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A natural calming mechanism in you that you can always rely on when you feel overwhelmed (5:41)
Fun ways you can fit exercise into your days to feel in control of your body again (even if you feel like you don’t have time) (6:20)
The weird way creating a busy schedule makes you feel like you have more time for everything (8:07)
A simple practice that helps you to recognize your emotions before you react to them (9:51)
How accepting that you have no control over everything makes you feel more in charge of your life (15:00)

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Most people tell themselves they want success, wealth and legacy, but never take action. They sit around, pretend they’ll transform their lives and only realize they wasted their potential when they’re old and gray.… READ MORE

As a physician, long-term disability insurance is a must. And as your salary increases, you’ll need to increase your coverage as well to match your income.
But navigating insurance policies can be a nightmare.… READ MORE

Real estate seminars tell beginners that real estate will make them more money than their job while working half as much.
But for most investors, investing becomes the opposite: They’re busy all day closing a few deals per year (if any).… READ MORE

Dreaming about owning millions of dollars in real estate property gets most entrepreneurs giddy like schoolchildren. But how do you get the contracts when you don’t know where to start?
There is a 4-prong approach to reaching your goal of being a multi-millionaire in real estate.… READ MORE

Whether you’re working or retired, few things feel better than impacting your community in a positive way. If you can put a smile on the faces of those around you, you’ll feel fulfilled and happy.… READ MORE

We all know the importance of having a great coach or a mentor. But most of us ignore this and try to figure everything out for ourselves. This can take an extremely long time to get to our desired result. Why struggle when you can have someone that has already figured it out can guide you with almost immediate results?… READ MORE

If you’re raising kids, life is always super busy. Between household chores, work, and parenting, finding time for your significant other can be incredibly challenging.
But if you don’t make time to connect, it’s all too easy to become roommates who just co-exist.… READ MORE

Lots of people grow up in bad environments: They’re surrounded by people who hold them back and have nobody who expects them to succeed.
While most stay stuck in those circumstances, some of these people manage to escape.… READ MORE

When it comes to the economy you need to block out the noise and don’t be swayed by over-hyped headlines. Make your decisions based on data. Economic forecasting, using leading indicators, will better position your business to thrive over the next decade.… READ MORE

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