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These days, there’s a lot of talk about the “new normal”. People talk about how society is changing and what changes after the crisis is over. 
But if you accept society’s “normal”, you’ll be slaving away at a 9-5 until you retire with a side job at age 70. READ MORE

As a real estate investor, you know the market is crowded. It can even feel like your area is saturated.
In this Episode, you learn how to protect yourself from the woes of the market by building competitive advantage.READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

The ‘Jeff Bezos’ hack for motivating employees and creating an exciting work environment. (6:55) 
How to recruit and keep the right team members through the ‘8 points of the Culture Code.’ (10:49) 
Why the ‘Beyond Money’ mindset attracts your dream clients and makes them stay with you for good.READ MORE

A good retirement plan is crucial. You don’t want to look at your balance sheet when you’re 67 and realize you’ll always need a side job. 
But designing a plan that works is hard. Your goals, situation and family are unique.READ MORE

When you hear the word ‘selfish,’ you might think of a person who focuses only on themselves. It’s portrayed as a negative trait that puts us above others.
But being selfish isn’t as bad as you think.… READ MORE

Show highlights include:

How to build a community and attract new members by being yourself. (2:10)

How to replace running on the ‘hamster wheel of engagement’ with intriguing one-liners. (6:48)

Why treating your Facebook Group like a friend saves you from writing long boring posts no one reads.READ MORE

We all want to achieve personal and financial freedom through our business but it’s not possible without really strong leadership. That leads us to this episode’s topic. Who should be leading your business?READ MORE

Running a million-dollar business isn’t all about the money – it’s about gaining the freedom to live life your way. And achieving that freedom starts with strategies you’ve used in the past (and probably forgot along the way).READ MORE

Most financial advisors fail with the same marketing strategies. They hound prospects on LinkedIn, collect business cards at networking events and analyze the stock market in their newsletter. 
That’s why most financial advisors look like empty suits to prospective clients.READ MORE

Most business owners only think of value in terms of revenue and return-on-investment. But there are other “hidden” ways to provide value to your clients that make it impossible to fire you. 
When you find these “hidden” value sources, it instantly eliminates your competitors and supplies you with unlimited demand for your product or service.READ MORE

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