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In this episode, you’ll learn…

The real way to land better jobs and promotions that has nothing to do with your skill set (3:48)
Why all the money in the world doesn’t matter if you’re missing this… (4:38)
The dark side of success that nobody ever talks about (7:56)
The trick for starting a business with minimal risk if it crashes and burns (10:21)
The easy way to make lucrative money without selling a product or service yourself (11:34)
The single biggest mistake new business owners make that sabotages their success (12:49)
How to have more growth in your marriage in a couple years than most people have in a couple decades (15:12)
Why the quickest route to becoming selfless starts with being ruthlessly selfish (17:49)

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Highlights from this episode include:

Why working harder at your job is preventing you from saving enough to retire (4:22)
How the pandemic may be more dangerous to your job than your health (5:17)
The one piece of advice you need if you’re getting nowhere at your current job (8:56)
Why staying silent on current events can make you more effective at spreading your message (11:09)
The devious way that the people on your “team” may be holding you back from your financial goals (12:16)
Making this mistake with your life vision can destroy your financial future (15:09)

Show highlights include:

The best low-impact workout you can do — especially if you’re dealing with nagging injuries (3:34)
How to make the stars align to help you quickly accomplish your wildest dreams (4:58)
This exercise works 85% of your muscles without adding unnecessary pressure on your joints (8:43)
Perhaps the safest workout you can do in the middle of a pandemic (19:46)
How to have a challenging workout without feeling like a bus hit you the next morning (21:02)
The one workout everyone can do — regardless of your age, weight, or fitness level (22:18)
An easy way to boost your heart rate for weight loss without beating up your body (22:59)

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In this episode, you’ll learn…

The faulty view of wealth that’s stopping you from becoming filthy rich (2:24)
How to make $17,000 profit in your side business in 3 weeks or less (4:08)
How your beliefs attract debt and bankruptcy without you realizing it (6:11)
The only way you can truly fail is by making this fatal mistake (7:42)
How to “rewire” your brain to invite opportunities and fortune into your life (11:08)
The trick to overcome a loss of 40% or more of your income without missing a beat (14:16)

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Most people try to build a big business and then fit their life into that business. While this can lead to success, it’s usually ugly because you have to work 18-20 hour days and neglect all the other areas of your life.… READ MORE

Referrals are the single best way to create consistent and predictable revenue. The trouble is getting referrals is easier said than done.
It’s harder when you don’t know how to get referrals so you endlessly beg your former clients for them.… READ MORE

A good website grows your brand, lets you stand out and brings you new customers. But most websites suck—even if agencies charge thousands for them. If your website isn’t clear, persuasive and on-brand, you lose out on thousands of potential customers.… READ MORE

The Real Estate Investing School of Hard Knocks is something almost every real estate investor goes through. It’s so severe in many cases that investors decide it’s easier to quit and give up on their dreams than push through.… READ MORE

Conversations about body image are some of the most difficult to have with our daughters. So many of us have our own struggles and insecurities and don’t know what to say, much less how to guide them through their insecurities.… READ MORE

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