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In today’s episode, host Lorie Jones is sitting down with the visionary Codie Winslow, who is reshaping the workplace, one empowered woman at a time.

As the mastermind behind a thriving government team, Codie is setting a new standard in fostering environments where women don’t just succeed—they excel. From her innovative yearly themes to her emphasis on individual strengths, Codie's approach is creating ripples of change across industries.

Tune in and be inspired as we explore the groundbreaking ways Codie advocates for personal growth, career satisfaction, and a culture where women support women.

Show Highlights:

  • Vision implementation 101 for workplace culture [00:04:27]
  • Discover core assessment tools for strengths-based leadership [00:06:59]
  • What are “Ownership Circle” and “Pause”? [00:13:44]
  • Why women colleagues must celebrate each other [00:18:34]
  • Tips for mindset mastery to foster life-changing growth [00:23:33]
  • How to strategically embed positive language in the office [00:30:24]
  • Learn to apply themes for cross-location cohesiveness [00:37:43]
  • How a leader can balance operations with culture building [00:40:59]
  • Giving yourself grace over perfection for progress [00:46:08]

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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