Find Out The Biggest Lie Guroobs are Telling You About Podcasting

Find Out The Biggest Lie Guroobs are Telling You About Podcasting

Your information is 100% secure and will never be shared by anyone.

Your information is 100% secure and will never be shared by anyone.

Whether you’re crushing your market or currently trying to attract clients right now, you run a business.
In any industry, there are losers and winners. The difference? Winners do different things than losers.… READ MORE

The most popular ways of marketing a practice online are content marketing and social media. They’re great and can fill your practice with patients.
The only problem: You’re at an algorithm’s mercy.… READ MORE

A life spent ceaselessly trying to live in accordance with everyone else’s expectations is a road to a regretful existence.
What if everybody else is wrong? What if the solution to living alive and free is really just hidden inside you…
…And all you need to do is learn how to uncover it?… READ MORE

As a business owner, listening, understanding, and meeting expectations is a notoriously tricky task. It can be hard to find the balance between going the extra mile and being taken advantage of – but fortunately, there are a few things you can do to set – and manage – crystal clear client expectations from the start.… READ MORE

As Deal Makers, we’re no strangers to business anxiety. We’re just as susceptible as the rest of the population – if not more so.
It’s tough for anyone to deal with, but it’s even more challenging when you’ve got a business to run.… READ MORE

If you’re struggling to attract leads online, it’s easy to think you need better strategies, tactics and buy yet another course or read one more book.
But the truth is: You usually don’t need better strategies, you just need to know where to optimize what you’re already doing.… READ MORE

For most designers, making a $100,000 salary is what it will take for you to quit your job or achieve your goals.
I hear it all the time. “Tracy, I want to make $100,000 a year. What does it really take?” The truth is, it’s… complicated.… READ MORE

If you love the game of golf, you can probably imagine how your friends would look at you if you started breaking 90 consistently. Maybe you even know a golfer at that skill level and see how the rest of the club looks at him.… READ MORE

In theory, vacations are amazing. You get to watch your kids or family marvel at different parts of the country or the world. You recharge from your hard work. Most importantly, you and your family make memories for a lifetime.… READ MORE

I find it so much more fun to not talk to myself – and what makes it even better is when I get to have very cool people on the show with me. So I can talk to them, find out what they’re up to and give YOU a different perspective.… READ MORE

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