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We all talk about starting a business, but we neglect creating a scalable system to keep it going.
And, to be honest, no matter how smart you are or how willing you are to take risks, if you don’t have a proper system, scaling your business will always be out of reach.… READ MORE

Business plans are a waste of time.
Well, you can spend days crafting your “get rich” plan on paper.
But what happens if the economy collapses?
Or there’s a natural disaster?
Or a health emergency?… READ MORE

Here’s a cold, hard fact of life:
Most people retire almost as broke as they were when they entered the world.
Well, there are several reasons. But none is more lethal than “Projection Bias.” It doesn’t just affect your clients either, it can also cause smart financial advisors like yourself into squandering your wealth.… READ MORE

Ability is the most essential thing needed to get ahead. Right? Wrong!
In fact, confidence is far more important than ability when it comes to growth.
Someone can have all the high-value skills in the world, but if they have low self-esteem and are not confident in their own abilities, they’ll likely fail before they even start!… READ MORE

Nobody can run your business like you can.
You can’t outsource caring, and you can’t outsource skin in the game. Which makes you the best man for the job.
But if you “wear all the hats” in your business, your financial security will collapse as soon as life throws an obstacle your way.… READ MORE

Show highlights include:

How to meet God’s expectations for you (even if you feel small and insignificant) (1:36)
The simple, yet difficult question we need to ask ourselves to turn frustration into fuel for growth (3:18)
The insidious way we deny ourselves the opportunity to climb mountains, lose weight, or land a job promotion (5:26)
What being your best self looks like, and why every hurdle on your way brings you closer to it (8:20)

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Socially awkward guys don’t get girls, that’s the cold, hard truth. But hiding your social awkwardness and anxiety isn’t the answer either. When you repress, exile, and cut out your social anxiety in order to feel good about yourself, you force it further into your subconscious.… READ MORE

Is your business stuck in a rut?
Here’s the cold, truth:
If your business is at a standstill, you are shrinking. This can lead you to losing your momentum, and eventually bankruptcy.
In fact, the laws of physics explain how lethal this phenomenon is:
“An object will not change its motion unless a force acts on it”
But you know what?… READ MORE

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for everyone up to age 45. It’s a tragedy—and a full out epidemic.
So why do so many people in our world choose to kill themselves instead of living out the rest of their days?… READ MORE

Entrepreneurs are selfish. What do I get for showing up? How can I benefit from giving? This is BS thinking. You see, the number 1 way to get anything you want in life is giving.
It’s amazing what can happen in life with 1 connection, 1 relationship, or 1 action.… READ MORE

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