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As a specialist, you have worked hard to grow your practice. But you never know when an unforeseen circumstance might sneak up and destroy your income and way of life.
Navigating the ins-and-outs of own-occupation disability insurance is confusing and lethal — especially when you do a lot of procedures & clinic work.… READ MORE

If you have a business which generates sales, you might be hungry to scale it up to increase sales, make more money and upgrade your lifestyle.
Obviously, scaling a business takes work—and you’re a business owner, so chances are you’re busy and have too much on your plate already.… READ MORE

Life is full of little boxes pleading to be checked off; it all starts in school with classes to be taken, clubs to be joined, and most importantly, a degree to be earned.
As we get older and life throws more challenges at us, we realize how many things we think we need to do to meet society’s standards.… READ MORE

This fourth generation builder has done things the right way for a long time. That’s not to say they haven’t made mistakes. Through trial and error and by building and nurturing lifelong relationships they have become one of the most sought after and respected builders in their market
 Show Highlights:

How being on-the-job earns the respect and admiration of your co-workers (14:00)
Why building relationships helps aspiring builders jump right in and lead a thriving business (even if you don’t have an in) (19:50)
The single most important thing a legacy builder hesitates to give up as they contemplate passing the torch (24:20)
How to avoid sacrificing quality when you move from a hands-on, craftsman approach to a long-term management operation.… READ MORE

What if your team members started leaving in droves? It’s scary to even think about.
But it’s a reality for many business owners. When staff churn creeps up on you, it can cripple your business. And the worst part?… READ MORE

Every financial advisor I’ve met shares a similar personality trait. This personality trait is the lifeblood of your business. But it’s also the downfall of your marketing efforts.
What’s this personality trait?… READ MORE

Your mind has limitless resources.
It can guide you towards mountains of cash, a business that generates 7-figures on autopilot, and a life of luxury. Or it can keep you stuck exactly where you are now.… READ MORE

Imagine how great life would be if you woke up tomorrow with an extra $30k in your bank account.
Think of the Rolex watches you could buy, the investments you could make, or the boring tasks you could pay someone else to do!… READ MORE

Growing your business feels impossible when you’re still stuck doing all the work—because, well, it is.
But 10Xing your business is easy. By getting out of your own way and following a proven scaling system, business becomes enjoyable again.… READ MORE

Show Highlights Include

The “Super Hero Blueprint” to reach your highest potential and change your circumstances (even if you’re lost and broke) (3:08)
How changing your thoughts manifests a newer, more positive world around you (and how to create anything you want) (3:39)
How to tame your thoughts so they work for you, not against you (6:42)
The single choice you have every day that makes or breaks how you feel (no matter your circumstances) (7:47)

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