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There are so many methods out there for growing your business that it can be overwhelming.
Which method do you choose? It’s too easy to get caught in “analysis paralysis” and waste your money on worthless courses and ads that don’t convert.… READ MORE

Mentors are a great idea if you want to improve your skills, make more money and become a better person. But when most people look for one, they face two big problems.
First, they’re hard to find. And second, they are expensive!READ MORE

If you watch the news, you’d think the economy only has a couple months left until utter chaos. 
While we’re still learning how to navigate in the post-crisis world, there are many reasons to feel hopeful. READ MORE

We have all been offended at some point in our lives. And whether the person knows they offended you or had no idea, it probably ruined the relationship.
When you feel doubt and disappointment in someone, it’s impossible to see past the situation.… READ MORE

Whenever you set a massive health or business-related goal, life tries to stop you at every chance it gets.
Unfortunately, life stops most people and convinces them to quit. 
Because things get hard and they think it’s easier to quit.READ MORE

Show highlights include:

Why telling yourself that you are bold, courageous, and full of faith builds you up to succeed at life (even if you feel like you’re lying) (1:07)
How making simple adjustments to your training program at the gym gives you the courage to pick stock winners (2:07)
Why drawing strength and support from a Navy SEAL helps you realize how great you can be (5:56)
How joining a mastermind group fills your brain with positivity to push you beyond your limiting beliefs (9:05)

Ready to stop doing what you hate?… READ MORE

Posting on Facebook is easy. But building a brand on Facebook can be very difficult.
How do you get exposure on Facebook?
You post original content at regular intervals. But there also is an algorithm you must crack.READ MORE

Show highlights include:  

How to avoid slipping into ‘Freakout Mode’ over making plans and surrender to a new adventure. (4:29)
The Deep Dive approach for unleashing more purpose and passion into your days.… READ MORE

Chances are the majority of the time you fail to communicate to your team just like every other CEO. But you don’t have to. Because you can become a better communicator.
When you hire people to help you become a more effective communicator, it helps you make a better impact in the world.… READ MORE

There’s only one way to experience lasting fulfillment, love, peace, and joy.
The problem is that most men get this backwards. They think they have to make a bunch of money or achieve status in order to be worthy.… READ MORE

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