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The virtual world can be scary especially if you’re used to running your business as a brick and mortar. However, nothing is as powerful at creating wealth and freedom than taking your business virtual.… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

How to channel your ambition in a Godly way that improves all areas of your life (3:46)
The secret to setting solid boundaries that separate your work and home life you can be present for the people that need you the most (9:12)
A bulletproof method for scheduling your days in a way that makes you more productive than ever before (11:39)
The “Paul Tripp” method for helping your children find their identity in God (25:29)
How to guide your children through failure in a way that makes them excited to keep trying (26:22)
The importance of “coming of age” rituals for helping children become healthy adults (29:17)

Are you crushing it at work but struggling at home?… READ MORE

Most business owners think that they can measure their business success by their bank account. But nothing is further from the truth.
Your bank account is one of the worst indicators to track your business success.… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover:

Have kids? Here’s how to bond with them while they print money for you (even if they’re young) (1:15)
The “good, fast, or cheap triangle dilemma” that helps you avoid underestimating the costs of a new rehab project (7:02)
Why picking the cheapest HVAC installation will cost you more money and sanity than an expensive one (7:49)
How your brain betrays you and can cost you $20k (or more) in revenue from a rehab (and how to stop it) (8:51)


In this episode, you’ll find out:

How she healed herself, from inside out, from addiction (2:30)
How healing is not just about “being positive” (3:45)
Learning true mindfulness in the present moment (5:45)
How perfectionism can prohibit you from progress (7:30)
The importance of learning why we resist doing certain actions that align with our goals (8:15)
Where to start when you’re coming out of a rut in your life (9:30)
How the fear of the emotions is greater than the pain of feeling them (11:50)

Fallon Fitzpatrick is a master hair stylist and the founder and CEO of The New You School.… READ MORE

Every business knows that they need a website. But your website is more than just an online business card.
When done properly, your website builds customer relationships before they ever set foot in your doors.… READ MORE

When you first started out in advertising, you probably thought it was simple. Send out campaigns and wait for the phone to ring. But when the calls don’t come in, it’s easy to get overwhelmed looking for leads and forget the basics.READ MORE

While Thanksgiving might look a little different this year, there’s one thing that won’t change even through a Zoom gathering… family tensions! 
If gathering with family has you feeling stressed out, this episode is for you!READ MORE

Highlights from this episode include:

The “Copywriting Principle” that prevents you from overwhelming your prospects with information (7:54)
How to recognize the “Trigger Moments” that will help you blast through sales resistance (18:02)
The “Productization Method” that transforms your offer from irritating to irresistible (20:47)
How to generate effortless sales from your community without feeling pushy or sleazy (25:50)
A foolproof method for identifying people who have already bought complementary products or services so you avoid dealing with professional time-wasters (30:07)
How to turn Facebook Groups into sales (and cash) generating machines for your business (46:26)

When you think of businesses that stand in your way, you probably think about competitors. And it’s easy to box out a financial advisor, especially when they can’t market themselves.
But right now, a big tech behemoth is threatening to kill your marketing strategy: Google.… READ MORE

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