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Have you ever wondered why some leaders are better than others at helping people reach their full potential?
What can you learn from their example? What can you replicate that will strengthen your team?… READ MORE

Getting a benefit increase rider on your policy is the smartest move you can make to ensure a smoother life ahead.
But there’s a catch…
There are hidden pitfalls that most people don’t know about that give insurance companies the power to snatch away your precious benefit increase rider.… READ MORE

Most M&A books sell you the importance of communication, but that’s where they usually stop.
You need to go the extra mile. I’m talking stuff like personal face time with your team and being available to answer questions right away.… READ MORE

Being able to articulate what you want so you can get it is a powerful skill.
It’s also a foolproof way to take one step closer to achieving your dreams.
But after taking calls with some listeners of this podcast, I discovered most of them weren’t getting what they wanted simply because they were afraid to speak up about what they wanted.… READ MORE

People often believe that success in both business and life depends solely on hard work and persistence.
However, this belief is only partially true.
What tends to be overlooked is the crucial importance of truly understanding oneself profoundly.… READ MORE

Are you tired of struggling to hit your revenue goals?
It’s time to uncover the secret to success – finding your gold clients.
Every business has clients who are worth their weight in gold.
They bring in consistent, high-paying work and are a dream to work with.… READ MORE

Most email marketing advice you find on Google is dead wrong. Articles preach things like give value to your list, avoid talking about touchy subjects, and don’t send more than a couple emails per week.… READ MORE

There is an old expression that says that a man plans, and God laughs.
This is especially true if you plan to live a selfish life by only thinking about your own needs.
God has bigger plans for you. He wants you to live a fulfilled life, that not only serves yourself, but your family and community as well.… READ MORE

url=”https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/theschoolofclientattraction/MRP-159.mp3″ title=”9 Ways To Convert Leads Into Clients” artist=”Marquel Russell | The School Of Client Attraction” ]
Leads aint cash.… READ MORE

In today’s world, everyone seems to be an expert.
Advice seems to be free, and you can get it just about anywhere – including Reddit.
The “Reddit” effect causes you to believe that your situation is the same as everyone else’s when dealing with the FAA.… READ MORE

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