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If you’re a parent, you probably want nothing more than for your kids to live a great life. Perhaps you even became a financial advisor to spend more time with your kids and provide more for them than you had growing up.… READ MORE

We’re back and it’s time to dive right back into part two of the interview with Joe Evangelisti.
Joe talks about working ON your business (and why most people get this completely wrong), invaluable lessons on leadership, masterminds, and how you can build a real, living legacy.READ MORE

If you’re like most chiropractors, you started your practice not knowing much about marketing, but quickly realized: If you want a thriving practice, you need to get good at marketing.
But there’s a lot of confusion about marketing.… READ MORE

Who are you? We all have names we go by everyday. Dad, mom, friend, brother, sister, mentor, teacher, employee, employer and the list goes on. We even spend hours a week developing these identities.
But is that really who you are or is it just a title?… READ MORE

If you’ve executed what you learned in this training series, you now have a few ads written and keywords you want to target.
But how do you turn the people who see and click on your ads into actual leads who want to sell you their house?… READ MORE

Too many people think they have a business but they’re really a highly paid employee working for a psycho.
Not only does it devour your time and sanity, but it’s also robbing you blind.
In today’s episode, I want to help you think differently about what it means to have a business and break out of your self-imposed prison to give you more time, money, and sanity.… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover:

How AI is endangering our health and could keep us from real cures from our problems. (1:20)
The most harmful technologies surrounding you right now if you’re listening to this podcast.… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll learn…

The #1 reason you aren’t getting better at golf (10:04)
The unsexy secret to improving all areas of your golf game (6:37)
Why progressing too quickly often makes you worse (5:56)
Why YouTube videos won’t magically make you a better golfer (4:34)
The two “non-negotiable” things you need to succeed at anything you want in life, including golf (16:42)
Your living room’s secret to making you a better golfer (13:09)
The surprising yet simple difference between great athletes and average Joes (8:25)
The single most important concept new golfers need to grasp to reach their potential (4:05)

Find out about the 3 most common mistakes that sabotage your game before you tee-off at: https://mygolfcode.comREAD MORE

Thanksgiving is meant to be a happy time – a time where family and friends come together, celebrate and reflect on the year.
But for many people, Thanksgiving can spark anxiety, stress, and even dread.… READ MORE

If you want to know what it really takes to become a successful Entrepreneur, then you are in for a treat today.
Joe Evangelisti is a fellow real estate investor, all-round genuine dude, AND podcaster.
You’ve probably heard the quote about ‘how you do anything is how you do everything,’ right?READ MORE

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