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There’s nothing more important for entrepreneurs of any kind than lifelong learning.
But sometimes, what feels like learning actually harms you.
That’s the case in most schools: You learn things that seem useful, but will hinder your progress as a financial advisor.… READ MORE

These days, attention spans get shorter and shorter. Fewer people take the time to read blog articles. Instead, they’re scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.
If you want to reach anyone with your marketing, you have to target them where they are.… READ MORE

Teachers are an extremely vital part of both our personal and professional development.
They guide us through times when we need someone to point us in the right direction.
But one might wonder what characteristics must a teacher have that separates them from the rest.… READ MORE

When you’re not a corporate investor or member of some old boys’ club, real estate markets can feel like shark-infested waters: Entrenched, rich investors snatch up almost every deal and the threat of corporate home buyers looms over you.… READ MORE

So many people don’t do what’s meaningful to them because they’re terrified about what other people will think. But you won’t care what those people think when you’re buried 6 feet underground.… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll find out…

The number one reason that sabotages rounds that start out great. (1:30)
How having more fun can make you a better golfer—and revive your passion for the game.… READ MORE

Let’s face it, you take care of all of the things. Between work, kids, parents, partners, relationships, and constantly competing schedules, it can wear anyone out.
So before anything else, you need to make sure you are feeling well, energized, and able to tackle the stuff that is coming at you in your day.… READ MORE


In this episode, you’ll discover…

How you can “reverse” your body’s deterioration and live a life full of energy well into old age! (5:32)
The most harmful ingredient you probably eat every day–it’s in everything from candy to bread.… READ MORE

If you’ve been a financial advisor for a while, you know not every prospect turns into a client. Sometimes things don’t work out or they’re not a fit for your business.
But what about those meetings where everything seems fine—until your prospect completely abandons you and–if you’re lucky—sends you a one-sentence rejection?… READ MORE

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