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A new year brings the desire for change. For many women, this means bringing new levels of cleanliness and organization to our homes. But where do we start?
Well, it depends on the type and cause of your clutter.READ MORE

Our culture offers you unlimited “opportunity” to get in debt every day. A tremendous number of Americans have some amount of credit card debt. 
If you find yourself in debt, there is a way out.READ MORE

We see this happen all the time… An entrepreneur gets a brilliant idea then self-sabotages it with their own close-minded thinking. Sometimes without even realizing it. But there has to be a balance between acting with caution and trying new things, right? READ MORE

Many builders and remodelers start their own company because they’re good at what they do. It makes perfect sense… until you realize everything involved in running a business.
There aren’t enough hours in a day, and you find yourself completely overwhelmed as the business descends into chaos.READ MORE

The obstacles of last year made it pretty easy to put that project of yours on the back burner and wait it out. It felt like 2021 would be the year that everything would mysteriously go back to normal, but the 2020 after-party has been a dud so far.… READ MORE

When you watch pretentious “gurus” on social media, you’ll often hear them talk about how being nice and making everyone happy leads to abundance and wealth. 
While that’s a fun idea, it’s simply not true.READ MORE

Values are a fundamental part of our lives. For better or worse, they shape everything we do, from the words we say to the actions we take.
Your life experience sets the stage for the values that you live out later in life.READ MORE

Highlights from this episode include:

Why confidence in your financial position can lead straight to bankruptcy (6:23)
The surprising reason your advisor’s fees make you more money than they cost (8:36)
An essential conversation to have with your advisor before you go broke (10:10)
The “Concept Slave” mistake that will devastate your portfolio and how to free yourself from its shackles (10:49)
Why you should never bank on an inheritance (even after you’ve received it) (13:18)
How your financial success can be your financial downfall (16:12)
3 “Anti-Aging” reasons to get your financial plan in place today before you end up in a nursing home (19:03)

Ready to stop doing what you hate?READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll learn… 

The “Choose Your Lens Strategy” that helps you see the positive side even during negative situations (4:56) 
How to stand firm in your beliefs when being attacked for them (without tossing and turning all night over it) (8:12) 
The “Criticize Locally, Share Positives Globally Technique” that lets you disagree with others without shaming them (10:07)
How common ground instantly defuses resentment during heated arguments (and how to find it regardless of who you’re talking to) (11:38)

About Karalee:
“I’m an entrepreneur at heart and the founder of one of the largest physical therapy clinics in my city of Vancouver, Canada. I sold my practice 20 years ago to be with my family. My husband ended up selling his business as well and since we are an adventurous bunch, we rented our house out and moved onto a sailboat and took 2 years to circumnavigate the Mediterranean and home school our 3 children.READ MORE

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