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Every sales leader wants a team that consistently exceeds their goals.
But why do so few leaders achieve this?
The secret is understanding what motivates your team.
When you help them grow and show that you’re there to support them, you’ll get the results you want without burning yourself out in the process
In this episode,sales leader and coach Alyssa Kropp shares her insights on how to build a team that’s ready to go the extra mile.… READ MORE

The most popular definition of leadership alignment is a fine line between productive dissent and aiding your team to operate as a group.
But like it is with most “soft” skills, no one will come to you and brief you on the state of your leadership alignment, and whether you need to change something.… READ MORE

Ever wonder where the hidden treasure lies for investors? It’s all tucked away in your follow-up game.
Crack this code, and you’ll find yourself with a constant stream of lucrative deals.
But most investors miss this goldmine because they haven’t nailed the art of systematic follow-up.… READ MORE

The average person never experiences true financial freedom. They are trapped in a routine, living paycheck to paycheck, and having their life force taken out of them.
It’s because they’ve settled into their comfort zones.… READ MORE

Everything that happens in your life is connected to what you believe.
The way you think, how you see the world, what you believe is possible…
It might surprise you, but beliefs are a powerful force that influences everything you do.… READ MORE

We all experience difficult seasons in our lives.
It could be losing your job through downsizing, or significant health issues in your family or even a child leaving for college (sniff).
These hard experiences are just a part of life, and they won’t stop coming our way even when we want them to.… READ MORE

A business partnership can either unlock the biggest boom for your business and wealth… Or become a soul-sucking monster that sabotages your business, family, and livelihood.
In fact, when we started our business, we almost crippled our entire livelihood.… READ MORE

Getting your business to 7 figures is straightforward when you rely on these 3 essentials…
They are:
Think of them like the legs of a stool – remove one, and growing your business becomes tough.… READ MORE

The way you think about ourselves affects your actions every day…
For example: If you believe you’re a healthy person, you’re more likely to eat good food, skip fast food, and exercise regularly. But the opposite is true: If you think you’re fat, you’re going to do things that make you stay that way, no matter what diet or program you try.… READ MORE

The idea of buying a list seduces many financial advisors. In the past week alone, 9 financial advisors told me they were buying leads.
And I get it: Outsourcing your lead generation to a third-party company is appealing.… READ MORE

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