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Feeling like you have to ‘do everything’ is normal… but it is also draining and leads to high anxiety. And it’s impossible to celebrate your personal wins when you never feel good enough. 
That’s the last thing we want to teach our girls – and for them to pick up on.READ MORE

Working at the same company for decades teaches you lots of things over the years.
Tim Cole worked for the same pharmaceutical company for 38 years. At first, he was told he’d never make it as a salesman.READ MORE

With all the marketing methods, strategies and channels out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.
If you had a podcast, LinkedIn, newsletter, Instagram, TikTok and everything else “experts” say you need, you’d be a marketing department – not a financial advisor.… READ MORE

Have you heard the business advice to “copy what works?” If you’ve ever copied a landing page, email sequence or Facebook ad, you know it’s a waste of money, time and effort.
Entrepreneurs do this because they get “funnelhacking” wrong.READ MORE

With everything happening in the world, everyone needs a space they can feel safe in.
Turning on the TV makes you full of anxious and fear. You want to help others but feel without hope.
Living in bad news for too long breaks the most uplifting spirits.… READ MORE

There are 7 common money lies we tell ourselves that drain your wallet, delay your retirement, and place unnecessary stress on your shoulders. Even financial advisors believe some of these money lies. READ MORE

If you are close to retirement and your plan is to retire in Texas, this is the right money conversation for you. Here you will learn the Texas nitty-gritty of money and financial topics from a highly sought-after financial advisor, author, co-founder,  and CEO of PAX Financial Group, Darryl Lyons. … READ MORE

Show highlights include: 

Why accepting horrible suffering is the only way to find true joy in your toughest circumstances. (2:11)
How to avoid draining, burdening conversations and let the Lord preserve your relationships.… READ MORE

Many entrepreneurs put in long hours to get everything done.
And when you operate at full capacity, it feels like your business is running you.
But what if you could design your life and business to regain your freedom?READ MORE

Show highlights include:

Why watching waves crash clears your mind to pick winning investments (2:04)
How hitting golf balls at the driving range focuses your thoughts to avoid buying Enron stock when it is tanking (2:52)
Why having a wealth team takes care of the people you love (7:00)
How sleeping 8 hours a night unlocks your financial freedom (9:05)

Ready to stop doing what you hate?READ MORE

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