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Highlights from this episode include:

The “Copywriting Principle” that prevents you from overwhelming your prospects with information (7:54)
How to recognize the “Trigger Moments” that will help you blast through sales resistance (18:02)
The “Productization Method” that transforms your offer from irritating to irresistible (20:47)
How to generate effortless sales from your community without feeling pushy or sleazy (25:50)
A foolproof method for identifying people who have already bought complementary products or services so you avoid dealing with professional time-wasters (30:07)
How to turn Facebook Groups into sales (and cash) generating machines for your business (46:26)

When you think of businesses that stand in your way, you probably think about competitors. And it’s easy to box out a financial advisor, especially when they can’t market themselves.
But right now, a big tech behemoth is threatening to kill your marketing strategy: Google.… READ MORE

One of the biggest reasons people succeed (and fail) is because of their mindset.
If your mindset is right, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. But if your mindset is “off,” you’ll fail at whatever you try.… READ MORE

Paid ads are scary for a lot of entrepreneurs. They often decide to “test the waters” using a small ad budget. But this winds up being a far more expensive decision in the long run.
This is because it takes you too long to acquire the data you need to understand if your ads are working.… READ MORE

Internet marketers fail every day due to a lack of structure. Unclear goals and endless hours spent learning instead of doing are poison to businesses.
So how do you break out of this vicious cycle? You need a framework for accomplishing the tasks that will get you the results you’re looking for.… READ MORE

Many people view solitude as a negative experience. But often this comes from confusing solitude with loneliness.
Done right, solitude provides nearly unlimited opportunities for reflection and personal growth.… READ MORE

There’s a lot of financial advice in podcasts, TV shows and other publications. But the advice that worked for someone else might not help you grow your wealth. You might get personal advice on a TV show, but the chances for that are slim to none.… READ MORE

Highlights from this episode include:

Why children are causing families to go into staggering amounts of debt and how to avoid it in your household (5:36)
The sneaky reason your tax refund keeps you from getting ahead financially (6:25)
The “Christmas Every Day” approach that prevents holiday debt (7:58)
How to spend less but create more Christmas morning excitement for your children (9:00)
A profound lesson you can teach your kids that will save you thousands during the holidays (11:07)

Ready to stop doing what you hate?… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll learn… 

How to transform world-shattering suffering into fuel for creating a more positive world (8:13) 
The “Comment Section Trick” that makes negativity on social media disappear into thin air (12:23) 
How sports help you connect with more people — especially if you have extremely different beliefs (15:15) 
The “COL Method” that unlocks more opportunities in your life and makes it easier to help others (21:53) 

In this episode, you’ll learn… 

Why you should celebrate being in a funk (and why it’s the first step for finding joy) (3:04)
The trick for spending a whole day relaxing (without feeling lazy of guilty) (4:39)
The “Inner Circle Secret” that helps you get through stressful and overwhelming situations with ease (5:33)
Why perfectionism slowly sabotages your relationships with your best friends (6:15)
The “Paris Philosophy” for your career that will make you one of the happiest people in America (7:31)

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