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You’ve heard Infinite Banking advocates talk about how powerful and flexible IBC with a whole life insurance policy is.
But you might be wondering: Isn’t that just hype? Is whole life insurance really that great?… READ MORE

You already know collaboration is needed for your organization to get important things done.
But the power of collaboration goes deeper!
John Maxwell’s career has spanned many roles and taken him across the globe.… READ MORE

Are financial advisors all they’re cracked up to be?
They claim to have a crystal ball, but when you give them your money, your returns barely beat inflation.
The truth about financial advisors?
They are trained by the big financial institutions to push mediocre products with minimal returns.… READ MORE

In a world where headlines warn of surging interest rates and an impending “financial explosion,” it’s hard not to get swept up in fear.
Many typical investors choose to stay on the sidelines, watching as opportunities slip through their fingers.… READ MORE

The difference between a successful M&A that excites your team, grows your revenue, and creates a better experience for your customers… And a failed one where you invest tons of capital and time and energy for nothing comes down to asking 3 simple questions.… READ MORE

You can be at the top of your career, successful, and great at what you do, and at the same time feel unsatisfied.
There’s a time that comes when success is no longer enough. You could have achieved everything you’d ever dreamed of, accumulating wealth and accolades along the way, and it still may not be enough to satisfy you.… READ MORE

Social media is one of the most powerful tools you can use to become a millionaire.
So, how come everyone on social media isn’t a millionaire?
Well, most people use social media the wrong way: They spend all their free time consuming content, and never create content.… READ MORE

When you study copywriting, most books will teach you how to write formulaic copy. Now, formulaic copy isn’t bad… but is it the best?
No, it’s not the best because in order to write the best copy, you need to deeply understand your market.… READ MORE

Want to find ideas that are a complete nightmare for your competitors?
Chances are, you’ve got plenty of ideas up your sleeve.
But here’s the deal: you need to know how to spot the one that can supercharge your business.… READ MORE

Have you ever wondered why you try so hard but still have nothing to show for it?
It’s not because you don’t have enough customers. It’s not even because you’re bad at what you do.
The real problem is your habits.… READ MORE

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