, you could take what I'm talking about and implement immediately and generate six to seven figures depending on the size of your following within 30 days or less 100%.

(25:01): If you're intermediate, you have a little bit of following a little bit of social presence. Maybe you do something like this. I'm gonna give you exactly what I would probably do. If I did this before I would hit my audience up and I would say, Hey, I'm going to create a six week course and sh and, and, and think about benefits. And I want it to benefit do X, Y, and Z. This is gonna benefit you as a buyer client, if you will, right? Is this something you'd be interested in? This is called crowdsourcing. What I'm doing is taking my audience, my crowd, my, my, my tribe, and presenting something in front of them to see if there's even an opportunity here, are they even hungry? Rabi buyers. If you have 500, 5,000, 50,000 people on email, social media podcast shows books, et cetera, whatever format you're in, if not all, and you get a, a, a surge of people say, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, no, no, no.

(25:56): Yes, yes, yes, yes. Come out with a low entry price point of something and do a six week thing. You don't have to have all six week pieces created. You have to have week one week one, that's it. And it could be like a private Facebook group with a one week training. That's week one. Maybe you do a, a lot for one hour with you. Maybe there's 1224 people on there and you charge 200 bucks. You just made $5,000. Now this isn't the end, all Beall. And the truth is everyone wins. You win. Cuz you're learning. You're gonna get paid to learn who they're going to win because there's no way in hell you would work this chief for them one on one and help them get the results they're about to get. So they're getting the, and, and you're, you don't understand your value yet.

(26:43): You're still trying to find it, but you have 24 people raise their hand at 200 bucks. That's 4,800 bucks. That call five grand. And now you train them. You got six weeks to teach them and you're creating a curriculum. Guess what? Week five, you start promoting it again to put more people. Now you have testimonials. And then now week seven, you sell it again. And boom, you sold 20, 40, 50, 60 in the first day. If you even want to do that and maybe you even sell it for more, I want you to build something big. And like I said, I literally, I, I, I did my, I did my 30 minutes, 32 minutes actually cardio today, but I want you to build something big. And it, the only way to build big is through Kel. And I feel a lot of you don't understand Kel. Like I do.

(27:41): If I can't scale it, I don't look at doing anything. Why, why am I tr why would you want to do one-on-one activities? By the way, this works with financial people. I just raised a lot of money for a pet company at scale. How through a webinar, some of you listened to my voice were on the webinar. Some of you listened to my voice, raised your hand and were going to be partners in this pet company. That's what this is about scale. There were hundreds of people that raised their hand that wanted to learn about it. I didn't have to stop my day and build out a, a calendar for the next 40 days to talk to 287 people. I did it on one hour webinar. We live in the best time in the world to scale anything, but yet, so many people are doing the same things, expecting different results.

(28:39): If you're going chest to chest meeting people, I commend you. But I is it, you gotta ask yourself, is it the best use of your time today? Maybe it is. But when do you start thinking bigger? If I was in any chest to chest and again, please let me know on social at Mark Evans, DM hit me up on Instagram or whatever. Just shoot me a message, but I don't care what industry you're in. I don't care if you're a fucking doctor, a heart doctor, you could do this. What I'm talking about, how, how well they have these amazing things called TV shows. You could be on TV all the time, talking about heart health, right? You could be, you could create a book, the seven fatal flaws adults make as they progress in life as they get older or what like, and get these books in people's hands.

(29:33): You know, one of the funniest things I, I see still today, driving down the freeway, you see billboards, LASIK surgery, the cheapest in town, 5 99 an I it's wild to me. Why it's my eyesight? Am I going to hire the cheapest person in town to fix my eyes? But again, what they're doing is working. I said no to their ad. There's a financial company to you follow 'em. You see 'em online. They say, if you don't have at least $500,000 in investible assets, don't click the ad. I only have 400. Nope. They're not rejecting you. They're just not qualified to participate in your room. When I say no to $600 per I LASIK, which I don't need. Thank God. But if I did, I'm going to the most expensive. I don't even know if they're the best. I just think if they're charging the most, they should be the best.

(30:32): Obviously, if I was going that route, I would check it out and all that. But how would I check 'em out? I'd go on Google. I would type 'em their name in, I would see if they have any books. If they've been popular, like if they have testimony, everything you do, when you make a buying referrals testimonials, I would see if they have any YouTube channel. Do they have a podcast show, teaching their knowledge? Have they EV done anything with charity? The seven fatal flaws? When hiring the cheapest eye doctor, the seven horror stories, the three, like, do you understand if they screw up your eyes, you can never see again. And you're going to the cheapest. There's a market for it clearly.

(31:20): But again, I said, no, therefore I'd never be a client. That's what good marketing should do. You don't want me calling like, well, maybe this will look, can I give you a call now? I just burn up their sales guys. Their conversion numbers are drastically down. They're frustrated cuz they think they're doing something wrong. Cuz I'm tell, they're getting told no 27 times a day. It's not, no it's no, I'm not even qualified nor would I want your service anyways. Why am I wasting anybody's time? But people like to waste time. Your marketing's gotta get more bold. You gotta stand up and stand out. If you want to help and scale people yourself. In my other companies, I have, if I have a voice, I will create a webinar, a tele call, videos, whatever we need to do to get visibility, to get lead extraction and conversation started. Once they say yes, very rarely people message us to say, what do you do? I might be interested.

(32:27): They're usually texting. Like dude, I'm fucking in. Sign me up. And then we slow down the conversation and say, Hey, first name, thank you so much for the message. Tell me what you're trying accomplish consultive selling. Do you think your life gets easier or worse when you're in that position? And I'm not saying take this shit lightly. I take this stuff very ultra serious and I'm not saying you do, but I just wanna be clear. Like when I made the $1,000 a month mastermind offer, I question it for months cuz the truth is, and I'm being straight with you. I thought I was being a sellout. Why? Cuz I told you I have nothing to sell you. And I really don't. But if you want to learn more and grow, pay only a thousand a month and crush it together, the thousand dollars is a lot. I'm not for you and that environment, but you know, what's cool. The people that are in that group paying a thousand a month, I've met some bad asses in the last eight weeks. Like people I didn't even know existed. I can't wait to learn more about 'em. I can't wait to connect with them. I can't wait to meet them in June at the event face to face the that would've never happened unless I made that offer.

(33:50): And that's the way I buy. I want to buy value. I want to speed up time. I wanna speed up relationships and connections by investing in myself, by investing in a group of people. Do you, I want you to take your top 5, 8, 10 questions that you get asked every day in your business. And I want you to get very serious on how to answer them in an environment that is re that literally you can take and duplicate and get it out in front of thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions of people without it taking extra effort on your part. What it, if your message is being everyone's out here trying to get viral, why are they trying to get viral? Because they're trying to be heard.

(34:36): The beautiful thing about what I'm talking about. We can force eyeballs, not force, but put eyeballs in front of these offers through marketing. If you have a great blah, blah, blah course, or book or see D or audio or whatever you come out with, you could invest some money behind the marketing. Let's say using it as an example, I wanna sell a book. I want magician verse mule. That book has sold tens of thousands of copies, but I wanna sell more. And I'm now I have a model. I wanna, I have something to sell through the process I don't, but I could I'd create a squeeze page. Simple. Let me stop for a second. Cuz this is very important. The million dollars I created through the podcast show here that you're listening to no sales letter, no hard offer, nothing pure trust, pure conversation. An order page. What I did is I drove everyone to a one hour Q and a. Here's what my goals are. Here's what we're going to do. Thousands of people registered to listen to it. A percentage will show up and then a percentage will take will take the offer million plus dollars. I Tru believe the one K mastermind group will be a three to 5 million per year revenue stream for my company.

(36:09): That's just on the residual side. The real money will be made and it's already being made in partnerships and investments. I'm making in people in the group, strategic opportunities to get equity with people as they're ske and they need help. You might be thinking, oh my God, dude, three to five. Million's a lot of money. It's not on the grand scheme of things. What it is is a qualifier for me to make hundreds of me, millions with them. I don't like lopsided business models. Meaning you pay me a thousand a month and good luck. I take this shit very serious. I want you to get stupid, filthy rich with information. I know I really do it. Doesn't take for me. If you get wealthy, I can share you everything I do. It's a lot of work. It's a lot of moving parts. It's a, it's not about the thing.

(37:15): It's about your mental capacity to get execute. The thing like when you're sitting here and you gotta make a $50,000 decision today, you gotta make another 500,000 decision. You're making a $400,000 investment. You got another 5.6 million thing in happen. You got the like all in the same day and yet you gotta keep the wills rolling. And you're hiring a person for 180,000 this week. I, I mean, there's a lot of moving parts. That's something you have to build up to and build into. But back to the book, magician verse mule. If I wanted to get that book in more hands and I had a model and extension model to make money, cuz you gotta make money. Cuz you're gonna spend 30 to $50 per free book given away online. It costs money to market Facebook. Isn't free. Google isn't free. None of these marketing platforms are free, right?

(38:01): So when people, I see people bitching and complaining, dude, if it's free, why don't they pay $7? Just say, you know, they're losing $50 to send that book to you. There's a reason they do that. So you opt in, you put your name, email in boom. Then you get the op the order form for the book it's pay shipping, handling you push submit. There's gonna be another offer for $97 or $47. Typically that's called an upsell. It could be at a video training, something you know, attached to magician versus meal, for example. And then you're gonna order that or say no, and then there's gonna be another upsell or down sell. And then by the time the goal is they can get you a check card out cart value probably at $200 is their objective. So I'm spending $50 to get you today on the front end.

(38:51): And again, there's these are percentages. Not everyone takes these offer. The truth is very few do maybe 20%. If that so 20% of the people take a $200 checkout offer when 80% do the free offer. So do the math, right? So I mean it costs you money to build this business. That's why you gotta understand customer lifetime value because you're not. If you have a real business, you typically don't make all your money up front day. One very rarely do very rarely. That's where marketing and understanding of how real investing and marketing works. But I digress. That's, that's more advanced. I want you to think today and over the next seven days, I want you to do this. Please report back to me, please. If I can, I will. I want you to take stock of your assets. What assets, your email list, your social media, you know, do you have a following?

(39:50): If so, I want you to get in front of 'em. I want you to say, Hey guys, I do X, Y, Z. Here's what I'm helping looking to do. Is this something you're interested in? What can I help you with? Right? Ask them what you can help them with crowdsource. And I want you to bring back that information to your book. And I want you to sit there and figure out what you can present to them and make an offer. I don't care what it is. I don't care if it's health. I don't care if it's wealth. I don't care if it's tax, you know, tax minimization. I, it doesn't matter anything. How to create a book and 60 days or less, it's all understanding who your prospects are and what they want and how to solve their problems. By the way, it's not about your problems.

(40:30): It's about their problems. And if you wanna solve your problems, solve a lot of people's problems, cuz you only gotta solve one for you. But if you can solve a thousand people's problems through your service or product or what, whatever your one problem that you have financially is not a problem anymore. You're gonna have so much money, so much opportunity, so much going on. You have no financial problem anymore. You're gonna have a scaling problem. You have to hire people to help you scale more. These are what we call good problems. I see too many people have the wrong type of problems. Not enough money, not enough understanding of what I'm talking about today. I want you to do this immediately. Don't think you're gonna start a podcast show today and make money. Truth is I said, I I'm gonna do. I always do two years minimum.

(41:21): I'm gonna do a two year something and I'm gonna do it no matter what, I don't care if one person lists cents or a million or 5 million or a mil, well, it doesn't matter. I'm doing it cuz I'm committing to what I want. And when you make these kind of commitments, I don't wanna miss ever you stick to it. It's called consistency. You've heard me say this a million times. You're either consistent or non-existent. And what's cool about what we're talking about with this piece of marketing that we're going to create. Your message is consistent. It's positive, it's structured. It has a start and an end and a next step because you've built it that way. Intro content, call to action. Intro content, call to action. They like literally they listen. They say yes or no. If they say yes, do this. If you say no, say thank you. Scale one person, 10 people, a hundred people thousand people, 10,000 people, a hundred thousand people, a million plus people. This is the way it's really done. And it just hit me today on the treadmill.

(42:36): I don't know why I've never shared this with you. I apologize. I have made many, many tens of millions of dollars with this exact model. I'm telling you, I'm not talking about creating VSL letters, video sales letters. I'm not talking about creating amazing content, amaz excuse me, amazing sales copy and hardcore selling and this and that simple show up. Do live videos, answer questions, connect, figure out what your audience is seeking. Cuz you ask them, build out something for them and serve the community. Make the offer. Let they're. They're not saying no to you. They're just saying no, but the things that the people you talk to that say yes are the people you want to talk to anyways, you're always with Mark Good marketing. You're always leading with your best foot forward cuz you've built it that way. You've structured it. You can always edit it and change it.

(43:37): You're going to get better as you more and more and more. My fir you don't have to believe me. Go listen to the real estate power hour. This show was done like in 2006, 7, 8, 9, somewhere around there. Listen to my audio, listen, the way I talked, listen to the conversations I had. It's wild today. I'm a different person. But the inform and content I was sharing is real. It's authentic. And it's still relative today. It just sounds different with me. The way I delivered it, you're gonna have the same effect, but you can't have the effect. If you're sitting in your office, not doing it. Write down this information, ask your audience, make an offer and convert. Earn them. I don't care if one fucking person pays you for a six week course show up and deliver amazing value. Well, does that make me look stupid?

(44:33): No. Tell 'em they're very lucky cuz they gotta work with you. Pretty much. One on one for pennies on the dollar. All I ask is that you tell your friends once we get you massive success or massive results, week seven, boom. Now you got 20 people week 21, boom. Now you got a hundred people. Make a plan, execute the plan and enjoy the journey. This is the ultimate way to skel your profits in your business. It's a hack. Are you gonna use it? I hope so. Cleveland, Ohio, June to 29th and 30th. If I've ever given you any value, I would love for you to be there. There will be an investment in a ticket, very minimal. We're going to crush it. We're gonna have an amazing, you're gonna meet 500 amazing people. I'm shooting a documentary right now. So they're gonna be there. That'll be pretty cool. We're gonna do an massive charity event at the end. Someone's gonna win a car like a real car. An Austin Martin, still working out the details with my lawyer on how we gotta do that. But someone's going to win a fucking car.

(45:48): I want this not to be an event. I want this to be an experience, a growth experience for you. I don't want you. I don't wanna talk about it. I want you to, to visualize it and see it in person. I want you to touch, fill, see, and smell what we do. I promise you it's gonna hit on all your centuries. I have amazing team helping me put this together. I'm investing hundreds of thousands of dollars for your experience. The party alone that we do on the 30 for my birthday bash. It's my birthday party. By the way, where we donate all this money to charity, it'll be hundreds of thousands. This year, the party alone is six, multiple six figures and you get it for free. I want you to see how it really is. I wanna lead by example. You're gonna meet people.

(46:37): I G there will be billionaires. There there'll be a hundred millionaires. There there'll be multimillionaires there and there'll be everything in between. But these everyone's, there is a collective of growth to experience it. I promise you, your brain will be expanded. Your connections will be drastically hue. Huge. That even makes sense. You're go. You're, you're so close to a whole nother world. And I want that experience to be part of the, the journey with you. And if you're part of the $1,000 a month group, you can come for free for all of it. And an investment's only a thousand month. It's not open yet the one K, but again, if you wanna be put on the wait list, go to social media at Mark Evans, DM on Instagram and say one K mastermind, and I'll get you your details. And when we go live, you can get involved.

(47:29): Or if you want the Cleveland event, like I said, tell me Cleveland event, and we'll get you information back to this show. I want you to take this very serious. I'm talking very different today. You you've listened to a lot to my shows. I'm talking to you as if you're sitting in my office. I have a whiteboard with black, blue, green, red, and another black one, a bigger one, cuz we wanna make it bold. And we're talking about a strategic effort for you to be S scalable and make way more money, have a way better life financially, more importantly, gain back your time. Freedom. So you're not so fucking frustrated on getting told. No, no, I don't want that. No, no, no, no. I want you to be in control of your destiny and the way to control it is what I'm talking about. Get in front of the right people.

(48:22): Let them raise their hand and say, yes, I want that. And get on the phone with them. And you say yes or no. If you wanna work with them, you know those head clients, you don't like, this is how you get rid of 'em cuz you have so many great clients you can serve and wanna serve, kick out the bad ones and keep the great ones. But when you're don't have huge volume of great people, you don't understand that. Even what that even means I can fire a client. Fuck. Yeah. We fire clients all the time. Not as much now as we did in the beginning, but it is a real thing. And when you do it, it's liberating. Fuck you. You shitty client. You don't talk to me like a piece of shit. I bust my ass for you and you treat me like a dog.

(49:03): Okay. What do you need next though? we've all been there. I want you to get the best, the cream of the crop. Because when you're functioning in that kind of at light, that kind of level, the results are so fun. The journey is just so exciting. The vision just becomes so much bigger and you get to reap your rewards financially. Most important. Like I said, time, freedom. It really is powerful. So again, you've listened to many of my shows. I hope. And if you have haven't, this show sounds way different. Why cuz I want you to change your life and change the world. And this is the way to do it. It's real. It's real. So keep me posted. Let's kick some as, and I'm excited to hear your results. So with that said

(49:53): More Kevin's deal. I'm her to help and teach him what I, what I know and how I did it to discover freedom. There ain't no question more. Kevin's when he step in the doubt, he's closing deals. I'm just telling him what the deal stand for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journeys where it's at, it's all about the process. Come to get over to the team M project from a small town in Ohio. So I know how its can I come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid wanted to make a honey breaths. See no one make more than that. Graduated high school with a 1.8, like sure. They held me back. Owe my principals and teachers are alive just to witness this. I'm an own boss. Somehow you're running two AFI businesses.

(50:38): Walk away from it all. Y'all be good. I been called to help people just like y'all learn the game. It's come to ball. Everybody chasing the money. I'm not chasing the money. I'm out here chasing the purpose show. I've been working my whole life. Well guess where we at? Is it gonna get us where we wanna go? So it's come to push, come to learn, come to grow over. I'm heard that helping I what I know and how I did it discover freedom that ain't no question mores. When he step in the he's closing deal down to sell him what the D stands for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journeys where it's at, it's all about the process. Come to get over to the project, a here, a deal project.

(51:38): This is the podcast factory.com.

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