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As children, making friends is so easy. All it really takes is 10 minutes of tag on the playground to make a connection that can build indefinitely.
As adults, it seems super hard to make friends. But it doesn’t have to be.… READ MORE

Do you ever blank on what to say? Maybe you’re on a sales call and awkward silence ensues after a tricky objection. Or you’re writing and rewriting an ad with nothing good spilling onto the page.
The reason is simple: You don’t want to say the wrong thing and lose the people you serve.… READ MORE

Nothing breaks a salesperson faster than an unexpected objection.
If you’re annoyed about losing deals to kickbacks like “I’m not ready,” “I don’t have the money,” or “now isn’t a good time,” then it’s time to get serious about overcoming objections.… READ MORE

Do you sometimes feel you can’t get it all done?
Between serving clients, growing your business and your private life, it’s easy to have more tasks in your head than you feel you could ever handle.
But some people DO get it all done.READ MORE

Culture can make or break your business. It sets the tone for everything. From how your team interacts to how your clients are treated – and one tiny mistake can set you back months.
Building a winning culture isn’t simply about claiming a set of values or plastering catchy phrases and core values on the wall.… READ MORE

SUBJECT:  At last… the one big secret for HUGE success! (It ain’t what you think)
This is soooooooo counterintuitive.
It’s the complete opposite of what we’re told.
But after more than three decades as a serial entrepreneur it’s the most successful thing I’ve EVER done.READ MORE

When you live in a smaller town, you might envy big investors in Houston, Los Angeles or Dallas. After all, they’ve got more potential deals, right?
It might feel like there are no deals for you and that your market is too small to become a successful investor.… READ MORE

When you’re running a jewelry business, sometimes you might forget why you started what you do…
Running a business takes work. Persistence. Consistency. Strategy.
But at the end of the day – most of us are actually artists!… READ MORE

You’ve probably heard the phrase “more is more.” But is that ALWAYS true?
We often feel like we should be working more, doing more and saying yes to ALL THE THINGS.
But when you try to do everything, you lose focus.READ MORE

You’ve invested a ton of time into building this business. You’ve given birth to this ‘child,’ but now, the very thing that was supposed to bring you freedom and satisfaction is sucking the life out of you.… READ MORE

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