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It’s easy to respond with negativity in a negative world. But what if one negative thought leads to a day of bad action? Would you think different?
Some believe it is your attitude that determines your altitude.READ MORE

The pandemic reshaped a lot of people’s retirement plans. Some anticipate a lower standard of living in retirement. Others have become more risk averse in the market. And 62% of retirees and near-retirees have cut spending to have a larger nest egg. READ MORE

Banks take all the profits from the leads you get when you process loans.
But, what if you could work for yourself? Going on your own could be the most rewarding thing you do in your career.
It’s challenging to switch from the mortgage banking channel to processing loans for yourself.… READ MORE

Do you want more freedom, growth, and coolness in your life?
Everybody does, of course. But to get these, we have to risk hearing the word “No.” And because no one wants to feel rejected, we spend our time worrying about our “systems” instead of seeking out more “No’s.”
But you don’t have to worry about your systems.READ MORE

Did you know that Satan was almost never mentioned in the Old Testament? And he was always described as a person. He wasn’t some mystical, invisible force set out to destroy your life.
Yet, most people who believe in Satan hand their life over to him.… READ MORE

Show highlights include:

Why “SMART Goals” are stupid that don’t help you achieve your dreams (3:50) 
The reason why enjoying the day-in, day-out mundane actions of achieving your goals is the #1 predictor of success (9:51) 
The weird way coming up short on your goals can be more fulfilling than achieving them (11:05) 
The “DADOP Method” for goal setting in 2021 that takes you from Point A to Point B in record time (14:24) 
Why being upfront with yourself about all the obstacles you’ll face helps you conquer them with ease (15:55) 
How taking two weeks off from attacking your goals can refocus and reinspire you (even if it feels like you’re wasting time) (21:22) 
The wacky “South Park” method for goal setting that might be the reason you’re not achieving your goals right now (23:26) 

If you want all of my best fitness and nutrition tips to help you achieve your fitness goals faster with less hassles, join my new Full Send Fitness and Nutrition coaching program for just $9 per month at https://fullsendfitnesscoaching.com 
On July 12th, I launched a 90-day Metabolic Amplification Formula for 20 people.READ MORE

Show highlights include:

Why having lunch with a friend breaks up the monotony of feeling down because you’re looking for the next Apple stock (2:13)
How growing your bank account makes you feel empty and numb inside (unless you have a plan to enjoy life the way you want) (3:12)
How riding a stationary bicycle inspires you to make the retirement vacation to Japan (9:33)
Why watching your local high school marching band shows you how to rotate your 401K funds (12:33)
How spending money on fiduciary fees unlocks your budgeting plan for financial freedom (14:29)

Ready to stop doing what you hate?… READ MORE

Show highlights include:  

Using Abraham Lincoln’s Rosebush to remain true to who you are (in the midst of chaos). (1:49)
How to turn your most difficult times into moments of hidden potential. (4:29)
Why bringing out your inner Apostle Paul makes the world a better place today. … READ MORE

Have you seen these two caricatures in the dating world?
One is the arrogant man whose obnoxious behaviour brings him attention from women. And the other is the nice guy, who believes that helping a woman will earn her affection.READ MORE

Entrepreneurs fall into conventional thinking patterns and habits too often. While advice like “follow a routine” can be helpful, it also strangles your growth. 
Because you’ll never unlock creative growth with traditional thinking! READ MORE

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