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Here’s an unfortunate truth about the construction industry: Building a workforce of highly qualified workers is a very difficult task. 
It’s even harder finding young kids who decide construction is a better route for them than college — our culture and school systems have brainwashed kids from a young age that college is the only way to succeed.READ MORE

All of the most successful entrepreneurs had humiliating failures at some point in their career. 
The difference between becoming wildly successful or experiencing embarrassing failures? 
Your fears.READ MORE

Have you ever struggled with charging the prices you want? Or delegating your most precious tasks to a new assistant? Running a successful business shouldn’t feel impossible – unless you’re self-sabotaging every day and don’t even know it.… READ MORE

Being a financial advisor means you’re in the business of building relationships. It usually takes multiple meetings with a prospect before he becomes your client. 
But right now, it’s almost impossible to meet your prospects and clients in person.READ MORE

With the world moving at the click of a button, most of us have forgotten what it’s like to wait for something. But if we’ve learned anything from the great minds of Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill, it’s the waiting that shapes your talents into their greatest achievements yet.READ MORE

Conventional long-term financial planning advice is this: Max out your Roth IRA and 401k, get it matched by your employer and you’re on track for a happy, wealthy retirement.
And while many people have used that strategy for their retirement funds, it’s not the only strategy you can use to grow your wealth. READ MORE

Fear of failure haunts many of us. When we’re afraid to fail, we make more mistakes, drain our happiness, and fill ourselves with self-doubt.
But what if failure wasn’t real? 
The fortunate truth is: you create failure inside your own head — it doesn’t exist outside of your head. READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover…

Why Christians might want to avoid yoga (even though it feels great, opens your hips, and lengthens your muscles) (11:31)
3 prayer recipes that challenge you at first, but will make all your toughest decisions a cakewalk (14:32)
How the simplest yoga pose strains your relationship with God (even if it seems like you’re getting closer to Him) (18:59)
Why having the best of intentions drags you down to dance with the devil (19:31)

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Show highlights include:

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s secret for transforming his body into a chiseled sculpture (3:58) 
The most overlooked, yet important part of your workout routine that builds hard, strong, and aesthetically pleasing muscles (6:04) 
The magic number of reps you need to do according to the science of hypertrophy (7:04) 
Why lifting until failure can actually make you weaker (and what to do instead) (7:43) 
The “50:60 Training Method” for weight lifting that builds massive muscle at breakneck speed (9:55) 

If you’d like to try the “50:60 Training Method,” you can grab a free copy at http://the5060method.comREAD MORE

Highlights from this episode include:

The “Financial Pyramid Program” that protects you from burning all your money in the stock market (even during a bubble) (2:41)
The most overlooked type of insurance that can potentially save you millions of dollars (3:03)
The insidious way growth assets flush most of your investment value down the toilet (and how to make sure they make you money) (5:03)
How hype drives up stock prices to astronomically inaccurate prices that can wipe out your retirement savings (6:14)
2 important tricks when investing in high flying stocks that prevents you from overpaying and underselling them (10:18)

Ready to stop doing what you hate?… READ MORE

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