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Do you have a crazy dream in your heart that you’ve given up on? Maybe people laughed in your face when you told them. Or maybe you’ve failed for years and have given up. 
Here’s the thing… 
When you have a crazy dream, it won’t be smooth sailing.READ MORE

If you’re like most advisors, you have days where you feel like you could sign billionaires as clients—and others where you feel like nobody will ever work with you again. 
The difference: What the voice in your head is telling you.READ MORE

It feels like you can’t go five minutes on the internet these days without seeing some business running a 5-day challenge. Maybe you’ve even thought of running one yourself.
But you can’t jump in head first and expect your first challenge to pull six figures.… READ MORE

Most people believe when you’re successful and happy, you can achieve the impossible. You use critical thinking skills to see obstacles as opportunities.
When you are open to possibilities, you find new solutions.… READ MORE

Life’s randomness is what makes it beautiful and dreadful. Especially with your financial plan. 
Not understanding life’s randomness increases your chances of running out of money in retirement.READ MORE

If you read the news these days, there’s always a new scheme that makes ordinary people wealthy enough to never work again. 
These stories make it easy to feel like you’re missing out—like you’re making a mistake by focusing on long-term wealth building over short-term profits. READ MORE

Show highlights include:

How being the “weird kid” growing up fills your wallet (2:13)
Why your dissenting opinion from family and friends grows your portfolio (3:58)
How following the crowd ruins your finances (5:37)
The “Rapid Retirement Process” that builds your nest egg faster than other firms would (even if you already have money) (7:27)

Ready to stop doing what you hate?… READ MORE

Many leaders at all different levels can fear giving some sort of speech to a group of people. But it doesn’t have to be debilitating.
In fact, channeling that energy is what can makes the difference for your group or even the world.READ MORE

Show highlights include:  

How to have more faith in God’s game plan (even when it’s uncomfortable and difficult). (2:38)
Why the most authentic experiences come from making the “Slim Shady” mistake.READ MORE

Many people think the American dream is dead. But it’s more alive than ever. And it’s easier than ever to obtain. 
Unlocking the American dream starts with owning your life. Not slaving away your time, money, and resources for another person. READ MORE

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