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Many ancient stories include battling a dragon before winning the riches. And so it is with life.
On your journey, you will come across several dragons you must slay to become wealthy. But most people shy away from it and instead live a life they hate.… READ MORE


Most men haven’t thought about which values lead to a fulfilling life. And it’s hard to know which values are driving you now and which would give you the life you want.
Your values affect your relationships.… READ MORE

Show highlights include: 

How to get the best ROI in your personal development journey today. (2:06)
How to stop being a stagnant dreamer and find growth in every moment. (5:20)
Why a purposeful and faithful life starts outside of the comfort zone. READ MORE

Most people love to travel. But, running a business while constantly traveling is challanging.
Shannon Rose runs her business while traveling the world months at a time. And, her phone rings off the hook while she’s on the road helping others get their dream home.READ MORE

Show highlights include:

How skipping college conquers “the system” (10:16)
Why becoming a life-long learner lets you bypass becoming part of “the system” (11:45)
How dreaming big forces you to avoid being told what to do (13:07)
The “Brain, Skill, Drive, and Talent” way that triumphs over “the system” (15:19)
The “Goal, Plan, and Team” process that runs circles around “the system” (16:25)

Ready to stop doing what you hate?READ MORE

Show highlights include:

The “Structure Strategy” that lets you eat your favorite tasty treats while still eating healthy (3:07) 
Why counting your macros isn’t sustainable (and the easier way to figure out the best foods to eat) (6:03) 
18 top-notch sources of protein to include in your diet (7:07) 
31 different types of high-quality carbohydrates (11:54) 
Why garlic is one of the best immunity-boosting vegetables you can eat (16:05) 
How eating more healthy and delicious fats makes your muscles stronger (18:07) 
23 healthy fats to make sure you’re getting enough fat through your diet (18:28) 
The “Unprocessed Litmus Test” that helps you make better food choices before your next meal (24:23) 
How to know how much macronutrients you should eat by using your hand (without weighing and measuring your food every meal) (26:37) 

On July 12th, I launched a 90-day Metabolic Amplification Formula for 20 people.READ MORE

In our modern society, everyone rushes from Point A to Point B. We never give ourselves a chance to relax and do nothing. 
Yet we all wonder where our anxious thoughts and worries come from. Jesus was one of the most accomplished people on earth.READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

The “Will Gap” reason to why you’re not winning at home and work (and why discipline is the antidote to it) (2:32) 
The 2 ambition ditches faith-based people fall into that sabotages their impact and relationship with God (3:19) 
Are you “cheating” on your wife with work?READ MORE

When it comes to policy shopping, you might combine disability coverage with life insurance. But you want to make sure you get the most protection (without paying the most in fees).
There are a few things to consider in the underwriting process of combining plans.… READ MORE

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