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If you’re not making as much in your business as you’d like, I have some humbling news for you:
You’re letting your ego sabotage you!
Your ego is a conniving poison that devours your wealth every opportunity it gets.… READ MORE

Nobody can survive their entire life without being leveled by a few personal storms. Whether they be financial, spiritual, physical, or with your relationships.
Most people shy away from storms—my old self included, when my first wife passed.… READ MORE

Immature boys subscribe to the belief of “pure evil.” These boys need to seek out the hero’s journey. They need to seek out “good” vs. “evil.” So they can categorically define somebody as a hero or a villain.… READ MORE

We all have big, scary, audacious dreams.
But most of us will never accomplish them. And it’s got nothing to do with your skills.
Because success has little to do with your talent. Success is about putting yourself in the right rooms, being visible, and asking the right questions.… READ MORE

There are two kinds of problems:
Firstly, those which can be expected, and can turn into excuses holding us back from becoming our best selves.
And secondly, those which slice into our lives like sudden cuts, threatening to throw us off course unprepared.… READ MORE

The Buddha as we know him wasn’t always the Buddha. In fact, he was just a normal guy who suffered like most of us do. But then the Buddha discovered the only true way to get rid of suffering.
Years after the Buddha’s discovery, a philosopher approached him.… READ MORE

Within your first few years of real estate investing, any good investor makes way more than they ever had in their life.
And a negative aspect of more income is Uncle Sam demands a much larger payday for your hard work.… READ MORE

If you’re looking for options to donate to charity, you may have heard of donor-advised funds.
Not only can donating to charity serve the purpose of biblical generosity, but they also have the pleasant side effect of tax deductions.… READ MORE

Goldman Sachs recently predicted the Fed is expected to raise interest rates to 4.75% and 5% by March 2023. What’s going to happen to commercial property over the next 6 months to a year?
But here’s a more important question: what’s the main thing you should stop doing?… READ MORE

Everyone in the media, business circles, and the real estate community is plastered with fear.
In short, everyone is retracting from business, real estate, the market, and becoming filthy stinkin’ rich.… READ MORE

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