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In today’s show, Troy Broussard and JR Rivera talk about why you don’t need constant motivation to succeed.
Troy shares why being passionate and having good habits are more important than just trying to stay motivated.… READ MORE

In this episode, host Greg Giuliano sits down with David Pendery, chief marketing officer at CSG, to uncover the secrets behind effective leadership in marketing.
With over 25 years of experience, David offers a unique perspective on building trust, fostering transparency, and empowering teams.… READ MORE

Ready to supercharge your progress?
This week, we’re embracing a super simple approach that is often overlooked. Cherylanne shares eye-opening stories and powerful insights from women who discovered that the magic often lies in taking the most obvious steps.… READ MORE

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We are picking up where we left off last week and discussing more things we had to improve as men. We are going to share more real stories that will make you think and grow.… READ MORE

In this episode, we will share some effective strategies for managing and growing your wealth. Joe has years of experience in conservative wealth management and today he’ll provide practical advice to help you maximize your financial assets.… READ MORE

I’ve noticed a trend of financial advisors thinking they have imposter syndrome. And so I decided to investigate…
When I did, I found out the hard truth:
Most financial advisors whining about their imposter syndrome are misdiagnosing it.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, we sit down with Catherine Teichert, a senior lead consultant who is making waves in the financial services industry.
From her start in a small Wyoming town to earning a master’s degree and excelling in compliance, Catherine shares her compelling journey and the lessons she has learned along the way.… READ MORE

Could you use a little more joy in your life? So many people go through life focused on what they lack that they forget to be grateful for what they have. Worse yet, our consumer culture encourages us to fixate on this lack.… READ MORE

Today I’d like you to meet Ryan.
Ryan’s a first responder with a strong sense of fairness, and he loves to help people who need it.
Those are both noble qualities, so on the surface it all sounds great.… READ MORE

Every now and then I’m asked if churches can use Infinite Banking. And I wish more churches would ask, because the answer is “Yes!”
If you’re in church leadership, or just a member of a congregation you care about, then this episode is for you.… READ MORE

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