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Show highlights include: 

Why life isn’t determined by the cards you’ve been dealt (no matter what you’ve experienced in the past). (2:19)
How to stop living life on repeat and find what makes you thrive.READ MORE

Your business won’t ever succeed if you don’t have your mind right. 
Yet too many “wannabepreneurs” are focused on all the disadvantages life gave them. Whether they grew up poor, got bad grades in school, or never had a life-changing business opportunity. READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

How asking your teenager questions instead of scolding them empowers them and builds a stronger relationship (3:48) 
The “High Low” conversation starter that gets your children to open up and share their day with you (4:51) 
How pushing faith onto your kids backfires (and how to encourage your kids to find Jesus after it backfires) (7:09) 
Why tithing to your local church can land you a promotion (even if you’re a teenager) (11:36) 
How even the smallest token of appreciation like gifting someone flip-flops lights up their world and helps you ditch your scarcity mindset (16:55) 
The “Mood Coloring Chart” trick from Pinterest that frees you from being a prisoner to your emotions (19:17) 
Lessons from a teenager about talking about the Bible with your co-workers (23:00) 

If you’re a teenager and want to follow Kylie on Instagram, you can follow her here: https://www.instagram.com/kiley.carlson/ 
Are you crushing it at work but struggling at home?READ MORE

It’s easy to forget who you are in a world full of social pressure. But if you can’t overcome a fear of judgment, you won’t do the things you’re drawn to. And if you suppress your true nature, life starts to feel miserable.… READ MORE

Show highlights include:

How to strengthen your brand and find the right leads with a little Southern hospitality. (1:20)

How to build a legacy and share your message with your world (even if social media shuts down).READ MORE

When it comes to business, profit should not be a dirty word. In fact, profit is one of the key elements of success and essential if you want to create financial freedom for yourself and others. Because it’s so important we simply can’t fit it all into one episode.READ MORE

Drawing from the wrong retirement accounts first can spike your tax bill, wreck your legacy assets, and make your retirement less fulfilling.
And the opposite is true:
Drawing from the right accounts first lowers your tax bills, builds your legacy, and pays for exotic vacations with your family.… READ MORE

Bootstrap entrepreneurs struggle keeping their businesses afloat because they’re always running out of cash. But, grinding through the process to embrace failures lets you build a million-dollar business without any investors.READ MORE

Most advisors think succeeding in financial services is all about getting the right certifications, meeting the right people and doing good work for your clients. 
But in reality, some advisors struggle to build a sustainable business for decades while others break six figures in a few years. READ MORE

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