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In this episode, you’ll learn… 

How to use the darkest time of your life to become a light of positivity in other people’s lives (1:28)
The weird way that being open about your struggles helps other people share their struggles (3:28)
The “Wide Shoulders” method that makes it 10x easier to ignore negative people on social media (6:18)
How moving to a new city puts positivity on “easy mode” (8:24)

Show highlights include:

The Military’s Secret for getting the most out of your fitness journey (without breaking your back) (2:15)
The subtle mindset shift that instantly transforms demanding roadblocks on your fitness journey into fun, conquerable challenges (4:06)
Why dumbbell workouts can make you stronger than any other type of workout (6:45)
The easy way to lose body fat and weight (without sacrificing your muscle mass) (7:28)

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In this episode, you’ll learn… 

The reason you’re constantly stressed out, anxious, and lashing out at everyone around you (and how to fix it today) (1:18) 
Why trying to be a “supermom” will erode your relationship with your kids and make you feel you worse about yourself (3:27) 
How to feel deeply alive and fulfilled every day in 5 minutes or less (5:58) 
The 5-minute Self-care method that gets you feeling deeply alive and fulfilled (5:58)
The counterintuitive reason being selfish strengthens all your relationships (even with God) (7:13) 

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Highlights from this episode include:

Why it seems impossible to get ahead financially no matter how much income you earn (4:04)
The business owner’s secret you can use to reduce taxes even if you’re an employee (4:35)
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Believing in the subconscious has improved many people’s mental health. But it doesn’t always help your mental health. In fact, believing in the subsconscious can often leave you powerless.

A lot of people in real estate treat their business like a hobby (even successful ones).
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The wealthiest people alive understand something that most business owners don’t capitalize on:
A buyer is a buyer. Period.
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In this episode, you’ll discover:

How to win a seller’s trust (even when they know you’re making more money on the deal than them) (2:24)
The “Transactional Funding Trick” that helps you get away with charging $20k assignment fees (without becoming a wholesaler) (3:13)
The dirt simple way to get 6 figures of funding for only 1% interest within the next few weeks (4:02)
Why “relationship capital” is hands down the most profitable kind of asset (6:05)


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