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Nobody likes paying taxes. So there’s a lot of hoopla about Biden’s new proposed tax code. 
But are we paying more taxes than people 50 years ago? 
When you dive deeper into it, we’re at the same tax rates as we were a long time ago.READ MORE

Your job is not a financial guarantee. Even if you’re good at what you do, the company you work for could end your paychecks tomorrow.
That’s why building valuable relationships around your passions is important.READ MORE

What’s holding you back from achieving your business goals? You might think it’s a lack of experience, tough competition or not enough time. 
But for most financial advisors, their own biased thinking holds them back more than anything else.READ MORE

Nobody wants to pay more for ads. But ads are necessary to make money.
So, how do you drive revenue while reducing your cost of advertising?
Creating consistent cycles of high quality content brings your customers back over and over and over again.READ MORE

When you’re searching for a financial advisor, there are several questions you want to ask to make sure they’re the best fit for you. 
Because handing your hard-earned money over to someone else is an important decision.READ MORE

What do you want your financial future to look like? This question sounds abstract. But it could be the most important decision you ever make.
Why? If you want to start a business empire, you’ll need radically different financial strategies than someone who wants to retire early.… READ MORE

When everything goes wrong in life, it’s easy to throw in the towel. The obstacles seem too great and it feels like everyone is against you.
But every successful person has ups and downs. The difference is whether you use your problems to prosper (or tear you down).… READ MORE

Show highlights include: 

How to make problems refine you (instead of define you) with the Teacup Story. (2:15)
The Jeremiah 18:6 way to move past roadblocks and bring your true worth to the surface. (4:33)
How to break vicious cycles of comparison and stop feeling trapped in your problems. READ MORE

If you’ve spent years working in corporate America, you’ve seen people spend all their life making another company rich.
But what if you could use these skills to build your own business?
Before Kelly Roach launched her own business, she was helping her coworkers succeed in their careers.READ MORE

Do you stay at the office later than others, or skip your favorite activities in pursuit of achieving more? Do you rely on your status to get attention from women?
If you do, the idea of loving yourself unconditionally might scare you.READ MORE

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