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Show highlights include:

The single most important “Magic Pill Skill” that helps you crush any goal you set your mind on (1:40)
Why “yo-yo dieting” runs rampant in America (and how to stop “yo-yo dieting” so you can lose weight and keep it off) (3:13)
How ripped social media influencers dupe you into believing you can look like them (and how to properly “vet” a coach so you don’t get duped again) (4:58)
Why “killing yourself” is the quickest way to reach all of your health and fitness goals (7:31)
Why tracking your fat loss, body fat percentage, BMI, and weight are the worst way to lose weight (and why tracking your behaviors helps you reach your goals faster) (8:03)
The “5 Whys Method” developed by psychologists that overloads you with intrinsic motivation so you can achieve your craziest goals (especially when it gets tough) (8:36)

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In this episode, you’ll discover… 

How imagining your entire family in a car on a road trip helps you build stronger bonds with every person in your family (even if you never go on a road trip together) (4:42) 
Why you should take your family on a vacation this summer — especially if everyone in your family is constantly busy (5:49) 
The case for being unapologetically selfish when it comes to how your family spends its time together (7:50) 
Why your faith always takes the backburner in your life’s priorities (and the quick paradigm shift that instantly puts your faith before every over responsibility) (9:06) 

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Do the police still eat a lot of donuts? Nick finds out.
Show highlights include: 

The 5 things an officer does when you’re not looking — these will increase your appreciation of your local police force (2:06)
How to calculate your risk of criminal activity in any city — use this simple explanation before you change homes (3:13)
How to build an environment of trust and comradery so that the people close to you share your positive outlook (5:47)
Replace your “donut diet” with a focus on “PF” to improve your health in the years ahead (7:13)
A contrarian method to stop an argument before it starts (7:48)
The counterintuitive way to help a thief get exactly what he wants – and why this improves your community (9:24)

Most entrepreneurs are miserable. They might make a lot of money and have a lot of freedom, but they trap themselves in agony. 
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In this episode, you’ll discover… 

Why your “Emotional Intelligence” is the key to winning at home and work (and 2 ways to boost your Emotional Intelligence today) (2:43) 
How appearing weak is actually the best way to signify strength (6:41) 
Why apologizing when it’s not your fault instantly defuses tension and helps you become a fun family again (8:04) 
The “Right or Free Question” that nukes your stubborn ego and makes it easy to apologize for your mistakes (8:33) 
Do you avoid pain?READ MORE

The real estate market is on fire right now. Listings hit the MLS then are sold the next day for $20k (or more) than the asking price. 
This makes it almost impossible to thrive as a real estate investor in today’s market.READ MORE

2020 was about ‘expecting the unexpected’ in your investments. And while cryptocurrencies are on the rise, you might be wondering if they’re here to stay (or worth the time in your portfolio).
How we think about investing changes all the time.READ MORE

Show highlights include:

How to spend less time answering the “crowd questions” and more time engaged in the conversations that grow a Facebook community. (6:12)
What DJing to no one teaches you about creating content in a dead-end Facebook group – and the posts you need for drawing in an audience.… READ MORE

Project Managers will make or break your business. We expect them to do a lot. One of the biggest challenges in our businesses is the ability to attract, train, motivate, and retain top Project Managers. READ MORE

So you’re looking to make healthier choices for your family, but you’re overwhelmed and not sure where to start. Between learning to cook new meals and encouraging your kids to try them, dinnertime seems impossible.READ MORE

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