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When you face obstacles and challenges, it’s easy to suppress your feelings and seek outside validation and comfort instead. Since you were a kid, you’ve been taught that you can find comfort in your suffering because of the coddle culture you live in.… READ MORE

Show highlights include:

The admittedly boring and overlooked, yet ultra effective “missing ingredient” to hitting all your fitness goals (2:01) 
How to get 33% of the daily water your body needs through food alone (5:08) 
Why drinking 8 cups of water per day can dehydrate you (and an equation that tells you exactly how much water your body needs) (6:20) 
The weird way following a healthy, low-carb diet wreaks havoc on your hydration levels, weight, and sabotages your goals (7:59) 
How much water you need per day to prevent kidney failure according to science (9:34) 
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Show highlights include:

How going to bed as early as 8 PM makes a huge difference in how you treat your clients better (0:38)
Why paying a mentor hundreds of dollars a month will help hold you accountable to reap thousands of dollars a month financially (1:30)
How to learn from an elephant with massive power but hindered by one simple stake (3:09)
How to force money into being an indentured servant for you (4:33)
The mindset of “Getting Out of Debt” actually holds you back from being “Financially Independent” (and how to flip the page from negative to positive thinking for financial wealth) (6:26)
Why taking the “proper actions” in anything you do will get you the “proper results” you are looking for (15:19)

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In this episode, you’ll discover… 

The single biggest regret all mothers share (and how being present frees you from suffering from your regrets) (5:31)
How to handle the tough teenage years (without depriving your children of the freedom and independence they need to grow) (8:05) 
The simple “15 minute cleaning session” that teaches your kids independence, makes your house sparkling clean, and helps you bond with your kids (12:28) 
How getting closer to Jesus enhances your marriage (even if it seems like you’ll have less time to spend with your husband) (16:18) 
Why checking off items on your to-do list and striving to reach your potential in business makes you forget your purpose (and the counterintuitive way to rediscover your life’s mission) (21:43) 
How having a relationship with Jesus gives you unlimited freedom (even if you’re not a religious person) (24:09) 

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We’re all going to die. The question is do you let your death push you into a corner and paralyze you or do you transform your fear into fuel to build a legacy? 
As counterintuitive as it sounds, death is the single greatest motivator to build your dream life — whether you want to be a billionaire, spend every day at the pool with your kids, or travel the world for 7 years straight. READ MORE

It’s impossible to succeed when your advertising, keywords, and testing strategies don’t have focus. It sounds obvious, but this is the biggest reason why investors don’t attract online leads with PPC or SEO (even when their pages get thousands of views). READ MORE

It’s hard to find the perfect policy for your unique situation. And with disability insurance, mistakes are costly – you can’t afford to find out about your contract’s details when you’re already disabled and can’t perform your job. READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

Why criticism is the best way to your in your marriage and business (even if it feels like a punch to the gut in the moment) (2:48)
The “Safe Couch Method” that helps your kids open up to you about tough challenges their facing in their life (8:01)
The easy way to make your kids “unplug” from the digital world (without them getting upset at you) (10:43)
The dark side of making more money than you ever imagined that can destroy your marriage (19:18)
The simple “Anti-Scarcity” mindset trick that prevents you from suffocating yourself in negativity when things don’t go your way (26:05)

If you’d like Scott to help you sell your house or want to connect with him more about the topics he shared with us today, send him an email at scott@oylergroup.com or give him a call at (513) 979-1925.… READ MORE

You might think you’ve got retirement planning all figured out. But some mistakes in planning for the future are more common (and costly) than others.
And knowing the number you want to retire at is one thing.READ MORE

Show highlights include:

The biggest mistake to avoid when building your Facebook community and why most members don’t find your group from marketing. (0:28)

How to lead a healthy group environment and show hundreds of members you care (without stretching yourself too thin). READ MORE

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